Desalination, Vol. 203 (2007)
    Conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries
    Cooperation between Mediterranean Countries of Europe and the Southern Rim of the Mediterranean 21–25 May 2006, Montpellier, France

    Kader Gaid, Yvan Treal (Saint Maurice, France) (France)
    Le dessalement des eaux par osmose inverse: l’experience de Veolia Water
    203(2007)1-14 Full Text
    Christelle Wisniewski (Montpellier, France) (France)
    Membrane bioreactor for water reuse
    203(2007)15-19 Full Text
    Bill Harvey (USA), Michel Mercusot (Croissy Baubourg, France) (France)
    Cooperation between Mediterranean countries of Europe and the southern rim of the Mediterranean
    203(2007)20-26 Full Text
    Mousa S. Mohsen (Zarqa, Jordan) (Jordan)
    Water strategies and potential of desalination in Jordan
    203(2007)27-46 Full Text
    Abdulmonem Elhassadi (Benghazi, Libya) (Libya)
    Libyan National Plan to resolve water shortage problem. Part Ia: Great Man-Made River (GMMR) project — capital costs as sunk value
    203(2007)47-55 Full Text
    Ioannis C. Karagiannis, Petros G. Soldatos (Athens, Greece) (Greece)
    Current status of water desalination in the Aegean Islands
    203(2007)56-61 Full Text
    Ana S. Sanchez, Vicente J. Subiela (Spain) (Spain)
    Analysis of the water,energy,environmental and socioeconomic reality in selected Mediterranean countries (Cyprus,Turkey,Egypt,Jordan and Morocco)
    203(2007)62-74 Full Text
    Bruno Sauvet-Goichon (Saint-Maurice, France) (France)
    Ashkelon desalination plant — A successful challenge
    203(2007)75-81 Full Text
    Andreas Gorenflo (Rheinmunster, Germany), Miriam Brusilovsky (Herzlia, Israel), Miriam Faigon, Boris Liberman (Raanana, Israel) (Israel)
    High pH operation in seawater reverse osmosis permeate: First results from the world’s largest SWRO plant in Ashkelon
    203(2007)82-90 Full Text
    Miguel Angel Sanz, Veronique Bonnelye (Rueil-Malmaison, France) , Gerardo Cremer (Bilbao, Spain) (France)
    Fujairah reverse osmosis plant: 2 years of operation
    203(2007)91-99 Full Text
    Francesca Reverberi(Italy) and A. Gorenflo (Rheinmunster, Germany) (Germany)
    Three year operational experience of a spiral-wound SWRO system with a high fouling potential feed water
    203(2007)100-106 Full Text
    Chris Mooij (Liphook, UK) (UK)
    Hamma water desalination plant: planning and funding
    203(2007)107-118 Full Text
    Mohamed Mohamed Aboabboud, Salaheddin Elmasallati (Tripoli, Libya) (Libya)
    Potable water production from seawater by reverse osmosis technique in Libya
    203(2007)119-133 Full Text
    Thomas Peters, Domenec Pinto, Esteve Pinto (Fonollosa, Spain) (Germany)
    Improved seawater intake and pre-treatment system based on Neodren technology
    203(2007)134-140 Full Text
    Marc Petry, Miguel Angel Sanz, Chrystelle Langlais, Véronique Bonnelye, Jean-Pierre Durand, Daniel Guevara, Walter Mantovani Nardes, Cintia Homma Saemi (Rueil-Malmaison, France) (France)
    The El Coloso (Chile) reverse osmosis plant
    203(2007)141-152 Full Text
    Seung-Hyun Kim, Sang-Hyup Lee, Jong-Sup Yoon, Seong-Yong Moon, Cho-Hee Yoon (Kyungnam, Korea) (Korea)
    Pilot plant demonstration of energy reduction for RO seawater desalination through a recovery increase
    203(2007)153-159 Full Text
    Stephan Bross, Wolfgang Kochanowski (Frankenthal, Germany) (Germany)
    SWRO core hydraulic system: Extension of the SalTec DT to higher flows and lower energy consumption
    203(2007)160-167 Full Text
    Richard L. Stover (San Leandro CA, USA) (USA)
    Seawater reverse osmosis with isobaric energy recovery devices
    203(2007)168-175 Full Text
    Akili D. Khawaji, Ibrahim K. Kutubkhanah, Jong-Mihn Wie (Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah, Saudi Arabia) (Saudi Arabia)
    A 13.3 MGPD seawater RO desalination plant for Yanbu Industrial City
    203(2007)176-188 Full Text
    E. Garcia-Castello, J. Garcia-Garrido, A.D. Rodriguez-Lopez, N. Laguarda-Miro, J. Pascual-Garrido (Valencia, Spain) (Spain)
    Designing a desalination plant for a tourist city located in the Mediterranean Spanish coast
    203(2007)189-198 Full Text
    Manuel Farinas, Luis Angel Lopez (Erandio, Spain) (Spain)
    New and innovative sea water intake system for the desalination plants at San Pedro del Pinatar
    203(2007)199-217 Full Text
    S.A. Avlonitis, M. Pappas, K. Moutesidis (Psaxna Evia, Greece) (Greece)
    A unified model of the detailed investigation of membrane modules and RO plants performance
    203(2007)218-228 Full Text
    Khalid Ahmed Bu-Rashid (Bahrain) and W. Czolkoss (Wetter, Germany) (Germany)
    Pilot tests of multibore UF membrane at Addur SWRO desalination plant, Bahrain
    203(2007)229-242 Full Text
    Jerome Leparc, Sophie Rapenne, Claude Courties, Philippe Lebaron, Jean Philippe Croue , Valerie Jacquemet (France) , Greg Turner (UK) (France)
    Water quality and performance evaluation at seawater reverse osmosis plants through the use of advanced analytical tools
    203(2007)243-255 Full Text
    Wei Ma (Dalian, China and Dublin, Ireland), Yaqian Zhao (Dublin, Ireland), Lu Wang (Dalian, China) (China, PR)
    The pretreatment with enhanced coagulation and a UF membrane for seawater desalination with reverse osmosis
    203(2007)258-259 Full Text
    Francesca Macedonio, Efrem Curcio, Enrico Drioli (Arcavacata di Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Integrated membrane systems for seawater desalination: energetic and exergetic analysis, economic evaluation, experimental study
    203(2007)260-276 Full Text
    Olivier Lorain, Berengere, Hersant, Francoise Persin, Alain Grasmick, Nathalie Brunard, Jean Michel Espenan (Toulouse France) (France)
    Ultrafiltration membrane pre-treatment benefits for reverse osmosis process in seawater desalting. Quantification in terms of capital investment cost and operating cost reduction
    203(2007)277-285 Full Text
    Graeme K. Pearce (Pangbourne, UK) (UK)
    The case for UF/MF pretreatment to RO in seawater applications
    203(2007)286-295 Full Text
    Coimbatore V. Vedavyasan (Trichy, India) (India)
    Pretreatment trends - an overview
    203(2007)296-299 Full Text
    F. N. M. Knops, S. J. H. M. van Hoof, H. Futselaar, L. Broens (Enschede, The Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
    Economic evaluation of a new ultrafiltration membrane for pretreatment of seawater reverse osmosis
    203(2007)300-306 Full Text
    Erineos Koutsakos, David Moxey (Larnaca, Cyprus) (Cyprus)
    Membrane management system
    203(2007)307-311 Full Text
    M. Belluati, E. Danesi, G. Petrucci, M. Rosellini (Brescia, Italy) (Italy)
    Chlorine dioxide disinfection technology to avoid bromate formation in desalinated seawater in potable waterworks
    203(2007)312-318 Full Text
    H. Elfil, A. Hamed (Hammam-Lif) and A. Hannachi (Gabes, Tunisia) (Tunisia)
    Technical evaluation of a small-scale reverse osmosis desalination unit for domestic water
    203(2007)319-326 Full Text
    Alaa’ Abdulrazaq Jassim (Basrah, Iraq) (Iraq)
    Separation steps inspection for improving the efficiency of reverse osmosis desalination plants
    203(2007)327-330 Full Text
    A. M’nif (Manar), S. Bouguecha (Hammam-Lif), B. Hamrouni (Manar) and M. Dhahbi (Hammam-Lif, Tunisia) (Tunisia)
    Coupling of membrane processes for brackish water desalination
    203(2007)331-336 Full Text
    Erhard W. Perz, Stefan Bergmann (Graz, Austria) (Austria)
    A simulation environment for the techno-economic performance prediction of water and power cogeneration systems using renewable and fossil energy sources
    203(2007)337-345 Full Text
    E. Mathioulakis, V. Belessiotis and E. Delyannis (Athens, Greece) (Greece)
    Desalination by using alternative energy: Review and state-of-the-art
    203(2007)346-365 Full Text
    D. Manolakos, G. Papadakis, S. Kyritsis and K. Bouzianas (Athens, Greece) (Greece)
    Experimental evaluation of an autonomous low-temperature solar Rankine cycle system for reverse osmosis desalination
    203(2007)366-374 Full Text
    M. Werner (Wollongong, Australia) and A.I. Schaefer (Edinburgh, UK) (Australia)
    Social aspects of a solar-powered desalination unit for remote Australian communities
    203(2007)375-393 Full Text
    Rustum Mamlook, Omar Badran (Amman, Jordan) (Jordan)
    Fuzzy sets implementation for the evaluation of factors affecting solar still production
    203(2007)394-402 Full Text
    Shaobo Hou (Shaanxi and Guangdong), Dongqi Zeng, Shengquan Ye (Guangdong ), Hefei Zhang (Shaanxi, China) (China, PR)
    Exergy analysis of the solar multi-effect humidification–dehumidification desalination process
    203(2007)403-409 Full Text
    Fawzi Banat (Irbid, Jordan), Vicente Subiela (Gran Canaria, Spain), Hazim Qiblawey (Irbid, Jordan) (Jordan)
    Site selection for the installation of autonomous desalination systems (ADS)
    203(2007)410-416 Full Text
    Jenny Lindblom, Bo Nordell (Lulea, Sweden) (Sweden)
    Underground condensation of humid air for drinking water production and subsurface irrigation
    203(2007)417-434 Full Text
    Eugenio Garcia Mari, Rosa Penelope Gutierrez Colomer, Carlos Adrados Blaise-Ombrecht (Valencia, Spain) (Spain)
    Performance analysis of a solar still integrated in a greenhouse
    203(2007)435-443 Full Text
    M. Boukar, A. Harmim (Adrar, Algeria) (Algeria)
    Design parameters and preliminary experimental investigation of an indirect vertical solar still
    203(2007)444-454 Full Text
    Kay Paulsen, Frank Hensel (Aurich, Germany) (Germany)
    Design of an autarkic water and energy supply driven by renewable energy using commercially available components
    203(2007)455-462 Full Text
    Markus Forstmeier, Fredrik Mannerheim (Muenchen, Germany), Fernando D’Amato, Minesh Shah, Yan Liu, Michael Baldea, Albert Stella (Niskayuna, NY, USA) (Germany)
    Feasibility study on wind-powered desalination
    203(2007)463-470 Full Text
    Jamel Orfi (Monastir, Tunisia), N. Galanis, M. Laplante (Sherbrooke, Canada) (Tunisia)
    Air humidification–dehumidification for a water desalination system using solar energy
    203(2007)471-481 Full Text
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