Desalination for Clean Water and Energy: Cooperation around the World
9–12 May 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel

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This is the eighth conference in the EuroMed series and the tenth in the Mediterranean region. The EDS conferences around the Mediterranean were initiated in the year 2000 following the announcement by the EU of the Barcelona Process in 1995 when the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership was founded to strengthen relations with Mediterranean countries across the sea. EDS held these meetings in Jerba, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Marrakesh, Montpellier, Dead Sea, Jordan, Limassol, Malta, Santa Margherita, Halkidiki, Baden-Baden, Tel Aviv, Palermo.

EDS and its forerunners have held many more international meetings to advance desalination technology since 1962. With growing populations and increased water use, alternative sources of water have become acute. Thus in all our gatherings there is worldwide participation to share knowledge to advance the technology of desalination and water treatment with lower energy. This conference will be hosted by our north Mediterranean partner, Italy as well as our Far East colleagues in China and we expect participants from countries far and wide with the same problems and proposed solutions.

Israel and its neighbors are in a water short region in the far corner of the Mediterranean. As a start up nation it is dedicated to technological innovation. Since 1960 much research and development has been dedicated to desalination technology. Now Israel has a highly developed system of large desalination plants which dot its coast. Israel is also exporting its technology around the world. To further develop this technology expertise must be shared and continually improved.

Mainly cross border sharing of technology as well as water in this thirsty region will be addressed, highlighting the major Red Sea-Dead Sea project developments.

Participants at this meeting are invited to present advances in the field whether it be for providing clean water, reuse of wastewater, efficient use of water or lowered energy requirements.

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May 9th
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