Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy
Science, Research, Innovation, Industry, Business

3–6 September 2018, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece

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Monday September 3rd
12.00 Registration opens
19.00 Cocktail

Tuesday morning September 4th
8.00 Registration
9.00 Plenary – Opening Ceremony
Mr. Nektario Santorinio, Vice Minister and Member of Parliament, Greece
Prof. George Papadakis, Agricultural University of Athens
Zois Kologios, TEMAK
Miriam Balaban, Maria Kennedy (EDS)
Miguel Sanz (IDA), Domingo Zarza (AEDyR)
10.00 Exhibit opening
10.30 Keynote presentations
Sustainable desalination, Abdullah Al Alshaikh (Albawani Water and Power Company, CEO, Saudi Arabia)
The values of water, M. Kevin Price (US Bureau of Reclamation, ret., Senior S&T Advisor, MEDRC)
Commercial reality of pressure-assisted forward osmosis (PAFO) - reverse osmosis (RO) hybrid process: economics and applications, In S. Kim (Korea)
Expanding water sources with membrane processes, Joao Crespo (Portugal)
12.15 Water Security in Gaza
Gaza Reconstruction Program, Rebhi Alsheikh (Palestinian Authority)
Gaza Desalination Plant, Alessandro Podda (Lotti Ingegneria, SpA, Italy)
13.00 Lunch
Tuesday afternoon September 4th
14.00–16.00 Session 1 Wastewater treatment
Chair: Christine Kleffner, Jan C. Schippers
Session 2 REvivED water
Chair: Michael Papapetrou, A.M.M. Alhadidi
Session 3 Forward osmosis
Chair: Mansour Ahmed, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder
Session 4 Renewable energy desalination
Chair: Vasilis Fthenakis, Monica K. Boodhan
14.00 88 Hexavalent chromium removal from tunneling wastewater using chemical and electrochemical technique
Joan A. Salvadó, Enrique Ferrero, Susana Navea, Carme Repollés, Lidia Jimenez, Ana M. Climente, Jorge Malfeito (Spain)
213 The REvivED water project: Electrodialysis for advanced desalination concepts
N. Tiggelman, M. Papapetrou (The Netherlands)
147 Interactions between inorganic and organic fouling in forward osmosis process: impact on crystal formation and boron rejection
Lan Hee Kim, Szilárd S. Bucs, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder (Saudi Arabia)
72 Opportunities for solar desalination: U.S. R&D status
Vasilis Fthenakis, Adam Atia (USA)
14.20 123 High-pressure reverse osmosis for industrial water reuse – evaluation of factors reducing the effective driving pressure
Ch. Kleffner, G. Braun (Germany)
215 Donnan dialysis for tap-water softening
A. Brys, L. Pinoy, A.M.M. Alhadidi, R. Gueccia, A. Cipollina (Italy), J.W. Post (The Netherlands)
161 Impact of permeate flux on biofilm development in forward osmosis membrane systems
Szilard Bucs, Lan Hee Kim, Johannes Vrouwenvelder (Saudi Arabia)
188 Renewable energy powered desalination in SIDS – opportunities and challenges in the Caribbean Region
Monica K. Boodhan (Trinidad and Tobago)
14.40 198 Development of a new integrated textile wastewater treatment and hydrogen production system with bipolar membrane
B. Yuzer, H. Selcuk, I. Dincer (Turkey)
216 RevivED Water: Small-scale ED desalination systems for brackish water - Experiences from field test in Somaliland
T. Zwirner (Germany), H-J. Rapp, A. Al Habibi, L. Gutierrez, A. Cipollina (Italy)
71 Colloidal fouling mitigation and energy saving potentials of pulsating flows in osmotic membrane processes
A. Kastl, A. Präbst, F. Kiefer, T. Sattelmayer (Germany)
119 Cloud-based design optimization based on simulation of desalination systems powered by renewables
George Kyriakarakos, Essam Sh. Mohamed, Evangelos Dimitriou, Christos-Spyridon Karavas, George Papadakis (Greece)
15.00 197 Ceramic filtration as a pretreatment for reverse osmosis in industrial wastewater treatment and reuse
Elena Meabe, Jaione Ollo, Javier Lopetegui (Spain)
217 Fluid-structure interaction in electromembrane processes: modelling of membrane deformation, fluid dynamics and mass transfer
G. Battaglia, L. Gurreri, A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, M. Ciofalo, G. Micale (Italy)
33 Arabian Gulf seawater desalination using forward osmosis membrane technology and polyelectrolyte draw solution: a pilot scale study
Mansour Ahmed, Rajesha Kumar, B. Garudachari, Jibu P. Thomas (Kuwait)
64 Renewable energy for desalination process: efficiency and environmental impact in tropical island using numerical modeling
Zachary Williams, Jean-François Marc Dorville, Michael Taylor (Jamaica)
15.20 204 One year operation of integrated ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis system for challenging industrial wastewater from chemical industry
Claudia Niewersch, Lorena Barbera, Javier Suarez Martin, Oscar Ruzafa, Luis Carod, Patricia Carmona, Jozef Kochan, Jan Koppe, Lex van Dijk, Christian Kazner (Germany)
214 Impact of pretreatment of seawater and impaired water on fouling of ionic exchange membranes in reverse electrodialysis systems
Leo Gutierrez, Marjolein Vanoppen, Lingshan Ma, Arne Verliefde (Belgium)
101 Emerging technologies for next generation low carbon power-desal plant configurations
Thomas Altmann (UAE)
160 Direct renewable energy powered desalination (DrepD)
Mercedes Kovacsics, Matt Folley, David Rooney, Trevor Whittaker (UK)
15.40–16.00 Coffee break
16.00–18.00 Session 5 Wastewater treatment
Chair: Olga Ferrer
Session 6 Electrodialysis / Reverse electrodialysis
Chair: Natasha C. Wright, Giorgio Micale
Session 7 Forward osmosis / Pressure-retarded osmosis
Chair: In S. Kim, Mansour Ahmed
8 Renewable energy desalination
16.00 146 Optimized fit-for-use reclaimed oil and gas wastewater treatment by means of a smart decision support system
Cosmin Koch, Clara Sanromà, Carlos Bayona, Olga Ferrer, Ana Jiménez, Jorge Malfeito (Spain)
208 Spiral wound electrolysis modules of Archimedean and non-Archimedean form
Natasha C. Wright, Amos G. Winter, V (USA)
115 Mechanisms and control of scale formation in FO membrane under low temperature conditions
Juyoung Lee, Yongjun Choi, Hyeongrak Cho, Jihyeok Choi, Sangho Lee (Korea)
21 Dynamic modelling and analysis of the coupling between CSP and MED plant
Laura Guimard (France), Andrea Cipollina (Italy), Françoise Couenne, Philippe Bandelier, Christian Jallut (France)
16.20 49 ZERO BRINE - Reusing resources from industrial wastewater
L.C. Rietveld, J.R. Moll, Dimitris Xevgenos, Vanessa Wabitsch (Belgium)
144 Non-rectangular flow-paths for brackish water electrodialysis
Sahil R. Shah, Amos G. Winter, V (USA)
55 Thermodynamic model for a reversible desalination cycle using weak polyelectrolyte hydrogels
O. Rud, P. Košovan, O. Borisov (Czech Republic)
141 Autonomous reverse osmosis (RO) desalination system powered by a small photovoltaic (PV) system at an isolated Greek Islet- The Strongili Island Project
Ziad Tarabay, Erika Ntavou, Zois Kologios (Greece)
16.40 23 Recycling municipal wastewater for industrial applications – The MULTI-ReUse research project
C. Starke, A. Schweiger, D. Vial, P. Buchta, P. Berg (Germany)
187 Voltage regulation of solar-powered EDR systems for brackish water desalination
Anne-Claire Le Henaff, Wei He, Amos G. Winter V (USA)
203 Multi-stage analysis of pressure retarded osmosis for scale up operation
Samira Soltani, Henning Struchtrup (Canada)
76 Photovoltaic powered reverse osmosis desalination: Optimum technical and economic configuration of system components in autonomous operation mode
C.S. Karavas, K.G. Arvanitis, G. Papadakis (Greece)
17.00 19 Performance of an ultrafiltration membrane bioreactor (UMBR) in wastewater treatment
Sarra Kitanou, Hajar Qabli, Abdelali Zdeg, Mohamed Taky, Azzedine Elmidaoui (Morocco)
229 Techno-economic evaluation of reverse electrodialysis process in different real environments
F. Giacalone, G. Kosmadakis, M. Papapetrou, A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, G. Micale (Italy)
120 High performance RO membranes comprising cucurbit[6]uril as a selective water transport channel
Tae-Hyun Bae, Jaewoo Lee (Singapore)
96 A supercapacitor charge for a photovoltaic-powered desalination system
Sheying Li, Andrea Schäfer, Bryce Richards (Germany)
17.20 41 An experimental study on performance and quality aspects of solar domestic wastewater distillation for reuse and resource conservation
H. Sharon, D. Krithika, K.S. Reddy, Ligy Philip (India)
227 Thermodynamic characterisation of novel solutions for closed-loop reverse electrodialysis
F. Giacalone, C. Olkis, G. Santori, A. Cipollina, S. Brandani, G. Micale (Italy)
  61 Improvement of a bio-inspired solar stills system for land regeneration in drylands
Alessandro Bianciardi (Cyprus)
17.40   228 Experimental assessment of reverse electrodialysis in closed loop configuration fed by NH4HCO3-water solutions
F. Giacalone, F. Vassallo, F. Scargiali, A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, G. Micale (Italy)
  59 Recent developments in desalination technology in Saudi Arabian context
Ahmed Al Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
18.00 Poster session with refreshments

Wednesday morning September 5th
Panel on Science innovation to industry and business
Chaired by Lita Nelsen, Director of Technology Transfer MIT, ret.
In S. Kim, Maria Kennedy, Joao Crespo, Olga Ferrer
10.00–11.40 Session 9 MIDES Session 10 Membrane distillation
Sangho Lee, Hassan A. Arafat
Session 11 Fouling
Chair: Anastasios J. Karabelas
Session 12 Sustainable desalination
Chair: Faisal AlMarzooqi, Karen Stummeyer
10.00 122 Microbial desalination (MIDES) cells: an innovative solution for low energy drinking water production
Victor Monsalvo, Juan Arevalo, Sergio Salinas, Maria Kennedy, Abraham Steve-Nuñez, Frank Rogalla (The Netherlands)
126 Development of measurement techniques for wetting potential of hydrophobic membranes in membrane distillation
Bomin Kim, Hyeongrak Cho, Jihyeok Choi, Jinsik Sohn, Sangho Lee (Korea)
195 Novel methodology for RO membrane fouling and scaling predictions and monitoring - Beyond indices
Anastasios J. Karabelas (Greece)
223 Evaluating desalination's sustainability under the ecosystems approach
Nikolaos Voulvoulis (UK)
10.20 192 Microbial desalination cell: the golden MIDES low energy desalination technology
Marina Ramírez, Pau Rodenas, Juan M. Ortiz, Abraham Esteve-Núñez, Eduard Borràs, Martí Aliaguilla, Pau Bosch, Patricia Zamora, Juan Arevalo, Víctor M. Monsalvo, Frank Rogalla (Spain)
25 Membrane distillation biofouling: Impact of feed water temperature on biofilm characteristics and membrane performance
Anne Bogler, Edo Bar-Zeev (Israel)
90 Inhibition of CaCO3 scaling by humic substances in a reverse osmosis system treating anaerobic groundwater
M.N. Mangal, S.G. Salinas-Rodriguez, B. Blankert, V. Yangali-Quintanilla, J.C. Schippers, W.G.J. Van der Meer, M.D. Kennedy (The Netherlands)
177 Different membrane technologies for potable water production from surface water
Frans Knops, Sergi Lluch (The Netherlands)
10.40 86 Biological and membrane-based pretreatment processes
Juan Arévalo, Patricia Zamora, José M. Viñas, Damián Amador, Marcelino Burgos, Victor M. Monsalvo, Frank Rogalla (Spain)
65 Performance assessment of membrane distillation (MD) configurations using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling tools
Pelin Yazgan-Birgi, Mohamed I. Hassan Ali, Jaichander Swaminathan, John H. Lienhard V, Hassan A. Arafat (UAE)
102 Novel feed spacers design for fouling mitigating in membrane filtration
Sarah Kerdi, Adnan Qamar, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder, Noreddine Ghaffour (Saudi Arabia)
68 Drinking water from brackish groundwater without any disposal (zero discharge)
Ron C.M. Jong (The Netherlands)
11.00 93 Development of novel materials and process control system in MIDES project
A.M.M. Alhadidi, Maarten Meijlink, Martí Aliaguilla, Pau Bosch-Jimenez, Diego Morillo, Marcel Boerrigrer, Eduard Borràs, Stefan Bergmann, Erhard Perz (The Netherlands)
16 Integration of vacuum multi effect membrane distillation driven by solar linear Fresnel collector with adsorption/cooling system
Ashraf Sadik Hassan, Hassan Fath (Qatar)
153 Early non-destructive fouling detection in spiral-wound and hollow fiber membranes using high magnetic field and portable low magnetic field NMR and MRI
Einar O. Fridjonsson (Australia)
127 A liquid desiccant cycle for sustainable water use in controlled environment agriculture
Ryan Lefers, Srivatsa Betthalli, Nina Fedoroff, Philip Davies, Suzana Nunes, TorOve Leiknes (Saudi Arabia)
11.20     22 Development of sustainable development of decision support framework for assessing the sustainability of different seawater desalination technologies: United Arab Emirates case study
Yazan Ibrahim, Toufic Mezher, Hassan Arafat, Faisal AlMarzooqi (UAE)
11.40–12.00 Coffee break
12.00–14.00 Session 13 Wastewater/removal of contaminants
Chair: Gerard Masson
Session 14 Membrane distillation
Chair: Hassan A. Arafat, Guillermo Zaragoza
Session 15 Fouling and scaling
Chair: Noreddine Ghaffour, Nuria Peña García
Session 16 Brines management and valorisation
Chair: Barbara Tomaszewska, Mahmoud M. Elewa
12.00 111 Application of a model-based method for hydrodynamic processes in constructed wetland to management of livestock wastewater based on finite element method
Saulo Manuel Brito Espino, Carlos Alberto Mendieta Pino, Sebastián Ovidio Pérez Báez, Alejandro Ramos Martín (Spain)
193 Performance evaluation of a novel vacuum-enhanced air-gap membrane distillation module for regeneration of salinity gradients
J.A. Andrés-Mañas, F.G. Acién, G. Zaragoza (Spain)
200 Role of tight ultrafiltration on reducing fouling potential of SWRO feed water
Nirajan Dhakal, Sergio Salinas, Jan C. Schippers, Maria Kennedy (The Netherlands)
194 Membrane processes for valorization of agro-industrial effluents including water recycling
S.I. Patsios, K.N. Kontogiannopoulos, A.J. Karabelas (Greece)
12.20 173 Fouling mitigation on municipal water reuse applications using advanced reverse osmosis elements with ultrafiltration pre-treatment
Gerard Massons, Guillem Gilabert Oriol (Spain)
54 An innovative hollow fiber air gap membrane distillation (AGMD) process with internal heat recovery and reduced footprint
A. Alpatova, A. Alsaadi, J.G. Lee, M. Alharthi, N. Ghaffour (Saudi Arabia)
94 An innovative approach to enhance tube wetting and scale inhibition in falling film evaporators for seawater desalination
Maximilian Waack, Alexander Stärk, Heike Glade, Stephan Nied (Germany)
118 Recovery of magnesium with high purity from seawater desalination brine using an organic solvent
Hye-Rim Na, Myoung-Jin Kim (Korea)
12.40 159 Adsorpti on of phenol with resin technology: phenol removal and resin recovery
M. Àngels Tejero, Das Supriyo, Verónica Gómez, Javier Villa, Blanca Salgado, Gerard Massons (Spain)
60 3D printed triply periodic minimal surfaces as spacers for enhanced heat and mass transfer in membrane distillation
N. Sreedhar, N. Thomas, O. Al-Ketan, R. Rowshan, H. Hernandez, R. Al-Rub, H.A. Arafat (UAE)
67 Neutral pH cleaner to remove metal fouling from membranes
Nuria Peña García, , Victoria Velasco, Javier Rodriguez, Fernando del Vigo, Max Fazel, Stephen Chesters (UK)
34 A pilot scale study on reverse osmosis brine concentration using falling film crystallisation process
Mansour Ahmed, Yousef Al-Wazzan, Jibu Thomas (Kuwait)
13.00 133 Removal of chromium from aqueous system using synthesized and characterized encapsulated zero-valent iron by polymer
Jong-Soo Choi, Yu-Rim Choi, Lakshmi Prasanna Lingamdinne, Janardhan Reddy Koduru, Jae-Kyu Yang, Yoon-Young Chang (Korea)
103 Novel VMD configuration for water vapor flux enhancement
Ahmad S. Alsaadi, Alla Alpatova, Jung-Gil Lee, Lijo Francis, Noreddine Ghaffour (Saudi Arabia)
91 Investigating seawater scaling potential in single pass SWRO desalination plants with relation to boron removal at moderate pH conditions
Stephan Nied, Parisa Shaheen, Matthias Kellermeier (Germany)
162 The impact of geothermal water RO concentrate volume minimization on the possibility of comprehensive further use
Barbara Tomaszewska, Magdalena Tyszer (Poland)
13.20 130 Lanthanum-graphene oxide hybride composite for adsorption removal of heavy metals
Lakshmi Prasanna Lingamdinne, Janardhan Reddy Koduru,Yu-Lim Choi, Jong-Soo Choi, Yoon-Young Chang, Jae-Kyu Yang (Korea)
180 Understanding oily wastewater treatment via membrane distillation
Le Han, Yong Zen Tan, Tanmay Netke, Anthony G. Fane, Jia Wei Chew (Singapore)
225 Development of standard protocol for MFI-UF method to assess particulate fouling in RO systems
Mohanad Abunada, Nirajan Dhakal, Noreddine Ghaffour, Jan C. Schippers, Maria Kennedy (The Netherlands)
164 New approach for concentrate utilisation obtained during geothermal water desalination
Barbara Tomaszewska (Poland)
13.40 30 Use of marble and iron waste additives for enhancing structure and water filtering capacity of salty clay ceramics
Amrita Kauwar, Ankisha Vijay, Ajay Kumavat, Sandeep Gupta, Raj Kumar Satankar, Anand Plappally (India)
  29 Study on the fouling crystallization characteristics of hypersaline seawater
Bing Ni, Shengqiang Shen, Shi Chen, Xiaohua Liu (China)
185 A smart and innovated membrane distillation crystallization technique for zero liquid discharge
Mona M. Naim, Mahmoud M. Elewa, Shaaban A. Noseir, Ahmed A. El-Shafei, Mahmoud A. Mahmoud, Mohamed R. Lofty, Mostafa I. Mohamed, Ghada Z. Qutit (Egypt)
14.00–15.00 Lunch
Wednesday afternoon September 5th
15.00–16.40 Session 17 Fluid dynamics and biofouling control
Chair: J.S. Vrouwenvelder, In S. Kim
Session 18 Thermal desalination
Chair: Andrea Cipollina, Heike Glade
Session 19 Operation and maintenance
Chair: Thomas M. Missimer, Joon Ha Kim
Session 20 Energy recovery
Chair: Javier Lorenzo, Sophie Bertrand
15.00 43 Biofouling control by membrane and feed spacer surface modifications
P.A. Araújo, D.J. Miller, P.B. Correia, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, J.C. Kruithof, B.D. Freeman, D.R. Paul, J.S. Vrouwenvelder (Saudi Arabia)
230 Performance analysis of RED-MED heat engine with non-conventional solutions
B. Ortega-Delgado, F. Giacalone, P. Catrini, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, A. Piacentino, G. Micale (Italy)
106 Optimization of the sequence of cleaning and replacement of reverse osmosis membranes
Seung Ji Lim, Jihye Kim, Joon Ha Kim (Korea)
20 A feasibility study and optimization of energy-efficient reverse osmosis (EERO) process: numerical modeling and simulation
Kwanho Jeong, Tzyy Haur Chong (Singapore)
15.20 143 Molecular composition studies on membrane biofilms
M.F. Nava-Ocampo, Sz.S. Bucs, A.S. Farinha, J.S. Vrouwenvelder (Saudi Arabia)
95 Crystallization fouling propensity of novel polymer composite heat exchanger tubes compared to metal tubes
Sebastian Schilling, Heike Glade, Dirk Moses, Thomas Orth (Germany)
149 Methodology to design cost-effective and sustainable solutions for reverse osmosis membranes cleaning
Núria Adroer, Oscar Villanueva, Jordi Aumatell, Eduard Cortada, Aurélie Biurrarena, Alejandro Vega (Spain)
36 Techno-economic analysis of advanced multi-effect distillation technology for seawater desalination plants: novel evaporator design
Abdelnasser Mabrouk, Ahmed Abotaleb, Abdulsattar Al-Rashid (Qatar)
15.40 48 Effect of structural biofilm changes under different feed water substrate concentrations on RO performance parameters and cleanability
N.M. Farhat, L. Javier, M.C.M. Van Loosdrecht, J.C. Kruithof, J.S. Vrouwenvelder (Saudi Arabia)
27 Experimental study on the performance of modified double slope solar still
Wissam H. Alawee, Hayder A. Dahad, Thamer A. Mohammad, Suha Abdulelah Mohammed (Iraq)
78 Impacts of natural pore-water and offshore aquifer chemistry on the operation and economics of some subsurface intakes types for SWRO plants
Thomas M. Missimer, Ian Watson, Robert G. Maliva, Noreddine Ghaffour, Abdullah A.H. Dehwah, John Woolschlage, Michael Hegy (USA)

157 High recovery in SWRO using a multi-stage multi turbo (MSMT) configuration: CAPEX, OPEX and SEC analysis for the concept and the case study of an early adopter
Giancarlo Barassi, Eli Oklejas, Radu Danila, Alisha Cooley, Rafal Ashkuri, Mike Gisclair (USA)

16.00 80 Computational study on fluid behavior by inlet distributor within the inflow part of a pressurized module
Changkyoo Choi, Chulmin Lee, In S. Kim (Korea)
35 Impact of the geometric parameters on the thermal performance of a large-scale falling film evaporator for desalination
Luyuan Gong, Yali Guo, Shengqiang Shen, Xingsen Mu (China)
152 Real-time fouling visualization in spacer-filled reverse osmosis channel under intermittent operation
Nitish Ranjan Sarker, Youngmok Ko, Amy Bilton (Canada)
219 Operational efficiency and benefits of using positive displacement pumps and isobaric energy recovery devices for SWRO
J. Lorenzo (Denmark)
16.20 150 Auto-adaptive fouling control in UF during algal blooms
O. Villacorte, R.E. Gissel, D.M. Dominiak, C. San Roma Flores (Denmark)
73 A numerical study on flow characteristics of horizontal tube falling film with column flow
Jie Wang, Tao Lu, Shengqiang Shen, Xue Chen, Bo Liu (China)
10 Metagenomic analysis of microbial communities in seawater reverse osmosis plant
Rehman Zu, M. Ali, T. Leiknes (Saudi Arabia)
176 Role of non-Newtonian behavior in effecting complete desalination of simulated seawater by the emulsion liquid membrane technique
M.M. Naim, A.A. Moneer, A.A. El-Shafei, M.M. Elewa (Egypt)
16.40–17.00 Coffee break
17.00–18.40 Session 21 Biofouling
Chair: Edo Bar-Zeev, Einar Fridjonsson
Session 22 Monitoring, post-treatment and control
Chair: David Hasson, Mohaned Sousi
Session 23 SWRO plants
Chair: Olga Ferrer, Muhammad Wakil Shahzad
Session 24 Innovative technologies
Chair: Alessando Tamburini
17.00 154 MRI and NMR investigation of the flow field in spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane modules during biofouling
N.W. Bristow, S.J. Vogt, Sz.S. Bucs, J.S.Vrouwenvelder (Saudi Arabia), E.O. Fridjonsson, M.L. Johns (Australia)
97 A kinetic approach to corrosion control by CaCO3 films
David Hasson, Raphael Semiat, Hilla Shemer (Israel)
148 Demonstration of the efficiency and reliability of a seawater desalination pilot plant in the Arabian Gulf in views of a subsequent full-scale plant construction
Carlos Bayona, Clara Sanromà, Olga Ferrer, Jorge Malfeito (Spain)
108 Experimental performance investigation of a silica gel-based adsorption desalination system: Effect of brine salinity and vapor pressure
Young-Deuk Kim, Seong-Yong Woo, Woo-Seung Kim (Korea)
17.20 178 Designer probiotics model: novel strategies for controlling and combating membrane biofouling by using beneficial bugs
Reyed M. Reyed (Egypt)
44 Health risks with drinking desalinated water
Ingegerd Rosborg (Sweden)
26 Expansion of product range of spiral wound filtering elements production for desalination of seawater and brackish water
Viatcheslav Dzyubenko (Russia)
165 CFD study of the vapor route within MED evaporator for seawater desalination plants
Abdelnasser Mabrouk, Ahmed Abotaleb (Qatar)
17.40 140 Does phosphate limitation control biofouling in membrane systems?
Luisa Javier, Nadia Farhat, Peter Desmond, Rodrigo Valladares, Johannes Vrouwenvelder (Saudi Arabia)
50 Measuring the bacterial growth potential of drinking water after reverse osmosis and remineralization
Mohaned Sousi, Gang Liu, Sergio G. Salinas-Rodriguez, Bastiaan Blankert, Jan C. Schippers, Walter van der Meer, Maria D. Kennedy (The Netherlands)
75 Advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis hybrid membrane configuration in seawater for different water treatment plant sizes
Alvaro Lagartos (Spain)
156 Short-term energy storage in reverse osmosis desalination systems – theoretical investigation and experimental validation
Evangelos Dimitriou, Essam Sh. Mohamed, Alejandro Ruiz-Garcia, Christos-Spyridon Karavas, George Papadakis (Greece)
18.00 137 Monitoring adenosine triphosphate and bacterial regrowth potential along the pre-treatment of a seawater reverse osmosis plant
Almotasembellah Abushaban, Sergio. G. Salinas-Rodriguez, Delia Pastorelli, Subhanjan Mondal, Jan C. Schippers, Maria D. Kennedy (The Netherlands)
167 Design of experiments in water treatment processes — data reliability
Ewa Kmiecik (Poland)
222 The fallacy of energy efficiency for desalination processes comparison
Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Muhammad Burhan, Doskhan Ybyraimkul, Kim Choom Ng (Saudi Arabia)
92 Influence of an innovative biodegradable foam control agent on the operation of thermal desalination plants
Stephan Nied, Lisa Winzen, Helena Kondardi, Karine Odiot (Germany)
18.20 163 Mechanical properties of microorganisms that comprise membrane biofouling using bio-force spectroscopy
Edo Bar-Zeev, Mihal Blaschkauer, Yair Kaufman (Israel)
    233 Modelling hybrid systems for seawater desalination: electromembrane processes (RED, ARED and ED) coupled with RO
Mariagiorgia La Cerva, Luigi Gurreri, Andrea Cipollina, Alessandro Tamburini, Michele Ciofalo, Giorgio Micale (Italy)
20.30 GALA DINNER Ioannis Roof Garden Restaurant at the Royal Olympic Hotel (2 km from Divani, 20 minute walk, 5 minute drive)

Thursday morning September 6th
9.00–11.00 PLENARY — Water across borders
Panel on Clean Water from DPRK
Speakers: Pak Chol Hyok (DPRK), Ro Nam Ik (DPRK), Yonghyo Park (South Korea), Seon Woo Lee (South Korea)
237 Biological membrane for treatment of wastewater
Pak Chol Hyok (DPRK)
238 Water treatment (filtration) by bedrock
Ro Nam Ik (DPRK)

Middle East Regional Cooperationin water managment between Israel, Jordan and Palestine
Speakers: Clive Lipchin (Israel), Monther Hind (Palestinian Authority), Suleiman Halasah (Jordan), Philip Davies (UK)
132 Off-grid desalination for irrigation in the Jordan Valley
Philip A. Davies, Liam Burlace, Tim Naughton, Clive Lipchin, Suleiman Halasah, Hala Abu Ali, Maya Mark, Areen Majali, Monther Hind
11.00–11.20 Coffee break
11.20–13.00 Session 25 Filtration
Session 26 Membrane processes/Membranes
Chair: Andrea I. Schäfer, Olga Sallangos
Session 27 Resource recovery / Costing
Chair: Andrea Cipollina, M. Kevin Price
Session 28 Regional
Chair: Mohmad Asari Daud
Session 29 Membrane distillation scale-up
Chair: Seung-Hyun Kim
11.20 24 Coating of ultrafiltration membranes the solution to improve the efficiency of the pre treatment
Alexandra Schweiger, Patrick Buchta, Denis Vial, Peter Berg (Germany)
235 Renewable energy powered nanofiltration and reverse osmosis: experience with fluctuating energy
Andrea I. Schäfer, Bryce S. Richards (Germany)
158 Combined membrane and thermal desalination processes for the treatment of ion exchange resins spent brine
M. Micari, M. Moser, A. Cipollina, B. Fuchs, M. Bevacqua, A. Tamburini, G. Micale (Germany)
234 Problems associated with fluctuations in potable water quality - The Cyprus experience during the last 3 decades and the role of reverse osmosis desalination
Erineos Koutsakos, Aristos Loucaides, Aristos Loucaides, Louisa Christodoulou, Christie Stylianou (Cyprus)
Journey to brine solution
Seung-Hyun Kim, Junesoek Choi, Taeshin Park, Jeyong Yoon (Korea)
11.40 52 Ultrafiltration performance in seawater industrial cooling towers for biofouling control
Mohammed Al-Bloushi, Kim Choon Ng, TorOve Leiknes (Saudi Arabia)
74 Long term boron rejection of thin-film nanocomposite membrane at Pembroke desalination plant in Malta: a case study
Alvaro Lagartos, Metin Oruc, Eugene Rozenbaoum, Hoon Hyung, Juan Carlos de Armas, David Sacco (Spain)
231 Modeling and design of membrane process recovery of HCl and metals from pickling solutions
S. Randazzo, A. Culcasi, R. Gueccia, A. Cipollina, G. Micale (Italy)
209 Membrane technology for water treatment in Malaysia – a new entry point
Mohmad Asari Daud, Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Zaini Ujang (Malaysia)
Optimization of commercial scale hollow fiber membrane distillation module
Yongjun Choi, Yonghyun Shin, Sangho Lee, Min Soo Park, Ji Hee Min, Juneseok Chou, Seung-Hyun Kim (Korea)
12.00 145 Establishing correlations between pore structure, surface roughness, compressive strength, and fracture toughness of ceramic water filters local to Rajasthan, India
Amrita Kaurwar, Ashish Kumar Agrawal, Balwant Singh, Sandeep Gupta, Raj Kumar Satankar, Jerry Mathew Oommen, Lovelesh Dave, Muhammad Ali Rob Sharif, A.B.O Soboyejo, Anand Krishnan Plappally (India)
196 Polishing membrane process for fluoride removal: nanofiltration vs reverse osmosis
N. Meftah, A. Ezzeddine, A.Bedoui, A. Hannachi (Tunisia)
232 Experimental investigation and modelling for sulphuric acid recovery by diffusion dialysis
S. Randazzo, A. Ruiz Aguirre, J. Lopez Rodriguez, R. Gueccia, A. Cipollina, G. Micale (Italy)
13 The first experience of brackish surface water reverse osmosis demineralization in Morocco
Hicham Boulahfa, Sakina Belhamidi, Hanane Ekhdime, Fatima Elhannouni, Mohamed Taky, Azzedine Elmidaoui (Morocco)
Design and operation of a 400 m3/d membrane distillation plant for management of seawater reverse osmosis brine
Juneseok Choi, Yongjun Choi, Yonghyun Shin, Sangho Lee, Min Soo Park, Ji Hee Min, Seung-Hyun Kim (Korea)
12.20 224 Multi-stage filtration in Iraqi drinking water plants
Jasim Mohammed Salman, Abed Jawad Kadhim (Iraq)
182 Desalination by sweeping-air pervaporation with modified cellulose-based membranes
Ahmed A. El-Shafei, Mona M. Naim, Mahmoud M. Elewa, Rana S. Atito (Egypt)
Desal Costing

M. Kevin Price, Dr. Jauad (MEDRC)
206 Process modeling and simulation of a SWRO desalination plant: Case study of Gijang SWRO desalination plant in Korea
Younggeun Lee, Yongjung Lee, Kwanghee Shin, Jungjune Lee, Seokho Choi, Jungwon Park, Hyungkeun Roh (Korea)
Performance evaluation of vacuum membrane distillation pilot plant with solar heat
Minsuk Kong, Hee Youl Kwak (Korea)
12.40   236 How to select the correct cartridge element to achieve the best membrane performance and lowest operating costs
O. Sallangos, C. Christodoulou, P. Plakotas (Cyprus)
13.00–14.00 Lunch

Loeb award

(board size 1 m width x 2.5 m height)
11 The pollution load of wastewater and the performances of the sewage treatment plant of Skhirat city in Morocco
Mehdi Bouhafa, Omar El Rhaouat, Sakina Belhamidi, Mostapha Lakhlifi, Mohammed Chahid El Hachmi, Fatima Elhannouni, Azzedine Elmidaoui (Morocco)
12 Nanofiltration membrane autopsy of decentralized desalination plant
S. El-Ghzizel, H. Jalté, M. Zait, S. Belhamidi, F. Tiyal, M. Hafsi, M. Taky, A. Elmidaoui (Morocco)
17 Integration of multiple effect distillation and membrane distillation desalination processes  
Jamel Orfi, Emad Ali, Hany AlAnsary, Jung-Gil Lee, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder, Noreddine Ghaffour (Saudi Arabia)
28 Superhydrophobic co-axial electrospun nanofiber membranes for the treatment of seawater desalination by membrane distillation
Yun Chul Woo, Minwei Yao, Leonard D. Tijing, June-Seok Choi, Ho Kyong Shon, Min Joo (Korea)
37 Long-term operating data of a full-scale SWRO desalination plant. Performance analysis
A. Ruiz-García, F.A. León, A. Ramos-Martín, C.A. Mendieta-Pino (Spain)
38 Water production by RO for the manufacture of paint in the automotive industry
A. Ruiz-García, F.A. León, A. Ramos-Martín (Spain)
39 Forward osmosis for wastewater treatment and energy recovery: a techno-economic analysis
Patrick Buckwalter, Andrea Achilli, Kerri Hickenbottom (USA)
40 Sustainability of water resources management in Gaza Strip, Palestine
Mohammed R. Ahmed, Alaa M. Ahmed (Palestinian Authority)
46 Development of a high-efficiency, pressure-resistant, and large-capacity cartridge filter module for low energy SWRO plant
Sung-Jo Kim, Doseon Han, Tae-un Jeong, SangKwang Park, Moonhyun Hwang (Korea)
47 Membrane desalination of mine water
M. Bodzek, M. Rajca, M. Tytla, B. Tomaszewska (Poland)
53 CO2 mineralization as a method for reducing the salinity of brine and the emission of CO2 from seawater desalination
Jun-Hwan Bang, Soochun Chae, Seung-Woo Lee, Kyungsun Song
56 Forward osmosis with upper critical solution temperature-like inorganic salt as draw solute
Chia-Hua Ho, Mao-Sung Yeh, Tsui-Jung Yang, Hsin Shao, Meng-Shun Huang, Teh-Ming Lian, Ren-Yang Horng (Taiwan)
63 Numerical simulation of the convection and diffusion process of the discharge of hot concentrated brine in desalination
Shenglin Quan, Pengda Zhao, Qinggang Qiu, Shengqiang Shen (China)
66 WRDC approach for MSF distillers inspection
Abdullah A. Aladwani, Naser B. Boftain (Kuwait)
70 A global analysis of five years management of slurry with natural treatment systems for wastewater (NTSW) in Gran Canaria using a pilot plant
C.A. Mendieta-Pino, S.O. Pérez-Báez, A. Ramos-Martín, F. León-Zerpa, A. Ruíz-García (Spain)
77 The management of desalination impacts in Spain
Iván Sola Macia, Domingo Zarzo Martínez, Adoración Carratalá, Yolanda Fernández Torquemada, José Luis Sánchez Lizas (Spain)
79 Chitosan microparticles as a new filler for alginate mixed matrix membranes MMMs
Krystyna Konieczny, Gabriela Dudek, Roman Turczyn (Poland)
81 Study on the seawater fouling during the horizontal-tube falling film evaporation under vacuum
Xiaohua Liu, Shubo Sun, Bing Ni, Shengqiang Shen (China)
82 Cost analysis in SWRO desalination plants productions lines of 750, 1500 and 3000 m3/d: mathematical model and simulation
J. Feo-García (Spain)
83 Energy consumption assessment of 5000 m3/d SWRO desalination plants
J. Feo-García (Spain)
84 Energy consumption assessment of 300 m3/d SWRO desalination plants. Comparison with production 600, 4000 and 5000 m3/d
J. Feo-García (Spain)
85 Energy cost analysis in SWRO desalination plants production lines of 2500, 7500 and 15000 m3/d
J. Feo-García (Spain)
110 Dynamic modelling and analysis of a reverse osmosis plant for control and operation scheduling purposes
Mohamed T. Mito, Philip Davies, Xianghong Ma, Hanan Al-Buflasa (UK)
112 Application of the ADM1 model in a batch multi-chamber anaerobic digester
C.A. Mendieta-Pino, S.O. Pérez-Báez, A. Ramos-Martín, S. Brito-Espino, P. Hernández-Melián (Spain)
113 Effect of pressure on feed solution at hollow fiber FO process
Bongchul Kim, Yunchul Woo, Min Ju, June-Seok Choi (Korea)
114 Study on liquid film thickness and flow characteristics of falling film outside an elliptical tube
Xiaocui Zhang, Qinggang Qiu, Xiaojing Zhu, Benwen Li (China)
116 Performance of ceramic membrane for closed hydroponic system
Sungyun Lee, Yu Chang Kim (Korea)
117 Power generation and performance enhancement of energy recovery turbine
Youhwan Shin, In Hyuk Jung, Young Soo Kim (Korea)
121 Sensitivity analysis of a forward osmosis-reverse osmosis hybrid process for seawater desalination
Jangwon Seo, Young Mi Kim, Sung Ho Chae, Joon Ha Kim (Korea)
131 Performance assessment of a full-scale BWRO desalination plant. Influence of the RO system design and operating conditions
A. Ruiz-García, B. Del Río-Gamero, I. Nuez (Spain)
134 Retrofitting assessment of a full-scale BWRO desalination plant
A. Ruiz-García, B. Del Río-Gamero, E. Dimitriou, I. Nuez (Spain)
138 Limitation of reverse osmosis system projection program
Jaehak Jung, Minseok Kim, Suhan Kim (Korea)
139 Agenda for simultaneous enhancement of the performance and environmental soundness of pressure retarded osmosis hybridized with seawater reverse osmosis
Sung Ho Chae, Jihye Kim, Joon Ha Kim (Korea)
142 Brackish water desalination in the Gaza Strip. Case study: Rafah small scale RO plant
Mohammed R. Ahmed, Alaa M. Ahmed (Palestinian Authority)
166 The change of membranes properties during desalination of water
Mariola Rajca (Poland)
168 Experimental and theoretical investigations on performance evaluation of different spacers on a DCMD process
Lijo Francis, Young-Deuk Kim, Jung-Gil Lee, Min-Gyu Ham, Noreddine Ghaffour (Qatar)
174 Decomposition of phenol from aqueous media by electrocoagulation technique using bi-polar aluminum electrodes: investigation of adsorption isotherm and kinetic models
Manal M. El-Sadaawy, Abeer A. Moneer, Ghada F. El-Said, Fadia A.M. Morsy (Egypt)
175 Water Master Plan. The San Luis Case
Lucas Caymes, Gabriela Puerto Mestre (Argentina)
179 Comparison of scale formation between inside-out and outside-in hollow fiber membrane distillation (MD) modules
Youngkyu Park, Yongjun Choi, Jihyeok Choi, Dongha Kim, Sangho Lee (Korea)
181 Application of nanomaterials in desalination, agriculture and wastewater remediation: A review
Mona M. Naim, Mahmoud M. Elewa, Ahmed A. El Shafei (Egypt)
183 Desalination by humidification-dehumidification using a novel green packing material
Mona M. Naim, Mahmoud M. Elewa, Ahmed A. El Shafei (Egypt)
186 Ultrasonic-assisted cleaning for inorganic scales on high salinity wastewater treatment using membrane distillation
Hyeongrak Cho, Jihuck Choi, Yongjun Choi, Sangho Lee (Korea)
201 Alternative energies in desalination – present status and future prospects
Mona M. Naim, Mervette El Batouti, Mahmoud M. Elewa, Ahmed A. El-Shafei, Micheal E. Tawadrous (Egypt)
202 Solar-powered desalination for irrigation in the Jordan Valley
Liam Burlace, Tim Naughton (UK), Hala Abu Ali, Maya Mark, Areen Majali (Israel), Suleiman Halasah (Israel, Jordan), Clive Lipchin (Israel), Monther Hind (Palestinian Authority)
207 Performance evaluation of a multi-effect distillation unit with a polymer tube heat exchanger
Patricia Palenzuela, Thomas Orth, Diego C. Alarcón-Padilla, Guillermo Zaragoza (Spain)
220 The application of composite GO/PAN membranes for removing surfactants from laundry wastewater
Beata Fryczkowska, Lucyna Przywara (Poland)
221 Electrophoretic deposition of graphene oxide on copper pipe for corrosion prevention
EssamEldin Mahmoud, A.H. Elshazly, M.F. Elkady, A.S. Hammad (Egypt)