• Desalination, Vol. 182-185 (2005)
    EDS Conference on Desalination and the Environment
    May 22-26, 2005, Santa Margherita, Italy

    Andrea Cipollina, Giorgio Micale, Lucio Rizzuti (Palermo, Italy)
    A critical assessment of desalination operations in Sicily
    182(2005)1-12 Full Text
    Lin Zhang, Lin Xie, Huan Lin Chen, Cong Jie Gao (Hangzhou, P. R. China)
    Progress and prospects of seawater desalination in China
    182(2005)13-18 Full Text
    Thomas E. Hinkebein (Albuquerque, NM), M. Kevin Price (Denver, CO, USA)
    Progress with the desalination and water purification technologies US roadmap
    182(2005)19-28 Full Text
    Borsani Borsani, Silvio Rebagliati (Genova, Italy)
    Fundamentals and costing of MSF desalination plants and comparison with other technologies
    182(2005)29-37 Full Text
    P. Fiorini, E. Sciubba (Rome, Italy)
    Thermoeconomic analysis of an MSF desalination plant
    182(2005)39-51 Full Text
    Roberto Camoirano (Milano), Giuseppe Dellepiane (Italy)
    Variable frequency drives for MSF desalination plant and associated pumping stations
    182(2005)53-65 Full Text
    C. Thirumeni (Abu Dhabi, U.A E.)
    Rehabilitation and uprating of Ras Abu Fontas MSF desalination units: process optimisation and life extension
    182(2005)67-71 Full Text
    Salah Al-Hengari, Mohamed El-Bousiffi, Walid El-Mudir (Tripoli, Libya)
    Performance analysis of a MSF desalination unit
    182(2005)73-85 Full Text
    Hisham Ettouney (Safat, Kuwait)
    Brine entrainment in multistage flash desalination
    182(2005)87-97 Full Text
    Heike Glade, Jan-Helge Meyer, Stefan Will (Bremen, Germany)
    The release of CO2 in MSF and ME distillers and its use for the recarbonation of the distillate: a comparison
    182(2005)99-110 Full Text
    Marian G. Marcovecchio, Sergio F. Mussati, Pio A. Aguirre, Nicolas J. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
    Optimization of hybrid desalination processes including multi-stage flash and reverse osmosis systems
    182(2005)111-122 Full Text
    S.F. Mussati, P. A. Aguirre, N. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
    Optimization of alternative structures of integrated power and desalination plants
    182(2005)123-129 Full Text
    E.E. Tarifa (San Salvador de Jujuy and Santa Fe), S. Franco Dominguez, D. Humana, S.L. Martinez, A.F. Nunez (San Salvador de Jujuy), N.J. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
    Faults analysis for MSF plants
    182(2005)131-142 Full Text
    L. Ben Snoussi (Hamam-lif), R. Chouikh (Nabeul), A. Guizani (Hamam-lif, Tunisia)
    Numerical study of the natural convection flow resulting from the combined buoyancy effects of thermal and mass diffusion in a cavity with differentially heated side walls
    182(2005)143-150 Full Text
    Bozena Seredynska-Sobecka, Maria Tomaszewska, Antoni W. Morawski (Szczecin, Poland)
    Removal of micropollutants from water by ozonation/biofiltration processes
    182(2005)151-157 Full Text
    V.N. Slesarenko (Vladivostok, Russia)
    Improvement of desalination plants of small productivity
    182(2005)159-163 Full Text
    V. Renaudin, F. Kafi, D. Alonso, A. Andreoli (Nancy, France)
    Performances of a three-effect plate desalination process
    182(2005)165-173 Full Text
    F. Kafi, V. Renaudin, D. Alonso, J.M. Hornut, M. Weber (Nancy, France)
    Experimental study of a three-effect plate evaporator: seawater tests in La Spezia
    182(2005)175-186 Full Text
    A. Ophir, F. Lokiec (Kadima, Israel)
    Advanced MED process for most economical seawater desalination
    182(2005)187-198 Full Text
    Il Seouk Park, S.M. Park, J.S. Ha (Ulsan, Korea)
    Design and application of thermal vapor compressor for multi-effect desalination plant
    182(2005)199-208 Full Text
    Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh (At-Tafilah, Jordan), Heike Glade (Bremen), Joachim Ulrich (Halle, Germany)
    Scaling in multiple-effect distillers: the role of CO2 release
    182(2005)209-219 Full Text
    A. Maciver, Steen Hinge, Bo J. Andersen, Jens B. Nielsen (Soborg, Denmark)
    New trend in desalination for Japanese nuclear power plants, based on multiple effect distillation, with vertical titanium plate falling film heat transfer configuration
    182(2005)221-228 Full Text
    Saied Dardour, Simon Nisan (Saint Paul Lez Durance), Francoise Charbit (Aix en Provence, France)
    Development of a computer-package for MED plant dynamics
    182(2005)229-237 Full Text
    Hyun-Sung Choi, Tae-Jin Lee, Yang-Gyu Kim, Seok-Lyong Song (South Korea)
    Performance improvement of multiple-effect distiller with thermal vapor compression system by exergy analysis
    182(2005)239-249 Full Text
    Pierre Cote, Steve Siverns (Ontario, Canada), Sandro Monti (Melzo (Mi), Italy)
    Comparison of membrane-based solutions for water reclamation and desalination
    182(2005)251-257 Full Text
    Giuseppe Spagnoletto (UAE)
    Innovation in food grade hypochlorination generation and injection plant at Al Taweelah site
    182(2005)259-265 Full Text
    S. Barredo-Damas, M.I. Iborra-Clar, A. Bes-Pia, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, A. Iborra-Clar (Valencia, Spain)
    Study of preozonation influence on the physical-chemical treatment of textile wastewater
    182(2005)267-274 Full Text
    Giorgio Migliorini, Renzo Meinardi (Genoa, Italy)
    40 MIGD potabilization plant at Ras Laffan: design and operating experience
    182(2005)275-282 Full Text
    G. Petrucci, M. Rosellini (Brescia, Italy)
    Chlorine dioxide in seawater for fouling control and post-disinfection in potable waterworks
    182(2005)283-291 Full Text
    Peter H. Wolf, Steve Siverns, Sandro Monti (ontario Canada )
    UF membranes for RO desalination pretreatment
    182(2005)293-300 Full Text
    Detlef Gille, Wolfgang Czolkoss (Wetter, Germany)
    Ultrafiltration with multi bore membranes as seawater pre-treatment
    182(2005)301-307 Full Text
    Marco Rognoni, Federico Volpe (Vimodrone (MI), Italy)
    Flow Inverted Filtration (FIF) innovative filtration technology
    182(2005)309-313 Full Text
    Seung-Hyun Kim, Jong-Sup Yoon (Masan, Korea)
    Optimization of microfiltration for seawater suffering from red-tide contamination
    182(2005)315-321 Full Text
    Dawn F. Halpern, John McArdle, Benjamin Antrim (San Diego, CA, USA)
    UF pretreatment for SWRO: pilot studies
    182(2005)323-332 Full Text
    G. Gasco (Madrid), A. Mendez (Ávila, Spain)
    Sorption of Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ and K+ by clay minerals
    182(2005)333-338 Full Text
    Jacek Wisniewski, Agnieszka Rozanska, Tomasz Winnicki (Wroclaw, Poland)
    Removal of troublesome anions from water by means of Donnan dialysis
    182(2005)339-346 Full Text
    Ahmad bin Jusoh, W.H. Cheng, W.M. Low, Nora'aini Ali (Terengganu), M.J. Megat Mohd Noor (Selangor, Malaysia)
    Study on the removal of iron and manganese in groundwater by granular activated carbon
    182(2005)347-353 Full Text
    Guénaëlle Mauguin, Pierre Corsin (Toussus le Noble, France)
    Concentrate and other waste disposals from SWRO plants: characterization and reduction of their environmental impact
    182(2005)355-364 Full Text
    Robert L. Campbell, Anthony T. Jones (Toussus le Noble, France, USA)
    Appropriate disposal of effluent from coastal desalination facilities
    182(2005)365-372 Full Text
    Ahmed Hashim, Muneer Hajjaj (Kingdom of Bahrain)
    Impact of desalination plants fluid effluents on the integrity of seawater, with the Arabian Gulf in perspective
    182(2005)373-393 Full Text
    Yolanda Fernandez-Torquemada, Jose Luis Sanchez-Lizaso, Jose Miguel Gonzalez-Correa (Alicante, Spain)
    Preliminary results of the monitoring of the brine discharge produced by the SWRO desalination plant of Alicante (SE Spain)
    182(2005)395-402 Full Text
    Rachid Miri (Algiers, Algeria), Abdelwahab Chouikhi (Izmir, Turkey)
    Ecotoxicological marine impacts from seawater desalination plants
    182(2005)403-410 Full Text
    A.M.O. Mohamed, M. Maraqa (Al Ain, UAE), J. Al Handhaly (Oman)
    Impact of land disposal of reject brine from desalination plants on soil and groundwater
    182(2005)411-433 Full Text
    J.M. Arnal, M. Sancho, I. Iborra, J.M. Gozalvez, A. Santafe, J. Lora (Valencia, Spain)
    Concentration of brines from RO desalination plants by natural evaporation
    182(2005)435-439 Full Text
    M.M.Nederlof, Jan Hoogendoorn (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)
    Desalination of brackish groundwater: the concentrate dilemma
    182(2005)441-447 Full Text
    J. Le Dirach, S. Nisan, C. Poletiko (Durance, France)
    Extraction of strategic materials from the concentrated brine rejected by integrated nuclear desalination systems
    182(2005)449-460 Full Text
    Henry Shih (Tampa, Florida, USA)
    Evaluating the technologies of thermal desalination using low-grade heat
    182(2005)461-469 Full Text
    P. Lisbona, J. Uche, L. Serra (Zaragoza, Spain)
    High-temperature fuel cells for fresh water production
    182(2005)471-482 Full Text
    S. Nisan, B. Commercon, S. Dardour (Saint Paul-lez-Durance, France)
    A new method for the treatment of the reverse osmosis process, with preheating of the feedwater
    182(2005)483-495 Full Text
    V.V. Slesarenko (Vladivostok, Russia)
    Thermal and membrane systems for combined desalination plants
    182(2005)497-502 Full Text
    Jan de Koning (Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands), Stefan Thiesen (Selm, Germany)
    Aqua Solaris - an optimized small scale desalination system with 40 litres output per square meter based upon solar-thermal distillation
    182(2005)503-509 Full Text
    Guofeng Yuan, Lixi Zhang, Hefei Zhang (ShaanXi, China)
    Experimental research of an integrative unit for air-conditioning and desalination
    182(2005)511-516 Full Text
    Manuel Latorre (Murcia, Spain)
    Environmental impact of brine disposal on Posidonia seagrasses
    182(2005)517-524 Full Text
    Sultan A. Kershman, Jurgen Rheinlander, Thomas Neumann, Olaf Goebel (Germany)
    Hybrid wind/PV and conventional power for desalination in Libya - GECOL's facility for medium and small scale research at Ras Ejder
    183(2005)1-12 Full Text
    Hassan E.S. Fath, Fatma M. El-Shall, Gisela Vogt, Ulrike Seibert (Germany)
    A stand alone complex for the production of water, food, electrical power and salts for the sustainable development of small communities in remote areas
    183(2005)13-22 Full Text
    A.A. Heidari, K. Shiati (Iran)
    Using the novel technology of desalinating seawater by solar cell & lithium bromide absorption chiller in rural area
    183(2005)23-27 Full Text
    Michael Papapetrou, Christian Epp, Senem Teksoy, Seval Sšzen, Vicente Subiela Ort’n, Ulrike Seibert, Gisela Vogt (Germany)
    Market analysis of autonomous desalination systems powered by renewable energy in southern mediterranean countries: Case study on Turkey
    183(2005)29-40 Full Text
    Leif S. Drablżs (Norway)
    Testing of DanfossAPP1.0-2.2 with APP pumps as water hydraulic motors for energy recovery
    183(2005)41-54 Full Text
    Andrea I. Schaefer, Bryce S. Richards (Australia)
    Field testing of a hybrid membrane system for groundwater desalination
    183(2005)55-62 Full Text
    Alessandro Scrivani (Spain)
    Energy management and DSM techniques for a PV-diesel powered sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant in Ginostra, Sicily
    183(2005)63-72 Full Text
    D. Manolakos, G. Papadakis, Essam Sh. Mohamed, S. Kyritsis, K. Bouzianas (Greece)
    Design of an autonomous low-temperature solar rankine cycle system for reverse osmosis desalination
    183(2005)73-80 Full Text
    R.G. Raluy, Luis M. Serra, J. Uche (Spain)
    Life cycle assessment of desalination technologies integrated with renewable energies
    183(2005)81-93 Full Text
    S. Abdallah, M. Abu-Hilal, M.S. Mohsen (Jordan)
    Performance of a photovoltaic powered reverse osmosis system under local climatic conditions
    183(2005)95-104 Full Text
    Murray Thomson, David Infield (UK)
    Laboratory demonstration of a photovoltaic-powered seawater reverse-osmosis system without batteries
    183(2005)105-111 Full Text
    M. Boukar, A. Harmim (Algeria)
    Performance evaluation of one- sided vertical solar still tested in Desert of Algeria
    183(2005)113-126 Full Text
    Andrea Cipollina, Corrado Sommariva, Giorgio Micale (Italy)
    Efficiency increase in thermal desalination plants by matching thermal and solar distillation: theoretical analysis
    183(2005)127-136 Full Text
    O.O. Badran, H.A. Al-Tahaineh (Jordan)
    The effect of coupling a flat-plate collector on the solar still productivity
    183(2005)137-142 Full Text
    Shaobo Hou, Shengquan Ye, Hefei Zhang (China, PR)
    Performance optimization of solar humidification-dehumidification desalination process using Pinch technology
    183(2005)143-149 Full Text
    S. Bouguecha, B. Hamrouni, M. Dhahbi (Tunisia)
    Small scale desalination pilots powered by renewable energy sources: case studies
    183(2005)151-165 Full Text
    Mejdi Hazami, Sami Kooli, Mariem Lazaar, Abdelhamid Farhat, Ali Belghith (Tunisia)
    Performance of a solar storage collector
    183(2005)167-172 Full Text
    A. Omri, J. Orfi, S. Ben Nasrallah (Tunisia)
    Natural convection effects in solar stills
    183(2005)173-178 Full Text
    M.M. O. Dah, M. Ouni, A. Guizani, A. Belghith (Tunisia)
    Study of temperature and salinity profiles development of solar pond in laboratory
    183(2005)179-185 Full Text
    G. Gusmano, G. Montesperelli, G. Forte, E. Olzi, A. Benedetti (Italy)
    On-line corrosion resistance tests in sea water on metals for MED plants
    183(2005)187-194 Full Text
    Mohammed A. Al-Thubaiti, T. Hodgkiess, S.Y.K. Ho (UK)
    Environmental influences on the vapourside corrosion of copper-nickel alloys
    183(2005)195-202 Full Text
    A. Husain, K. Habib (Kuwait)
    Investigation of tubing failure of super-heater boiler from Kuwait desalination electrical plant
    183(2005)203-208 Full Text
    T. Hodgkiess, K. H. Al-Omari, N. Bontems, B. Lesiak (UK)
    Acid cleaning of thermal desalination plant: do we need to use corrosion inhibitors?
    183(2005)209-216 Full Text
    Jan Olsson (Sweden)
    Stainless steel for desalination plants
    183(2005)217-225 Full Text
    Essam Hussain, A. Husain (Kuwait)
    Erosion-corrosion of duplex stainless steel under Kuwait marine condition
    183(2005)227-234 Full Text
    T. Hodgkiess, G. Vassiliou (UK)
    Complexities in the erosion corrosion of copper-nickel alloys in saline water
    183(2005)235-247 Full Text
    Ana MŽndez, Gabriel Gasc— (Spain)
    Optimization of water desalination using carbon-based adsorbents
    183(2005)249-255 Full Text
    S.G. Yiantsios, D. Sioutopoulos, A.J. Karabelas (Greece)
    Colloidal fouling of RO membranes: an overview of key issues and efforts to develop improved prediction techniques
    183(2005)257-272 Full Text
    Gal Greenberg, David Hasson, Raphael Semiat (Israel)
    Limits of RO recovery imposed by calcium phosphate precipitation
    183(2005)273-288 Full Text
    Dmitry Lisitsin, Qingfeng Yang, David Hasson, Raphael Semiat (Israel)
    Inhibition of CaCO3 scaling on RO membranes by trace amounts of zinc ions
    183(2005)289-300 Full Text
    A.V.R. Reddy, J.J. Trivedi, C.V. Devmurari, D.J. Mohan, P. Singh, A.P. Rao, S.V. Joshi, P.K. Ghosh (India)
    Fouling resistant membranes in desalination and water recovery
    183(2005)301-306 Full Text
    H. Raach, J. Mitrovic (Germany)
    Seawater falling film evaporation on vertical plates with turbulence wires
    183(2005)307-316 Full Text
    Li Tian, Jilin Guo, YapingTang, Li Cao (China, PR)
    A historical opportunity: economic competitiveness of seawater desalination project between nuclear and fossil fuel while the world oil price over 50$/boe - part A: MSF
    183(2005)317-325 Full Text
    T.J. Welgemoed, C.F. Schutte (South Africa)
    Capacitive deionization technologyTM: An alternative desalination solution
    183(2005)327-340 Full Text
    Hisham Ettouney (Kuwait)
    Design and analysis of humidification dehumidification desalination process
    183(2005)341-352 Full Text
    S.C. Low, Han Hee Juan, Low Kwak Siong (Singapore)
    A combined VSEP and membrane bioreactor system
    183(2005)353-362 Full Text
    M.N. Chernyshov, G.W. Meindersma, A.B. de Haan (The Netherlands)
    Comparison of spacers for temperature polarization reduction in air gap membrane distillation
    183(2005)363-374 Full Text
    Aldo Bottino, Gustavo Capannelli, Antonio Comite (Italy)
    Novel porous poly (vinylidene fluoride) membranes for membrane distillation
    183(2005)375-382 Full Text
    Cristiana Boi, Serena Bandini, Giulio Cesare Sarti (Italy)
    Pollutants removal from wastewaters through membrane distillation
    183(2005)383-394 Full Text
    Francesco Fatone, David Bolzonella, Paolo Battistoni, Franco Cecchi (Italy)
    Removal of nutrients and micropollutants treating low loaded wastewaters in a membrane bioreactor operating the automatic alternate-cycles process
    183(2005)395-405 Full Text
    Jan du Preez, Birgir Norddahl, Knud Christensen (Denmark)
    The BIOREK¨ concept: a hybrid membrane bioreactor concept for very strong wastewater
    183(2005)407-415 Full Text
    M. Tiranuntakul, J.V. Jegatheesan, P.A. Schneider, H.L. Fracchia (Australia)
    Performance of an oxidation ditch retrofitted with a membrane bioreactor during the start-up
    183(2005)417-424 Full Text
    Jinwoo Cho, Kyung-Guen Song, Kyu-Hong Ahn (Korea)
    The activated sludge and microbial substances influences on membrane fouling in submerged membrane bio-reactor: unstirred batch cell test
    183(2005)425-429 Full Text
    Jian-Hua Cao, Bao-Ku Zhu, Hong Lu, You-Yi Xu (China, PR)
    Study on polypropylene hollow fiber based recirculated membrane bioreactor for treatment of municipal wastewater
    183(2005)431-438 Full Text
    A.G. Liew Abdullah, A. Idris, F.R. Ahmadun, B.S. Baharin, F. Emby, M.J. Megat Mohd Noor, A.H. Nour (Malaysia)
    A kinetic study of a membrane anaerobic reactor (MAR) for treatment of sewage sludge
    183(2005)439-445 Full Text
    Jeong-Hoon Shin, Byung-In Sang, Yun-Chul Chung, Youn-Kyoo Choung (Korea)
    The removal of nitrogen using an autotrophic hybrid hollow-fiber membrane biofilm reactor
    183(2005)447-454 Full Text
    C. Visvanathan, L.N. Thu, J.V. Jegatheesan, J. J. Anotai (Australia)
    Biodegradation of pentachlorophenol in a membrane bioreactor
    183(2005)455-464 Full Text
    S. Ver’ssimo, K.-V. Peinemann, J. Bordado (Germany)
    New composite hollow fiber membrane for nanofiltration
    184(2005)1-11 Full Text
    S. Belfer, J. Gilron, N. Daltrophe Y. Oren (Israel)
    Comparative study of biofouling of NF modified membrane at SHAFDAN
    184(2005)13-21 Full Text
    John J. Porter, Philip B. Brown, Jonathan Malphrus (USA)
    Influence of pH on the rejection of salts and ionic dyes by microfilters
    184(2005)23-35 Full Text
    Zhi-Ping Zhao, Jiding Li, Ding Wang, Cui-Xian Chen (China, PR)
    Nanofiltration membrane prepared from polyacrylonitrile ultrafiltration membrane by low-temperature plasma: 4. grafting of N-vinylpyrrolidone in aqueous solution
    184(2005)37-44 Full Text
    Nidal Hilal, Laila Al-Khatib, Habis Al-Zoubi, R. Nigmatullin (UK)
    Atomic force microscopy study of membranes modified by surface grafting of cationic polyelectrolyte
    184(2005)45-55 Full Text
    T. Mohammadi, A. Pak, Z. Nourian, M. Taherkhani (Iran)
    Experimental design in mullite microfilter preparation
    184(2005)57-64 Full Text
    N. Agoudjil, N. Benmouhoub, A. Larbot (Algeria)
    Synthesis and characterization of inorganic membranes and applications
    184(2005)65-69 Full Text
    Bao-Ku Zhu, Xiu-Zhi Tian, You-Yi Xu (China, PR)
    Recovering ethyl acetate from aqueous solution using P(VDF-co-HFP) membrane based pervaporation
    184(2005)71-78 Full Text
    Gerardo Le—n, Mar’a Amelia Guzm‡n (Spain)
    Kinetic study of the effect of carrier and stripping agent concentrations on the facilitated transport of cobalt through bulk liquid membranes
    184(2005)79-87 Full Text
    Eugene Tsapiuk, Ludmyla Melnyk (Ukraine)
    Homoporous and heteroporous membrane models in describing key separative parameters of semipermeable membranes
    184(2005)89-97 Full Text
    S. Alvarez, A. Garc’a, S. Manolache, F. Denes, F.A. Riera, R. Alvarez (Spain)
    Plasma-enhanced modification of the pore size of ceramic membranes
    184(2005)99-104 Full Text
    Anna Grzeskowiak-Przywecka, Lucyna Slominska (Poland)
    Continuous potato starch hydrolysis process in a membrane reactor with tubular and hollow-fibre membranes
    184(2005)105-112 Full Text
    Andrzej Slezak, Izabella H. Slezak, Kornelia M. Slezak (Poland)
    Influence of the concentration boundary layers on membrane potential in a single-membrane system
    184(2005)113-123 Full Text
    E. Cardona, A. Piacentino, F. Marchese (Italy)
    Energy saving in two-stage reverse osmosis systems coupled with ultrafiltration processes
    184(2005)125-137 Full Text
    M. Al-Shammiri, A. Salman, S. Al-Shammari, M. Ahmad (Kuwait)
    Simple program for the estimation of scaling potential in RO systems
    184(2005)139-147 Full Text
    A. B—dalo, J.L. G—mez, E. G—mez, G. Le—n, M. Tejera (Spain)
    Ammonium removal from aqueous solutions by reverse osmosis using cellulose acetate membranes
    184(2005)149-155 Full Text
    Erineos Koutsakos, Kyrros Savvides, Koulla Savva (Cyprus)
    Larnaca desalination plant operation - a client and contractor perspective
    184(2005)157-164 Full Text
    Giorgio Migliorini, Carlo Cattani, Elena Luzzo (Italy)
    How many ppm? The unresolved problem of acid dosing in the reverse osmosis plant design
    184(2005)165-171 Full Text
    A. Mś–oz Elguera, S.O. PŽrez B‡ez (Spain)
    Development of the most adequate pre-treatment for high capacity seawater desalination plants with open intake
    184(2005)173-183 Full Text
    Craig Bartels, Rich Franks, Stefan Rybar, Manfred Schierach, Mark Wilf (USA)
    The effect of feed ionic strength on salt passage through reverse osmosis membranes
    184(2005)185-195 Full Text
    Beat Schneider (Switzerland)
    Selection, operation and control of a work exchanger energy recovery system based on the Singapore project
    184(2005)197-210 Full Text
    Kay Paulsen, Frank Hensel (Germany)
    Introduction of a new energy recovery system - optimized for the combination with renewable energy
    184(2005)211-215 Full Text
    Richard L. Stover, Adriano Ameglio, Perrzada Ahmad Kaleem Khan (USA)
    The Ghalilah SWRO plant. An overview of the solutions adopted to minimize energy consumption
    184(2005)217-221 Full Text
    Stephan Bross, Wolfgang Kochanowski, Nabil El Maraghy (Germany)
    SWRO-core-hydraulic-system: first field test experiences
    184(2005)223-232 Full Text
    M. Brusilovsky, M. Faigon (Israel)
    The impact of varying the number of elements per PV in SWRO plants - actual and future configurations
    184(2005)233-240 Full Text
    Essam Sh. Mohamed, G. Papadakis, E. Mathioulakis, V. Belessiotis (Greece)
    The effect of hydraulic energy recovery in a small sea water reverse osmosis desalination sysstem; experimental and economical evaluation
    184(2005)241-246 Full Text
    Guido Maragliano, Peter Moss (UK)
    The development of a high flow seawater membrane A case history of one of the first applications using high flow seawater elements in a plant producing process and boiler feed water for ENEL (now EDIPOWER) at San Filippo del Mela power plant in Italy
    184(2005)247-252 Full Text
    Ugur Atikol, Hikmet S. Aybar (Turkey)
    Estimation of water production cost in the feasibility analysis of RO systems
    184(2005)253-258 Full Text
    Marian G. Marcovecchio, P’o A. Aguirre, Nicol‡s J. Scenna (Argentina)
    Global optimal design of reverse osmosis networks for seawater desalination: modellng and algorithm
    184(2005)259-271 Full Text
    G.K. Elyashevich, A.S. Olifirenko, A.V. Pimenov (Russia)
    Micro- and nanofiltration membranes on the base of porous polyethylene films
    184(2005)273-279 Full Text
    Peter Eriksson, Markus Kyburz, Wil Pergande (USA)
    NF membrane characteristics and evaluation for sea water processing applications
    184(2005)281-294 Full Text
    Li Xu, Shiyong Wang, Xianyou Zeng (China, PR)
    The maltitol purification and concentration by nanofiltration
    184(2005)295-303 Full Text
    Li Xu, Shiyong Wang (China, PR)
    The ginkgo biloba extract concentrated by nanofiltration
    184(2005)305-313 Full Text
    N. Hilal, H. Al-Zoubi, A.W. Mohammad, N.A. Darwish (UK)
    Nanofiltration of high concentrated salt solutions up to seawater salinity
    184(2005)315-326 Full Text
    Serena Bandini, Carolina Mazzoni (Italy)
    Modelling the amphoteric behaviour of polyamide nanofiltration membranes
    184(2005)327-336 Full Text
    T.V. Karmazina, A.A. Kavitskaya, V.I. Slisenko, A.A. Petrachkov, A.A. Vasilkevich (Ukraine)
    Changing of mechanisms of self-diffusion of water molecules under nanofiltration of electrolyte solution
    184(2005)337-345 Full Text
    Maria Cinta Vincent Vela, Silvia çlvarez Blanco, Jaime Lora Garc’a (Spain)
    Crossflow ultrafiltration of cake forming solutes: a non-steady state model
    184(2005)347-356 Full Text
    Pablo Ca–izares, çngel PŽrez, Rafael Camarillo, Mar’a Teresa Villajos (Spain)
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