Desalination, Vol. 211 (2007)

    RHODES 2005

    Presented at the 9th Environmental Science and Technology Symposium, September 1–3, 2005, Rhodes, Greece

    L. Rizzo (Fisciano, Italy), J. Koch (Madison, WI, USA), V. Belgiorno (Fisciano, Italy) and M.A. Anderson (Madison, WI, USA)
    Removal of methylene blue in a photocatalytic reactor using polymethylmethacrylate supported TiO2 nanofilm
    211(2007)1-9 Full Text
    Giusy Lofrano, Sureyya Meric, Vincenzo Belgiorno (Fisciano) and Rodolfo M.A. Napoli (Naples, Italy)
    Fenton’s oxidation of various-based tanning materials
    211(2007)10-21 Full Text
    Maria Jose Farre, Maria Isabel Franch, Jose Antonio Ayllon, José Peral and Xavier Domenech (Bellaterra, Spain)
    Biodegradability of treated aqueous solutions of biorecalcitrant pesticides by means of photocatalytic ozonation
    211(2007)22-33 Full Text
    D. Fatta and S. Anayiotou (Nicosia, Cyprus)
    MEDAWARE project for wastewater reuse in the Mediterranean countries: An innovative compact biological wastewater treatment system for promoting wastewater reclamation in Cyprus
    211(2007)34-47 Full Text
    Rahime Oral (Izmir, Turkey), Sureyya Meric (Fisciano, Italy), Elena De Nicola (Naples, Italy), Domenico Petruzzelli (Bari, Italy),Claudio Della Rocca (Fisciano, Italy) and Giovanni Pagano (Naples, Italy)
    Multi-species toxicity evaluation of a chromium-based leather tannery wastewater
    211(2007)48-57 Full Text
    Patricio Navarro, Cristian. Vargas (Santiago, Chile), Manuel Alonso and Francisco Jose Alguacil (Madrid, Spain)
    Towards a more environmentally friendly process for gold: models on gold adsorption onto activated carbon from ammoniacal thiosulfate solutions
    211(2007)58-63 Full Text
    B. Schmidt, R. Wolters (Dusseldorf, Germany), J. Kaplin, T. Schneiker (Sweden), M. de los Angeles Lobo-Recio, F. Lopez, A. Lopez-Delgado and F.J. Alguacil (Madrid, Spain)
    Rinse water regeneration in stainless steel pickling
    211(2007)64-71 Full Text
    A. Riga (Larissa and Volos), K. Soutsas, K. Ntampegliotis (Larissa), V. Karayannis (Larissa and Kila) and G. Papapolymerou (Larissa, Greece)
    Effect of system parameters and of inorganic salts on the decolorization and degradation of Procion H-exl dyes. Comparison of H2O2/UV, Fenton, UV/Fenton, TiO2/UV and TiO2/UV/H2O2 processes
    211(2007)72-86 Full Text
    Soheil Aber, Nezameddin Daneshvar, Saeed Mohammad Soroureddin, Ammar Chabok and Karim Asadpour-Zeynali (Tabriz, Iran)
    Study of acid orange 7 removal from aqueous solutions by powdered activated carbon and modeling of experimental results by artificial neural network
    211(2007)87-95 Full Text
    Gulin Kutluay, Gulen Iskender, Fatos Germirli Babuna and Derin Orhon (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Treatment options for effluents from a solid waste transport station
    211(2007)96-101 Full Text
    Fehiman Ciner and Ahmet Eker (Sivas, Turkey)
    Characterization and chemical treatment of a medium–large scale mixed-organized industrial estate (OIE)
    211(2007)102-112 Full Text
    Marialuisa Mattei, Marco Guida, Clauido Della Rocca, Giovanni Melluso and Sureyya Meric
    Optimization of alum-coagulation/flocculation for COD and TSS removal from five municipal wastewater
    211(2007)113-127 Full Text
    G. Tziotzios, Ch.N. Economou (Agrinio), G. Lyberatos (Patras) and D.V. Vayenas (Agrinio, Greece)
    Effect of the specific surface area and operating mode on biological phenol removal using packed bed reactors
    211(2007)128-137 Full Text
    Sanem Oktay, Gulen Iskender, Fatos Germirli Babuna, Gulin Kutluay and Derin Orhon (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Improving the wastewater management for a beverage industry with in-plant control
    211(2007)138-143 Full Text
    Dalibor Kuchar (Nagoya), Tadashi Fukuta (Inuyama), Maurice S. Onyango and Hitoki Matsuda (Nagoya, Japan)
    Sulfidation treatment of metal compounds involved in plating sludges
    211(2007)144-155 Full Text
    E. Dermou (Agrinio), A. Velissariou (Schimatari), D. Xenos and D.V. Vayenas (Agrinio, Greece)
    Biological removal of hexavalent chromium in trickling filters operating with different filter media types
    211(2007)156-163 Full Text
    Bashaar Y. Ammary (Huson, Jordan)
    Wastewater reuse in Jordan: Present status and future plans
    211(2007)164-176 Full Text
    Ch. Papadimitriou, G. Palaska, M. Lazaridou (Thessaloniki), P. Samaras (Kozani) and G.P. Sakellaropoulos (Thessaloniki, Greece)
    The effects of toxic substances on the activated sludge microfauna
    211(2007)177-191 Full Text
    E. Vaiopoulou, P. Melidis and A. Aivasidis (Xanthi, Greece)
    An activated sludge treatment plant for integrated removal of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus
    211(2007)192-199 Full Text
    Stefanos Xenarios and Konstantinos Bithas (Athens, Greece)
    Extrapolating the benefits arising from the compliance of urban wastewater systems with the Water Framework Directive
    211(2007)200-211 Full Text
    Golam Monir Khan, Gha-Young Kim, Taye Solayide Akinrelere and Seung-Hyeon Moon (Gwangju, Korea)
    Electroenzymatic mineralization of 2-chlorobiphenyl in synthetic wastewater
    211(2007)212-221 Full Text
    M. Collares Pereira, J.F. Mendes, P. Horta (Lisbon, Portugal) and N. Korovessis (Greece)
    Final design of an advanced solar dryer for salt recovery from brine effluent of an MED desalination plant
    211(2007)222-231 Full Text
    Ewa Wisniowska and Marta Janosz-Rajczyk (Czestochowa, Poland)
    Selected PAHs concentration changes under nitrate and sulphate reducing conditions
    211(2007)232-237 Full Text
    V.J. Inglezakis and M.D. Loizidou (Athens, Greece)
    Ion exchange of some heavy metal ions from polar organic solvents into zeolite
    211(2007)238-248 Full Text
    Apostolos Giannis, Evangelos Gidarakos and Antigoni Skouta (Chania, Greece)
    Application of sodium dodecyl sulfate and humic acid as surfactants on electrokinetic remediation of cadmium-contaminated soil
    211(2007)249-260 Full Text
    Frantisek Kastanek, Ywette Maleterova, Petr Kastanek, Jiri. Rott, Vladimir. Jiricny and Kvetoslava Jiratova (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Complex treatment of wastewater and groundwater contaminated by halogenated organic compounds
    211(2007)261-271 Full Text
    Th.A. Ioannidis, N. Kyriakis, A.I. Zouboulis and P. Akrivos (Thessaloniki, Greece)
    Lead and bromide precipitation from aqueous acidic solutions. Potential exploitation in industrial applications
    211(2007)272-285 Full Text
    M. Nikolopoulou, N. Pasadakis and N. Kalogerakis (Chania, Greece)
    Enhanced bioremediation of crude oil utilizing lipophilic fertilizers
    211(2007)286-295 Full Text
    Guillermo Zaragoza (Almeria, Spain), Martin Buchholz, Patrick Jochum (Berlin, Germany) and Jeronimo Perez-Parra (Almeria, Spain)
    Watergy project: Towards a rational use of water in greenhouse agriculture and sustainable architecture
    211(2007)296-303 Full Text
    Eleni G. Papazoglou (Athens, Greece)
    Arundo donax L. stress tolerance under irrigation with heavy metal aqueous solutions
    211(2007)304-313 Full Text
    Gulen Eremektar, (Istanbul), Huseyin Selcuk (Kinikli/Denizli, Turkey) and Sureyya Meric (Fisciano, Italy)
    Investigation of the relation between COD fractions and the toxicity in a textile finishing industry wastewater: Effect of preozonation
    211(2007)314-320 Full Text
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