Desalination, Vol. 205 (2007)
    Conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries
    Cooperation between Mediterranean Countries of Europe and the Southern Rim of the Mediterranean 21–25 May 2006, Montpellier, France

    Ennio Cardona, Antonio Piacentino, Francesco Marchese (Palermo, Italy)
    Performance evaluation of CHP hybrid seawater desalination plants
    205(2007)1-14 Full Text
    Elham El-Zanati, Kamel El-Khatib (Cairo, Egypt)
    Integrated membrane - based desalination system
    205(2007)15-25 Full Text
    J. van Agtmaal (Rotterdam), H. Huiting (Nieuwegein), P.A. de Boks (Rotterdam) and L.L.M.J. Paping (Terneuzen, The Netherlands)
    Four years of practical experience with an integrated membrne system (IMS) treating estuary water
    205(2007)26-37 Full Text
    Laura J. Banasiak (Wollongong, Australia), Thomas W. Kruttschnitt (Heilbronn, Germany), Andrea I. Schafer (Edinburgh, UK)
    Desalination using electrodialysis as a function of voltage and salt concentration
    205(2007)38-46 Full Text
    Cyril Jacob (Paris, France)
    Seawater desalination boron removal by ion cxchange technology
    205(2007)47-52 Full Text
    Mohtada Sadrzadeh, Amir Razmi, Toraj Mohammadi (Tehran, Iran)
    Separation of monovalent, divalent and trivalent ions from wastewater at various operating conditions using electrodialysis
    205(2007)53-61 Full Text
    M. Turek, P. Dydo, J. Was (Gliwice, Poland)
    High efficiency electrodialysis reversal of concentrated calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate solutions
    205(2007)62-66 Full Text
    M. Turek, B. Bandura (Gliwice, Poland)
    Renewable energy by reverse electrodialysis
    205(2007)67-74 Full Text
    Wojciech Kujawski (Torun, Poland and Montpellier, France), Slawomira Krajewska, Maciej Kujawski (Torun, Poland), Laetitia Gazagnes, André Larbot, Michel Persin (Montpellier, France)
    Pervaporation properties of fluoroalkylsilane (FAS) grafted ceramic membranes
    205(2007)75-86 Full Text
    Kyung-Sook Kim, Tae-Soon Kwon, Jung-Seok Yang, Ji-Won Yang (Daejeon, Korea)
    Simultaneous removal of chlorinated contaminants by pervaporation for the reuse of a surfactant
    205(2007)87-96 Full Text
    L. Martinez, J.M. Rodriguez-Maroto (Malaga, Spain)
    Effects of membrane and module design improvements on flux in direct contact membrane distillation
    205(2007)97-103 Full Text
    Jan Olsson, Malin Snis (Avesta, Sweden)
    Duplex — A new generation of stainless steels for desalination plants
    205(2007)104-113 Full Text
    Myriam Euvrard, Latifa Hadi, Alain Foissy (Besançon, France)
    Influence of PPCA (phosphinopolycarboxylic acid) and DETPMP (diethylenetriaminepentamethylenephosphonic acid) on silica fouling
    205(2007)114-123 Full Text
    Aiman Eid Al-Rawajefh (Tafila, Jordan)
    Modeling of alkaline scale formation in falling film horizontal-tube multiple-effect distillers
    205(2007)124-139 Full Text
    K. Abouswa, F. Elshawesh, O. Elragei and A. Elhood (Tripoli, Libya)
    Corrosion Investigation of Cu-Ni tube desalination plant
    205(2007)140-146 Full Text
    Penghui Gao, Lixi Zhang, Ke Cheng, Hefei Zhang (Xi’an, China)
    A new approach to performance analysis of seawater desalination system by artificial neural network
    205(2007)147-155 Full Text
    Guofeng Yuan, Hefei Zheng (Xi’an, China)
    Mathematical modeling of a closed circulation solar desalination unit with humidification-dehumidification
    205(2007)156-162 Full Text
    Cemil Yamali, Ismail Solmus (Ankara, Turkey)
    Theoretical investigation of a humidification-dehumidification desalination system configured by a double pass flat plate solar air heater
    205(2007)163-177 Full Text
    P. Glueckstern, M. Priel (Tel Aviv, Israel)
    Boron removal in brackish water desalination systems
    205(2007)178-184 Full Text
    M. Turek, P. DydoJ. Trojanowska, B. Bandura (Gliwice, Poland)
    Electrodialytic treatment of boron-containing wastewater
    205(2007)185-191 Full Text
    Marian Turek, Piotr Dydo, Jolanta Trojanowska (Poland), Adam Campen (USA)
    Adsorption/co-precipitation reverse osmosis system for boron removal
    205(2007)192-199 Full Text
    V. Bonnelye, M.A. Sanz (Rueil Malmaison, France), L. Francisci, F. Beltran, G. Cremer, R. Colcuera, J. Laraudogoitae (Bilbao, Spain)
    Curacao, Netherlands Antilles: A successful example of boron removal on a seawater desalination plant
    205(2007)200-205 Full Text
    Liudmyla Melnyk, Vladyslav Goncharuk, IrynaButnyk, EugeneTsapiuk (Kyiv, Ukraine)
    Development of the sorption-membrane "green" technology for boron removal from natural and wastewaters
    205(2007)206-213 Full Text
    Luopeng Yang, Shengqiang Shen (Dalian, China)
    Assessment of energy requirement for water production at dual-purpose plants in China
    205(2007)214-223 Full Text
    A. Ophir, A. Gendel (Kadima, Israel)
    Steam driven large multieffect MVC (S.D. MVC) deslination process for lower energy cnsumption and desalination costs
    205(2007)224-230 Full Text
    N.Nisan, S. Dardour (Saint Paul-lez-Durance, France)
    Economic evaluation of nuclear desalination systems
    205(2007)231-242 Full Text
    N. Bouzayani, N. Galanis (Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada) and J. Orfi (Monastir, Tunisia)
    Comparative study of power and water cogeneration systems
    205(2007)243-253 Full Text
    S. Dardour, S. Nisan (Saint Paul-lez-Durance), F. Charbit (Aix-en-Provence, France)
    Utilisation of waste heat from GT–MHR and PBMR reactors for nuclear desalination
    205(2007)254-268 Full Text
    B.M. Misra (Vienna, Austria)
    Seawater desalination using nuclear heat/electricity — prospects and challenges
    205(2007)269-278 Full Text
    F. Colella (Torino), J. Uche, N. Dejo (Zaragoza, Spain)
    Desalted water provided by a poligeneration scheme for the tourist sector
    205(2007)279-297 Full Text
    J.E. Blank (Kaiserslautern, Germany) G.F. Tusel (Homburg, Germany) , S. Nisan (Saint Paul-lez-Durance, France)
    The real cost of desalted water and how to reduce it further
    205(2007)298-311 Full Text
    Edawi Wheida, Ronny Verhoeven (Ghent, Belgium)
    The role of virtual water in the water resources management of the Libyan Jamahiriya
    205(2007)312-316 Full Text
    N. Bouzguenda (Grenoble), S. Nisan (Saint Paul-lez-Durance, France), M. Albouy (Grenoble, France)
    Financing of an integrated nuclear desalination system in developing countries
    205(2007)317-331 Full Text
    M. Methnani (Vienna, Austria)
    Influence of fuel costs on seawater deslination options
    205(2007)332-339 Full Text
    Kandi Venkat Reddy Noreddine Ghaffour (Muscat, Oman)
    Overview of the cost of desalinated water and costing methodologies
    205(2007)340-353 Full Text
    Abdul Naser Mabrouk, Ahmad Nafey  (Suez) , Hassan Fath (Alexandria, Egypt)
    Thermoeconomic analysis of some existing desalination processes
    205(2007)354-373 Full Text
    Aliza Ravizky (Eilat) , Nissim Nadav (Tel Aviv, Israel)
    Salt production by the evaporation of SWRO brine in Eilat: a story of success
    205(2007)374-379 Full Text
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