Desalination, Vol. 209 (2007)

    BAHRAIN 2004

    The Ninth Arab International Conference on
    Solar Energy (AICSE-9) Photovoltaic (PV) systems

    Guest Editor: Prof. W. E. Alnaser

    Author Index

    K. Agroui (Alger-Gare, Algeria), A. Belghachi (Béchar, Algeria), G. Collins (NJ, USA) and J. Farenc (Toulouse, France)
    Quality control of EVA encapsulant in photovoltaic module process and outdoor exposure
    209(2007)1-9 Full Text

    R. Mostefaoui, S. Belarbi and A. Benatiallah (Algeria)
    Optical study of a solar cell
    209(2007)10-14 Full Text
    M. Abdel-Gawad El-Sayed and Shaban Abdel-Rady (Egypt)
    Effect of interface states on conversion efficiency of non-uniformly doped MIS solar cell
    209(2007)15-22 Full Text
    M. Arrouf (Batna, Algeria) and S. Ghabrour (Setif, Algeria)
    Modelling and simulation of a pumping system fed by photovoltaic generator within the Matlab/Simulink programming environment
    209(2007)23-30 Full Text
    Mehmet Akbaba (Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain)
    Matching induction motors to PVG for maximum power transfer
    209(2007)31-38 Full Text
    A. Benatiallah (Mostaganem), R. Mostefaou (U.S.T.Oran) and K. Bradja (Mostaganem, Algeria)
    Performance of photovoltaic solar system in Algeria
    209(2007)39-42 Full Text
    Mohd. Yusof Othman, Baharudin Yatim, Kamaruzzaman Sopian and Mohd. Nazari Abu Bakar (Selangor, Malaysia)
    Performance studies on a finned double-pass photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) solar collector
    209(2007)43-49 Full Text
    M. Benghanem, A. Hadj Arab (Algiers, Algeria)
    Photovoltaic water pumping systems for Algeria
    209(2007)50-57 Full Text
    Ammar Munir (Sharjah, U.A.E), Ali A. Al-Karaghouli (Manama, Bahrain) and Ala A.J. Al-Douri (Sharjah, UAE)
    A PV pumping station for drinking water in a remote residential complex
    209(2007)58-63 Full Text
    Adel Mellit (Medea, Algeria) and Mohamed Benghanem (Algiers, Algeria)
    Sizing of stand-alone photovoltaic systems using neural network adaptive model
    209(2007)64-72 Full Text
    Mohamad Kordab (Beirut, Lebanon)
    Priority option of photovoltaic systems for water pumping in rural areas in ESCWA member countries
    209(2007)73-77 Full Text
    Hanan Al Buflasa, Ralph Gottschalg, Tom Betts(Leicestershire, UK)
    Modeling the effect of varying spectra on multi junction A-SI solar cells
    209(2007)78-85 Full Text
    Nassar Yasser Fathi and Abubaker Awidat Salem (Brack, Libya)
    The reliability of the photovoltaic utilization in southern cities of Libya
    209(2007)86-90 Full Text
    M.K. El-Adawi and I.A. Al-Nuaim (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
    The temperature functional dependence of VOC for a solar cell in relation to its efficiency new approach
    209(2007)91-96 Full Text
    A. Benatiallah (Mostaganem, Algeria), R. Mostefaoui (U.S.T. Oran, Algeria), M. Boubekri and N. Boubekri (IL, USA)
    A simulation model for sizing PV installations
    209(2007)97-101 Full Text
    Ahmad Zahedi (Clayton, Australia)
    Investigation for optimal performance of a photovoltaic (PV) powered clinic
    209(2007)102-107 Full Text
    Ahmad Zahedi, Joe Hallenstain (Clayton, Australia)
    Effect of non-technical factors on the electricity cost of the photovoltaic (PV) systems
    209(2007)108-112 Full Text
    A.M. Al-Sabounchi, A.A. Al-Karaghouli (UAE)
    A PV system to operate a VHF transposer station
    209(2007)113-117 Full Text
    Rachid Chaoui and Abdelghani Messaoud (Algiers, Algeria)
    Screen-printed solar cells with simultaneous formation of porous silicon selective emitter and antireflection coating
    209(2007)118-121 Full Text
    W.M.Rohouma, I.M.Molokhia, .A.H.Esuri (Tripoli, Libya)
    Comparative study of different PV modules configuration reliability
    209(2007)122-128 Full Text
    A.Zomorodian, D. Zare, H. Ghasemkhani (Shiraz, Iran)
    Optimization and evaluation of a semi-continuous solar dryer for cereals (Rice, etc)
    209(2007)129-135 Full Text
    Omar O. Badran (Amman, Jordan)
    Experimental study of the enhancement parameters on a single slope solar still productivity
    209(2007)136-143 Full Text
    Talal Kassem (Damascus, Syria)
    Numerical study of the natural convection process in the parabolic-cylindrical solar collector
    209(2007)144-150 Full Text
    Salah A. Eltief, M.H. Ruslan, B. Yatim (Malaysia)
    Drying chamber performance of V-groove forced convective solar dryer
    209(2007)151-155 Full Text
    M. Khoukhi, S. Maruyama, S. Sakai (Sendai, Japan)
    Non-gray calculation of plate solar collector with low iron glazing taking into account the absorption and emission with a glass cover
    209(2007)156-162 Full Text
    Khalil E.J. Al-Juamily, Abdul Jabbar N. Khalifa and Tadahmun A. Yassen (Baghdad, Iraq)
    Testing of the performance of a fruit and vegetable solar drying system in Iraq
    209(2007)163-170 Full Text
    Marderos Ara Sayegh (Syria)
    The solar contribution to air conditioning systems for residential buildings
    209(2007)171-176 Full Text
    Yasser Fathi Nassar, Saib A. Yousif and Abubaker Awidat Salem (Brack, Libya)
    The second generation of the solar desalination systems
    209(2007)177-181 Full Text
    Ali Kianifar, Marzieh Rezazadeh (Mashad, Iran)
    An improved design method for estimating the annual auxiliary energy requirement for solar heating building
    209(2007)182-189 Full Text
    N.M. Guirguis (Giza, Egypt), A.A. Abd El-Aziz and M.M. Nassief (Egypt)
    Study of wind effects on different buildings of pitched roofs
    209(2007)190-198 Full Text
    M.A. Elhadidy and S.M. Shaahid (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    Wind resource assessment of eastern coastal region of Saudi Arabia
    209(2007)199-208 Full Text
    Mohammed G. Khalfallah (Egypt), Aboelyazied M. Koliub (Kuwait)
    Effect of dust on the performance of wind turbines
    209(2007)209-220 Full Text
    Mohammed G. Khalfallah (Egypt), Aboelyazied M. Koliub (Kuwait)
    Suggestions for improving wind turbines power curves
    209(2007)221-229 Full Text
    Mohammed G. Khalfallah (Egypt), Aboelyazied M. Koliub (Kuwait)
    Wind turbines power curve variability
    209(2007)230-237 Full Text
    B.N. Taufiq, H.H. Masjuki, T.M.I. Mahlia, M.A. Amalina, M.S. Faizul, S. Rahman (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
    Exergy analysis of evaporative cooling for reducing energy use in a Malaysian building
    209(2007)238-243 Full Text
    M. Hammam (Egypt), M.K. El-Mansy, S.M. El-Bashir and M.G. El-Shaarawy (Benha, Egypt)
    Performance evaluation of thin-film solar concentrators for greenhouse applications
    209(2007)244-250 Full Text
    M.A. Hassan, N.M. Guirguis (Cairo, Egypt), M.R. Shaalan and K.M. El-Shazly (Zagazig, Egypt)
    Investigation of effects of window combinations on ventilation characteristics for thermal comfort in buildings
    209(2007)251-260 Full Text
    Zainazlan Md Zain, Mohd Nasir Taib, Shahrizam Mohd Shah Baki (Selangor DE, Malaysia)
    Hot and humid climate: prospect for thermal comfort in residential building
    209(2007)261-268 Full Text
    T. Muneer (Scotland, UK), W.E. Alnaser (Bahrain) and F. Fairooz (Scotland, UK)
    The insolation on vertical surface having different directions in the Kingdom of Bahrain
    209(2007)269-274 Full Text
    Fuad Abulfotuh (Alexandria, Egypt)
    Energy efficiency and renewable technologies: the way to sustainable energy future
    209(2007)275-282 Full Text
    M.K. El-Adawi (Saudi Arabia) and S.A. Shalaby (Cairo, Egypt)
    On the diurnal climate control within the car’s salon: new approach
    209(2007)283-289 Full Text
    A.M. Al-Shukri (Saudi Arabia)
    Thin film coated energy-efficient glass windows for warm climates
    209(2007)290-297 Full Text
    Kaabi Abdenacer, Smakdji Nafila (Constantine, Algeria)
    Impact of temperature difference (water-solar collector) on solar-still global efficiency
    209(2007)298-305 Full Text
    Adnan A.W. AL-Qalamchi, Ansam Adil (Baghdad, Iraq)
    Performance of ice storage system utilizing a combined partial and full storage strategy
    209(2007)306-311 Full Text
    Moussa Kazem Beck (Syria)
    A comprehensive solar electric system for remote areas
    209(2007)312-318 Full Text
    M.J. Zaidi, S.U. Rahman, Halim H. Redhwi (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    R&D activities of fuel cell Research at KFUPMS
    209(2007)319-327 Full Text
    Tarik Al-Khateeb and Martin Blundell (Brunei Darussalam)
    An electronic meter for measuring the saving in electrical power
    209(2007)328-333 Full Text
    Tarik Al-Khateeb (Brunei)
    A computer-based-on-line renewable annual electrical power energy and cost saving system
    209(2007)334-341 Full Text
    Fattima Al-zahra G. Gassim (Hilla, Iraq) , Ahmed N. Alkhateeb (IBB,Yemen) and Falah H. Hussein (Hilla, Iraq)
    Photocatalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol using pure and sensitized anatase
    209(2007)342-349 Full Text
    Falah H. Hussein (Hilla, Iraq) and Ahmed N. Alkhateeb (IBB,Yemen)
    Photo-oxidation of benzyl alcohol under natural weathering conditions
    209(2007)350-355 Full Text
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