Desalination, Vol. 200 (2006)
    Euromembrane 2006 24–28 September 2006,
    Giardini Naxos, Italy

    Lei Shao, Jon Samseth, May-Britt Hagg (Trondheim, Norway)
    Gas permeabilities of poly(4-methyl-2-pentyne) membranes surface modified with carbon tetrachloride plasma
    200(2006)1-3 Full Text
    Robert Gloukhovski, Yoram Oren, Charles Linder, Viatcheslav Freger (Beer Sheva, Israel)
    Preparation of novel composite NF membranes by electropolymerization on a conducting nanocomposite UF support
    200(2006)4-6 Full Text
    Francette Thominette, Olivier Farnault, Emmanuelle Gaudichet-Maurin (Paris), Claire Machinal, Jean-Christophe Schrotter (Maisons Laffitte, France)
    Ageing of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes in hypochlorite treatment
    200(2006)7-8 Full Text
    Mohamed Khayet, Marta Vazquez Alvarez (Madrid, Spain), Kailash C. Khulbe (Ontario, Canada), Juan I. Mengual (Ontario, Canada), Takeshi Matsuura (Ontario, Canada)
    Surface enrichment of homopolymer and copolymer thin blend films
    200(2006)9-11 Full Text
    Carles Torras, Dawit Gezahegn, Luizildo Pitol-Filho, Ricard Garcia-Valls (Tarragona, Spain)
    Novel polymeric membrane structures: microcapsules
    200(2006)12-14 Full Text
    M.I. Vazquez, C. Milano, R. de Lara, O. Guerrero, C. Herrera, J. Benavente (Malaga, Spain)
    Effect of cellulose content on structural and transport parameters across dense cellophane membranes
    200(2006)15-17 Full Text
    Ludmila Starannikova, Yuri Yampolskii, Kirill Makovetskii, Tatyana Golenko (Moscow, Russia)
    A novel high permeability rubbery membrane material — cis-polypentenamer
    200(2006)18-19 Full Text
    Alexander Polyakov, Yuri Yampolskii (Moscow, Russia)
    Permeability of amorphous AF teflons to ozone
    200(2006)20 Full Text
    Sang-Hak Lee, Beom-Sik Kim, Eun-Woo Lee, You-In Park, Jung-Min Lee (Daejeon, Korea)
    The removal of acid gases from crude natural gas by using novel supported liquid membranes
    200(2006)21-22 Full Text
    D. Katarzynski, C. Staudt (Düsseldorf, Germany)
    Permeation properties of different aromatic substances in multicomponent aromatic/aliphatic pervaporation experiments
    200(2006)23-25 Full Text
    Annarosa Gugliuzza, Federica Ricca, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Controlled pore size, thickness and surface free energy of super-hydrophobic PVDF and HyflonAD membranes
    200(2006)26-28 Full Text
    Marcel Gawenda (Essen), Alexandra Sperschneider, Felix Schacher, Georg Krausch, Axel Müller (Bayreuth), Mathias Ulbricht (Essen, Germany)
    Toward nanoporous composite membranes with tailored block copolymers as selective layer
    200(2006)29-31 Full Text
    Alexander Alentiev, Julia Kostina, Galina Bondarenko (Moscow, Russia)
    Chemical aging of Nafion: FTIR study
    200(2006)32-33 Full Text
    Julia Kostina, Galina Bondarenko, Alexander Alentiev, Yuri Yampolskii (Moscow, Russia)
    The influence of conformation composition of polyheteroarylenes on their transport properties
    200(2006)34-36 Full Text
    Thijs Peters, Nieck Benes, Henk Buijs, Frank Vercauteren, Jos Kentjes (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
    Thin high flux ceramic-supported PVA membranes
    200(2006)37-39 Full Text
    Oleg Boldyrev, Igor Beckman, Vladimir Teplyakov A.V. Topchiev (Moscow, Russia)
    Prediction of gas permeability of polymer membrane materials using an improved empirical statistical method
    200(2006)40-41 Full Text
    Sennur Deniz (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Characteristics of polycarbonate membranes with polyethylene glycol prepared via dry/wet-phase inversion methods
    200(2006)42-43 Full Text
    Sevinc Keleser, Yavuz Salt, Ayca Hasanolu, Semra Ozkan, Salih Dincer (Esenler-Istanbul, Turkey)
    Desorption of ethylacetate–water mixture by using crosslinked polydimethylsiloxane membrane
    200(2006)44-45 Full Text
    G.A. Polotskaya, M.Ya. Goikhman, I.V. Podeshvo, A.E. Polotsky, A.N. Cherkasov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    Polybenzoxazinoneimides and their prepolymers as the promising membrane materials
    200(2006)46-48 Full Text
    Marialuigia Macchione, Johannes C. Jansen, Elena Tocci, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Influence of residual solvent on the gas transport properties of dense Hyflon AD 60X gas separation membranes
    200(2006)49-51 Full Text
    Sennur Deniz (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Effect of nonsolvent type on the surface morphology and preparation of microporous membranes from blends of poly(phenylene oxide) and poly(p-phenylene oxide-sulfone) or polysulfone
    200(2006)52-54 Full Text
    Pao-Hsaing Tung, Chih-Feng Huang, Shih-Chien Chen, Chih-Hao Hsu, Feng-Chih Chang (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
    Regular honeycomb porous polymer films based on amphiphilic block copolymer
    200(2006)55-57 Full Text
    S. Cardea (Fisciano), A. Gugliuzza (Rende), E. Schiavo Rappo (Fisciano), M. Aceto, E. Drioli (Rende) , E. Reverchon (Fisciano, Italy)
    Generation of PEEK-WC membranes by supercritical fluids
    200(2006)58-60 Full Text
    Franco Tasselli, Raffaella Aloe, Johannes C. Jansen, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Novel composite hollow fibre gas separation membranes with high selectivity and improved solvent resistance
    200(2006)61-63 Full Text
    Jing Zhong, Rongrong Huang (Jiangsu, China)
    Cleaning of ceramic membranes used to washing the nanometer TiO2 powder
    200(2006)64-65 Full Text
    Eser Dincer, Ali Culfaz, Halil Kalipcilar (Ankara, Turkey)
    Effect of seeding on the properties of MFI type zeolite membranes
    200(2006)66-67 Full Text
    Afshin Pak, Toraj Mohammadi (Tehran, Iran)
    Zeolite NaA membranes synthesis
    200(2006)68-70 Full Text
    Hideyuki Negishi (Ibaraki), Norio Oshima (Chiba), Keiji Sakaki, Kenji Haraya (Ibaraki), Yasushi Idemoto, Nobuyuki Koura (Chiba), Hiroshi Yanagishita (Ibaraki, Japan)
    Preparation of tubular mixed conducting oxide membrane by electrophoretic deposition technique
    200(2006)71-73 Full Text
    Gordon C.C. Yang, Cyuan-Jia Li (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
    Preparation of tubular TiO2/Al2O3 composite membranes and their performance in electrofiltration of oxide-CMP wastewater
    200(2006)74-76 Full Text
    S.M. Mirfendereski, R. Daneshpour, T. Mohammadi (Tehran, Iran)
    Synthesis and characterization of T-type zeolite membrane on a porous mullite tube
    200(2006)77-79 Full Text
    Berna Topuz, Muhsin Ciftcioglu (Izmir, Turkey)
    Permeation of pure gases through silica membranes with controlled pore structures
    200(2006)80-82 Full Text
    K.S. Roelofs, B. Seling, H. Olapinski (Aalen-Essingen, Germany)
    Microporous titania membranes on production level
    200(2006)83-84 Full Text
    Rodrigo Correa Basso, Luiz Antonio Viotto, Lireny Aparecida Guaraldo Goncalves (Campinas, Brazil).
    Cleaning process in ceramic membrane used for the ultrafiltration of crude soybean oil
    200(2006)85-86 Full Text
    Maria Broglia, Pietro Pinacci, Aldo Bottino, Gustavo Capannelli, Antonio Comite, Alessandro Vernetti (Genova, Italy)
    Preparation and characterization of palladium alloy membranes for catalytic membrane reactors
    200(2006)87-88 Full Text
    Camelia Barboiu, Alejandro Mourgues, Béatrice Sala (Saint Marcel), Anne Julbe, Jose Sanchez (Montpellier),, Serge de Perthuis (Saint Marcel), Dominique Hittner (Paris La Défense, France)
    Ultra-microporous silica membranes for He purification
    200(2006)89-91 Full Text
    Stephanie Willemin, Olivier Lacroix, Beatrice Sala (Paris La Defense), Philippe Colomban (Thiais), Anne Julbe, Andre Ayral, Hisasi Takenouti (Paris), Jean-Pierre Py (Paris La Défense, France)
    Synthesis and characterisation of proton conducting ceramic membranes
    200(2006)92-94 Full Text
     Mirjam Kilgus, Vanessa Gepert, Nicole Dinges, Clemens Merten, Gerhart Eigenberger,Thomas Schiestel (Stuttgart, Germany)
    Palladium coated ceramic hollow fibre membranes for hydrogen separation
    200(2006)95-96 Full Text
    Yen-Ling Tsai, Chia-Hua Chun, Jinn-Luh Ou, Chih-Kai Huang, Chii-Chang Chen (Taiwan, ROC)
    Magnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized for Preparations of Silica-Coated Composites
    200(2006)97-99 Full Text
    M. Resina, C. Fontas, C. Palet, M. Munoz (Catalunya, Spain)
    Selective transport of platinum(IV) and palladium(II) through hybrid and activated composite membranes containing Aliquat 336
    200(2006)100-102 Full Text
    André Deratani (Montpellier), Salah Touil (Montpellier and Agadir), John Palmeri, Sophie Tingry (Montpellier, France), Sahib Bouchtalla (Agadir, Morocco)
    Pertraction of xylene isomers using cyclodextrin-containing membranes: mass transport mechanism and modelling
    200(2006)103-105 Full Text
    Maxim Shalygin (Moscow and Nancy), Vladimir Teplyakov (Moscow, Russia), Denis Roizard, Eric Favre (Nancy, France)
    CO2 transport study in combined membrane system with aqueous potassium carbonate as a liquid carrier
    200(2006)106-108 Full Text
    F. Hassaine-Sadi, H. Bouchabou (Algiers, Algeria)
    Studies on transport mechanism of system cadmium, ortho-phosphoric acid–acid di(ethyl-2-hexyl) phosphoric-oxide tri-n-octyl phosphine-EDTA
    200(2006)109 Full Text
    Aleix Conesa, Cristina Palet (Barcelona, Spain)
    Molecularly imprinted membranes (MIM) for the enantioseparation of selenoaminoacid compounds
    200(2006)110-111 Full Text
    Clàudia Fontas, Enriqueta Antico (Girona, Spain), Francis Vocanson, Roger Lamartine (Villeurbanne), Patrick Seta (Montpellier, France)
    Thiacalix[4]arenes as selective carriers for the transport and separation of gold, palladium and platinum by using supported liquid membrane systems
    200(2006)112-113 Full Text
    Claudia Fontas, Nuria Pont, Manuela Hidalgo, Victoria Salvado (Girona, Spain)
    Separation and preconcentration of Cd(II) from chloride solutions using supported liquid membranes systems
    200(2006)114-116 Full Text
    Biotza Gutierrez, Nuria Rubio, Cristina Minguillon (Barcelona, Spain)
    Evaluation of l-proline derivatives as chiral carriers in the separation of enantiomers by membrane techniques
    200(2006)117-119 Full Text
    Vlastimil Fila, Bohumil Bernauer, Pavel Hrabanek (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Multi-response data treatment of dynamic and steady state permeation measurement on composite membrane
    200(2006)120-121 Full Text
    Anthony Szymczyk, Patrick Fievet (Besancon, France)
    Ion transport through nanofiltration membranes: the steric, electric and dielectric exclusion model
    200(2006)122-124 Full Text
    Anthony Szymczyk, Patrick Fievet, Christophe Ramseyer (Besancon, France)
    Dielectric constant of electrolyte solutions confined in a charged nanofiltration membrane
    200(2006)125-126 Full Text
    A. Mourgues, L. Michele, C. Charmette, J. Sanchez, G. Marti-Mestres, Ph. Gramain (Montpellier, France)
    EO/EP copolymer membranes as reservoir in a transdermal therapeutic system for caffeine and vitamin E delivery: modeling and simulation
    200(2006)127-129 Full Text
    Patrick Fievet, Anthony Szymczyk(Besancon) Mohammed Sbaï (Angers, France).
    Pressure-induced potential through composite membranes with selective surface layers
    200(2006)130-132 Full Text
    Nicolas Fatin-Rouge, Anthony Szymczyk, Emel Ozdemir, Alain Vidonne, Patrick Fievet (Besancon, France)
    Retention of single and mixed inorganic electrolytes by a polyamide nanofiltration membrane
    200(2006)133-134 Full Text
    Carolina Mazzoni, Serena Bandini (Bologna, Italy)
    The role of the electrolyte on polyamide NF membranes performances: experimental analysis with NaCl and CaCl2 solutions
    200(2006)135-137 Full Text
    Maria-Cinta Vincent-Vela, Silvia Alvarez-Blanco, Jaime Lora-Garcia (Valencia, Spain), Enrique Bergantinos-Rodriguez (Havana, Cuba)
    Application of a dynamic model that combines pore blocking and cake formation in crossflow ultrafiltration
    200(2006)138-139 Full Text
    Silvano Tosti, Livio Bettinali (Roma, Italy)
    Volumes measurement by means of membranes
    200(2006)140-141 Full Text
    Martin Bohning, Ning Hao, Andreas Schonhals (Berlin, Germany)
    Gas transport and molecular mobility in polymer/POSS nanocomposites
    200(2006)142-143 Full Text
    B. Cuartas-Uribe, M.C. Vincent-Vela, S. Alvarez-Blanco, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda, E. Soriano-Costa (Valencia, Spain).
    Prediction of solute rejection in nanofiltration processes using different mathematical models
    200(2006)144-145 Full Text
    Christian Larchet, Salah Nouri (Creteil, France), Victor Nikonenko (Krasnodar, Russia)
    Application of chronopotentiometry to study the diffusion layer thickness adjacent to an ion-exchange membrane under natural convection
    200(2006)146-148 Full Text
    Natalia Pismenskaya, Kristina Igritskaya, Elena Belova, Victor Nikonenko (Krasnodar, Russia) , Gerald Pourcelly (Montpellier, France)
    Transport properties of ion-exchange membrane systems in LysHCl solutions
    200(2006)149-151 Full Text
    A. Morao (Covilha), M.T. Pessoa de Amorim (Guimaraes), A. Lopes, I.C. Goncalves (Covilha, Portugal)
    Characterisation of ultra- and nanofiltration membranes for predictive purposes — development of a model for hindered transport of uncharged solutes in asymmetric pores
    200(2006)152-154 Full Text
    Ludivine Franck-Lacaze, Patrice Huguet, Philippe Sistat (Montpellier, France)
    Study of ionic transport in anion-exchange membranes: relationship between structure and transport properties
    200(2006)155-156 Full Text
    Mariana Ionita (Milan), Davide Silvestri (Pisa), Alfonso Gautieri , Emiliano Votta (Milan), Gianluca Ciardelli (Torino), Alberto Redaelli (Milan, Italy)
    Diffusion of small molecules in bioartificial membranes for clinical use: molecular modelling and laboratory investigation
    200(2006)157-159 Full Text
    Anna Jez.owska, Thomas Schipolowski, Günter Wozny (Berlin, Germany)
    Reduction of random and systematic errors of test cell measurements
    200(2006)160-162 Full Text
    Ninel Berezina, Aleksey Dyomin, Olga Dyomina, Victor Zabolotsky (Krasnodar, Russia)
    Equilibrium and electrotransport properties of the perfluorinated membranes of Nafion and MF-4SC types
    200(2006)163-165 Full Text
    Ole Holck, Martin Bohning (Berlin), Matthias Heuchel, Martin R. Siegert (Teltow, Germany).
    Gas-induced structural changes in polymeric membrane materials combining experiment, phenomenological models and simulation
    200(2006)166-168 Full Text
    Yongtaek Lee, Inho Song, Youngjin Lee, Soo-Bok Lee, Jeong-Hoon Kim (Taejeon, Korea)
    Numerical simulation on separation of carbon dioxide from nitrogen by hollow fiber membrane of poly(ethersulfone)
    200(2006)169-172 Full Text
    Patrice Huguet, Philippe Sistat, Stefano Deabate, Eddy Petit (Montpellier, France)
    In situ confocal-Raman imagery of ion and solvent transport through an ion-exchange membrane
    200(2006)173-174 Full Text
    S.S. Vasan (Oxford), Colin D. Bain (Durham), Robert W. Field, Zhanfeng Cui (Oxford, UK)
    A Maxwell–Stefan–Derjaguin–Grahame model of the concentration profile of a charged solute in the polarisation layer
    200(2006)175-177 Full Text
    Gamze Artu, Jobst Hapke (Hamburg, Germany)
    Characterization of nanofiltration membranes by their morphology, charge and filtration performance parameters
    200(2006)178-180 Full Text
    Heru Susanto, Mathias Ulbricht (Essen, Germany)
    Insights into polysaccharide fouling of ultrafiltration membranes
    200(2006)181-182 Full Text
    Patrick Fievet, Anthony Szymczyk, Claire Magnenet (Besancon), Mohammed Sbaï (Angers, France).
    Characterisation of microporous tubular membranes by tangential streaming potential
    200(2006)183-185 Full Text
    Anja Drews (Berlin, Germany), Chung-Hak Lee (Korea), Matthias Kraume (Berlin, Germany)
    Membrane fouling – a review on the role of EPS
    200(2006)186-188 Full Text
    David Delaunay, Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Lydie Paugam (Rennes, France), Arto Pihlajamäki, Marianne Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland)
    Physico-chemical characterisations of a UF membrane used in dairy application to estimate chemical efficiency of cleaning
    200(2006)189-191 Full Text
    Lydie Paugam, Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, David Delaunay (Rennes, France)
    Physico-chemical effect of simple alkaline and acid solutions in cleaning sequences of spiral ultrafiltration membranes fouled by skim milk
    200(2006)192-194 Full Text
    Juan M. Sanz, Daniel Jardines, Aldo Bottino, Gustavo Capannelli (Genoa, Italy), Antonio Hernandez, Jose I. Calvo (Valladolid, Spain)
    Liquid–liquid porometry for an accurate membrane characterization
    200(2006)195-197 Full Text
    V. Chen, H. Li, D. Li, S. Tan, H.B. Petrus (Sydney, Australia)
    Cleaning strategies for membrane fouled with protein mixtures
    200(2006)198-200 Full Text
    Namjung Jang (Republic of Korea),, Hokyong Shon (Ultimo, Australia), Xianghao Ren, S. Vigneswaran, In S. Kim (Republic of Korea)
    Characteristics of bio-foulants in the membrane bioreactor
    200(2006)201-202 Full Text
    Maria Zator, Montserrat Ferrando, Francisco Lopez, Carme Guell (Tarragona, Spain)
    Characterization of foulant removal by confocal scanning laser microscopy
    200(2006)203-204 Full Text
    David Delaunay, Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Lydie Paugam (Rennes, France)
    Mapping of protein fouling by FTIR-ATR as experimental tools to study fluid velocity profile in spiral membrane
    200(2006)205-207 Full Text
    Benjamin Ruiz, Philippe Sistat, Patrice Huguet, Gerald Pourcelly (Montpellier, France), Monica Araya-Farias, Laurent Bazinet (Saint-Foy, Canada)
    Effect of pulsed electric field on anion-exchange membrane fouling during electrodialysis of a casein solution
    200(2006)208-209 Full Text
    Kumaravel Sundaramoorthy (Duisburg), Andreas Loi-bruegger, Stefan Panglisch (Muelheim) , Rolf Gimbel (Duisburg and Muelheim, Germany)
    Influence of organic-salt interactions on membrane (UF) fouling potential and pre-treatment by coagulation
    200(2006)210-212 Full Text
    Shin-Kun Ryi (Seoul and Daejeon), Jong-Soo Park (Daejeon), Sung-Hyun Kim (Seoul), Sung-Chang Hong (Gyonggi-do), Dong-Won Kim (Gyonggi-do, South Korea)
    Development of porous nickel membrane made by uniaxial pressing for hydrogen separation
    200(2006)213-215 Full Text
    Shin-Kun Ryi (Seoul and Daejeon), Jong-Soo Park (Daejeon), Sung-Hyun Kim (Seoul), Sung-Chang Hong (Gyonggi-do), Dong-Won Kim (Gyonggi-do, South Korea)
    The study of a new porous nickel support for palladium-based alloy membrane
    200(2006)216-218 Full Text
    Shin-Kun Ryi (Seoul and Daejeon), Jong-Soo Park (Daejeon), Sung-Hyun Kim (Seoul), Sung-Chang Hong (Gyonggi-do), Dong-Won Kim (Gyonggi-do, South Korea)
    The study of Pd–Cu–Ni membrane deposited on porous nickel support with Cu-reflow technique
    200(2006)219-221 Full Text
    Deger Sen, Halil Kalipcilar, Levent Yilmaz (Ankara, Turkey).
    Development of zeolite filled polycarbonate mixed matrix gas separation membranes
    200(2006)222-224 Full Text
    Roberto Recio, Laura Palacio, Pedro Pradanos, Antonio Hernandez (Valladolid),, Angel E. Lozano, Angel Marcos, Jose G de la Campa, Javier de Abajo (Madrid, Spain).
    Permeability and selectivity of 6FDA-6FpDA gas membranes prepared from different solvents
    200(2006)225-226 Full Text
    Denes Bucsu (Veszprem, Hungary),, Zbynek Pientka (Praha, Czech Republic), Sandor Kovacs, Katalin Beafi-Bako (Veszprém, Hungary).
    Biohydrogen recovery and purification by gas separation method
    200(2006)227-229 Full Text
    Vladimir M. Vorotyntsev, Pavel N. Drozdov, Evgeny Y. Kolotilov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
    High purification of flourocarbon by gas separation
    200(2006)230-231 Full Text
    Vladimir M. Vorotyntsev, Pavel N. Drozdov, Ilya V. Vorotyntsev, Konstantin Y. Smirnov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).
    Germane high purification by membrane gas separation
    200(2006)232-233 Full Text
    Marc Ajhar, Thomas Melin (Aachen, Germany).
    Siloxane removal with gas permeation membranes
    200(2006)234-235 Full Text
    K. Friess, M. Sipek, V. Hynek, P. Sysel, T. Koptíkova, V. Sindela (Brno, Czech Republic)
    Transport properties of polyimides containing cucurbit[6]uril
    200(2006)236-238 Full Text
    Francesco Scura, Giuseppe Barbieri, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    H2 for PEM-FC: effect of CO in the purification by means of Pd-based membranes
    200(2006)239-241 Full Text
    Alessio Caravella, Giuseppe Barbieri, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy).
    Theoretical study of H2 permeation through supported Pd-based membranes
    200(2006)242-244 Full Text
    Chien-Chieh Hu, Ywu-Jang Fu, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Ruoh-Chyu Ruaan, Juin-Yih Lai (Chung-Li, Taiwan).
    The effect of casting solvent on free volume and gas separation properties in high molecular weight poly(methyl methacrylate) membranes
    200(2006)245-246 Full Text
    H.A. Tsai, J.H. Lin (Chung-Li), D.M. Wang (Taipei), K.R. Lee and J.Y. Lai (Chung-Li, Taiwan).
    Effect of vapor-induced phase separation on the morphology and separation performance of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes
    200(2006)247-249 Full Text
    Ywu-Jang Fu, Chien-Chieh Hu, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Yi-Jyun Chen, Juin-Yih Lai (Chung-Li, Taiwan)
    Zeolite-filled PMMA composite membranes: influence of surfactant addition on gas separation properties —
    200(2006)250-252 Full Text
    Daria Syrtsova, Oxana Shkrebko, Vladimir Teplyakov, Valeriy Khotimslii (Moscow, Russia), Denis Roizard (Nancy, France) , Dmitri Grinshpan (Minsk University, Belarus)
    Removing of light hydrocarbons from gas mixtures using polymeric composite membranes based on poly(1-trimethylsilylpropyne)
    200(2006)253-255 Full Text
    A. Gugliuzza, G. De Luca, E. Tocci, L. De Lorenzo, E. Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Experimental and theoretical evaluation of the membrane affinity to water: role of modifiers in the control of the matrix performance
    200(2006)256-258 Full Text
    O. Orcun Er, Serhat Sen, Cigdem Atalay-Oral, F. Seniha Guner, S. Birgul Tantekin-Ersolmaz (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Copolyimide Membranes for Gas Separation
    200(2006)259-261 Full Text
    Torsten Brinkmann, Janina Puhst, Holger Pingel (Geesthacht, Germany)
    Hybrid processes using improved vapour permeation membranes
    200(2006)262-264 Full Text
    Karel Friess, Milan Sipek, Vladimir Hynek (Prague, Czech Republic) , Constantinos Panayiotou (Greece)
    Sorption of VOCs and water vapors in polylactate membrane with nanocomposite fillers
    200(2006)265-266 Full Text
    Giovanni Chiappetta, Gabriele Clarizia, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Design of an integrated membrane system for high level hydrogen purification
    200(2006)267- Full Text
    Michel Y. Jaffrin (Compiegne, France), Gaohong He (Dalian, China),, Lu Hui Ding, Patrick Paullier (Compiegne, France)
    Effect of membrane overlapping on performance of multishaft rotating ceramic disk membranes
    200(2006)269-271 Full Text
    Junkal Landaburu-Aguirre, Verónica García, Eva Pongrácz, Riitta Keiski (Finland).
    Applicability of membrane technologies for the removal of heavy metals
    200(2006)272-273 Full Text
    Izabela Kowalska, Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Magorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz (Wroclaw, Poland)
    Ultrafiltration treatment of detergent solutions
    200(2006)274-276 Full Text
    Thomas Loewe, Hans Beer, Karl Pflanz, Ralf Lausch, Bernhard Diel (Gottingen, Germany)
    New polyolefin nonwoven reinforced CA microfiltration membrane for food and beverage applications
    200(2006)277-279 Full Text
    Min-Yu Teng (Chung-Li), Su-Hsia Lin (Chung-Li and Taoyuan), Ruey-Shin Juang (Chung-Li, Taiwan)
    Effect of ultrasound on the separation of binary protein mixtures by cross-flow ultrafiltration
    200(2006)280-282 Full Text
    Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Izabela Kowalska, Magorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz (Wroclaw, Poland)
    The effect of surfactants on organic dye separation by ultrafiltration
    200(2006)283-285 Full Text
    Ceren Oktar Dogaanay, H. Onder Ozbelge, Levent Yilmaz, Niyazi Bicak (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Removal and recovery of metal anions via functional polymer based PEUF
    200(2006)286-287 Full Text
    Sezin I·slamogalu, Levent Yilmaz (Ankara, Turkey)
    Effect of ionic strength on the complexation of polyethyleneimine (PEI) with Cd and Ni in polymer enhanced ultrafiltration (PEUF)
    200(2006)288-289 Full Text
    Sari Metsamuuronen, Marianne Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland)
    Evaluation of six flat sheet ultrafiltration membranes for fractionation of whey proteins
    200(2006)290-292 Full Text
    Pavlína Velikovska, Petr Mikulasek (Pardubice, Czech Republic).
    The influence of inorganic ions on the z-potential of titanium dioxide dispersion and its microfiltration process
    200(2006)292-293 Full Text
    M.V. Martinez de Yuso, R. de Lara, M.I. Vazquez, J. Benavente (Malaga, Spain)
    Modification of polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes for HNO3 treatment: time influence
    200(2006)294-296 Full Text
    Gabriela Grznarova, Martin Viktorin, Armin Lang (Gottingen, Germany).
    Characterization of virus retentive membranes by a tailor-made dextran method
    200(2006)297-298 Full Text
    Jochen Meier-Haack, Claus Vogel, Wladimir Butwilowski, Dieter Lehmann (Dresden, Germany)
    Fuel cell membranes via solvent-free polymerization
    200(2006)299-301 Full Text
    Pyung-Kyu Park, Chung-Hak Lee (Seoul), Sangho Lee (Kyunggi-do, South Korea)
    Analysis of cake porosity in a coagulation-microfiltration using confocal laser scanning microscope
    200(2006)302-304 Full Text
    Nicole Lawrence, Sandra Kentish, Andrea O’Connor, Geoff Stevens, Andrew Barber (Victoria, Australia)
    Microfiltration of skim milk for casein concentrate manufacture
    200(2006)305-306 Full Text
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    Study of performances of ceramic microfiltration membrane from Tunisian clay applied to cuttlefish effluents treatment
    200(2006)307-309 Full Text
    Pablo Canizares, Angel Perez, Rafael Camarillo, Javier Llanos (Ciudad Real, Spain)
    Tannic acid removal from aqueous effluents using micellar enhanced ultrafiltration at pilot scale
    200(2006)310-312 Full Text
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    Microfiltration with chemistry treating of commercial membranes and microporous tubes for retention of bacteria E. coli on processing of wastewater of dairy products
    200(2006)313-315 Full Text
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    Long-term effects of chemical cleaning in the performance of ultrafiltration ceramic membranes
    200(2006)316-318 Full Text
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    Microfiltration of oily wastewater using PP hydrophobic membrane
    200(2006)319-321 Full Text
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    UF-designed facility location protocol for a potable water treatment in developing countries
    200(2006)322-324 Full Text
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    Water potabilization in developing countries: membrane technology and natural coagulants
    200(2006)325-326 Full Text
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    Recovery of a-phenylglycine by micellar ultrafiltration using organic membranes in a stirred cell
    200(2006)327-329 Full Text
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    Effect of a previous coagulation stage on the ultrafiltration of a metalworking emulsion using ceramic membranes
    200(2006)330-332 Full Text
    Bertrand Tessier, Christelle Harscoat-Schiavo, Ivan Marc (Vandœ uvre-les-Nancy, France)
    Contribution of electrostatic interactions during fractionation of small peptides complex mixtures by UF/NF membranes
    200(2006)333-334 Full Text
    Soumaya Masmoudi (Sfax and Montpellier), Andre Larbot (Montpellier, France), Hafed El Feki, Raja Ben Amar (Sfax, Tunisia)
    Use of ultrafiltration membranes with apatite for the treatment of cuttlefish effluent
    200(2006)335-336 Full Text
    Anna Paula Watanabe, Fernanda Yumi Ushikubo, Luiz Antonio Viotto (Sao Paulo, Brazil).
    Evaluation of permeate flux in microfiltration of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) juice using polypropylene membrane
    200(2006)337-338 Full Text
    Anna Paula Watanabe, Fernanda Yumi Ushikubo, Luiz Antonio Viotto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    Study of influence of operational conditions in polarized layer and fouling formation in microfiltration of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) juice
    200(2006)339-340 Full Text
    A. Polotsky, V. Cherkasova, I. Potokin, G. Polotskaya, T. Meleshko (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    Chemically and thermally resistant polyimide ultrafiltration membranes prepared from polyamic acid
    200(2006)341-342 Full Text
    Barbora Onderkova (Kosice), Stefan Schlosser (Bratislava), Tomas Bakalar, Milan Bugel (Kosice, Slovakia).
    Microfiltration of suspensions of microparticulate ion exchanger through ceramic membrane
    200(2006)343-345 Full Text
    Sergei P. Agashichev (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    Concentration polarisation in cross-flow microfiltration under the conditions of shear-induced diffusion
    200(2006)346-348 Full Text
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    The water problem in a tourist emplacement in the Mediterranean Spanish coast. Water consumption overview and selection of an alternative supply
    200(2006)349-350 Full Text
    M. Muthukrishnan, B.K. Guha (New Delhi, India)
    Heavy metal separation by using surface modified nanofiltration membrane
    200(2006)351-353 Full Text
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    Structural and functional study of two nanofiltration membranes
    200(2006)354-355 Full Text
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    Competitive sorption and diffusion effects in the pervaporation of low water content aqueous alcohol mixtures through microporous silica membranes
    200(2006)356-357 Full Text
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    Separation of ethylene glycol from model wastewater by nanofiltration
    200(2006)358-360 Full Text
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    Effect of phosphoric and hydrofluoric acid on the charge density of a nanofiltration membrane
    200(2006)361-363 Full Text
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    Characterisation of active and porous sublayers of composite membranes from hydrodynamic and electrical measurements
    200(2006)364-366 Full Text
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    Pervaporation of toluene and toluene/acetone/ethyl acetate aqueous mixtures through dense composite polydimethylsiloxane membranes
    200(2006)367-373 Full Text
    S.S. Madaeni, S. Zereshki (Kermanshah, Iran)
    Reverse osmosis: an energy saving option in sugar industry
    200(2006)374-375 Full Text
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    Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) mixed matrix pervaporation membranes
    200(2006)376-378 Full Text
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    Ammonia separation and purification by absorbing pervaporation
    200(2006)379-380 Full Text
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    Swelling and compaction of nanofiltration membranes in a non-aqueous environment
    200(2006)381-382 Full Text
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    Recycling of organic solvents by pervaporation and micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration
    200(2006)383-384 Full Text
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    Chemical surface modification of g-Al2O3 and TiO2 toplayer membranes for increased hydrophobicity
    200(2006)385-386 Full Text
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    Polyamide thin-film composite membranes prepared by interfacial polymerization for pervaporation separation
    200(2006)387-389 Full Text
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    Effect of permeate pressure on pervaporation of methyl tert-butyl ether/methanol mixtures
    200(2006)390-392 Full Text
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    Concentration of solutes by nanofiltration in organic solvents
    200(2006)393-394 Full Text
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    Modelling of flow and concentration patterns in spiral wound membrane modules with ladder-type spacers
    200(2006)395-396 Full Text
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    Beer dealcoholization by reverse osmosis
    200(2006)397-399 Full Text
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    Fullerene-containing polyphenylene oxide membranes for pervaporation
    200(2006)400-402 Full Text
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    Removal of copper from industrial effluent using a spiral wound module — film theory and hydrodynamic approach
    200(2006)403-405 Full Text
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    Modelling of the concentration polarization of the bivalents salts using a Nanomax50 membrane in nanofiltration process
    200(2006)406-408 Full Text
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    Salt removal from process solutions in liquid dye production by nanofiltration
    200(2006)409-410 Full Text
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    200(2006)411-413 Full Text
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    200(2006)414-415 Full Text
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    200(2006)416-418 Full Text
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    200(2006)419-420 Full Text
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    200(2006)421-423 Full Text
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    Hybrid membrane materials with different metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) for gas separation
    200(2006)424-426 Full Text
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    Modelling of polysulfone membrane formation by immersion precipitation
    200(2006)427-428 Full Text
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    Competitive ion transfer during electrodialysis of multicomponent solutions modeling natural waters
    200(2006)429-431 Full Text
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    New research and developments in gas/vapor separation by membrane contactor systems
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    200(2006)435-437 Full Text
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    Structure and morphology of membranes prepared from polyvinyl alcohol and silver nitrate: influence of the annealing treatment and of the film thickness
    200(2006)437-439 Full Text
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    Preparation and properties of superglassy polymers — zeolite mixed matrix membranes
    200(2006)440-442 Full Text
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    Mixed conductivity of composites based on a perfluorinated membrane incorporating polyaniline
    200(2006)443-445 Full Text
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    Influence of particle size and particle size distribution on membrane-adsorption hybrid systems
    200(2006)446-448 Full Text
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    Surface-modified metal membrane for membrane contactor application
    200(2006)449-450 Full Text
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    Demineralization of water using a combination of MD and NF(RO)
    200(2006)451-452 Full Text
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    CFD simulation of a rotating disk flat membrane module —
    200(2006)453-455 Full Text
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    Design, synthesis and characterization of mixed matrix material for CO2 capture
    200(2006)456-458 Full Text
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    Intensification of Membrane Processes. Remediation of Groundwaters by Emulsion Pertraction as a Case Study
    200(2006)459-461 Full Text
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    Effects of photo-initiation and monomer composition onto performance of graft-copolymer based membrane adsorbers
    200(2006)462-463 Full Text
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    Chiral separation of racemic benzoin via enzyme enhanced ultrafiltration
    200(2006)464-465 Full Text
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    The biodiol production: separation of model biomass by microfiltration
    200(2006)466-467 Full Text
    Constantin Frerick, Peter Kreis, Andrzej Gorak (Dortmund) , Dieter Melzner (Goettingen, Germany)
    Simulation and optimisation of the downstream process for purification of human serum albumin by using ion exchange membrane adsorbers
    200(2006)468-469 Full Text
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    200(2006)470-471 Full Text
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    Optimization of operation mode for the concentration by NF of clarified fermentation broths
    200(2006)472-474 Full Text
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    Influence of pH in the recovery of lactoferrin from whey with ceramic membranes
    200(2006)475-476 Full Text
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    Strategy to separate lysozyme and ovalbumin from CEW using UF
    200(2006)477-479 Full Text
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    Presentation of a Tandem–Sartobind pilot plant as an approach for large scale membrane chromatography
    200(2006)480-482 Full Text
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    b-Glucosidase separation from Olea opaea fruit and its use in membrane bioreactors for hydrolysis of olopein
    200(2006)483-484 Full Text
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    In-situ phenol removal from fermentation broth by pertraction
    200(2006)485-487 Full Text
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    200(2006)488-490 Full Text
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    200(2006)491-492 Full Text
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    Bioartificial polymer membranes as innovative systems for biomedical or biotechnological uses
    200(2006)493-495 Full Text
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    Preliminary analysis of the factors determining bacterial fragment removal from water of different commercial ceramic and polymeric membranes —
    200(2006)496-497 Full Text
    Mariana S. Costa, M. Margarida Cardoso (Monte da Caparica, Portugal).
    Effect of uniform sized polymeric microspheres prepared by membrane emulsification technique on controlled release of anthracycline anti-cancer drugs
    200(2006)498-500 Full Text
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    RGD immobilization on PLLA membranes to promote biocompatibility
    200(2006)501-502 Full Text
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    Plasma modifications of porous PEEK–WC–PU membranes
    200(2006)503-504 Full Text
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    Enzymatic membrane reactor in supercritical carbon dioxide —
    200(2006)505-506 Full Text
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    Utilisation of a membrane bioreactor for pectin hydrolysis by Aspergillus niger polygalacturonase
    200(2006)507-508 Full Text
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    Membrane supported enzymatic synthesis of galactosyl-oligosaccharides
    200(2006)509-510 Full Text
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    Effect of operation conditions on the efficiency of membrane bioreactors
    200(2006)511-513 Full Text
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    Modeling of two separate phase enzyme membrane reactors for kinetic resolution of naproxen ester
    200(2006)514-515 Full Text
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    Zeolitic inorganic supports for the cytochrome c immobilization: comparative study of several zeolite membranes
    200(2006)516-517 Full Text
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    Improving thin sugar beet juice quality through ultrafiltration
    200(2006)518-519 Full Text
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    The potential of microfiltration and ultrafiltration process in purification of raw sugar beet juice
    200(2006)520-522 Full Text
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    Using direct contact membrane distillation for whey protein concentration
    200(2006)523-525 Full Text
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    Coupled operation of membrane distillation and osmotic evaporation in fruit juice concentration
    200(2006)526-527 Full Text
    Ivetta Vincze, Eva Stefanovits-Banyai, Gyula Vatai (Budapest, Hungary)
    Using nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for the concentration of seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) juice
    200(2006)528-530 Full Text
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    Effect of the protein addition on the structure of set style and stirred yoghurt with and without the use of transglutaminase
    200(2006)531-532 Full Text
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    Concentration of viscous food solutions by membrane contactors
    200(2006)533-534 Full Text
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    Concentration of blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) juice with nanofiltration
    200(2006)535-537 Full Text
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    Ceramic ultrafiltration membranes for non-solvent vegetable oil degumming (phospholipid removal)
    200(2006)537-539 Full Text
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    Integrated large-scale membrane process for producing concentrated fruit juices
    200(2006)540-542 Full Text
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    Soybeans crude oil miscella degumming utilizing ceramic membranes: transmembrane pressure and velocity effects
    200(2006)543-544 Full Text
    Fernanda Yumi Ushikubo, Anna Paula Watanabe, Luiz Antonio Viotto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    Effects of operating conditions and enzyme treatment on fouling and polarized layer formation during umbu (Spondias tuberosa Arr. Cam.) juice microfiltration
    200(2006)546-548 Full Text
    Fernanda Yumi Ushikubo, Anna Paula Watanabe, Luiz Antonio Viotto (Sao Paulo, Brazil).
    Microfiltration of umbu (Spondias tuberosa Arr. Cam.) juice using polypropylene membrane
    200(2006)549-551 Full Text
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    Rheological properties of reduced fat mozzarella cheese made by direct acidification using low concentration factor ultrafiltration retentates
    200(2006)552-554 Full Text
    Christiane Maciel V. Barros, Ana Carolina O. Ribeiro, Walkiria H. Viotto (Campinas, Brazil).
    Impact of low concentration factor ultrafiltration on the composition and yield of reduced fat Prato cheese
    200(2006)555-556 Full Text
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    Whey concentration using microfiltration and ultrafiltration
    200(2006)557-558 Full Text
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    Preparation of composite membranes and their behaviour in the filtration of pure organic solvents
    200(2006)559-561 Full Text
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    Vegetable oil degumming using inorganic membranes
    200(2006)562-564 Full Text
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    Clarification of lemon juice using membrane process
    200(2006)565-567 Full Text
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    A membrane contactor for the preparation of nanoparticles
    200(2006)568-569 Full Text
    Catherine Charcosset, Assma Ahmed El-Harati, Hatem Fessi (Villeurbanne, France)
    A membrane contactor for the preparation of solid lipid nanoparticles
    200(2006)570-571 Full Text
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    Performance of rotating membrane emulsification for o/w production
    200(2006)572-574 Full Text
    Anna Witek, Roman G. Szafran, Andrzej Koltuniewicz (Wroclaw, Poland)
    p-Cresol removal using a membrane contactor enhanced by the micellar solubilization
    200(2006)575-578 Full Text
    Krystyna Konieczny, Michal Bodzek, Anna Kopec, Arkadiusz Szczepanek (Gliwice, Poland)
    Coagulation–submerge membrane system for NOM removal from water
    200(2006)578-580 Full Text
    Sirichai Koonaphapdeelert, K. Li (London, UK).
    The development of ceramic hollow fibre membranes for a membrane contactor
    200(2006)581-583 Full Text
    Seung-Eun Nam, Sun-A Song, Sang-Gyun Kim, Sun-Mi Park, Yongku Kang (Taejon), Jae Wook Lee (Seoul) , Kew-Ho Lee (Taejon, South Korea)
    Preparation of organic–inorganic nanocomposite membranes as proton exchange membranes for direct dimethyl ether fuel cell application
    200(2006)584-585 Full Text
    Alessandra Criscuoli, Maria Concetta Carnevale, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy).
    Energy requirements in membrane distillation: evaluation and optimization
    200(2006)586-587 Full Text
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    Separation of fuel gases of microbial origin by using active membrane systems
    200(2006)588-590 Full Text
    Toraj Mohammadi, Omid Bakhteyari (Tehran, Iran).
    Concentration of l-lysine monohydrochloride (l-lysine–HCl) syrup using vacuum membrane distillation
    200(2006)591-594 Full Text
    Rui M.C. Viegas, Joao G. Crespo, Isabel M. Coelhoso (Caparica, Portugal)
    Hybrid modelling of the racemic resolution of propranolol in membrane contactors
    200(2006)595-597 Full Text
    Gianluca Di Profio, Efrem Curcio, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy).
    Controlling protein crystallization kinetics in membrane crystallizers: effects on morphology and structure
    200(2006)598-600 Full Text
    M. Urbiztondo, S. Irusta, R. Mallada, M. P. Pina, J. Santamaria (Zaragoza, Spain).
    Evaluation of optical and dielectrical properties of the zeolites
    200(2006)601-603 Full Text
    Hyung-Keun Lee, Hang-Dae Jo, Won-Kil Choi, Hyun-Hee Park, Chun-Won Lim, Yong-Taek Lee (Daejeon, S. Korea)
    Absorption of SO2 in hollow fiber membrane contactors using various aqueous absorbents
    200(2006)604-605 Full Text
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    200(2006)606-608 Full Text
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    Separation of carbon dioxide from flue gases using membrane contactors
    200(2006)609-611 Full Text
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    Integrated Membrane Systems for Seawater Desalination
    200(2006)612-614 Full Text
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    Brackish water desalination with the combination of Donnan dialysis and electrodialysis
    200(2006)615-617 Full Text
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    200(2006)618-619 Full Text
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    200(2006)620 Full Text
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    Effect of milk fractions on the oxidoreduction potential evolution during electroreduction of milk
    200(2006)621-622 Full Text
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    Chitosan solubilization by bipolar membrane electro-acidification
    200(2006)623 Full Text
    Monica Araya-Farias, Laurent Bazinet (Sainte-Foy, Canada)
    Electrodialysis of calcium and carbonate high-concentration solutions and impact on membrane fouling
    200(2006)624 Full Text
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    Estimated error of potential difference measurement with the Luggin capillaries by using a 2D mathematical model of ion transfer
    200(2006)625-626 Full Text
    Kamel-Eddine Bouhidel, Aicha Lakehal (Batna, Algeria)
    The prevention of the concentration polarization and the water dissociation in electrodeionization by an amphoteric salt NH4CH3COO
    200(2006)627-628 Full Text
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    Utilization of electrodialysis for the regeneration of granular activated carbon packed in beds saturated with H2S
    200(2006)629-631 Full Text
    Jan Schauer, Libuse Brozova, Zbynebk Pientka, Karel Bouzek (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Heterogeneous ion-exchange polyethylene-based membranes with sulfonated poly(1,4-phenylene sulfide) particles
    200(2006)632-633 Full Text
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    200(2006)634-635 Full Text
    Yusuke Yamamoto, Maria Chiara Ferrari, Marco Giacinti Baschetti, Maria Grazia De Angelis, Giulio Cesare Sarti (Bologna, Italy)
    A quartz crystal microbalance study of water vapor sorption in a short side-chain PFSI membrane
    200(2006)636-638 Full Text
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    Factors affecting the stability of Nafion conductivity at high temperature and relative humidity
    200(2006)639-641 Full Text
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    Sulfonated radiation grafted polystyrene pore-filled poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes for direct methanol fuel cells: structure–property correlations
    200(2006)642-644 Full Text
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    Pre-treatment effect on the transport properties of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) membranes for DMFC applications
    200(2006)645-647 Full Text
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    200(2006)648-649 Full Text
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    Homogeneous vs. heterogeneous membranes for the application in PEM type fuel cells
    200(2006)650-652 Full Text
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    Membranes for portable direct alcohol fuel cells
    200(2006)653-655 Full Text
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    Using a novel sulfonated silica nanoparticles for Nafion® membrane for direct methanol fuel cell
    200(2006)656-657 Full Text
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    200(2006)658-659 Full Text
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    Simultaneous determination of water sorption and conductivity in perfluorinated ionomers
    200(2006)660-661 Full Text
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    Proton conducting composite membranes with low ethanol crossover for DEFC
    200(2006)662-663 Full Text
    Chang Hyun Lee, Chul Ho Jung, Young Moo Lee (Seoul), Ji Won Rhim (Daejon) , Sang Yong Nam (Jinju, South Korea)
    Highly proton conductive and highly reliable polybenzoxazole with peculiar microporous structure for high-temperature and water-free PEMFC systems
    200(2006)664-665 Full Text
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    Catalytic membrane reactor for the selective hydrogenation of edible oil: platinum versus palladium catalyst
    200(2006)666-667 Full Text
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    200(2006)668-670 Full Text
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    The pressure effect on ethanol steam reforming in membrane reactor: experimental study
    200(2006)671-672 Full Text
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    Preparation, characterisation and reactivity of polydimethylsiloxane membranes for selective oxidation of benzene to phenol
    200(2006)673-675 Full Text
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    Equilibrium of a Pd-based membrane reactor
    200(2006)679-680 Full Text
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    Porous stainless steel supported silica membrane for WGS reaction
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    A Pd/Ag tubular membrane reactor for methane dry reforming: a reactive method for CO2 consumption
    200(2006)684-685 Full Text
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    Synthesis of dimethyl ether from methanol using alumina–silica membrane reactor
    200(2006)689-691 Full Text
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    200(2006)692-694 Full Text
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    200(2006)695-696 Full Text
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    200(2006)700-701 Full Text
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    Catalytic zeolite membrane reactors for the selective CO oxidation
    200(2006)702-704 Full Text
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    Hybrid Photocatalytic Membranes Embedding Decatungstate for Heterogeneous Photooxydation
    200(2006)705-707 Full Text
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    Limit conversion of a palladium membrane reactor using counter-current sweep gas on methane steam reforming
    200(2006)708-709 Full Text
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    AMEDEUS and OMBRA projects: boosting the development of MBR technologies in ope
    200(2006)710-711 Full Text
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    200(2006)712-714 Full Text
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    Fouling mechanisms of model extracellular polymeric substances in submerged membrane reactor
    200(2006)715-717 Full Text
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    200(2006)718-719 Full Text
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    Experimental analysis of mechanisms induced by a spherical cap bubble injection in submerged hollow-fibre bioreactor
    200(2006)720-721 Full Text
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    The role of fouling mechanisms in a submerged membrane bioreactor during the start-up
    200(2006)722-724 Full Text
    M.M. Gholami, M.A. Mokhtari, A. Aameri, M.R. Alizadeh Fard (Tehran, Iran)
    Application of reverse osmosis technology for arsenic removal from drinking water
    200(2006)725-727 Full Text
    Raffaele Molinari, Pietro Argurio, Teresa Poerio, Gianluigi Gullone (Rende, Italy)
    Selective separation of copper(II) and nickel(II) from aqueous systems by polymer assisted ultrafiltration
    200(2006)728-730 Full Text
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    Retention of phenols and carboxylic acids by nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membranes: sieving and membrane-solute interaction effects
    200(2006)731-733 Full Text
    Marco Stoller, Angelo Chianese (Rome, Italy)
    Technical optimization of a batch olive wash wastewater treatment membrane plant
    200(2006)734-736 Full Text
    Graz.yna Zakrzewska-Trznadel (Warsaw, Poland)
    Tritium removal from water solutions
    200(2006)737-738 Full Text
    Marie Iaquinta, Marco Stoller, Carlo Merli (Rome, Italy)
    Development of synthetic wastewater from the tomato industry for membrane processing purposes
    200(2006)739-741 Full Text
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    Recovery of heavy metals from metal industry waste waters by chemical precipitation and nanofiltration
    200(2006)742-744 Full Text
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    Study of the UF process as pretreatment of NF membranes for textile wastewater reuse
    200(2006)745-747 Full Text
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    Recovery of water and sulfides from liming wastewaters
    200(2006)748-749 Full Text
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    Corn starch waste water treatment with membrane technologies: pilot test
    200(2006)750-751 Full Text
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    Brackish water desalination by electrodialysis: opposing scaling
    200(2006)752-753 Full Text
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    PWF: a reliable water producing machine at 100% recovery
    200(2006)754-756 Full Text
    Claire Machinal, Sylvie Torres, Jean-Christophe Schrotter (Maisons Laffitte, France)
    Expertise centre of excellence “ARAMIS” dedicated to membrane plant design and operation
    200(2006)757-759 Full Text
    S. Abate, S. Perathoner, C. Genovese, G. Centi (Messina, Italy)
    Performances, characteristics and stability of catalytic membranes based on a thin Pd film on a ceramic support for h2o2 direct synthesis
    200(2006)760-761 Full Text
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