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Tunisia 2000 
Desalination, Vol. 136-137 (2001)

Neil Wade (UK) 
Distillation plant development and cost update 
136(2001)3-12 Full Text 

John Walton, Huanmin Lu, Andrew Swift (USA) 
Solar pond coupled desalination 
136(2001)13-23 Full Text 

Ahmed Kettab (Algeria) 
Les ressources en eau en Algerie: Strategies, enjeux et vision 
136(2001)25-33 Full Text 

Salim Kehal (Algeria) 
Retrospective et perspectives du dessalement en Algerie 
136(2001)3542 Full Text 

Khalid Tahri (Morocco) 
Desalination experience in Morocco 
136(2001)43-48 Full Text 

S.P. Bindra, Waleed Abosh (Libya) 
Recent developments in water desalination 
136(2001)49-56 Full Text 

Essam Eldin Khalil (Egypt) 
Potable water technology development in Egypt 
136(2001)5762 Full Text 

M. El-Kady and F. El-Shibini (Egypt) 
Desalination in Egypt and the future application in supplementary irrigation 
136(2001)63-72 Full Text 

M. Abou Rayan, B. Djebedjian, I. Khaled (Egypt) 
Water supply and demand and desalination option for Sinai, Egypt 
136(2001)73-81 Full Text 

Jamal O. Jaber and Mousa S. Mohsen (Jordan) 
Evaluation of non-conventional water resources supply in Jordan 
136(2001)83-92 Full Text 

Bader Abu Zahra (Palestinian Authority) 
Water crisis in Palestine 
136(2001)93-99 Full Text 

Nessim A. Moatty (Israel) 
Water management and desalination in Israel 
136(2001)101-104 Full Text 

Middle East regional study on water supply and demand development. concluding report 
136(2001)105-108 Full Text 

Fredi Lokiec, Gustavo Kronenberg (Israel) 
Emerging role of BOOT desalination projects 
136(2001)109-114 Full Text 

Antoine Riolo (Malta) 
Maltese experience in the application of desalination technology 
136(2001)115-124 Full Text 

Yiannis Fessas (Cyprus) 
The strategic position of desalination in the overall water policy of Cyprus 
136(2001)125-131 Full Text 

Tomas Szacsvay, M. Posnansky (Switzerland) 
Distillation desalination systems powered by waste heat from combined cycle power generation units 
136(2001)135-140 Full Text 

Sultan Arebi Kershman (Libya) 
25 years of experience in operating thermal desalination plants 
136(2001)141-145 Full Text 

Javier Uche, Luis Serra, Antonio Valero (Spain) 
Thermoeconomic optimization of a dual-purpose power and desalination plant 
136(2001)147-158 Full Text 

Andrea Lovato, Carlos Legorreta, Eva Andersson (Denmark) 
Heat recovery from sulphuric acid plants for seawater desalination 
136(2001)159-168 Full Text 

Corrado Sommariva, H. Hogg, K. Callister (UK) 
Forty years design life: the next target. Material selection and operating conditions in thermal desalination plant 
136(2001)169-176 Full Text 

P. Fiorini, E. Sciubba, C. Sommariva (Italy) 
A new formulation for the non-equilibrium allowance in MSF processes 
136(2001)177-188 Full Text 

Gustavo Kronenberg, Fredi Lokiec (Israel) 
Low temperature distillation processes in single and dual purpose plants 
136(2001)189-197 Full Text 

Gianfranco Caruso, Antonio Naviglio, Paolo Principi, Elena Ruffini (Italy) 
High energy efficiency desalination project utilizing a full titanium desalination unit and a solar pond as heat supply 
136(2001)199-212 Full Text 

Lourdes Garcia-Rodriguez and Carlos Gomez-Camacho (Spain) 
Perspectives of solar assisted seawater distillation 
136(2001)213-218 Full Text 

Lourdes Garcia-Rodriguez, Ana I. Palmero-Marrero, Carlos Gomez-Camacho (Spain) 
Thermoeconomic optimisation of the SOL-14 plant (Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain) 
136(2001)219-223 Full Text 

Béchir Hamrouni and Mahmoud Dhahbi (Tunisia) 
Analytical aspects of silica in saline waters: application to desalination of brackish waters 
136(2001)225-232 Full Text 

Osamu Miyatake and Kotaro Tagawa (Japan) 
Numerical and experimental analyses for RO desalination system utilizing the static pressure head 
136(2001)233-242 Full Text 

Samir El-Manharawy and Azza Hafez (Egypt) 
Molar ratios as useful tool for prediction of scaling potential inside RO system 
136(2001)243-254 Full Text 

Abderrahim Abbas, Nader Al-Bastaki (Bahrain) 
Use of fluid instabilities to enhance membrane performance: a review 
136(2001)255-262 Full Text 

Fethi Kamel, Habib Chheibi (Tunisia) 
Performances de la station de dessalement de Gabes (22500 m3) apres cinq ans de fonctionnement 
136(2001)263-272 Full Text 

I.K. Igumenov, N.V. Gelfond, P.S. Galkin, N.B. Morozova, N.E. Fedotova, G.I. Zharkova, V.I. Shipachev, E.F. Reznikova, A.D. Ryabtsev, N.P. Kotsupalo, V.I. Titarenko, Yu. P. Dikov, V.V. Distler, M.I. Buleev (Russia) 
Corrosion testing of platinum metals CVD coated titanium anodes in sea water simulated solutions 
136(2001)273-280 Full Text 

Abderrahim Abbas and Nader Al-Bastaki (Bahrain) 
Performance decline in brackish water FilmTec spiral wound RO membranes 
136(2001)281-286 Full Text 

Jorge A. Redondo and I. Lomax (Germany) 
Y2K generation FILMTEC RO membranes combined with new Pretreatment Techniques help treating raw waters with high fouling potential. Experience summary 
136(2001)287-306 Full Text 

Elena Georgopoulou, Anastasia Kotronarou, Antonis Koussis, Pedro J. Restrepo, Antonio Gėmez Gotor, Juan J. Rodriguez Jimenez (Greece) 
A methodology to investigate brackish groundwater desalination coupled with aquifer recharge by treated wastewater as an alternative strategy for water supply in Mediterranean areas 
136(2001)307-315 Full Text 

M. Demircioglu, N. Kabay, E. Ersoz, I. Kurucaovali, C. Safak, N. Gizli (Turkey)
Cost comparison and efficiency modeling in electrodialysis of brine 
136(2001)317-323 Full Text 

A. Elmidaoui, F. Elhannouni, M.A. Menkouchi Sahli, L. Chay, H. Elabbassi, M. Hafsi, D. Largeteau (Morocco) 
Pollution of nitrate in Moroccan groundwater. Removal by electrodialysis 
136(2001)325-332 Full Text 

A.D. Ryabtsev, N.P. Kotsupalo, V.I. Titarenko, I.K. Igumenov, N.V. Gelfond, N.E. Fedotova, N.B. Morozova, V.A. Shipachev (Russia) 
Set-up involving electrodialysis for production of drinking-quality water from artesian waters with salt content up to 8 kg/m3 with productivity up to 1 m3/h 
136(2001)333-336 Full Text 

M.S. Abu Jabal, I. Kamiya, Y. Narasaki (Palestinian Authority) 
Proving test for a solar-powered desalination system in Gaza Palestine 
137(2001)1-6 Full Text 

D. Weiner, D. Fisher, E.J. Moses, B. Katz, G. Meron (Israel) 
Operation experience of a solar- and wind-powered desalination demonstration plant 
137(2001)7-13 Full Text 

M. Boukar and A. Harmim (Algeria) 
Effect of climatic conditions on the performance of a simple basin solar still: a comparative study 
137(2001)15-22 Full Text 

K. Schwarzer, M.E. Vieira, C. Faber, C. Muller, A. Khadim (Germany) 
Solar thermal desalination system with heat recovery 
137(2001)23-29 Full Text 

Bachir Bouchekima, Bernard Gros, Ramdane Ouahes and Mostefa Diboun (Algeria) 
The performance of the capillary film solar still installed in South Algeria 
137(2001)31-38 Full Text 

A. Joyce, D. Loureiro, C. Rodrigues, S. Castro (Portugal) 
Small reverse osmosis units using PV systems for water purification in rural places 
137(2001)39-44 Full Text 

Aly Karameldin, Samer Mekhemar (Egypt) 
Siting assessment of a water - electricity cogeneration nuclear power plant in Egypt 
137(2001)45-51 Full Text 

H. Ben Bacha, T. Damak, M. Bouzguenda, A.Y. Maalej, H. Ben Dhia (Tunisia) 
Study of a water desalination station using the SMCEC technique: dynamic modelling and simulation 
137(2001)53-61 Full Text 

J.M. Arnal Arnal, M. Sancho Fernandéz, G. VerdĚ Martin, J. Lora Garcia (Spain) 
Design of a membrane facility for water potabilization and its application to the Third World countries 
137(2001)63-69 Full Text 

Dan Rom, Yaacov Harussi, Noah Galil, Raphael Semiat (Israel) 
Evaluation of membrane processes to reduce the salinity of reclaimed wastewater 
137(2001)71-89 Full Text 

D. Prats Rico, M.F. Chillon Arias (Spain) 
A reverse osmosis potable water plant at Alicante University: first years of operation 
137(2001)91-102 Full Text 

Salim Mebrouk Oussedik (Algeria) 
Demineralisation de l'eau saumČtre du forage albien "Aēn Sahara" pour l'alimentation en eau potable de la ville de Touggourt 
137(2001)103-111 Full Text 

Salim Mebrouk Oussedik and Nabil Mameri (Algeria) 
Electro-ultrafiltration d'une solution de BSA Ñ Etude du coět 
137(2001)113-121 Full Text 

Corinne Cabassud, Caroline Burgaud, Jean-Michel Espenan (France) 
Spring water treatment with ultrafiltration and stripping 
137(2001)123-131 Full Text 

Abdul Hakim Bannoud (Syria) 
Elimination de la durete et des sulfates contenus dans les eaux par nanofiltration 
137(2001)133-139 Full Text 

Amos Bick and Gideon Oron (Israel ) 
Assessing the linkage between feed water quality and reverse osmosis membrane performance 
137(2001)141-148 Full Text 

G.S. Virk, M.G. Ford, B. Denness, A. Ridett and A. Hunter (UK) 
Ambient energy for low-cost water desalination 
137(2001)149-156 Full Text 

Osamu Miyatake, Yasushi Koito, Kotaro Tagawa Yasuhiro Maruta (Japan) 
Transient characteristics and performance of a novel desalination system based on heat storage and spray flashing 
137(2001)157-166 Full Text 

K. Bourouni, M. Chaibi, L. Tadrist (Tunisia) 
Water desalination by humidification and dehumidification of air: state of the art 
137(2001)167-176 Full Text 

H. Elfil and H. Roques (Tunisia) 
Role of hydrates phases of calcium carbonate on the scaling phenomenon 
137(2001)177-186 Full Text 

A. Gomez Gotor, S.O. Perez Baez, C. Argudo Espinoza, S.I. Bachir (Spain) 
Membrane process for the recovery and reuse of wastewater in agriculture 
137(2001)187-192 Full Text 

David Edwards (UK) 
Membrane solution to a "significant risk" Cryptosporidium groundwater source 
137(2001)193-198 Full Text 

R. Valerdi-Perez, M. Lopez-Rodriguez and J.A. Ibanez-Mengual (Spain) 
Characterizing an electrodialysis reversal pilot plant 
137(2001)199206 Full Text 

A.D. Ryabtsev, N.P. Kotsupalo, V.I. Titarenko, I.K. Igumenov, N.V. Gelfond, N.E. Fedotova, N.B. Morozova, V.A. Shipachev, A.S. Tibilov (Russia) 
Development of a two-stage electrodialysis set-up for economical desalination of sea-type artesian and surface waters 
137(2001)207-214 Full Text 

R. Hadef and A. Hadef (Algeria) 
Le deficit d'eau en Algerie: une situation alarmante 
137(2001)215-218 Full Text 

Mourad Chalbi, Lotfi Ghedira, Samir Allal (Tunisia) 
Evaluation comparative d'un projet de cogeneration pour la production d'electricite et d'eau douce pour la Tunisie 
137(2001)219-224 Full Text 

Fethi Kamel (Tunisia) 
Optimisation de la consommation energetique dans la station de dessalement de Zarzis (12000 m3/j) 
137(2001)225-231 Full Text 

Isabel Paula Marques (Portugal) 
Anaerobic digestion treatment of olive mill wastewater for effluent re-use in irrigation 
137(2001)233-239 Full Text 

L. Gzara, M. Dhahbi (Tunisia) 
Removal of chromate anions by micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration using cation surfactants 
137(2001)241-250 Full Text 

Lourdes Garcia-Rodriguez and Carlos Gomez-Camacho (Spain) 
Exergy analysis of the SOL-14 plant (Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain) 
137(2001)250-258 Full Text 

Lourdes Garcia-Rodriguez, V. Romero-Ternero, C. Gomez-Camacho (Spain) 
Economic analysis of wind-powered desalination 
137(2001)259-265 Full Text 

Lourdes Martinez-Diez, F. Florido-Diaz (Spain) 
Desalination of brines by membrane distillation 
137(2001)267-273 Full Text 

B. Hamrouni and M. Dhahbi (Tunisia) 
Thermodynamic description of saline waters - prediction of scaling limits in desalination processes 
137(2001)275-284 Full Text 

Dirk Herold, Apostolos Neskakis (Germany) 
Small PV-driven reverse osmosis desalination plant on the island of Gran Canaria 
137(2001)285-292 Full Text 

Amor Ounalli (Tunisia) 
Projet de dessalement de l'eau de mer a El Bibane 
137(2001)293-296 Full Text 

B. Dahmani, C. Bithorel (Algeria) 
Demineralisation des eaux saumatres de Bredeah dans la region hydrographique Oranie Chott-Chergui, Algerie. Partie I: Hydrogeologie de la nappe de Bredeah 
137(2001)297-309 Full Text