Desalination, Vol. 204 (2007)
    Conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries
    Cooperation between Mediterranean Countries of Europe and the Southern Rim of the Mediterranean 21–25 May 2006, Montpellier, France

    Harry Futselaar, Henk Schonewille (Enschede), Dick de Vente (Almelo), Lute Broens (Enschede, The Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
    NORIT AirLift MBR: side-stream system for municipal wastewater treatment
    204(2007)1-7 Full Text
    C. Visvanathan, Mukesh Kumar Choudhary, Melissa T. Montalbo (Pathumthani, Thailand) , V. Jegatheesan (Townsville, Australia) (Australia)
    Landfill leachate treatment using thermophilic membrane bioreactor
    204(2007)8-16 Full Text
    Amos Bick (Jerusalem and Sde Boker), Fei Yang, Semion Shandalov (Sde Boker), Gideon Oron (Sde Boker, Beer Sheva and Haifa, Israel) (Israel)
    Data envelopment analysis for assessing optimal operation of an immersed membrane bioreactor equipped with a draft tube for domestic wastewater reclamation
    204(2007)17-23 Full Text
    Federica Alberti, Barbara Bienati, Aldo Bottino, Gustavo Capannelli, Antonio Comite, Fiorenza Ferrari, Raffaella Firpo (Genoa, Italy) (Italy)
    Hydrocarbon removal from industrial wastewater by hollow-fibre membrane bioreactors
    204(2007)24-32 Full Text
    Einan Ofir (Jerusalem), Y. Oren (Beer Sheva), A. Adin (Jerusalem, Israel) (Israel)
    Electroflocculation: the effect of zeta-potential on particle size
    204(2007)33-38 Full Text
    Jorge Lobos, Christelle Wisniewski, Marc Heran, Alain Grasmick (Montpellier, France) (France)
    Membrane bioreactor performances: effluent quality of continuous and sequencing systems for water reuse
    204(2007)39-45 Full Text
    Claudio Della Rocca, Vincenzo Belgiorno, Sureyya Meric (Fisciano, Italy) (Italy)
    Overview of in-situ applicable nitrate removal processes
    204(2007)46-62 Full Text
    Asuncion Santafe Moros, Jose M. Gozalvez Zafrilla, Jaime Lora-Garcia (Valencia, Spain) (Spain)
    Nitrate removal from ternary ionic solutions by a tight nanofiltration membrane
    204(2007)63-71 Full Text
    Z. Salem, H. Lebik, W.K. Cherafa, K. Allia (Algiers, Algeria) (Algeria)
    Valorisation of olive pits using biological denitrification
    204(2007)72-78 Full Text
    Einan Ofir (Jerusalem), Y. Oren (Beer Sheva) and A. Adin (Jerusalem, Israel) (Israel)
    Modified equilibrium-solubility domains and a kinetic model of iron oxide and hydroxide colloids for electroflocculation
    204(2007)79-86 Full Text
    Einan Ofir (Jerusalem), Y. Oren (Beer Sheva) and A. Adin (Jerusalem, Israel) (Israel)
    Comparing pretreatment by iron of electro-flocculation and chemical flocculation
    204(2007)87-93 Full Text
    Hamdi H. Al-Barwani, Anton Purnama (Muscat, Oman) (Oman)
    Re-assessing the impact of desalination plants brine discharges on eroding beaches
    204(2007)94-101 Full Text
    Hala A. Talaat, Safaa R. Ahmed (Cairo, Egypt) (Egypt)
    Treatment of agricultural drainage water: technological schemes and financial indicators
    204(2007)102-112 Full Text
    Khaled A. Mohamed (Abu Dhabi, UAE) (UAE)
    Minimize the negative impact of oil contamination on Abu Dhabi power and desalination plants
    204(2007)113-120 Full Text
    M. Ortiz, R.G. Raluy, L. Serra, J. Uche (Zaragoza, Spain) (Spain)
    Life cycle assessment of water treatment technologies: wastewater and water-reuse in a small town
    204(2007)121-131 Full Text
    David Hasson, Alexander Drak, Chagai Komlos, Qingfeng Yang, Raphael Semiat (Haifa, Israel) (Israel)
    Detection of fouling on RO modules by residence time distribution analyses
    204(2007)132-144 Full Text
    E.R. Cornelissen, J.S. Vrouwenvelder (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands), S.G.J. Heijman (Nieuwegein and Delft, The Netherlands) X.D. Viallefont (Mulhouse, France), D. van der Kooij and L.P. Wessels (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
    Air/water cleaning for biofouling control in spiral wound membrane elements
    204(2007)145-147 Full Text
    T.H. Chong, F.S. Wong, A.G. Fane (Singapore) (Singapore)
    Fouling in reverse osmosis: Detection by non-invasive techniques
    204(2007)148-154 Full Text
    M. Pontie, A. Thekkedath (Angers), K. Kecili (Angers, Paris and Maisons-Laffitte), H. Habarou, H. Suty (Maisons-Laffitte) and J.P. Croue (Poitiers, France) (France)
    Membrane autopsy as a sustainable management of fouling phenomena occurring in MF, UF and NF processes
    204(2007)155-169 Full Text
    J.S. Vrouwenvelder (Delft), S.M. Bakker (Velp), L.P. Wessels (Nieuwegein) and J.A.M. van Paassen (Velp, The Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
    The Membrane Fouling Simulator as a new tool for biofouling control of spiral-wound membranes
    204(2007)170-174 Full Text
    Corrado Sommariva (Brighton, UK), Gustavo Capannelli, A. Bottino (Genoa, Italy) (UK)
    Relationship between biofouling and recovery ratio: the theoretical approach and one experimental case
    204(2007)175-180 Full Text
    Y. Chen, B.Z. Dong, N.Y. Gao,J.C. Fan Fan (Shanghai, China) (China, PR)
    Effect of coagulation on the fouling of ultrafiltration membrane
    204(2007)181-188 Full Text
    Joan Sanz, Leopoldo Guerrero, Juan Manuel Ortega (Barcelona), Carlos Ferrer, David Miguel (Castellon), Francisco Martinez (Valencia, Spain) (Spain)
    Application of the new ACTIDisc® on secondary effluent reclamation in Castellon de la Plana
    204(2007)189-197 Full Text
    Imene Bekri-Abbes (Hammam Lif, Tunisia), Sami Bayoudh (Mont Saint Aignan, France), Mohamed Baklouti (Tunis, Tunisia) (Tunisia)
    A technique for purifying wastewater with polymeric flocculant produced from waste plastic
    204(2007)198-203 Full Text
    Katayon Saed, M.M.N. Megat Johari, W. Kien Tat, G. Abdul Halim, A.M. Thamer, Y. Badronisa (Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia) (Malaysia)
    Effect of natural coagulant application on microfiltration performance in treatment of secondary oxidation pond effluent
    204(2007)204-212 Full Text
    Mansoor Kazemimoghadam, Toraj Mohammadi (Tehran, Iran) (Iran)
    Chemical cleaning of ultrafiltration membranes in milk industries
    204(2007)213-218 Full Text
    M. Fababuj-Roger, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.V. Galiana-Aleixandre, A. Bes-Piá, B. Cuartas-Uribe, A. Iborra-Clar (Valencia, Spain) (Spain)
    Reuse of tannery wastewaters by combination of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis after a conventional physic-chemical treatment
    204(2007)219-226 Full Text
    Ewa Neczaj, Malgorzata Kacprzak, Joanna Lach, Ewa Okoniewska (Czestochowa, Poland) (Poland)
    Effect of sonication on combined treatment of landfill leachate and domestic sewage in SBR reactor
    204(2007)227-233 Full Text
    R. Tayeb, A. Zaghbani (Soliman, Tunisia), S. Tingry, P. Seta (Montpellier, France) and M. Dhahbi (Soliman, Tunisia) (Tunisia)
    Carrier-mediated transport of Cr(III) across lasalocid A-NPOE supported liquid membrane
    204(2007)234-240 Full Text
    N.M.H. El Defrawy, H.F. Shaalan (Egypt) (Egypt)
    Integrated membrane solutions for green textile industries
    204(2007)241-254 Full Text
    Gyula N. Vatai (Budapest, Hungary), Darko M. Krstic (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro), Wilhelm Hoflinger (Vienna, Austria), Andras K. Koris (Budapest, Hungary), Miodrag N. Tekic (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro) (Hungary)
    Combining air sparging and the use of a static mixer in cross-flow ultrafiltration of oil/water emulsion
    204(2007)255-264 Full Text
    H.F. Shaalan, Montaser Y. Ghaly, Joseph Y. Farah (Egypt) (Egypt)
    Techno economic evaluation for the treatment of pesticide industry effluents using membrane schemes
    204(2007)265-276 Full Text
    Tan Phong Nguyen (Nottingham), Nicholas P. Hankins (Oxford), Nidal Hilal (Nottingham, UK) (UK)
    A comparative study of the flocculation behaviour and final properties of synthetic and activated sludge in wastewater treatment
    204(2007)277-295 Full Text
    Paul Denyer, Li Shu, Veeriah Jegatheesan (Townsville, Australia) (Australia)
    Evidence of changes in membrane pore characteristics due to filration of dye bath liquors
    204(2007)296-306 Full Text
    Antonina Kryvoruchko and I.D. Atamanenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) (Ukraine)
    The effect of dispersed materials on baromembrane treatment of uranium-containing waters
    204(2007)307-315 Full Text
    Jose Miguel Arnal Arnal, Maria Sancho Sancho Fernandez,Beatriz Garcia Fayos, Gumersindo J. Verdú Martín, Jaime Lora Garcia (Valencia, Spain) (Spain)
    AQUAPOT: UF real aplicattion for water potabilization in developing countries. Problems, location and solutions adopted
    204(2007)316-321 Full Text
    Ying Shang , Yuelian Peng (Beijing, China) (China, PR)
    Research of a PVA composite ultrafiltration membrane used in oil-in-water
    204(2007)322-327 Full Text
    Maria-Cinta Vincent-Vela, Silvia Alvarez-Blanco, Jaime Lora-Garcia, Jose Marcial Gozalvez Zafrilla (Valencia, Spain), Enrique Bergantinos-Rodriguez (Havana, Cuba) (Spain)
    Modelling of flux decline in crossflow ultrafiltration of macromolecules: comparison between predicted and experimental results
    204(2007)328-334 Full Text
    Hasina Parvin Huq, Jung-Seok Yang, Ji-Won Yang (Daejeon, Korea) (Korea)
    Removal of perchlorate from groundwater by polyelectrolyte enhanced ultrafiltration process
    204(2007)335-343 Full Text
    Maria-Cinta Vincent-Vela (Valencia, Spain), Enrique Bergantinos-Rodriguez (Havana, Cuba), Silvia Alvarez-Blanco, and Jaime Lora-Garcia (Valencia, Spain) (Spain)
    Validation of dynamic models to predict flux decline in the ultrafiltration of macromolecules
    204(2007)344-350 Full Text
    Shengji Xia (Shanghai), XingLi (Beijing), Qiaoli Zhang, Bin Xu (Shanghai) , Guibai Li (Harbin, China) (China, PR)
    Ultrafiltration of surface water with coagulation pretreatment by streaming current control
    204(2007)351-358 Full Text
    T. Chaabane (Algiers, Algeria), S. Taha (Rennes, France), M. Taleb Ahmed, R. Maachi (Algiers, Algeria), G. Dorange (Rennes, France) (Algeria)
    Retention modeling of the bivalent cations in crossflow nanofiltration investigation in the porous models
    204(2007)359-367 Full Text
    Baisali Sarkar, N. Venkateshwarlu, R. Nageswara Rao (Hyderabad), C. Bhattacharjee (Kolkata) and V. Kale (Hyderabad, India) (India)
    Potable water production from pesticide contaminated surface water – a membrane based approach
    204(2007)368-373 Full Text
    Shengji Xia ,Bingzhi Dong , Naiyun Gao (Shanghai, China) , nd C. Causseranda (Toulouse, France) Study of arsenic removal by nanofiltration and its application in China (China, PR)
    Study of arsenic removal by nanofiltration and its application to China
    204(2007)374-379 Full Text
    A.Kavitskaya A. Kononova D. Kucheruk (Kiev, Ukraine) (Ukraine)
    Feasibility study of selectivity forecast of nanofiltration membranes
    204(2007)380-384 Full Text
    Khalid Al-Anezi, Nidal Hilal (Nottingham, UK) (UK)
    Scale formation in deslination plants: effect of carbon dioxide solubility
    204(2007)385-402 Full Text
    Mohamed Al-Bahou, Zamzam Al-Rakas, HassanZaki, Hisham Ettouney (Safat, Kuwait) (Kuwait)
    Desalination Experience in Kuwait
    204(2007)403-415 Full Text
    Henning Raach, Jovan Mitrovic (Paderborn, Germany) (Germany)
    Simulation of heat and mass transfer in a multi effect distillation plant for seawater desalination
    204(2007)416-422 Full Text
    Noura S. Al-Deffeeri (Ardia, Kuwait) (Kuwait)
    Heat transfer measurement as a criterian for performance evaluation of scale inhibition in MSF plants
    204(2007)423-436 Full Text
    R. Senthil Kumar, S. Kumaraswamy, A. Mani (Chennai, India) (India)
    Experimental investigations on two-phase jet pump used in desalination system
    204(2007)437-447 Full Text
    Carsten Wildebrand, Heike Glade, Stefan Will, Manfred Essig, Jens Rieger (Bremen), Karl-Heinz Buchner, Gregor Brodt (Ludwigshafen, Germany) (Germany)
    Effects of process parameters and anti-scalants on scale formation in horizontal tube falling film evaporators
    204(2007)448-463 Full Text
    Henry Shih, Teresa Shih (Tampa, FL, USA) (USA)
    Utilization of waste heat in the desalination process
    204(2007)464-470 Full Text
    A. Belhadj Mohamed, J. Orfi, C. Debissi, S. Ben Nasrallah (Monastir, Tunisia) (Tunisia)
    Condensation of water vapor in a vertical channel by mixed convection of a humid air with the presence of a liquid film flowing down
    204(2007)471-481 Full Text
    Abdul Naser Mabrouk, Ahmad Nafey (Suez), Hassan Fath (Alexandria, Egypt) (Egypt)
    Analysis of a new design of a multi stage flash-mechanical vapor compression (MSF-MVC) desalination process
    204(2007)482-500 Full Text
    Nabil Abdel-Jabbar (Jordan and UAE), Hazim Mohameed Qiblawey (Jordan), Farouq S. Mjalli (Qatar) , Hisham Ettouney (Kuwait) (UAE)
    Simulation of large capacity MSF brine circulation plants
    204(2007)501-514 Full Text
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