International Conference on
6–8 February 2017, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

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Sunday February 5
15.00–18.00 Registration
Monday February 6
08.00–10.45 Registration
11.00 Greetings and Opening
Ursula Annunziata, EDS President
Elaine Alwayn, Director Water & Soil, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands
11.30-12.00 Keynote – Eric Roesink, NX Filtration B.V.
New markets with one step hollow fiber nanofiltration
Monday afternoon February 6
13.00-14.40Session 1 Electrodialysis (REvivED)
Chair: K. Nijmeijer
Session 2 Membrane fouling / Biofouling
Chair: H. Vrouwenvelde, J.W. Chew
13.0027 Low energy seawater desalination using multi-stage electrodialysis
G. Doornbusch, M. Tedesco, J. Post, K. Nijmeijer
38 RO fouling control by optimizing pre-treatment, membrane flux and air/water cleaning
B. Blankert, E.R. Cornelissen, D.J.H. Harmsen, L.P. Wessels, W.G.J. van der Meer
13.20 42 Understanding diffusion of organic compounds in ion exchange membranes
M. Nowak, M. Vanoppen, J. Post, A. Verliefde
50 Improving the membrane fouling simulator for representative and controlled fouling experiments
H.J. de Vries, P. van den Brink, F. Stams, C.M. Plugge
13.40 110 CFD simulation of electrodialysis channels equipped with profiled membranes
M. La Cerva, L. Gurreri, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, M. Ciofalo, G. Micale
60 Understanding membrane fouling in produced water treatment
J. Dickhout, P.M. Biesheuvel, W. de Vos, R. Lammertink
14.00 111 Modelling of electrodialysis units by a multi-scale process simulator
A. Campione, L. Gurreri, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, D. Bogle, G. Micale
47 Fouling of ultrafiltration membranes during algal blooms: the role of algal organic matter in seawater
N. Dhakal, A. Ouda, S.G. Salinas-Rodriguez, J.C. Schippers, M.D. Kennedy
14.20 6 Application of electrodialysis technology for treatment of an anion exchange brine solution including reduction of onsite chemical use and by-product recovery
E. Vaudevire, K. Messologitis
66 An energy-efficient method for mitigating membrane fouling: a novel embodiment of the inverse fluidized bed (IFB)
Aijing Ma, F. Zamani, A.G. Fane, Jia Wei Chew
14.40-15.00 Coffee break
15.00-17.00 Session 3 Electrodialysis
Chair: E. De Meyer, S. Velizarov
Session 4 Membrane fouling / Biofouling
Chair: H. Vrouwenvelder, C. Arnush
15.00 104 Membrane strategies against the influence of multivalent ions in reverse electrodialysis
J. Moreno, V. Díez, M. Saakes, K. Nijmeijer
68 A new method for assessing bacterial growth in seawater reverse osmosis systems: Method development and applications
A. Abushaban, S.G. Salinas-Rodriguez, S. Mondal, S.A. Goueli, J.C. Schippers, M.D. Kennedy
15.20 33 Theory and perspective of water desalination by shock electrodialysis
M. Tedesco
109 Predicting the impact of feed spacer modification on biofouling by hydraulic characterization and biofouling studies in membrane fouling simulators
J.S. Vrouwenvelder, A. Siddiquia, S. Lehmann, Sz. S. Bucs, M. Fresquet, L. Fe, E.I.E.C. Prest, J. Ogier, C. Schellenberg, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, J.C. Kruithof
15.40 37 Identifying optimal membrane thickness for (reverse) electrodialysis
C. Ersoy, P.M. Biesheuvel, M. Tedesco
52 Antimicrobial and antifouling graphene containing spacer for fouling control in membrane technology
S.P. Singh, Yilun Li, Y. Oren, J.M. Tour, C.J. Arnusch
16.00 46 Modelling of reverse electrodialysis for improving its design and performance
S. Pawlowski, C. Galinha, J. Crespo, S. Velizarov
91 Spatially-resolved in-situ quantification of biofilms using optical coherence tomography in a spacer filled membrane systems
Sz.S. Bucs, L. Fortunato, R. Valladares Linares, J.S. Vrouwenvelder
16.20 26 Molecular modelling of membrane-solute interactions in desalination systems using ion exchange membranes
S. Galier, A. Fuoco, G. De Luca, H. Roux-de Balmann
40 Combining force measurements to relate composition and strength of (artificial) biofilms
N.M. Pfaff, P. van den Brink, J.M. Kleijn, M.C.M. Van Loosdrecht
16.40 32 NH4NO3 removal from condensate: the efficiency of ED, RO and MD and the impact on corrosion behaviour
E. De Meyer, P. Van Elslande, M. Vanoppen, E. van den Brande, A.R.D. Verliefde
53 Biofouling prevention strategy in forward osmosis using air-scouring
Sheng Li, Youngjin Kim, S. Phuntsho, Ho Kyong Shon, T.O. Leiknes, N. Ghaffour
17.30 Visit to Wetsus: Tour, Drinks and Buffet
Keynote – Bert Hamelers, Program Director Wetsus
Tuesday morning February 7
9.00-10.40Session 5 Modelling

Chair: M. Tedesco, J. Catalano
Session 6 Removal of micropollutants/contaminants
Chair: H.D.W. Roesink, W.M. de Vos
Session 7 Drinking water

Chair: T. Mitchenko

Desalination and energy-harvesting dynamics of (reverse) electrodialysis stacks utilizing intercalation electrodes
K.C. Smith
15 Removal of contaminants of emerging concern and pathogens on an innovative hybrid PAC/membrane process
Y. Poussade, P. Sauvignet, I. Saudrais, A. Gaid, C. Daines
74 Permeate remineralization with targeted magnesium and calcium content for domestic RO units
Y. Orestov, T. Mitchenko
9.20 81 Multivalent ion and micro-pollutant removal by polyelectrolyte multilayer based hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes
W.M. de Vos, S. Ilyas, D. Reurink, J. de Grooth
83 Theoretical analysis of a wet cooling tower coupled with a desalination plant for fresh water yield
P. Sella Muthu, C. Manoharan, R. Senthil Kumar
9.40 14 Combined ion and water flow in ion exchange membranes and carbon nanotubes: From Space Charge theory to Stefan Maxwell, for single pores and full ED cells
P.M. Biesheuvel
25 Positively charged membranes for inactivation of MS2 bacteriophages, Hepatitis A and Adeno viruses
T.R. Sinclair, D. Robles, S. van den Hengel, W.M. de Vos, S.A. Rutjes, A.M. de Roda Husman, H.D.W. Roesink
43 Pilot plant for supercritical water desalination
S. van Wyk, S.O. Odu, A.G.J. van der Ham, S.R.A. Kersten
10.00 18 Improving pressure-driven ion separations by nanoporous membranes with optimized pore geometry and surface charge density
B. Balannec, H. Zhu, A.Ghoufi, A. Szymczyk
94 Polyelectrolyte-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles and their affinity to phosphate
L. Paltrinieri, M. Wang, E.J.R. Sudhölter, L.C.P.M. de Smet
89 Water vapor capturing from flue gases for reuse as potable water and in industrial applications
Z. Borneman, L. Daal, H. Teunis, K. Nijmeijer
10.20 16 Energy consumption modeling in membrane capacitive deionization
J.E. Dykstra
10.40-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-13.00 Session 8 Modelling
Chair: M. Tedesco, K.C. Smith
Session 9 Ultrafiltration
Chair: M. Kennedy
Session 10 Membrane distillation
Chair: G. Micale, G. Zaragoza
11.00 24 Modelling ion transport and adsorption in porous carbon electrodes including the effect of chemical charge
G.C. Franken, J.E. Dykstra
36 Ultrafiltration post-treatment as effective approach to enhance the biological stability of impoundment-originated drinking water
R. Schurer, W. Hijnen, E. Cornelissen, J.C. Schippers, M.D. Kennedy, B. van der Wal
115 CFD parametrical study of the spacer geometry for membrane distillation
M. La Cerva, L. Gurreri, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, M. Ciofalo, G. Micale
11.20 8 Interactions of organics within hydrated selective layer of reverse osmosis desalination membrane: a combined experimental and computational study
A. Ghoufi, E. Drazevic, A. Szymczyk
86 Effects of low water temperature in the performance of ultrafiltration systems
E. Jové, S. Das, J. Suárez,
V. García-Molina, V. Gómez
19 Numerical dynamic behavior of vacuum membrane distillation
A.S. Hassan
11.40 41 Full-scale air gap membrane distillation (AGMD) model, opportunities for module design improvement
I. Hitsov, K. De Sitter, C. Dotremont, I. Nopens
112 Comparison of low and high flux river water filtration with Liqui-Flux® W-series ultrafiltration modules
M. König, D. Schedler
102 CFD Simulation of corrugated feed channel of direct contact membrane distillation
Y. Elhenawy, A.A. Mabrouk, M.M. Elsakka
12.00 45 Modeling dielectric exclusion effects in ionic transport through hydrophobic nanopores
M. Manghi, B. Loubet, J. Palmeri
61 Produced water treatment by ultrafiltration multichannel ceramic membrane
E. Frederic, C. Guigui, P. Schmitz, P. Baldoni-Andrey, M. Jacob, C. Machinal, E. Barbier
95 Experimental investigation of air gap membrane distillation system with heat recovery
Y. Elhenawy, A. Farag, M. El-Ghandour, M. Shatat, G.H. Moustafa
12.20 49 Carbon nanotube membranes: from paper to practice
D.A.M. de Winter
48 Recovery of brackish water from reactive dyeing wastewater by ultrafiltration
M. Erkanli, B. Kocer, R.D. Zaf, L. Yilmaz, Z. Culfaz-Emecen, U. Yetis
12.40 56 Signature of non-electrostatic interactions in nanofiltration
J. Palmeri, A. Deratani
13.00-14.00 Lunch
Tuesday afternoon February 7
14.00-15.40Session 11 Modelling
Chair: J. Catalano, A. Szymczyk
Session 12 Membrane performance/applications
Chair: T. Bilstad
14.00 65 Dynamic membrane theory for bioelectrochemical systems
A. de Lichtervelde, A. ter Heijne, P.M. Biesheuvel
17 Slit membranes for efficient desalination using graphene
Elisa Y.M. Ang, Teng Yong Ng, K.R. Geethalakshmi, Jingjie Yeo, Zishun Liu
14.20 71 Ion transfer in reverse osmosis membranes
Y.S. Oren, R.G.H. Lammertink, P.M. Biesheuvel
34 Performance evaluation of RO-membranes using Design of Experiment (DoE) and multi-ion mixed feed
U. Doelchow, J. Ogier, J. Lipnizki
14.40 90 Effect of multi-valent ions on capacitive water desalination by soft electrodes
S. Ahualli, M.M. Fernández, G.R. Iglesias, M.L. Jiménez, A.V. Delgado
35 Membranes for sustainable potable water production in remote areas
E. Protasova, R. Nair, T. Bilstad
15.00 21 Water desalination with wires: transport modeling for ideal and leaky membranes
T.M. Mubita, J.E. Dykstra, S. Porada, A. van der Wal
85 Intensification of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane performance properties by introduction of carbon based nanomaterials in the membrane matrix
R. Khayrullina, C. Tizaoui, P. Williams, C. Spacie
15.20-15.40 Coffee break
15.40-17.00 Session 13 Modelling
Chair: P.M. Biesheuvel, J. Palmeri
Session 14 Membrane filtration / Biofilms
Chair: L. Broens, P. Desmond
15.40 117 Exploiting the physics of exclusion zone formation for water purification
H. Wyss
63 Unravelling the biofilm matrix: Influence of biofilm composition and physical structure on the mechanical properties of membrane biofilms during gravity driven membrane (GDM) filtration
P. Desmond, N. Derlon, E. Morgenroth
16.00 69 Electrokinetic energy conversion with membranes: phenomenological vs. microscopic modelling and the effect of hydrodynamic slip
J. Catalano
73 MFI, practical experience of a new standard
S. Kuipers, F. Horvath, J.C. Schippers, L. Broens, A. Diepeveen
16.20 12 Hybrid modelling of membrane bioreactors integrating 2D fluorescence data
C. Galinha, J. Crespo
9 Impact of sodium hypochlorite on PES/PVP membrane ageing
Y. Hanafi, P. Loulergue, M. Rabiller-Baudry, B. Van der Bruggen, A. Szymczyk
16.40 93 Ion transport in desalination membranes: recent insights and emerging challenges
V. Freger, N. Fridman-Bishop, V. Kolev
18.30 Dinner at Grote Kerk in Leeuwarden
Wednesday morning February 8
9.00-10.40 Session 15 Wastewater treatment/ water reuse Session 16 FO / RO / NF / Economics
Chair: H.K. Abdulrahim, J.H. Kim
9.00 101 A novel energy recovery device/RO test rig targeted to treat and recoup low industrial wastewater flows – SALTGAE
M. Cairns, L. Fitzsimons, Y. Delaure
106 A novel forward osmosis regeneration method using solar thermal energy for decentralised desalination
A.A. Monjezi, H.B. Mahood, A.N. Campbell
9.20 28 Iron, zinc and bacteria removal from industrial wastewater by electrically enhanced membrane bioreactor
M.A.L. Ahmed, S.W. Hasan
77 Economic evaluation of different SWRO configuration for high boron concentration seawater
H.K. Abdulrahim, M.A. Darwish
9.40 78 Simultaneous removal of fluoride and copper from semiconductor wastewater by electrochemical process
S. Aoudj, N. Drouiche, D. Nibou, A. Dekkar, N. Benhamida
116 Economic analysis on pressure-retarded osmosis:
In the case of the feed solution as treated wastewater
Sung Ho Chae, Jihye Kim, Joon Ha Kim
10.00 5 Supplementing soft water with Mg2+ and Ca2+ from seawater by an inexpensive diananofiltration-based method
S.C.N. Tang, L. Birnhack, P. Nativ, O. Lahav
10.20-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-11.30 Keynote – Piotr Dlugolecki, Berghof Membrane Technology GmbH
Bringing innovations to the water market
11.30-12.00 Closing
12.00 Excursion to Afsluitdijk Exhibition Center, Presentation about Blue Energy
Transport by coach to Schiphol Airport (or back to Leeuwarden)
10 Simultaneous air-conditioning and fresh water production using membrane distillation: performance study at low feed temperature
A.T. Diaby, P. Loulergue, P. Byrne, B. Balannec, A. Szymczyk, Th. Maré, O. Sow
22 Fractionation of biomolecules from microalgae: characterisation of membranes fouled by lipids
S. Liu, V. Drevet, E. Clavijo Rivera, L. Villafaña López, M. Frappart, M. Rabiller Baudry, E. Couallier, A. Szymczyk
29 A dynamic model for reverse osmosis as part of a decision support tool for water fit-for-use
D. Gaublomme, A. Verliefde, I. Nopens
30 Comparison of various pressure vessel design on single pass seawater reverse osmosis system
Doseon Han, Moonhyun Hwang
55 Electrodialysis desalination of synthetic polymer-flood produced water
P.A. Sosa-Fernandez, J. Post, F. Leermakers, H. Bruning, H. Rijnaarts  
76 Microbial desalination for low energy drinking water
A. Alhadidi
87 Optimization of coagulation-flocculation process for high turbidity ceramic wastewater
S. Al-Asheh, A. Aidan
88 Optimization of the manufacturing process of a whey yoghurt
A. Meribai, T. Chaabane, S. Venkatramann, A. Darchen
96 Antibacterial and anti-biofouling properties of surface tethered synergistic antimicrobial peptides on RO membranes
G. Mohanraj, Mao Canwei, N. Shtreimer Kandiyote, R. Kasher, C.J. Arnusch
97 Boron selective ion exchange resin process for low energy consumption in seawater desalination
Sungyun Lee, Yu Chang Kim, Sang-Jin Park
98 Fit-for-use reclaimed urban wastewater for industrial purposes combining membrane filtration technologies
O. Ferrer, M. Pastur, M. Aceves, C. Gómez, A. M. Mateo, A. Ayuso, C. Mesa, A. Vega
107 Characterization of membrane formation with PVDF-diluent mixtures using thermally induced phase separation process
Seung Moon Woo, Se Jong Kim, Jeong Woo Lee, Sang Yong Nam
108 Membrane applications enabled by specialty polymers: water treatment and detection of pollutants
P. Campanelli, E. Di Nicolò, G. Zuo
114 Measurement of microorganism separation performance in drinking water of hollow fiber membrane
Seung Moon Woo, Youn Suk Chung, Sang Yong Nam