Desalination, Vol. 221 (2008)
    Desalination and the Environment
    European Desalination Society and
    Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH),
    22–25 April 2007, Sani Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

    Author Index

    A.M. Helal, S.A. Al-Malek, E.S. Al-Katheeri (UAE)
    Economic feasibility of alternative designs of a PV-RO desalination unit for remote areas in the United Arab Emirates
    221 (2008) 1-16 Full Text
    Essam Sh. Mohamed, G. Papadakis, E. Mathioulakis, V. Belessiotis (Greece)
    A direct coupled photovoltaic seawater reverse osmosis desalination system toward battery based systems - a technical and economical experimental comparative study
    221 (2008) 17-22 Full Text
    Markus Forstmeier, Wilhelm Feichter, Oliver Mayer (Germany)
    Photovoltaic powered water purification — challenges and opportunities
    221 (2008) 23-28 Full Text
    E. Tzen, D. Theofilloyianakos, Z. Kologios (Greece)
    Autonomous reverse osmosis units driven by RE sources experiences and lessons learned
    221 (2008) 29-36 Full Text
    Dimitris Manolakos, Essam Mohamed, Ioannis Karagiannis,
    George Papadakis (Greece)

    Technical and economic comparison between PV-RO system and RO-solar Rankine system. Case study: Thirasia Island
    221 (2008) 37-46 Full Text
    Akili D. Khawaji, Ibrahim K. Kutubkhanah, Jong-Mihn Wie (Saudi Arabia)
    Advances in seawater desalination technologies
    221 (2008) 47-69 Full Text
    Liat Birnhack, Roni Penn, Ori Lahav (Israel)
    Quality criteria for desalinated water and introduction of a novel, cost effective and advantageous post treatment process
    221 (2008) 70-83 Full Text
    Erineos Koutsakos, David Moxey (Cyprus)
    Larnaca desalination plant, Cyprus - from an efficient to an effective plant operation
    221 (2008) 84-91 Full Text
    Craig Bartels, Sandro Cioffi, Stefan Rybar, Mark Wilf (USA),
    Erineos Koutsakos (Cyprus)

    Long term experience with membrane performance at the Larnaca desalination plant
    221 (2008) 92-100 Full Text
    Nizar Kammourie (Saudi Arabia), Tarek Dajani, Sandro Cioffi,
    Stefan Rybar (UK)

    SAWACO - North Obhor SWRO Plant operational experience
    221 (2008) 101-106 Full Text
    D. Abdessemed, G. Nezzal (Algeria)
    Coupling softening - ultrafiltration like pretreatment of sea water case study of the Corso plant desalination (Algiers)
    221 (2008) 107-113 Full Text
    Nicos X. Tsiourtis (Cyprus)
    Criteria and procedure for selecting a site for a desalination plant
    221 (2008) 114-125 Full Text
    Richard L. Stover (USA)
    SWRO process simulator
    221 (2008) 126-135 Full Text
    Ian B. Cameron, Rodney B. Clemente (USA)
    SWRO with ERI’s PX Pressure Exchanger device - a global survey
    221 (2008) 136-142 Full Text
    J. Jaime Sadhwani, Jose M. Veza (Spain)
    Desalination and energy consumption in Canary Islands
    221 (2008) 143-150 Full Text
    Antonio de la Torre (Spain)
    Efficiency optimization in SWRO plant: high efficiency and low maintenance pumps
    221 (2008) 151-157 Full Text
    Craig Bartels, Kirk Lai, Mark Wilf (USA)
    New generation of low fouling nanofiltration membranes
    221 (2008) 158-167 Full Text
    S.C. Low, Cheng Liping, Lee Seng Hee (Singapore)
    Water softening using a generic low cost nano-filtration membrane
    221 (2008) 168-173 Full Text
    M. Pontié (France), H. Dach (France and Morocco), J. Leparc (France),
    M. Hafsi, A. Lhassani (Morocco)

    Novel approach combining physico-chemical characterizations and mass transfer modelling of nanofiltration and low pressure reverse osmosis membranes
    for brackish water desalination intensification
    221 (2008) 174-191 Full Text
    P.S. Sudilovskiy, G.G. Kagramanov, V.A. Kolesnikov (Russia)
    Use of RO and NF for treatment of copper containing wastewaters in combination
    with flotation
    221 (2008) 192-201 Full Text
    Nadav Shachaf (Israel) and Tobias Haarburger (Germany)
    Comparison of multiple port and end port connections for pressure vessels
    221 (2008) 202-206 Full Text
    Craig Bartels, Masahiko Hirose (USA), Hiroki Fujioka (Japan)
    Performance advancement in the spiral wound RO/NF element design
    221 (2008) 207-214 Full Text
    C.Y. Hsui (Taiwan, ROC)
    The optimal allocating pumping rate of a multi-well system for a brackish water desalination plant
    221 (2008) 215-224 Full Text
    A. Bes-Piá, B. Cuartas-Uribe, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.V. Galiana-Aleixandre,
    M.I. Iborra-Clar and M.I. Alcaina-Miranda (Spain)

    Pickling wastewater reclamation by means of nanofiltration
    221 (2008) 225-233 Full Text
    Sungyun Lee, N. Quyet (Viet Nam), Eunkyung Lee, Suhan Kim, Sangyoup Lee, Young D. Jung, Seok Ho Choi, Jaeweon Cho (South Korea)
    Efficient removals of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate (TCEP) and perchlorate using NF membrane filtrations
    221 (2008) 234-237 Full Text
    M. Turek, P. Dydo, R. Klimek (Poland)
    Salt production from coal-mine brine in NF - evaporation - crystallization system
    221 (2008) 238-243 Full Text
    Sungyun Lee, Eunkyung Lee, Jinsung Ra, Jihee Byungcheon Lee, Suhan Kim, Seok Ho Choi, Sang Don Kim, Jaeweon Cho (Korea)
    Characterization of marine organic matters and heavy metals with respect to desalination with RO and NF membranes
    221 (2008) 244-252 Full Text
    Jose Aguado, Jesus M. Arsuaga, Maria J. Lopez-Munoz, Arcadio Sotto (Spain)
    Temperature, pH and concentration effects on retention and transport of organic pollutants across thin-film composite nanofiltration membranes
    221 (2008) 253-258 Full Text
    S.A. Avlonitis, I. Poulios, D. Sotiriou, M. Pappas, K. Moutesidis (Greece)
    Simulated cotton dye effluents treatment and reuse by nanofiltration
    221 (2008) 259-267 Full Text
    A. Santafé-Moros, J.M. Gozálvez-Zafrilla, J. Lora-García (Spain)
    Applicability of the DSPM with dielectric exclusion to a high rejection nanofiltration membrane in the separation of nitrate solutions
    221 (2008) 268-276 Full Text
    Mourad Taleb Ahmed, Toufik Chaabane (Algeria), S. Taha (France),
    Rachida Maachi (Algeria)

    Treatment of heavy metals by nanofiltration present in the lake Reghaïa
    221 (2008) 277-283 Full Text
    Nidal Hilal, Mohammed Al-Abri (UK), Hilal Al-Hinai, Mousa Abu-Arabi (Jordan) .
    Characterization and retention of NF membranes using PEG, HS and polyelectrolytes
    221 (2008) 284-293 Full Text
    M. Zeni, R. Riveros, F.J. Souza, Kátia Mello, C. Meireles, R.F. Guimes (Brazil)
    Morphologic analysis of porous polyamide 6,6 membranes prepared by phase inversion
    221 (2008) 294-297 Full Text
    Mohamed Belkacem, Kenza Bensadok (Algeria) A. Refes, P.M. Charvier (France), Ghania Nezzal (Algeria)
    Water produce for pharmaceutical industry: role of reverse osmosis stage
    221 (2008) 298-302 Full Text
    Szabolcs Kertész, Zsuzsanna László, Zsuzsanna Hovorka-Horváth,
    Cecilia Hodúr (Hungary)

    Analysis of nanofiltration parameters of removal of an anionic detergent
    221 (2008) 303-311 Full Text
    Bing-zhi Dong, Lin Wang, Nai-yun Gao (China)
    The removal of bisphenol A by ultrafiltration
    221 (2008) 312-317 Full Text
    A.V.R. Reddy, Harshad R. Patel (India)
    Chemically treated polyethersulfone/polyacrylonitrile blend ultrafiltration membranes
    for better fouling resistance
    221 (2008) 318-323 Full Text
    Ying Shang, Yuelian Peng (China)
    UF membrane of PVA modified with TDI
    221 (2008) 324-330 Full Text
    J.M. Arnal, B. García-Fayos, J. Lora, G. Verdú, M. Sancho (Spain)
    AQUAPOT: study of several cleaning solutions to recover permeate flow in a humanitarian drinking water treatment facility based on spiral wound UF membrane. Preliminary test (I)
    221 (2008) 331-337 Full Text
    M. Kabsch-Korbutowicz, K. Majewska-Nowak and T. Winnicki (Poland)
    Water treatment using MIEX®DOC/ultrafiltration process
    221 (2008) 338-344 Full Text
    Heng Liang, Weijia Gong, Guibai Li (China)
    Performance evaluation of water treatment ultrafiltration pilot plants treating algae-rich reservoir water
    221 (2008) 345-350 Full Text
    Izabela Kowalska (Poland)
    Surfactant removal from water solutions by means of ultrafiltration and ion-exchange
    221 (2008) 351-357 Full Text
    Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz,
    Tomasz Winnicki (Poland)

    Concentration of organic contaminants by ultrafiltration
    221 (2008) 358-369 Full Text
    Shengji Xia, Juanjuan Yao, Naiyun Gao (China)
    An empirical model for membrane flux prediction in ultrafiltration of surface water
    221 (2008) 370-375 Full Text
    Xiaojuan Liu, Yuelian Peng, Shulan Ji (China)
    A new method to prepare organic–inorganic hybrid membranes
    221 (2008) 376-382 Full Text
    María-Cinta Vincent-Vela (Spain), Enrique Bergantiños-Rodríguez (Cuba),
    Silvia Álvarez-Blanco, Jaime Lora-García (Spain)

    Influence of feed concentration on the accuracy of permeate flux decline prediction in ultrafiltration
    221 (2008) 383-389 Full Text
    María-Cinta Vincent-Vela, Silvia Álvarez-Blanco, Jaime Lora-García (Spain), Enrique Bergantiños-Rodríguez (Cuba)
    Permeate flux decline prediction in the ultrafiltration of macromolecules with empirical estimation of the gel layer concentration
    221 (2008) 390-394 Full Text
    Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak (Poland)
    The effect of a polyelectrolyte on the efficiency of dye-surfactant solution treatment by ultrafiltration
    221 (2008) 395-404 Full Text
    J.M. Arnal, M.C. León, J. Lora, J.M. Gozálvez, A. Santafe, D. Sanz,
    J. Tena (Spain)

    Ultrafiltration as a pre-treatment of other membrane technologies in the reuse of textile wastewaters
    221 (2008) 405-412 Full Text
    Xavier Bernat, Agustí Fortuny, Frank Stüber, Cristophe Bengoa, Azael Fabregat, José Font (Spain)
    Recovery of iron (III) from aqueous streams by ultrafiltration
    221 (2008) 413-418 Full Text
    Younes Anbri, Najib Tijani (Morocco), Joaquín Coronas, Ester Mateo,
    Miguel Menéndez  (Spain), Jilali Bentama (Morocco)

    Clay plane membranes: development and characterization
    221 (2008) 419-424 Full Text
    Feini Liu, Guoliang Zhang, Hongzi Zhang, Jianxiong Mo (China)
    Performance evaluation of electrodeionization process based on ionic equilibrium with plate and frame modules
    221 (2008) 425-432 Full Text
    Yu-Mei Chao, Teh-Ming Liang (China)
    A feasibility study of industrial wastewater recovery using electrodialysis reversal
    221 (2008) 433-439 Full Text
    Mohtada Sadrzadeh, Toraj Mohammadi (Iran)
    Sea water desalination using electrodialysis
    221 (2008) 440-447 Full Text
    Ch. Hannachi, S. Bouguecha, B. Hamrouni, M. Dhahbi (Tunisia)
    Ion exchange equilibrium between ion exchange membrane and electrolyte solutions
    221 (2008) 448-454 Full Text
    M. Turek, P. Dydo (Poland)
    Comprehensive utilization of brackish water in ED – thermal system
    221 (2008) 455-461 Full Text
    M. Turek, B. Bandura, P. Dydo (Poland)
    Power production from coal-mine brine utilizing reversed electrodialysis
    221 (2008) 462-466 Full Text
    Kyung Guen Song, Yuri Kim, Kyu-Hong Ahn (Korea)
    Effect of coagulant addition on membrane fouling and nutrient removal in a submerged membrane bioreactor
    221 (2008) 467-474 Full Text
    Devendra Prakash Saroj, Giuseppe Guglielmi, D. Chiarani,
    Gianni Andreottola (Italy)

    Modeling and simulation of membrane bioreactors by incorporating simultaneous storage and growth concept: an especial attention to fouling while modeling the biological process
    221 (2008) 475-482 Full Text
    J. Tsilogeorgis, A. Zouboulis, P. Samaras, D. Zamboulis (Greece)
    Application of a membrane sequencing batch reactor for landfill leachate treatment
    221 (2008) 483-493 Full Text
    Soojeung Ahn, Shankar Congeevaram, Youn-Kyoo Choung,
    Joonhong Park (Korea)

    Enhanced phenol removal by floating fungal populations in a high concentration phenol-fed membrane bioreactor
    221 (2008) 494-501 Full Text
    Thamer A. Mohammed, Ahmed H. Birima, Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Suleyman A. Muyibi, Azni Idris (Malaysia)
    Evaluation of using membrane bioreactor for treating municipal wastewater at different operating conditions
    221 (2008) 502-510 Full Text
    R. Reif, S. Suárez, F. Omil, J.M. Lema (Spain)
    Fate of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic ingredients during the operation of a MBR treating sewage
    221 (2008) 511-517 Full Text
    P. Artiga, G. García-Toriello, R. Méndez, J.M. Garrido (Spain)
    Use of a hybrid membrane bioreactor for the treatment of saline wastewater from a fish canning factory
    221 (2008) 518-525 Full Text
    Jeong-Hoon Shin, Byoung-In Sang, Yun-Chul Chung, Youn-kyoo Choung (Korea)
    A novel CSTR-type of hollow fiber membrane biofilm reactor for consecutive nitrification and denitrification
    221 (2008) 526-533 Full Text
    T. Pulefou, V. Jegatheesan, C. Steicke (Australia), S.-H. Kim (Korea)
    Application of submerged membrane bioreactor for aquaculture effluent reuse
    221 (2008) 534-542 Full Text
    A. Trusek-Holownia, A. Noworyta (Poland)
    Peptides removing in enzymatic membrane bioreactor
    221 (2008) 543-551 Full Text
    Anna Trusek-Holownia (Poland)
    Wastewater treatment in a microbial membrane bioreactor — a model of the process
    221 (2008) 552-558 Full Text
    J. Bohdziewicz, E. Neczaj, A. Kwarciak (Poland)
    Landfill leachate treatment by means of anaerobic membrane bioreactor
    221 (2008) 559-565 Full Text
    Li-Meil, Yuan, Chuan-Yi Zhang, Yan-Qiu Zhang, Yi Ding, Dan-Li Xi (China)
    Biological nutrient removal using an alternating of anoxic and anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AAAM) process
    221 (2008) 566-575 Full Text
    Thomas Peters, Domènec Pintó (Spain)
    Seawater intake and pre-treatment/brine discharge — environmental issues
    221 (2008) 576-584 Full Text
    Tobias Bleninger, Gerhard H. Jirka (Germany)
    Modelling and environmentally sound management of brine discharges
    from desalination plant
    221 (2008) 585-597 Full Text
    Anthony T. Jones USA)
    Can we reposition the preferred geological conditions necessary for an infiltration gallery? The development of a synthetic infiltration gallery
    221 (2008) 598-601 Full Text
    Jose Luis Sanchez-Lizaso, Javier Romero, Juanma Ruiz, Esperanca Garcia,
    Jose J.L. Buceta, O. Invers, Y.F. Torquemada , J. Mas A. Ruiz-Mateo,
    M. Manzanera (Spain)

    Salinity tolerance of the Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica: recommendations to minimize the impact of brine discharges from desalination plants
    221 (2008) 602-607 Full Text
    H.H. Al-Barwani, A. Purnama (Oman)
    Simulating brine plumes discharged into the seawaters
    221 (2008) 608-613 Full Text
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