Desalination, Vol. 202 (2007)
    Korea 2005
    Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability 8–11 November 2005, Jeju, Korea

    Ji-Suk Park, Jung-Hoon Song, Kyeong-Ho Yeon, Seung-Hyeon Moon (Gwangju, South Korea) (Korea)
    Removal of hardness ions from tap water using electromembrane processes
    202(2007)1-8 Full Text
    I. Kim, S. Hong, I. Hwang, D. Kwon (South Korea), J. Kwon (South Korea) and C.P. Huang (USA) (Korea)
    TOC and THMFP reduction by ultrasonic irradiation in wastewater effluent
    202(2007)9-15 Full Text
    Yeomin Yoon (Seoul, South Korea), Paul Westerhoff (Tempe, AZ, USA), Shane A. Snyder, Eric C. Wert (Henderson, NV, USA) and Jaekyung Yoon (Daejeon, South Korea). (Korea)
    Removal of endocrine disrupting compounds and pharmaceuticals by nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes
    202(2007)16-23 Full Text
    C.C.K. Liu, W. Xia (Honolulu, HI, USA) and J.W. Park (Seoul, South Korea) (Korea)
    A wind-driven reverse osmosis system for aquaculture wastewater reuse and nutrient recovery
    202(2007)24-30 Full Text
    Jong-Oh. Kim, Jong-Tae Jung (Gangwon-do, South Korea), Ick-Tae Yeom (Kyonggi-do, South Korea) and Gyung-Hae Aoh (Seoul, South Korea) (Korea)
    Electric fields treatment for the reduction of membrane fouling, the inactivation of bacteria and the enhancement of particle coagulation
    202(2007)31-37 Full Text
    Wan-Hyup Kang, Eun-I. Kim and Joo-Yang Park (Seoul, South Korea). (Korea)
    Fluoride removal capacity of cement paste
    202(2007)38-44 Full Text
    David Norberg, Seungkwan Hong, James Taylor and Yu Zhao (Orlando, FL, USA). (USA)
    Surface characterization and performance evaluation of commercial fouling resistant low-pressure RO membranes
    202(2007)45-52 Full Text
    Anthony Fane (Singapore and Sydney, Australia). (Australia)
    Sustainability and membrane processing of wastewater for reuse
    202(2007)53-58 Full Text
    Yong-Tae Kang, Yong-Hyun Cho and Eun-Ho Chung (Busan, South Korea) (Korea)
    Assessing the feasibility of a vertical double submerged membrane modules system for wastewater reclamation under different conditions
    202(2007)59-67 Full Text
    Yong-Tae Kang,Yong-Hyun Cho and Eun-Ho Chung (Busan, South Korea). (Korea)
    Development of the wastewater reclamation and reusing system with a submerged membrane bioreactor combined bio-filtration
    202(2007)68-76 Full Text
    B.S. Lim, B.C. Choi (Daejeon, South Korea), S.W. Yu (Kangwon-do, South Korea) and C.G. Lee (Daejeon, South Korea) (Korea)
    Effects of operational parameters on aeration on/off time in an intermittent aeration membrane bioreactor
    202(2007)77-82 Full Text
    S.R. Chae (Sapporo, Japan), S.T. Kang (Gwangju, South Korea), S.M. Lee (Chungnam, South Korea), E.S. Lee (Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea), S.E. Oh, (Daejeon, South Korea) Y. Watanabe (Sapporo, Japan) and H.S. Shin (Daejeon, South Korea) (Korea)
    High reuse potential of effluent from an innovative vertical submerged membrane bioreactor treating municipal wastewater
    202(2007)83-89 Full Text
    Namjung Jang, Xianghao Ren (Gwangju, South Korea), Geontae Kim, Changhyo Ahn (Kyeonggi-do, South Korea), Jaeweon Cho and In S Kim (Gwangju, South Korea). (Korea)
    Characteristics of soluble microbial products and extracellular polymeric substances in the membrane bioreactor for water reuse
    202(2007)90-98 Full Text
    Hong S. Kim, In S. Seo, Youn K. Kim, Ji Y. Kim, Hyo W. Ahn (Daejeon, South Korea) and In S. Kim (Gwangju, South Korea) (Korea)
    Full-scale study on dynamic state membrane bio-reactor with modified intermittent aeration
    202(2007)99-105 Full Text
    L.S. Tam, T.W. Tang (Wanchai, Hong Kong), G.N. Lau, K.R. Sharma and G.H. Chen (Kowloon, Hong Kong) (Hong Kong)
    A pilot study for wastewater reclamation and reuse with MBR/RO and MF/RO systems
    202(2007)106-113 Full Text
    Y.T. Ahn (Daejeon, South Korea), S.T. Kang (Gwangju, South Korea), S.R. Chae (Sapporo, Japan), C.Y. Lee (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea), B.U. Bae and H.S. Shin (Daejeon, South Korea) (Korea)
    Simultaneous high-strength organic and nitrogen removal with combined anaerobic upflow bed filter and aerobic membrane bioreactor
    202(2007)114-121 Full Text
    Wang-Kuan Chang (Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC), Alvin Yen-Jung Hu (Tainan, Taiwan, ROC), Ren-Yang Horng and Wen-Yuang Tzou (Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC). (Taiwan, ROC)
    Membrane bioreactor with nonwoven fabrics as solid–liquid separation media for wastewater treatment
    202(2007)122-128 Full Text
    Seoktae Kang (New Haven, CT, USA), Wontae Lee (Phoenix, AZ, USA), Soryong Chae (Sapporo, Japan) and Hangsik Shin (Daejeon, South Korea). (Korea)
    Positive roles of biofilm during the operation of membrane bioreactor for water reuse
    202(2007)129-134 Full Text
    TorOve Leiknes and Hallvard Odegaard (Trondheim, Norway) (Norway)
    The development of a biofilm membrane bioreactor
    202(2007)135-143 Full Text
    Zhiqiang Liu (Xian, Qingdao, PR China), Miao Qun (Qingdao, PR China), Wenchao An (Jinan, PR China) and Zhenai Sun (Qingdao, PR China). (China, PR)
    An application of membrane bio-reactor process for the wastewater treatment of Qingdao International Airport
    202(2007)144-149 Full Text
    Hyun-Gi Kim (Cheonan and Yongin, South Korea), Chulhwan Park, Jeongmok Yang (Cheonan, South Korea), Byunghwan Lee (Cheonan and Taegu, South Korea), Sung-Soo Kim (Yongin, South Korea) and Sangyong Kim (Cheonan, South Korea). (Korea)
    Optimization of backflushing conditions for ceramic ultrafiltration membrane of disperse dye solutions
    202(2007)150-155 Full Text
    Shane A. Snyder (Henderson, NV, USA), Samer Adham (Pasadena, CA, USA), Adam M. Redding, Fred S. Cannon (University Park, PA, USA), Joan DeCarolis, J. Oppenheimer (Pasadena, CA, USA), Eric C. Wert (Henderson, NV, USA) and Yeomin Yoon (Seoul, South Korea) (Korea)
    Role of membranes and activated carbon in the removal of endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals
    202(2007)156-181 Full Text
    Yedes A.F. Adou (Seoul, South Korea), Victor S.Muhandiki (Shiga, Japan), Yoshihisa Shimizu and Saburo Matsui (Kyoto, Japan) (Japan)
    Experimental and modeling investigations of wastewater filtration
    202(2007)182-190 Full Text
    H.K. Oh, S. Takizawa, S. Ohgaki, H. Katayama, K. Oguma (Tokyo, Japan) and M.J. Yu (Seoul, South Korea) (Korea)
    Removal of organics and viruses using hybrid ceramic MF system without draining PAC
    202(2007)191-198 Full Text
    Hyeok Choi (Cincinnati, OH, USA), Maria G. Antoniou (Cincinnati, OH, USA), Armah A. de la Cruz (Cincinnati, OH, USA), Elias Stathatos (Patras, Greece) and Dionysios D. Dionysiou (Cincinnati, OH, USA) (USA)
    Photocatalytic TiO2 films and membranes for the development of efficient wastewater treatment and reuse systems
    202(2007)199-206 Full Text
    Jin Yong Park, Sung Jin Choi and Bo Reum Park (Kangwon, South Korea). (Korea)
    Effect of N2-back-flushing in multichannels ceramic microfiltration system for paper wastewater treatment
    202(2007)207-214 Full Text
    Kyongmi Chon, Jihee Moon, Suhan Kim, Sang-Don Kim, Jaeweon Cho (Gwangju, South Korea). (Korea)
    Bio-particle separation using microfluidic porous plug for environmental monitoring
    202(2007)215-223 Full Text
    Shu-Hai You, Dyi-Hwa Tseng, Wei-Chun Hsu (Taiwan, ROC) (Taiwan, ROC)
    Effect and mechanism of ultrafiltration membrane fouling removal by ozonation
    202(2007)224-230 Full Text
    Noeon Park, Sungyun Lee (Gwangju, South Korea), S.R. Yoon, Y.H. Kim (Kyung buk, South Korea) and J. Cho (Gwangju, South Korea). (Korea)
    Foulants analyses for NF membranes with different feed waters: coagulation/sedimentation and sand filtration treated waters
    202(2007)231-238 Full Text
    C.W. Lee, S.D. Bae, S.W. Han and L.S. Kang (Busan, South Korea) (Korea)
    Application of ultrafiltration hybrid membrane processes for reuse of secondary effluent
    202(2007)239-246 Full Text
    S.D. Bae, C.W. Lee, L.S. Kang (Busan, South Korea) and A. Sakoda (Tokyo, Japan) (Japan)
    Preparation, characterization, and application of activated carbon membrane with carbon whiskers
    202(2007)247-252 Full Text
    Sze Sze Chin, Tuti Mariana Lim (Singapore), Ken Chiang (Sydney, Australia) and Anthony Gordon Fane (Singapore) (Singapore)
    Hybrid low-pressure submerged membrane photoreactor for the removal of bisphenol A
    202(2007)253-261 Full Text
    Kwang-Ho Choo, Sang-June Choi (Taegu, South Korea) and Eui-Deog Hwang (Gyeongbuk, South Korea) (Korea)
    Effect of coagulant types on textile wastewater reclamation in a combined coagulation/ultrafiltration system
    202(2007)262-270 Full Text
    Han-Seung Kim (Kyonggido, South Korea), Satoshi Takizawa and Shinichiro Ohgaki (Tokyo, Japan) (Japan)
    Application of microfiltration systems coupled with powdered activated carbon to river water treatment
    202(2007)271-277 Full Text
    Yong J. Jung, Y. Kiso, Han J. Park, K. Nishioka (Toyohashi, Japan) and Kyung S Min (Taegu, South Korea) (Korea)
    Rejection properties of NF membranes for alkylphenols
    202(2007)278-285 Full Text
    Y.-H. Kim (KyungPook, South Korea), E.-D. Hwang (Seoul, South Korea), W.S. Shin, J.-H. Choi, T.W. Ha and S.J. Choi (Taegu, South Korea) (Korea)
    Treatments of stainless steel wastewater containing a high concentration of nitrate using reverse osmosis and nanomembranes
    202(2007)286-292 Full Text
    M. Ernst, A. Sperlich, X. Zheng (Berlin, Germany), Y. Gan, J. Hu, X. Zhao, J. Wang (Beijing, PR China) and M. Jekel (Berlin, Germany) (Germany)
    An integrated wastewater treatment and reuse concept for the Olympic Park 2008, Beijing
    202(2007)293-301 Full Text
    Lain-Chuen Juang, Dyi-Hwa Tseng andHe-Yin Lin (Chung-Li, Taiwan, ROC) (Taiwan, ROC)
    Membrane processes for water reuse from the effluent of industrial park wastewater treatment plant: a study on flux and fouling of membrane
    202(2007)302-309 Full Text
    Gilbert Y.S. Chan (Hong Kong), Jie Chang (Hangzhou, PR China), Tonni Agustiono Kurniawan (Shenzhen, PR China), Cheng-Xin Fu (Hangzhou, PR China),Hong Jiang (Nanjiang, PR China) and Ying Je (Hangzhou, PR China) (China, PR)
    Removal of non-biodegradable compounds from stabilized leachate using VSEPRO membrane filtration
    202(2007)310-317 Full Text
    C.C. Chien, C.M. Kao (Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC), C.D. Dong (Taiwan, ROC), T.Y. Chen and J.Y. Chen (Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC). (Taiwan, ROC)
    Effectiveness of AOC removal by advanced water treatment systems: a case study
    202(2007)318-325 Full Text
    Ree-Ho Kim, Sangho Lee (Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea), Jinwoo Jeong (Incheon, South Korea), Jung-Hun. Lee (Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea) and Yeong-Kwan Kim (Kangwon-Do, South Korea) (Korea)
    Reuse of greywater and rainwater using fiber filter media and metal membrane
    202(2007)326-332 Full Text
    Suhan Kim (Gwangju, South Korea) and Eric M.V. Hoek (Los Angeles, CA, USA) (USA)
    Interactions controlling biopolymer fouling of reverse osmosis membranes
    202(2007)333-342 Full Text
    Jong-Oh Kim, Jong-Tae Jung (Gangwon-do, South Korea) and Jinwook Chung (Tempe, AZ, USA) (USA)
    Treatment performance of metal membrane microfiltration and electrodialysis integrated system for wastewater reclamation
    202(2007)343-350 Full Text
    H.K. Shon, P.J. Smith, S. Vigneswaran and H.H. Ngo (Broadway, Australia) (Australia)
    Effect of a hydrodynamic cleaning of a cross-flow membrane system with a novel automated approach
    202(2007)351-360 Full Text
    Jong-Oh Kim, Jong-Tae Jung, Ick-Tae Yeom and Gyung-Hae Aoh (South Korea) (Korea)
    Effect of fouling reduction by ozone backwashing in a microfiltration system with advanced new membrane material
    202(2007)361-368 Full Text
    M. Gomez (Granada, Spain), F. Plaza, G. Garralon (Bilbao, Spain), J. Perez and M.A. Gomez (Granada, Spain) (Spain)
    A comparative study of tertiary wastewater treatment by physico-chemical-UV process and macrofiltration–ultrafiltration technologies
    202(2007)369-376 Full Text
    Sungyun Lee, Suhan Kim, Jaeweon Cho (Gwangju, South Korea) and Eric M.V Hoek (Los Angeles, CA, USA) (USA)
    Natural organic matter fouling due to foulant–membrane physicochemical interactions
    202(2007)377-384 Full Text
    Taro Urase (Tokyo, Japan) and Kota Sato (Tokyo and Hokkaido, Japan) (Japan)
    The effect of deterioration of nanofiltration membrane on retention of pharmaceuticals
    202(2007)385-391 Full Text
    S. Vigneswaran, W.S. Guo, P. Smith and H.H. Ngo (Broadway, Australia) (Australia)
    Submerged membrane adsorption hybrid system (SMAHS): process control and optimization of operating parameters
    202(2007)392-399 Full Text
    Kyeong-Ho. Yeon, Jung-Hoon Song, Joonmok Shim, Seung-Hyeon Moon (Gwangju, South Korea), Yeon-Uk Jeong and Hyo-Young Joo (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) (Korea)
    Integrating electrochemical processes with electrodialysis reversal and electro-oxidation to minimize COD and T-N at wastewater treatment facilities of power plants
    202(2007)400-410 Full Text
    N.I. Galil and Y. Levinsky (Haifa, Israel) (Israel)
    Sustainable reclamation and reuse of industrial wastewater including membrane bioreactor technologies: case studies
    202(2007)411-417 Full Text
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