Desalination, Vol. 210 (2007)

    RHODES 2005

    Presented at the 9th Environmental Science and Technology Symposium, September 1–3, 2005, Rhodes, Greece

    Themistocles Lekkas, Anastasia Nikolaou (Greece), Vincenzo Belgiorno, Sureyya Meric (Italy)
    210(2007)v Full Text
    A. Andreadakis, E. Gavalakis, L. Kaliakatsos, C. Noutsopoulos, A. Tzimas (Greece)
    The implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) at the river basin of Anthemountas with emphasis on the pressures and impacts analysis
    210(2007)1-15 Full Text

    A.D.Nikolaou,G.M.Gatidou (Mytilene), S.K.Golfinopoulos(Chios), N.Thomaidis(Athens) and T.D.Lekkas (Mytilene,Greece)
    A one-year survey of organotin compounds in the reservoirs supplying the drinking water treatment plants of Athens, Greece
    210(2007)24-30 Full Text
    Huseyin Selcuk (Kinikli/Denizli,Turkey), Luigi Rizzo(Fisciano,Italy), Anastasia N.Nikolaou (Mytilene,Greece) Sureyya Meric, Vincenzo Belgiorno(Fisciano,Italy) and Miray Bekbolet (Istanbul,Turkey)
    DBPs formation and toxicity monitoring in different origin water treated by ozone and alum/PAC coagulation
    210(2007)31-43 Full Text
    H.Wong, K.M.Mok and X.J.Fan (Macau SAR,China)
    Natural organic matter and formation of trihalomethanes in two water treatment processes
    210(2007)44-51 Full Text
    E. Farmaki, T. Kaloudis, K. Dimitrou, N. Thanasoulias (Polydendri Attikis), L. Kousouris and F. Tzoumerkas (Athens, Greece)
    Validation of a FT-IR method for the determination of oils and grease in water using tetrachloroethylene as the extraction solvent
    210(2007)52-60 Full Text
    Eleni Chouli (Marne-La-Vallee, France),Emmanuel Aftias (Athens, Greece) and Jean-Claude Deutsch (Marne-La-Vallee, France)
    Applying storm water management in Greek cities: learning from the European experience
    210(2007)61-68 Full Text
    M. Pantazidou, S. Kapniaris, A. Katsiri (Zografou) and A. Christidis (Elefsis, Greece)
    Pollutant trends and hazard ranking in Elefsis Bay, Greece
    210(2007)69-82 Full Text
    Dimitrios A. Markou (Xanthi and Kavala), Georgio K. Sylaios (Xanthi and Kavala), Vassilios A. Tsihrintzis, Georgios D. Gikas and Kiriaki Haralambidou (Xanthi, Greece)
    Water quality of Vistonis Lagoon, Northern Greece: seasonal variation and impact of bottom sediments
    210(2007)83-97 Full Text
    Michael J.Scoullos, Aikaterini Sakellari, Konstantina Giannopoulou, Vassiliki Paraskevopoulou, Manos Dassenakis(Athens,Greece)
    Dissolved and particulate trace metal levels in the Saronikos Gulf, Greece, in 2004. The impact of the primary Wastewater Treatment Plant of Psittalia
    210(2007)98-109 Full Text
    E. Mantzavrakos, M. Kornaros, G. Lyberatos and P. Kaspiris (Patras, Greece)
    Impacts of a marine fish farm in Argolikos Gulf (Greece) on the water column and the sediment
    210(2007)110-124 Full Text
    Structural investigations of aquatic humic substances from different watersheds
    S. Samios, T.D. Lekkas, A. Nikolaou (Mytilene) and S. Golfinopoulos (Chios, Greece)
    210(2007)125-137 Full Text
    I. Damikouka, A. Katsiri and C. Tzia (Athens, Greece)
    Application of HACCP principles in drinking water treatment
    210(2007)138-145 Full Text
    M.C. Vagi, A.S. Petsas, M.N. Kostopoulou, M.K. Karamanoli and T.D. Lekkas (Mytilene, Greece)
    Determination of organochlorine pesticides in marine sediments samples using ultrasonic solvent extraction followed by GC/ECD
    210(2007)146-156 Full Text
    Mirna Habuda-Stanic, Mirko Kules, Brankica Kalajdzic and Zeljka Romic (Osijek, Croatia) 157
    Quality of groundwater in eastern Croatia. The problem of arsenic pollution
    210(2007)157-162 Full Text
    Massimiliano Fabbricino (Naples) and Luigi Petta (Bologna, Italy)
    Drinking water denitrification in membrane bioreactor/membrane contactor systems
    210(2007)163-174 Full Text
    Vincenzo Naddeo, Vincenzo Belgiorno (Fisciano) and Rodolfo M.A. Napoli (Naples, Italy)
    Behaviour of natural organic mater during ultrasonic irradiation
    210(2007)175-182 Full Text
    Ceyda Senem Uyguner, Serif Altan Suphandag,Aslihan Kerc and Miray Bekbolet (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Evaluation of adsorption and coagulation characteristics of humic acids preceded by alternative advanced oxidation techniques
    210(2007)183-193 Full Text
    Claudio Della Rocca, Vincenzo Belgiorno and Sureyya Meric (Fisciano, Italy)
    Heterotrophic/autotrophic denitrification (HAD) of drinking water: prospective use for permeable reactive barrier
    210(2007)194-204 Full Text
    P. Roccaro, C. Barone, G. Mancini and F.G.A. Vagliasindi (Catania, Italy)
    Removal of manganese from water supplies intended for human consumption: a case study
    210(2007)205-214 Full Text
    K.G. Babi, K.M. Koumenides, A.D. Nikolaou, C.A. Makri (Mytilene), F.K. Tzoumerkas (Athens) and T.D. Lekkas (Mytilene, Greece)
    Pilot study of the removal of THMs, HAAs and DOC from drinking water by GAC adsorption
    210(2007)215-224 Full Text
    A.G. Tekerlekopoulou and D.V. Vayenas (Agrinio, Greece)
    Ammonia, iron and manganese removal from potable water using trickling filters
    210(2007)225-235 Full Text
    Hung-Yu Lai and Zueng-Sang Chen (Taiwan,China)
    Multi-dose applying EDTA to decrease the potential groundwater contamination using rainbow pink (Dianthus chinensis) for enhanced phytoextraction
    210(2007236-247 Full Text
    Vassilis J. Inglezakis, Marinos A. Stylianou, Despoina Gkantzou and Maria.D. Loizidou (Zographou, Greece)
    Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions by using clinoptilolite and bentonite as adsorbents
    210(2007)248-256 Full Text
    Eleftheria Mavredaki, Aggeliki Stathoulopoulou,Eleftheria Neofotistou and Konstantinos D Demadis (Crete, Greece)
    Environmentally benign chemical additives in the treatment and chemical cleaning of process water systems: Implications for green chemical technology
    210(2007)257-265 Full Text
    Jia-Qian Jiang, S. Wang and A. Panagoulopoulos (Guildford, Surrey, UK)
    The role of potassium ferrate(VI) in the inactivation of Escherichia coli and in the reduction of COD for water remediation
    210(2007)266-273 Full Text
    Hrissi K. Karapanagioti (Mytilene, Greece)
    Removal of phenanthrene from saltwater solutions using activated carbon
    210(2007)274-280 Full Text
    G. Skodras, Ir. Diamantopoulou and G.P. Sakellaropoulos (Thessaloniki, Greece)
    Role of activated carbon structural properties and surface chemistry in mercury adsorption
    210(2007)281-286 Full Text
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