Desalination, Vol. 206 (2007)
    Conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries
    Cooperation between Mediterranean Countries of Europe and the Southern Rim of the Mediterranean 21–25 May 2006, Montpellier, France

    Jilali Bentama, A. El Ghzizel (Fez, Morocco) , Jean-Yves Ferrandis (Montpellier, France)
    Ultrasonic waves for characterisation of clay membranes
    206(2007)1-8 Full Text
    Ahmad Jusoh, Lam Su Shiung, Nora'aini Ali (Kuala Terengganu) , M.J.M.M. Noor (Serdang, Malaysia)
    A simulation study of the removal efficiency of granular activated carbon on cadmium and lead
    206(2007)9-16 Full Text
    A. Al-Odwani, M. Ahmed, S. Bou-Hamad (Safat, Kuwait)
    Carwash water reclamation in Kuwait
    206(2007)17-28 Full Text
    Khalid Z. Al-Subaie (Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia)
    Precise way to select a desalination technology
    206(2007)29-35 Full Text
    Kamar Ouazzani, Jilali Bentama (Fez, Morocco)
    A promising optical technique to measure cake thickness of biological particles during a filtration process
    206(2007)36-41 Full Text
    H. Al-Zoubi, Nidal Hilal (Nottingham, UK), N.A. Darwish (Abu Dhabi, UAE) , A.W. Mohammad (Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia)
    Rejection and modelling of sulphate and potassium salts by nanofiltration membranes; neural metwork and Spiegler-Kedem model
    206(2007)42-60 Full Text
    Maria- Cinta Vincent Vela, Silvia Álvarez Blanco, Jaime Lora García, José Marcial Gozálvez-Zafrilla, Enrique Bergantiños Rodríguez (Valencia, Spain)
    Utilization of a shear induced diffusion model to predict permeate flux in the crossflow ultrafiltration of macromolecules
    206(2007)61-68 Full Text
    R. Miri, S. Mraoui (Algiers, Algeria))
    Electrolyte process of hydrogen production by solar energy
    206(2007)69-77 Full Text
    Shengquan Ye, Fu Huang (Guangdong, China. PR)
    Separation of carcinogenic aromatic amines in the dyestuff plant wastewater treatment
    206(2007)78-85 Full Text
    Kwang-Kyu Park, Jae-Bong Lee, Pill-Yang Park, Seok-Won Yoon, Jeon-Soo Moon, Hee-Moon Eum (Deajeon), Chi-Woo Lee (Jochiwon, Korea)
    Development of a carbon sheet electrode for electrosorption desalination
    206(2007)86-91 Full Text
    S.J. Li, L. Zhang, H.L. Chen, H. Chai, C.J. Gao (Hangzhou, China)
    Complex extraction and stripping of H acid wastewater
    206(2007)92-99 Full Text
    M. Belkacem, S. Bekhti, K. Bensadok (Algiers, Algeria)
    Groundwater treatment by reverse osmosis: membrane fouling model
    206(2007)100-106 Full Text
    A.R. Hassan, Nora'aini Ali, Norhidayah Abdull (Terengganu Darul Iman), A.F. Ismail (Johor Darul Ta‘zim, Malaysia)
    A theoretical approach on membranes characterization: the deduction of fine structural details of asymmetric nanofiltraton membranes
    206(2007)107-126 Full Text
    Nacera Yeddou, Aicha Bensmaili (Algiers, Algeria)
    Equilibrium and kinetic modelling of iron adsorption by eggshells in a batch system: effect of temperature
    206(2007)127-134 Full Text
    T. Panayotova, M. Dimova-Todorova, I. Dobrevsky (Bourgas, Bulgaria)
    Purification and reuse of heavy metals containing wastewaters from electroplating plants
    206(2007)135-140 Full Text
    W. Bouguerra (Manar), M. Ben Sik Ali (Hammam-Lif), B. Hamrouni (Manar, Tunisia) , M. Dhahbi (Hammam-Lif, Tunisia)
    Equilibrium and kinetic studies of adsorption of silica onto activated alumina
    206(2007)141-146 Full Text
    A. Méndez, F. Fernándes, G. Gasco (Madrid, Spain)
    Removal of malachite green using carbon-based adsorbents
    206(2007)147-153 Full Text
    Besma Hajem, Adel M’nif (Hammam Lif, Tunisia)
    Chemical interaction between industrial acid effluents and the hydrous medium
    206(2007)154-162 Full Text
    Fathi Alimi (Soliman, Tunisia and Paris, France), Mohamed Tlili, Mohamed Ben Amor, (Soliman, Tunisia), Claude Gabrielli, George Maurin (Paris, France)
    Influence of magnetic field on calcium carbonate precipitation
    206(2007)163-168 Full Text
    Aiman E. Al-Rawajfeh (Tafila) and Ehab M. Al-Shamaileh (Amman, Jordan)
    Inhibition of corrosion in steel water pipes by ammonium pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate (APDTC)
    206(2007)169-178 Full Text
    A. Chergui, M.Z. Bakhti, A. Chahboub, S. Haddoum, A. Selatnia (Algiers, Algeria) and G.A. Junter (Mont-Saint-Aignan, France)
    Simultaneous biosorption of Cu2+, Zn2+ and Cr6+ from aqueous solution by Streptomyces rimosus biomass
    206(2007)179-184 Full Text
    S. Ghizellaoui (Constantine, Algeria), M. Euvrard (Besançon, France), J. Ledion (Paris, France) and A. Chibani (Constantine, Algeria)
    Inhibition of scaling in the presence of copper and zinc by various chemical processes
    206(2007)185-197 Full Text
    N. Bourayou, A.-H. Meniai (Constantine, Algeria)
    Effect of calcium chloride on the liquid–liquid equilibria of the water–acetone system
    206(2007)198-204 Full Text
    Mourad Amara, Hacène Kerdjoudj (Algiers, Algeria)
    A modified anion-exchange membrane applied to purification of effluent containing different anions. Pre-treatment before desalination
    206(2007)205-209 Full Text
    S. Khemakhem, R. Ben Amar (Sfax, Tunisia) and A. Larbot (Montpellier, France)
    Synthesis and characterization of a new inorganic ultrafiltration membrane composed entirely of Tunisian natural illite clay
    206(2007)210-214 Full Text
    A.W. Mohammad (Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia), N. Hilal, H. Al-Zoubi, N.A. Darwish (Nottingham, UK)
    Modelling the effects of nanofiltration membrane properties on system cost assessment for desalination applications
    206(2007)215-225 Full Text
    Aymen El Gendi, Ahmed Safaa Abdel Raouf, Hala A. Talaat (Cairo, Egypt)
    Preparation and evaluation of flat membranes for phenols separation
    206(2007)226-237 Full Text
    Noureddine Hamdi, Ezzeddine Srasra (Hammam Lif, Tunisia)
    Removal of fluoride from acidic wastewater by clay mineral: Effect of solid-liquid ratios
    206(2007)238-244 Full Text
    Kitae Baek (Gyeong-buk), Jung-Seok Yang, Tae-Soon Kwon, Ji-Won Yang (Daejeon, Korea)
    Cationic starch-enhanced ultrafiltration for Cr(VI) removal
    206(2007)245-250 Full Text
    Ewa Okoniewska, Joanna Lach, Malgorzata Kacprzak, Ewa Neczaj (Czestochowa, Poland)
    The removal of manganese, iron and ammonium nitrogen on impregnated activated carbon
    206(2007)251-258 Full Text
    Joanna Lach, Ewa Okoniewska, Ewa Neczaj, Malgorzata Kacprzak (Czestochowa, Poland)
    Removal of Cr(III) cations and Cr(VI) anions on activated carbons oxidized by CO2
    206(2007)259-269 Full Text
    F. Ayari (Bizerte), E. Srasra (Hammam-Lif) and M. Trabelsi-Ayadi (Bizerte, Tunisia)
    Retention of lead from an aqueous solution by use of bentonite as adsorbent for reducing leaching from industrial effluents
    206(2007)270-278 Full Text
    K. Hosni, S. Ben Moussa, M. Ben Amor (Hammam-Lif, Tunisia)
    Conditions influencing the removal of phosphate from synthetic wastewater: influence of the ionic composition
    206(2007)279-285 Full Text
    S.A. Avlonitis, M. Pappas, K. Moutesidis, M. Pavlou, P. Tsarouhas, V.N. Vlachakis (Psaxna Evia, Greece)
    Water resources management by a flexible wireless broadband network
    206(2007)286-294 Full Text
    Z. Badani, H. Ait-Amar (Algiers), A. Si-Salah (Boumerdes, Algeria)
    The inhibitive effect of lead concentration on the biological treatment of wastewater of oil well drillings
    206(2007)295-299 Full Text
    M. Boufatit, H. Ait-Amar (Algiers, Algeria)
    Removal of N,N-dimethylaniline from a dilute aqueous solution by Na+/K+ saturated montmorillonite
    206(2007)300-310 Full Text
    Adel K. El-Fiqi, N.H. Alia, H.T. El-Dessouky, H.S. Fath, M.A. El-Hefni (Alexandria, Egypt)
    Flash evaporation in a superheated water liquid jet
    206(2007)311-321 Full Text
    Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh (Tafila) and E.M. Al-Shamaileh (Amman, Jordan)
    Assessment of tap water resources quality and its potential of scale formation and corrosivity in Tafila Province, South Jordan
    206(2007)322-332 Full Text
    Zsuzsanna Laszlo, Ceclila Hodur (Szeged, Hungary)
    Purification of thermal wastewater by membrane separation and ozonation
    206(2007)333-340 Full Text
    H. Ben Bacha, T. Dammak, A.A.Ben Abdalah, A.Y.Maalej. H.Ben Dhia (Sfax, Tunisia)
    Desalination unit coupled with solar collectors and a storage tank: modelling and simulation
    206(2007)341-352 Full Text
    Lihai Fan, Lin Zhang, Jiemin Shen, Shuyuan Wang, Huanlin Chen (Hangzhou, China)
    Study on recovery and refining of TA from alkali reduction wastewater
    206(2007)353-357 Full Text
    A. Maazouzi, A. Ketteb, A. Badri (Bechar, Algeria)
    Etude de procédés de filtration sur sable de la région de Béchar en pré traitement de l'eau potable.
    206(2007)358-368 Full Text
    Rachdi Boussahel (Kouba and El Harrach), Djamila Harik (El Harrach), Mohamed Mammar (Kouba), Salima Lamara-Mohammed d (El Harrach, Algeria)
    Degradation of obsolete DDT by Fenton oxidation with zero-valent iron
    206(2007)369-372 Full Text
    Ahmed Omri (Monastir, Tunisia)
    Numerical investigation on optimization of a solar distiller dimensions
    206(2007)373-379 Full Text
    N. Boukhalfa (Biskra) and A.-H. Meniai (Constantine, Algeria)
    Activity coefficients for salts in water methanol mixed solvent solutions
    206(2007)380-393 Full Text
    Makhlouf Boufatit, Hamid Ait-amar (Algiers, Algeria), W. R. McWhinnie (Birmingham, UK)
    Development of an Algerian material montmorillonite clay.Adsorption of phenol, 2-dichlorophenol and
    2,4,6-trichlorophenol from aqueous solutions onto montmorillonite exchanged with transition metal complexes
    206(2007)394-406 Full Text
    Qais Bu-Ali, Shaker Haji, Mohamed Al-Aseeri, Nader Al-Bastaki (Bahrain)
    Removal of acid red and sodium chloride mixtures from aqueous solutions using nanofiltration
    206(2007)407-413 Full Text
    R. Zamouche, M. Bencheikh-Lehocine, A.H. Meniai (Constantine, Algeria)
    Oxygen transfer and energy savings in a pilot scale batch reactor for domestic wastewater treatment
    206(2007)414-423 Full Text
    T. Chaabane (Algiers, Algeria), S. Taha (Rennes, France), M. Taleb Ahmed (Algiers, Algeria), R. Maachi and G. Dorange (Rennes, France)
    Coupled model of film theory and the Nernst–Planck equation in nanofiltration
    206(2007)424-432 Full Text
    M. Belkacem, M. Bahlouli, A. Mraoui and K. Bensadok (Algiers, Algeria)
    Treatment of oil-water emulsion by ultrafiltration:A numerical approach
    206(2007)433-439 Full Text
    K. Bensadok, M. Belkacem, G. Nezzal (Algiers, Algeria)
    Treatment of cutting oil/water emulsion by coupling coagulation and dissolved air flotation
    206(2007)440-448 Full Text
    Abdul Hakim Bannoud and D. Yousef (Aleppo, Syria)
    Elimination des ions fluorures et mangane` ses contenus dans les eaux par nanofiltration
    206(2007)449-456 Full Text
    S. Ghizellaoui, K. Djebbar (Constantine, Algeria)
    Prevision of the demand for water in the town of Constantine at the horizon of the year 2020
    206(2007)457-464 Full Text
    Leila Souari and M. Hassairi (Tunisia)
    Seawater desalination by reverse osmosis — the true needs for energy
    206(2007)465-473 Full Text
    Nora’aini Ali, A.R. Hassan, L.Y. Wong (Terangganu Darul Iman, Malaysia)
    Development of novel asymmetric ultra low pressure membranes and a preliminary study for bacteria and pathogen removal applications
    206(2007)474-484 Full Text
    Alessandro Scrivani, Toufic El Asmar (Florence) and Ugo Bardi (Sesto Fiorentino, Italy)
    Solar trough concentration for fresh water production and waste water treatment
    206(2007)485-493 Full Text
    N. Moulai-Mostefa (Medea, Algeria),O. Akoum (Compiegne, France), M. Nedjihoui (Medea, Algeria), L. Ding and M.Y. Jaffrin (Compiegne, France)
    Comparison between rotating disk and vibratory membranes in the ultrafiltration of oil in water emulsions
    206(2007)494-498 Full Text
    F. Ayari (Bizerte and Hammam-Lif), E. Srasra (Hammam-Lif) and M. Trabelsi-Ayadi (Bizerte, Tunisia)
    Retention of organic molecule "quinalizarin" by bentonitic clay saturated with different cations
    206(2007)499-506 Full Text
    H. Ghoualem, A. Khouider (Algiers, Algeria) eatment of an urban sewage and analyses of sediments
    206(2007)507-512 Full Text
    Hassan Al-Hammadi Nader Al-Bastaki (Bahrain)
    Experimental Study of the Dead-End Ultrafiltration Process using Silicone Dioxide Suspensions
    206(2007)513-523 Full Text
    Norbert F. Tchouaffe Tchiadje (Yaounde, Cameroon)
    Strategies to reduce the impact of salt on crops (rice, cotton and chili) production: A case study of the tsunami affected area of India
    206(2007)524-530 Full Text
    N. Agoudjil, T. Benkacem (Algeirs, Algeria)
    Synthesis of porous titanium dioxide membranes
    206(2007)531-537 Full Text
    Mohtada Sadrzadeh, Anita Kaviani, Toraj Mohammadi (Tehran, Iran)
    Mathematical modeling of desalination by electrodialysis
    206(2007)538-546 Full Text
    Mansoor Kazemimoghadam, Toraj Mohammadi (Tehran, Iran)
    Synthesis of MFI zeolite membranes for water desalination
    206(2007)547-553 Full Text
    F. Hassaine-Sadi, H. Bouchabou (Algiers, Algeria)
    Ionic pumping in a cadmium, ortho phosphoric acid-phosphate tributyl-ammonium carbonate system:
    Chemical study of compartments
    206(2007)554-559 Full Text
    M. Chabani (Algiers, Algeria), A. Amrane (Rennes, France) and A. Bensmaili (Algiers, Algeria)
    Kinetics of nitrates adsorption on Amberlite IRA 400 resin
    206(2007)560-567 Full Text
    Nidal Hilal, Mohammed Al-Abri (Nottingham, UK), Hilal Al-Hinai (Alkhod, Oman)
    Characterisation and retention of UF membranes using PEG, HS and polyelectrolytes
    206(2007)568-578 Full Text
    I. Hajri, A. Omri, S.B. Nasrallah (Monastir, Tunisia)
    A numerical model for the simulation of double-diffusive natural convection in a triangular cavity using equal order and
    control volume based on the finite element method
    206(2007)579-588 Full Text
    M. Nedjhioui (Medea , Algeria), J.P. Canselier (Toulouse, France), N. Moulai-Mostefa (Medea, Algeria), A. Bensmaili (Algiers, Algeria) and A. Skender (Medea, Algeria)
    Determination of micellar system behavior in the presence of salt and water-soluble polymers using the
    phase diagram technique
    206(2007)589-593 Full Text
    Pablo Canizares, Angel Perez, Rafael Camarillo, Javier Llanos (Ciudad Real, Spain)
    Removal of polyether–polyols by means of ultrafiltration
    206(2007)594-601 Full Text
    Pablo Canizares, Angel Perez, Rafael Camarillo, Javier Llanos, M.L. Lopez (Ciudad Real, Spain)
    Selective separation of Pb from hard water by a semi-continuous polymer enhanced ultrafiltration process (PEUF)
    206(2007)602-613 Full Text
    Omella Li Rosi, Maurizio Casarci (Rome), Loredana De Florio (Bologna, Italy)
    Best available technique for water reuse in textile SMEs (BATTLE Life Project)
    206(2007)614-619 Full Text
    I. Louaer, A.-H. Meniai, O. Larkeche and M. Bencheikh-Lehocine (Constantine, Algeria)
    Computer-aided design and test of new refrigerants for an absorption cycle using group contribution methods
    206(2007)620-632 Full Text
    Salah Al-Hengari, Mohamed El-Bousiffi, Walid El-Moudir (Tripoli, Libya)
    Libyan Petroleum Institute experience in evaluation of desalination plants in the Libyan oil sector
    206(2007)633-652 Full Text
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