Desalination, Vol. 199-200 (2006)
    Euromembrane 2006 24–28 September 2006,
    Giardini Naxos, Italy

    H. Strathmann, A. Grabowski, G. Eigenberger (Stuttgart, Germany) (Germany)
    Electromembrane processes, efficient and versatile tools in a sustainable industrial development
    199 (2006) 1-3 Full Text
    G. Alberti, M. Casciola, U. Costantino, R. Narducci, M. Pica and M. Sganappa (Perugia, Italy). (Italy)
    Proton conducting membranes for medium temperature fuel cells: recent advances and new strategies
    199 (2006)4-5 Full Text
    V. Arcella, A. Ghielmi, L. Merlo and M. Gebert (Bollate, Italy) (Italy)
    Membrane electrode assemblies based on perfluorosulfonic ionomers for an evolving fuel cell technology
    199 (2006) 6-8 Full Text
    D. Hofmann, M. Heuchel, M. Entrialgo, M. Siegert and S. Pelzer (Teltow, Germany) (Germany)
    Atomistic modelling and simulation of membrane phenomena
    199 (2006) 9-11 Full Text
    T. Leiknes (Trondheim, Norway) (Norway)
    Membrane technology in environmental engineering — meeting future demands and challenges of the water and sanitation sector
    199 (2006)12-14 Full Text
    H. Brouwer, K. Meesters and J. van Groenestijn (Apeldoorn, Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
    Biofouling control in reverse osmosis membranes using rapid biofiltration technology
    199 (2006)15-17 Full Text
    P. Fievet, A. Szymczyk (Besancon) and M. Sbaï (Angers, France) (France)
    Tangential streaming potential as a tool in the characterisation of microporous membranes
    199 (2006)18-19 Full Text
    Genevieve Gesan-Guiziou (Rennes), Anne Jimenez (la Boissiere Ecole) and Claire Arcelin (Rennes, France) (France)
    Cake properties in dead-end ultrafiltration of casein micelles: determination of critical operating conditions
    199 (2006)20-22 Full Text
    David Hughes, Uday Tirlapur, Robert Field, Zhanfeng Cui (Oxford, UK) (UK)
    Multiphoton microscopy – new insights into membrane fouling
    199(2006)23-25 Full Text
    Matthias Gloede, Thomas Melin (Aachen, Germany). (Germany)
    Potentials and limitations of molecular modelling approaches for scaling and scale inhibiting mechanisms
    199(2006)26-28 Full Text
    Jack Gilron*, M. Waisman, N. Daltrophe, N. Pomerantz, M. Milman, I. Ladizhansky, E. Korin (Beer Sheva, Israel). (Israel)
    Prevention of precipitation fouling in NF/RO by reverse flow operation
    199(2006)29-30 Full Text
    Sarit Bason, Adi Ben-David, Yoram Oren, Viatcheslav Freger (Beer Sheva, Israel) (Israel)
    Characterization of ion transport in the active layer of RO and NF polyamide membranes
    199(2006)31-33 Full Text
    L.E.M. Gevers, P. Vandezande*, J. Vermant, J.A. Martens, I.F.J. Vankelecom, P.A. Jacobs (Leuven, Belgium) (Belgium)
    A novel method to prepare porous membranes/polymers with easy control over porosity and increased compaction resistance
    199(2006)34-36 Full Text
    Ana Manito Pereiraa (Ede and Eindhoven), Joost Rooze, Eindhoven), Martin Timmer (Ede) , Jos Keurentjes (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
    An analysis of multi-component mass transfer in solvent nanofiltration
    199(2006)37-38 Full Text
    Mattias Nilsson, Gun Tragardh and Karin. Ostergren (Lund, Sweden).... (Sweden)
    Salt and temperature dependent permeability changes of a NF membrane
    199(2006)39-40 Full Text
    Mika Manttari*, Marianne Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland) (Finland)
    Negative retention of organic compounds in nanofiltration
    199(2006)41-42 Full Text
    B. Cuartas-Uribe*, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda, E. Soriano-Costa, A. Bes-Pia (Valencia, Spain). (Spain)
    Comparison of two nanofiltration membranes NF200 and Ds-5 DL to demineralize whey
    199(2006)43-45 Full Text
    Nihel Ben Amar (Tunis, Tunisia), Hafedh Saidani (Tunis and Montpellier), John Palmeri,(Montpellier) Andre Deratani (Montpellier, France). (Tunisia)
    Temperature dependence of water and neutral solutes transport in nanofiltration membranes
    199(2006)46-48 Full Text
    A. Ben-David, S. Basson, Y. Oren and V. Freger (Beer Sheva, Israel). (Israel)
    Mechanism and role of partitioning in removal of organics by RO and NF composite membranes
    199(2006)49-51 Full Text
    Y. Oren, C. Linder, N. Daltrophe, Y. Mirsky, J. Skorka and O. Kedem (Beer Sheva, Israel). (Israel)
    Boron removal from desalinated seawater and brackish water by improved electrodialysis
    199(2006)52-54 Full Text
    Ann Dorrit Enevoldsen (Lyngby and Bagsvaerd),,*, Ernst Hansen (Bagsvaerd) , Gunnar Jonsson (Lyngby, Denmark) (Denmark)
    Enzyme recovery by crossflow electro-ultrafiltration
    199(2006)55-56 Full Text
    Stella Lacour and Jacqueline Sandeaux (Montpellier, France) (France)
    Enhancing mass transfer in multi-electroextraction technique using ion exchange grafted textiles
    199(2006)57-58 Full Text
    Elena Belova, Galina Lopatkova, Natalia Pismenskaya, Victor Nikonenko* (Krasnodar, Russia), Christian Larchet (Créteil, France).. (Russia)
    Role of water splitting in development of electroconvection ion-exchange membrane systems
    199(2006)59-61 Full Text
    Benjamin Ruiz*, Philippe Sistat, Gerald Pourcelly, Patrice Huguet (Montpellier, France). (France)
    Electromembrane process with pulsed electric field
    199(2006)62-63 Full Text
    E. Singlande, H. Roux-de Balmann, X. Lefevbre and M. Sperandio (Toulouse and Bagsvaerd, France) (France)
    Improvement of the treatment of salted liquid waste by integrated electrodialysis upstream biological treatment
    199 (2006)64-66 Full Text
    K.-E. Bouhidel and S. Benslimane (Batna, Algeria) (Algeria)
    Ion exchange membrane modification by weak electrolytes and glycine: reduction and elimination of the concentration polarization plateau in electrodialysis
    199 (2006)67-69 Full Text
    Christel Causserand*, Sandrine Rouaix, Jean-Pierre Lafaille, Pierre Aimar (Toulouse, France). (France)
    Degradation of polysulfone membranes due to contact with bleaching solution
    199(2006)70-72 Full Text
    Ana Rita Costa, Maria Norberta de Pinho (Lisboa, Portugal) (Portugal)
    Comparison of the performance of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration in surface water treatment
    199(2006)73-75 Full Text
    Frank Buchheister*(Darmstadt), Jan Hoinkis(Karlsruhe), Stefan Muth, Volker Panten (Darmstadt, Germany). (Germany)
    LIWATEC – laundry innovative waste water recycling technology
    199(2006)76-77 Full Text
    Valerie Jacquemet, Gilberte Gaval, Elena-Carmen Gherman, Jean-Christophe Schrotter* (Maisons Laffitte, France) (France)
    Deeper understanding of membrane fouling issues on a full scale water plant
    199(2006)78-80 Full Text
    Nathalie Delebecque,, Christel Causserand*, Christine Roques, Pierre Aimar (Toulouse, France).. (France)
    Membrane processes for water disinfection: investigation on bacterial transfer mechanisms
    199(2006)81-83 Full Text
    Petra Johannsen (Hamburg, Germany)*, Ram Karlapudi (Cortland, NY, USA), Georg Reinhold (Dreieich, Germany) (Germany)
    High pressure reverse osmosis for wastewater minimization and zero liquid discharge applications
    199(2006)84-85 Full Text
    P.J. Remize, C. Guigui*, C. Cabassud (Toulouse, France) (France)
    From a new method to consider backwash efficiency to the definition of remaining fouling
    199(2006)86-88 Full Text
    Valentina Parco*(Rondebosch and Palermo), Mark Wentzel, George Ekama (Rondebosch, South Africa) (South Africa)
    Kinetics of nitrogen removal in a MBR nutrient removal activated sludge system
    199(2006)89-91 Full Text
    Hannes Richter*, Ingolf Voigt, Jan-Thomas Kuhnert (Hermsdorf, Germany) (Germany)
    Dewatering of ethanol by pervaporation and vapour permeation with industrial scale NaA-membranes
    199(2006)92-93 Full Text
    Anna-Karin Nordin*, Ann-Sofi Jonsson (Lund, Sweden) (Sweden)
    Optimisation of membrane area and energy requirement in tubular membrane modules
    199(2006)94-95 Full Text
    Pavel Izak (Rostock and Prague),*, M. Kockerling, U. Kragl (Rostock, Germany) (Germany)
    Solute transport from aqueous mixture throught supported ionic liquid membrane by pervaporation
    199(2006)96-98 Full Text
    Michael Schleger*, Jens Hoppe, Thomas Melin (Aachen, Germany) (Germany)
    Development of a novel inherently stabilised honeycomb-type membrane module
    199(2006)99-104 Full Text
    Taku Matsushita (Sydney and Gifu Japan), Pierre Le-Clech, Vicki Chen (Sydney, Australia) *, S.R. Wickramasinghe (Colorado, USA) (Australia)
    Behavior of gold colloid as model viruses during filtration through adsorptive ion exchange membranes
    199(2006)105-107 Full Text
    Margarita Modek, Raphael Semiat* (Israel)
    Experimental study of the flow between two membranes
    199(2006)108-110 Full Text
    A. Figoli*, A. Tagarelli, A. Mecchia, A. Trotta, B. Cavaliere (Rende), R. Lavecchia (Rome),, G. Sindona, E. Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Enzyme-assisted pervaporative recovery of concentrated bergamot peel oils
    199(2006)111-112 Full Text
    J. Qiu*, K.-V. Peinemann (Geesthacht, Germany). (Germany)
    Gas transport properties of novel mixed matrix membranes with the organic filler trimethylsilyl-glucose
    199(2006)113-114 Full Text
    A. Figoli*, G. De Luca, F. Lamerata, E. Drioli (Rende, Italy). (Italy)
    Preparation and characterisation of novel PEEKWC capsules by phase inversion technique
    199(2006)115-117 Full Text
    N. Dolmaire, F. Mechin, E. Espuche* (Villeurbanne, France) (France)
    Water transport in polyurethane/polydimethylsiloxane membranes: Influence of the hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance and of the crosslink density
    199(2006)118-120 Full Text
    Alexander Alentiev, Yuri Yampolskii, Julia Kostina and Galina Bondarenko (Moscow, Russia) (Russia)
    New possibilities for increasing the selectivity of polymer gas separating membranes
    199(2006)121-123 Full Text
    Klaus-Viktor Peinemann*, Matthias Konrad, Volker Abetz (Geesthacht, Germany) (Germany)
    Highly ordered membrane structures from block copolymers
    199(2006)124-126 Full Text
    F. Javier Escudero Sanz, Jean François Lahitte, Jean-Christophe Remigy* (Narbonne, France) (France)
    Membrane synthesis by microemulsion polymerisation stabilised by commercial non-ionic surfactants
    199(2006)127-129 Full Text
    Chrtomir Stropnik*, Anja Car (Maribor, Slovenia) (Slovenia)
    Some aspects of polymeric asymmetric porous membranes formation by wet-phase separation method
    199(2006)130-132 Full Text
    Bernd Krause*, Markus Storr, Hermann Gohl (Hechingen, Germany) (Germany)
    Tailor-made membranes for technical and biomedical sensor system
    199(2006)133-134 Full Text
    Efrem Curcio*, Giuseppe Barbieri, Loredana De Bartolo, Maria Rende, Sabrina Morelli, Lidietta Giorno, Enrico Drioli (Italy). (Italy)
    Diffusive and convective transport in HF membrane reactors for biomedical applications
    199(2006)135-137 Full Text
    Davide Silvestri*, Maria Laura Coluccio**, Niccoletta Barbani (Pisa), Gianluca Ciardelli (Turin), Caterina Cristallini, Carla Pegoraro, Paolo Giusti (Pisa, Italy). (Italy)
    Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) membranes with specific adsorption properties for potential clinical application
    199(2006)138-140 Full Text
    Loredana De Bartolo, Antonella Piscioneri*, Sabrina Morelli, Giuseppina Cotroneo, Franco Tasselli, Maria Cristina Caroleo, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Human lymphocyte hollow fiber bioreactor
    199(2006)141-143 Full Text
    Ming-Hua Ho, Da-Ming Wang*, Lein-Tuan Hou, Hsyue-Jen Hsieh (Taipei), Juin-Yih Lai (Chung Li , Taiwan) (Taiwan, ROC)
    Preparation of cell-specific membranes for bone regeneration by peptide grafting
    199(2006)144-146 Full Text
    Loredana De Bartolo*, Sabrina Morelli (Rende), Linda C. Lopez (Bari), Lidietta Giorno, Giuseppe Barbieri, Simona Salerno, Maria Rende, Efrem Curcio (Rende), Alfredo Procino (Naples), Pietro Favia (Bari), Bruno Memoli, Vittorio E. Andreucci, Riccardo d’Agostino (Naples), Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Human galactosylated membrane bioreactor for the long-term maintenance of liver specific functions
    199(2006)147-149 Full Text
    Mathias Ulbricht*, Songul Ozdemir, Christian Geismann (Essen, Germany) (Germany)
    Functionalized track-etched membranes as versatile tool to investigate stimuli-responsive polymers for “smart” nano- and microsystems
    199(2006)150-152 Full Text
    Kazukiyo Nagai*, Akimi Sato, Sou Miyata  (Kawasaki, Japan) (Japan)
    Nano-porous membranes prepared by the insertion of a single polymer chain into each pore
    199(2006)153-155 Full Text
    Adele Brunetti, Giuseppe Barbieri*, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    A PEMFC and H2 membrane purification integrated plant
    199(2006)156-158 Full Text
    Frank Lipnizki (Soborg, Denmark) (Denmark)
    Membrane applications in the pulp and paper industry: Experience on lab, pilot and industrial scale
    199(2006)159-160 Full Text
    Vladimir Teplyakov*, Mark Tsodikov, Marat Magsumov, Ilya Moiseev (Moscow, Russia) ,Freek Kapteijn (Delft, The Netherlands). (Russia)
    Intensification of gas phase catalytic processes in nano-channels of ceramic catalytic membranes
    199(2006)161-163 Full Text
    Benjamin Alexandre*, Stephane Marais, Dominique Langevin (Mont-Saint-Aignan), Pascal Mederic, Thierry Aubry (Brest, France). (France)
    Nanocomposite-based polyamide 12/montmorillonite: relationships between structures and transport properties
    199(2006)164-166 Full Text
    M.G. Buonomenna (Rende)*, E. Gallo, F. Ragaini, S. Cenini (Milano), E. Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    New ruthenium porphyrin polymeric membranes: preparation, characterization and catalytic activity in alkenes aziridination
    199(2006)167-169 Full Text
    Stephanie Bocquet*, Fabrice Gascons Viladomat, Carlos Muvdi Nova, Jose Sanchez, Violaine Athes, Isabelle Souchon (Montpellier, France). (France)
    Optimal configuration of hollow fiber modules for aroma extraction: An integrated approach coupling modelling and experiments
    199(2006)170-171 Full Text
    B. Norddahl , V.G. Horn , M. Larsson , J.H. du Preez , K. Christensen (Odense M, Denmark) (Denmark)
    A membrane contactor for ammonia stripping, pilot scale experience and modeling
    199(2006)172-174 Full Text
    Jan H. Hanemaaijer , Jolanda van Medevoort , Albert E. Jansen (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands) , Chris Dotremont , Eric van Sonsbeek (Willebroek, Belgium), , Tao Yuan (Singapore) , Luc De Ryck (Willebroek, Belgium) (The Netherlands)
    Memstill membrane distillation – a future desalination technology
    199(2006)175-176 Full Text
    G. De Luca , A. Di Renzo , F.P. Di Maio , E. Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Modelling droplet formation in cross-flow membrane emulsification
    199(2006)177-179 Full Text
    Mohamed Khayet (Madrid, Spain), Takeshi Matsuura , Mohammed R. Qtaishat (Ottawa, Canada) , Juan I. Mengual (Madrid, Spain). (Spain)
    Porous hydrophobic/hydrophilic composite membranes preparation and application in DCMD desalination at higher temperatures
    199(2006)180-181 Full Text
    Lidietta Giorno, Emma Piacentini, Rosalinda Mazzei, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Distribution of phase transfer biocatalyst at the oil/water interface by membrane emulsifier and evaluation of enantiocatalytic performance
    199(2006)182-184 Full Text
    Emeline Pomier, Nicolas Hengl, Marie-Pierre Belleville, Delphine Paolucci-Jeanjean, Jose Sanchez, Gilbert Rios (Montpellier, France) (France)
    Study of a new metallic membrane evaporator
    199(2006)185-187 Full Text
    Eva M. Maya, Dulce M. Munoz, Jose G. de la Campa, Javier de Abajo, Angel E. Lozano (Madrid, Spain) (Spain)
    Thermal effect on polyethyleneoxide-containing copolyimide membranes for CO2/N2 separation
    199(2006)188-190 Full Text
    Heinz-Joachim (Joachim) Muller (Australia). (Australia)
    A new solvent resistant membrane based on ECTFE
    199(2006)191-192 Full Text
    Sergey Shishatskiy (Geesthacht, Germany), Carmen Nistor , Marcel Popa (Iasi, Romania), , Suzana Pereira Nunes , Klaus-Viktor Peinemann (Geesthacht, Germany) (Germany)
    Comparison of asymmetric and thin-film composite membranes having Matrimid 5218 selective layer
    199(2006)193-194 Full Text
    Chayaporn Roengpithya (London, UK) , Darrell A. Patterson (Auckland, New Zealand), Paul C. Taylor (Coventry, UK) , Andrew G. Livingston (London, UK). (UK)
    Development of stable organic solvent nanofiltration membranes for membrane enhanced dynamic kinetic resolution
    199(2006)195-197 Full Text
    Valeriy Khotimskiy , Marina Chirkova, Elena Litvinova (Moscow, Russia), Matthias Konrad (Geesthacht, Germany), Nicolas Lecerf (Oslo, Norway) , Wilfredo Yave , Sergey Shishatskiy , Klaus-Viktor Peinemann (Geesthacht, Germany). (Germany)
    Poly(1-trimethylgermyl-1-propyne): synthesis, characterisation and transport properties of pure polymers and nanocomposites
    199(2006)198-199 Full Text
    Annarosa Gugliuzza , Marianna Aceto , Silvia Simone , Efrem Curcio , Rosanna Madonna , Gianluca Di Profio , Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Novel functional per-fluorinated membranes: suitable nucleating systems for protein crystallization
    199(2006)200-203 Full Text
    Mari Kallioinen , Maria Pekkarinen , Mika Manttari , Marianne Nystrom , Jutta Nuortila-Jokinen (Lappeenranta, Finland) (Finland)
    Stability of two different regenerated cellulose ultrafiltration membranes under varying solution temperature
    199(2006)204-206 Full Text
    Mellal Mounir , Lu Hui Ding , Michel Jaffrin (Compiegne), Cedric Delattre , Philippe Michaud , Josiane Courtois (Amiens, France) (France)
    Extraction of oligoglucuronans of low degrees of polymerisation from a fermentation broth by cascade filtration using a rotating disk module
    199(2006)207-209 Full Text
    Samantha Platt, Marianne Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland) (Finland)
    Colorimetric staining of ultrafiltration membranes fouled with BSA
    199(2006)210-212 Full Text
    Pyung-Kyu Park , Chung-Hak Lee , Sangho Lee (Korea) (Korea)
    Variation of specific cake resistance according to size and fractal dimension of chemical flocs in a coagulation-microfiltration process
    199(2006)213-215 Full Text
    J. Mendret , C. Guiguir, C. Cabassud , P. Schmitz (Toulouse, France). (France)
    Dead-end ultrafiltration and backwash: dynamic characterisation of cake properties at local scale
    199(2006)216-218 Full Text
    Alex Xenopoulos, Mark Blanchard (Bedford, MA, USA) (USA)
    An improved mixed dextran rejection test for characterization of UF membranes in an R&D environment
    199(2006)219- Full Text
    Greg Foley (Dublin, Ireland) (Ireland)
    Ultrafiltration with variable volume diafiltration: a novel approach to water saving in diafiltration processes —
    199(2006)220-221 Full Text
    K.F. Md Yunos, R.W. Field (London, UK). (UK)
    Effect of sandwich configuration of ultrafiltration membranes on protein fractionation
    199(2006)222-224 Full Text
    W. Richard Bowen (Swansea, UK) (UK)
    Biomimetic separations – learning from the early development of biological membranes
    199(2006)225-227 Full Text
    Silvia Mazzuca , Lidietta Giorno , Antonia Spadafora , Rosalinda Mazzei , Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy). (Italy)
    A new combined method to localize enzyme immobilized in polymeric membranes and evaluate its activity in situ
    199(2006)228-229 Full Text
    Markus Hollas , Eric Jallerat , Karl Pflanz (Göttingen, Germany), Inka Praulich , Johanna Walter , Frank Stahl , Thomas Scheper (Hannover, Germany) (Germany)
    New 3D black substrate for protein microarrays with improved dynamic range
    199(2006)230-231 Full Text
    Jun Wang, Diethelm Johannsmann, Markus Hollas , Volkmar Thom (Germany) (Germany)
    Visualization of capture line protein binding in nitrocellulose diagnostic membranes
    199(2006)232-233 Full Text
    Manfred Raff (VS-Schwenningen, Germany) , Thomas Ertl , Bernd Krause , Markus Storr , Hermann Goehl (Hechingen, Germany) (Germany)
    Mass transfer in Artificial Liver Membrane Devices
    199(2006)234-235 Full Text
    Angels Cano (Barcelona, Spain), E.A. Moschou (Lexington, USA), Jordi Coello (Barcelona, Spain), Sylvia Daunert (Lexington, USA) and Cristina Palet (Barcelona, Spain) (Spain)
    Optimization of monolithic enzymatic membranes activity as a function of their composition using design of experiments (DOE)
    199(2006)236-238 Full Text
    Gwynneth Rice , Sandra Kentish , Andrea O’Connor , Geoff Stevens , Nicole Lawrence , Andrew Barber (Australia) (Australia)
    Fouling behaviour during the nanofiltration of dairy ultrafiltration permeate
    199(2006)239-241 Full Text
    Yoong Hsiang See-Toh, Frederico Castelo Ferreira, Andrew G. Livingston (London, UK). (UK)
    The influence of membrane formation on functional performance of organic solvent nanofiltration membranes
    199(2006)242-244 Full Text
    Kathleen Moons, Bart Van der Bruggen (Leuven, Belgium) (Belgium)
    Removal of micropollutants during drinking water production from surface water with nanofiltration
    199(2006)245-247 Full Text
    Pedro Silva, Andrew G. Livingston (London, UK) (UK)
    Effect of concentration polarisation in organic solvent nanofiltration – flat sheet and spiral wound systems
    199(2006)248-250 Full Text
    A.V. Volkov (Moscow, Russia), D.F. Stamatialis (Enschede, The Netherlands), V.S. Khotimsky, V.V. Volkov, M. Wessling and N.A. Platé (Moscow, Russia). (Russia)
    New membrane material for SRNF applications
    199(2006)251-252 Full Text
    Jukka Tanninen, Mika Manttari, Marianne Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland). (Finland)
    Acid separation with nanofiltration – effect of electrolyte strength and Donnan forces
    199(2006)253-255 Full Text
    Charles Linder, Michael Cantor, Yoram Oren (Beer-Sheva, Israel) (Israel)
    Relationships between material parameters of nanofiltration membranes and the resultant membrane performance
    199(2006)256-257 Full Text
    Stephanie Schmitmeier (Leipzig), Angelika Langsch (Hannover) and Augustinus Bader (Leipzig, Germany). (Germany)
    A membrane-based small-scale bioreactor for accelerated in vitro drug screenings with primary hepatocytes
    199(2006)258-260 Full Text
    Loredana De Bartolo (Rende, Italy), S. Morelli (Germany), Simona Salerno, Carla Campana, Antonella Piscioneri, Maria Rende (Rende, Italy), Augustinus Bader (Germany) and Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy) (Italy)
    Novel bioactive polymeric membranes to elicit specific human hepatocyte responses
    199(2006)261-262 Full Text
    Elsa Genove ,Paco Carrion ,Salvador Borros (Spain) ,C.E.Semino (USA) (Spain)
    Instructive bio-inspired self-assembling peptide nanofiber enhance hepatocyte phenotype in vitro
    199(2006)263-264 Full Text
    Ulrich Grosskinsky (Berlin, Germany) (Germany)
    Biomaterial regulations for tissue engineering
    199(2006)265-267 Full Text
    P. Favia , L.C. Lopez , E. Sardella , R. Gristina , M. Nardulli , R. d’Agostino (Bari, Italy) (Italy)
    Low temperature plasma processes for biomedical applications and membrane processing
    199(2006)268-270 Full Text
    A.S. Arico’ , V. Baglio , A. Di Blasi , V. Antonucci (Messina), L. Cirillo , A. Ghielmi , V. Arcella (Bollate, Italy) (Italy)
    Proton exchange membranes based on the short-side-chain perfluorinated ionomer for high temperature direct methanol fuel cells
    199(2006)271-273 Full Text
    Dominique Gomes, Irmgard Buder, Suzana P. Nunes (Geesthacht, Germany) (Germany)
    Novel proton conductive membranes containing sulfonated silica
    199(2006)274-276 Full Text
    Maria Bass , Viatcheslav Freger (Beer Sheva, Israel) (Israel)
    An experimental study of Schroeder’s paradox in Nafion and Dowex polymer electrolytes
    199(2006)277-279 Full Text
    Giulio Alberti, Mario Casciola, Anna Donnadio, Riccardio Narducci, Monica Pica, Manolo Sganappa (Perugia, Italy). (Italy)
    Preparation and properties of nafion membranes containing nanoparticles of zirconium phosphate
    199(2006)280-282 Full Text
    Francesco Lufrano, Vincenzo Baglio, Pietro Staiti, Antonino S. Arico’, Vincenzo Antonucci (Messina, Italy) (Italy)
    Development and characterization of sulfonated polysulfone membranes for direct methanol fuel cells
    199(2006)283-285 Full Text
    Mauricio Schieda , Stéphanie Roualdès , Jean Durand (Montpellier) , Audrey Martinent , Didier Marsacq (Grenoble, France) (France)
    Plasma-polymerized thin films as new membranes for miniature solid alkaline fuel cells
    199(2006)286-288 Full Text
    Serge Vetter (Kiel), Volker Abetz (Kiel and Geesthacht), Guenter Goerigk (Julich), Irmgard Buder and Suzana Pereira Nunes (Geesthacht, Germany) (Germany)
    Polyetherketones for fuel cell application
    199(2006)289-290 Full Text
    Stefan Engels, Michael Modigell (Aachen, Germany). (Germany)
    Development of a zero emission coal-fired power plant by means of mixed ion conducting high temperature membranes
    199(2006)291-292 Full Text
    Kristien De Sitter (Mol and Leuven), , Roger Leysen, Steven Mullens (Mol), Ivo Vankelecom (Leuven) and Frans Maurer (Lund, Sweden) (Sweden)
    Silica filled poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne) and poly (4-methyl-2-pentyne) membranes: similarities and differences in structural characteristics and membrane performances
    199(2006)293-295 Full Text
    Ana-Mariana Urmenyi (Enschede), Albert P. Philipse (Utrecht), Rob Lammertink and Matthias Wessling (Enschede, The Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
    Hybrid silica – polymer macroporous membranes with tunable surface functionality
    199(2006)296-298 Full Text
    Vladimir V. Zyryanov, Vladislav A. Sadykov (Novosibirsk, Russia) (Russia)
    Design of multilayered ceramic MIEC membranes
    199(2006)299-301 Full Text
    B. Van der Bruggen, K. Delafonteyne (Leuven, Belgium) and L. Braeken (Leuven and Diepenbeek, Belgium) (Belgium)
    Improved separation efficiency in nanofiltration by using a membrane stack
    199(2006)302-304 Full Text
    Faisal Ibney Hai , Kazuo Yamamoto , Kensuke Fukushi (Tokyo, Japan) (Japan)
    Performance of newly developed hollow fiber module with spacer in integrated anaerobic–aerobic fungi reactor treating textile wastewater
    199(2006)305-307 Full Text
    Marcus Weyd , Hannes Richter , Ingolf Voigt (Hermsdorf), Christof Hamel, Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern (Magdeburg, Germany) (Germany)
    Transport and separation properties of asymmetrically structured zeolite membranes in pervaporation
    199(2006)308-309 Full Text
    Annie Tazi-Pain , Jean-Christophe Schrotter (Maisons Laffitte) , Kader Gaid (St Maurice, France) (France)
    How to select a membrane for water application? The experience of Veolia Water
    199(2006)310-311 Full Text
    Johan Tinge , John Krijgsman , Thei Smeets , Paul Vergossen , Gerard Krooshof , Erik Hoving (The Netherlands). (The Netherlands)
    Dewatering caprolactam solutions by direct osmosis using osmotic pressure of concentrated aqueous ammonium sulphate solutions
    199(2006)312-314 Full Text
    Sven Lyko, Farhad Salehi, Thomas Melin (Germany) (Germany)
    Mass transfer of trace contaminants in porous and dense membranes effects of water matrices
    199(2006)315-316 Full Text
    Menahem Priel, Pinhas Glueckstern, Nurit Perlov (Israel) (Israel)
    Seawater vs. different raw-water sources desalination
    199(2006)317-318 Full Text
    Jorge Lobos, Christelle Wisniewski, Marc Heran, Alain Grasmick (France) (France)
    Membrane bioreactor performances: comparison between continuous and sequencing systems
    199(2006)319-321 Full Text
    Cristina T. Matos, Raquel Fortunato, Svetlozar Velizarov, Maria A. M. Reis, Joao G. Crespo (Caparica, Portugal) (Portugal)
    Optimisation of the removal of toxic mono-valent anions from water supplies in the ion exchange membrane bioreactor
    199(2006)322-324 Full Text
    Alfieri Pollice, Daniela Saturno, Cristina Giordano, Giuseppe Laera (Italy) (Italy)
    Long term effects of complete sludge retention in a membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment
    199(2006)325-327 Full Text
    TorOve Leiknes, Heidi Bolt, Martin Engmann, Hallvard Odegaard (Norway) (Norway)
    Assessment of membrane reactor design in the performance of a hybrid biofilm membrane bioreactor (BF-MBR)
    199(2006)328-330 Full Text
    Vítor Alves , Nuno Costa , Loic Hilliou , Fabio Larotonda , Maria Goncalves , Alberto Sereno , Isabel Coelhoso (Portugal).. (Portugal)
    Design of biodegradable composite films for food packaging
    199(2006)331-333 Full Text
    Carla Brazinha, Joao G. Crespo (Portugal) (Portugal)
    Perspectives and limitations of using on-line mass spectrometry for monitoring of pervaporation processes
    199(2006)334-336 Full Text
    Miguel Minhalma (Portugal) , Lademir L. Beal (Brasil) , Isabel Catarino , Marília Mateus , Maria Norberta de Pinho (Portugal) (Portugal)
    Optimization of saccharide fractionation using nanofiltration/ultrafiltration
    199(2006)337-339 Full Text
    Alexander Tolkach, Ulrich Kulozik (Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany). (Germany)
    Transport of whey proteins through 0.1 mm ceramic membrane: phenomena, modelling and consequences for concentration or diafiltration processes
    199(2006)340-341 Full Text
    Florence Lutin, Mathieu Bailly (France) (France)
    Low conductivity electro-dialysis system “Aqualyzer®” LCD development and application in starch industry
    199(2006)342-344 Full Text
    Eva Suarez , Alberto Lobo (Oviedo) , Silvia Alvarez-Blanco (Valencia) , Francisco A. Riera , Ricardo Alvarez (Oviedo, Spain) (Spain)
    Utilization of nanofiltration membranes for whey and milk ultrafiltration permeate demineralization
    199(2006)345-347 Full Text
    Elina Sjoman , Mika Manttari , Marianne Nystrom, Hannu Koivikko , Heikki Heikkila (Finland). (Finland)
    Nanofiltration of monosaccharide containing solution to recover xylose
    199(2006)348-349 Full Text
    Alexander Piry, Alexander Tolkach, Ulrich Kulozik (Freising-Weihenstephan) (Germany)
    Comparison of different membrane concepts for the fractionation of milk proteins
    199(2006)350-351 Full Text
    Rosalinda Inguanta, Mariateresa Amodeo, Fabio D’Agostino, Maurizio Volpe, Salvatore Piazza, Carmelo Sunseri (Palermo, Italy) (Italy)
    Developing a procedure to optimize electroless deposition of thin palladium layer on anodic alumina membranes
    199(2006)352-354 Full Text
    Mirjam Kilgus (Stuttgart) , Haihui Wang (Hanover) , Steffen Werth  (Dortmund) , Jurgen Caro (Hanover) , Thomas Schiestel (Stuttgart, Germany) (Germany)
    Dense perovskite hollow fibre membranes
    199(2006)355-356 Full Text
    Pinar Zeynep Culfaz, Ali Culfaz, Halil Kalipcilar (Ankara, Turkey) (Turkey)
    Separation of butane isomers by MFI membranes synthesized in a flow system
    199(2006)357-359 Full Text
    Y. Liu, Oi Yee Chen, Chiao Chien Wei, K. Li (London, UK). (UK)
    Preparation of yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) hollow fibre membranes
    199(2006)360-362 Full Text
    Dong-Wook Lee , Son-Ki Ihm , Kew-Ho Lee (South Korea) (Korea)
    Synthesis of a mesoporous titania/silica and its application to a composite membrane with high hydrothermal stability
    199(2006)363-364 Full Text
    Jurgen Caro (Hannover) , Thomas Schiestel (Stuttgart), Steffen Werth (Dortmund), , Haihui Wang (Hannover) , Manfred Noack (Berlin, Germany) (Germany)
    Can inorganic membranes compete with organic ones? Perovskite hollow fibres for O2-separation and supported H2-selective zeolite membranes
    199(2006)365-367 Full Text
    N. Navascues (Zaragoza, Spain), E.D. Skouras , V. Nikolakis , V.N. Burganos (Patras, Greece) , C. Tellez , J. Coronas and J. Santamaria (Zaragoza, Spain) (Spain)
    Exploring chemical composition effects on umbite structure and gas separation properties using atomistic simulations-
    199(2006)368-370 Full Text
    Belma Soydas¸, Ali Culfaz, Halil Kalipcilar (Turkey) (Turkey)
    Characterization of zeolite membranes by gas permeation
    199(2006)371-372 Full Text
    J. Mendret , C. Guigui , C. Cabassud , N. Doubrovine , P. Schmitz , P. Duru , J.-Y. Ferrandis , D. Laux (France) (France)
    Development and comparison of optical and acoustic methods for in situ characterisation of particle fouling
    199(2006)373-375 Full Text
    Thomas Luxbacher (Graz, Austria) (Austria)
    Electrokinetic characterization of flat sheet membranes by streaming current measurement
    199(2006)376-377 Full Text
    Jiang Wei , Gitte S. Helm (Nakskov) , Xiaolin Hou (Roskilde, Denmark). (Denmark)
    Quantification of protein adsorption on membrane surfaces by radiolabeling technique
    199(2006)378-380 Full Text
    Martin Vocks , Ute Bracklow , Anja Drews , Boris Lesjean , Jan Mante , Matthias Kraume (Berlin, Germany) (Germany)
    Comparison of polysaccharide concentration and fouling rates in different membrane activated sludge systems
    199(2006)381-383 Full Text
    Heru Susanto, Mathias Ulbricht (Essen, Germany) (Germany)
    Performance of surface modified polyethersulfone membranes for ultrafiltration of aquatic humic substances
    199(2006)384-386 Full Text
    Neta Avraham , Carlos Dosoretz , Raphael Semiat (Haifa, Israel). (Israel)
    Osmotic backwash process in RO membranes
    199(2006)387-389 Full Text
    Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, David Delaunay, Lydie Paugam, Lilian Bégoin, Bernard Chaufer (France) (France)
    Role of physico-chemical and hydrodynamic aspects in cleaning of spiral PES ultrafiltration membranes of dairy industry
    199(2006)390-392 Full Text
    Thomas Schafer (Pisa) , Maria Belen Serrano Santos (Siena) , Fabio Di Francesco , Roger Fuoco (Pisa, Italy) (Italy)
    Integration of dense membranes and metal-oxide semiconductors for improved performance of a dedicated artificial olfactory system
    199(2006)393-394 Full Text
    P. Vandezande, L.E.M. Gevers, I.F.J. Vankelecom, P.A. Jacobs (Leuven, Belgium) (Belgium)
    High throughput membrane testing and combinatorial techniques: powerful new instruments for membrane optimisation
    199(2006)395-397 Full Text
    Nazlee F. Ghazali , Frederico C. Ferreira , Andrew J.P. White , Andrew G. Livingston (UK) (UK)
    Chiral separation by enantioselective inclusion complexation-organic solvent nanofiltration
    199(2006)398-400 Full Text
    Samuel Bertelle, Tarakranjan Gupta, Denis Roizard, Cecile Vallières, Eric Favre (France) (France)
    Study of polymer-carbon mixed matrix membranes for CO2 separation from flue gas
    199(2006)401-402 Full Text
    Jens-Ulrik Rype , Arvid Garde (Allerod) , Astrid Vrang (Horsholm) , Soren Madsen , Gunnar Jonsson (Lyngby, Denmark). (Denmark)
    Integrated membrane-process boosting productivity and product yield of pharmaceutical protein production —
    199(2006)403-404 Full Text
    Adrian Oehmen, Rui Viegas, Svetlozar Velizarov, Maria A. M. Reis, Joao G. Crespo (Caparica, Portugal) (Portugal)
    Removal of heavy metals from drinking water supplies through the ion exchange membrane bioreactor —
    199(2006)405-407 Full Text
    Laszlo Panyor (Italy) (Italy)
    Renewable energy from dilution of salt water with fresh water: pressure retarded osmosis
    199(2006)408-410 Full Text
    Tobias Persson, Mikael Matusiak, Guido Zacchi, Ann-Sofi Jonsson (Lund, Sweden) (Sweden)
    Extraction of hemicelluloses from process water from the production of masonite
    199(2006)411-412 Full Text
    Ola Wallberg, Marie Linde, Ann-Sofi Jonsson (Lund, Sweden) (Sweden)
    Extraction of lignin and hemicelluloses from kraft black liquor
    199(2006)413-414 Full Text
    Jürgen Caro (Hannover), , Thomas Schiestel (Stuttgart), , Steffen Werth (Dortmund) , Haihui Wang , Alexandra Kleinert (Hannover), Peter Kolsch (Berlin, Germany) (Germany)
    Perovskite hollow fibre membranes in the partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas in a membrane reactor —
    199(2006)415-417 Full Text
    Sebastian Lauterbach, Peter Kreis (Dortmund, Germany) (Germany)
    Experimental and theoretical investigation of a pervaporation membrane reactor for a heterogeneously catalysed esterification
    199(2006)418-420 Full Text
    Maria Tomaszewska (Szczecin, Poland) (Poland)
    Preliminary studies on KCl conversion into K2SO4 using membrane reactor
    199(2006)421-423 Full Text
    Rick van der Vaart (The Netherlands), , Inna Petrova , Valentina Lebedeva , Vladimir Volkov (Moscow), Dmitry Kochubey (Novosibirsk), Gennadii Tereshchenko (Moscow, Russia) (Russia)
    In-situ application of catalytic phase to commercial membrane contactor for removal of dissolved oxygen from water —
    199(2006)424-425 Full Text
    L. Brunel , S. Tingry , K. Servat , M. Cretin , C. Innocent , C. Jolivalt , M. Rolland (France). (France)
    Membrane contactors for glucose/O2 biofuel cell
    199(2006)426-428 Full Text
    Rogelio Valadez-Blanco , Frederico C. Ferreira (London, UK) , Ruben Ferreira Jorge (Portugal) , Andrew G. Livingston (London, UK) (UK)
    A membrane bioreactor for biotransformations of hydrophobic molecules using organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) membranes
    199(2006)429-431 Full Text
    Boris Lesjean , Regina Gnirss (Berlin, Germany) (Germany)
    Grey water treatment with a membrane bioreactor operated at low SRT and low HRT
    199(2006)432-434 Full Text
    Robert Lovitt, Ilseon Jung, Mierion Jones (Swansea, UK) (UK)
    The performance of a membrane bioreactor for the malolactic fermentation of media containing ethanol
    199(2006)435-437 Full Text
    Carles Torras, Debora Nabarlatz, Daniel Montane, Ricard Garcia-Valls (Tarragona, Spain) (Spain)
    Enzymatic membrane reactors based on polysulfone/activated carbon
    199(2006)438-440 Full Text
    Kyriaki G. Papadokostaki, Aristea Stavropoulou, Merope Sanopoulou, John H. Petropoulos (Athens, Greece) (Greece)
    A model for the prediction of the performance of multilayered polymeric matrix-controlled release devices
    199(2006)441-442 Full Text
    Matthias Heuchel, (Teltow) Martin Bohning, Ole Holck (Berlin), Martin R. Siegert, Dieter Hofmann (Teltow, Germany) (Germany)
    Atomistic packing models for experimentally investigated swelling states induced by CO2 in glassy polymers —
    199(2006)443-444 Full Text
    Vítor Magueijo , Viriato Semiao , Maria Norberta de Pinho (Lisboa, Portugal) (Portugal)
    Cross diffusion effects in lysozyme/sodium chloride/water ultrafiltration
    199(2006)445-447 Full Text
    J.L.C. Santos (Caparica, Portugal) , A.H. Montesinos (Murcia, Spain) , A. Karpinsky , S. Velizarov , J.G. Crespo (Caparica, Portugal) (Portugal)
    Modelling of solute and solvent transport through nanofiltration membranes —
    199(2006)448-450 Full Text
    David Hasson (Haifa, Israel) , Alexander Drak , Qingfeng Yang (Shanghai, China) , Raphael Semiat (Haifa, Israel) (Israel)
    Effect of axial dispersion on the concentration polarization level in spiral wound modules
    199(2006)451-453 Full Text
    Emmanuelle Gaudichet-Maurin , Francette Thominette (Paris) , Manuel Pelletier , Frederic Villieras (France) (France)
    Understanding water transport through polysulfone asymmetric membranes
    199(2006)454-455 Full Text
    L. Bruni, C. Mazzoni and S. Bandini (Bologna, Italy) (Italy)
    The role of the electrolyte on the mechanism of charge formation in polyamide NF membranes: NaCl and CaCl2 solutions in comparison
    199(2006)456- Full Text
    Sacide Alsoy Altinkaya (Urla-I·zmir, Turkey) (Turkey)
    Modeling of asymmetric membrane formation by a combination of dry/wet phase inversion processes —
    199(2006)459460 Full Text
    Johannes C. Jansen , Marialuigia Macchione (Italy), Roy Raharjo (USA) , Benny D. Freeman , Enrico Drioli (Italy) (Italy)
    Pure and mixed gas transport properties of novel asymmetric poly(ether ether ketone) membranes with different morphologies
    199(2006)461- Full Text
    Víctor Sebastian (Zaragoza, Spain) , Izumi Kumakiri , Rune Bredesen (Oslo, Norway), Miguel Menendez (Zaragoza, Spain) (Spain)
    Zeolite membrane for CO2 removal: operating at high pressure
    199(2006)464-465 Full Text
    Maria Grazia De Angelis, Giulio Cesare Sarti, Ferruccio Doghieri (Bologna, Italy) (Italy)
    An interpretation of the relation between infinite dilution gas solubility and critical temperature in glassy polymers based on the NE-LF model
    199(2006)466-468 Full Text
    Yuri Yampolskii, Nikolai Belov, Andrei Tokarev, Galina Bondarenko (Moscow, Russia) (Russia)
    Sorption and transport of F- and H-containing organic vapors in amorphous perfluorinated polymers
    199(2006)469-470 Full Text
    Vladimir M. Vorotyntsev, Pavel N. Drozdov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). (Russia)
    Gas separation of volatile inorganic hydrides
    199(2006)471-473 Full Text
    Yogesh Gupta , Richard Wakeman , Klaus Hellgardt (UK) (UK)
    High-productive, nanostructured polyaniline membranes for gas separation
    199(2006)474-476 Full Text
    Pierre Le-Clech , Yulita Marselina , Richard Stuetz , Vicki Chen (Australia) (Australia)
    Fouling visualisation of soluble microbial products models in MBRs
    199(2006)477- Full Text
    Sven Lyko , Thomas Wintgens , Djamila Al-Halbouni , Wolfgang Dott , Sven Baumgarten , Daniela Tacke , René Ostrowski , Johannes Pinnekamp , Andreas Janot (Bergheim) , Thomas Melin (Aachen, Germany) (Germany)
    World’s largest municipal membrane bioreactor – fouling characterisation and relation to operating performance
    199(2006)480-481 Full Text
    Romuald Van Kaam , Dominique Anne-Archard , Marion Alliet, Simon Lopez , Claire Albasi (Toulouse, France) (France)
    Aeration mode, shear stress and sludge rheology in a submerged membrane bioreactor: some keys of energy saving
    199(2006)482-484 Full Text
    Marc Heran (France) , Francesca Durante (Palermo, Italy), Julie Lebegue , Alain Grasmick (France) (France)
    Air lift relevance in a side-stream MBR system
    199(2006)485-486 Full Text
    Maricarmen Espinosa Bouchot, Benjamin Espinasse, Corinne Cabassud (France) (France)
    Fouling effects and critical flux in relation with module design and aeration conditions for a side stream outside/in filtration system
    199(2006)487-489 Full Text
    Igor Ivanovic, Torove Leiknes, Hallvard Odegaard (Norway) (Norway)
    Influence of loading rates on production and characteristics of retentate from a biofilm membrane bioreactor (BF-MBR)
    199(2006)490-492 Full Text
    Francesca Durante, Gaetano Di Bella, Michele Torregrossa, Gaspare Viviani (Palermo, Italy) (Italy)
    Particle size distribution and biomass growth in a submerged membrane bioreactor
    199(2006)493- Full Text
    Michael Semmens, Paige Novak (USA) (USA)
    Removal of nitrate using an in situ membrane technology
    199(2006)496 Full Text
    Kevin W.K. Yee , Dianne E. Wiley , Jie Bao (Sydney, Australia) (Australia)
    Steady state operability of whey ultrafiltration (UF) system
    199(2006)497-498 Full Text
    So/ren Prip Beier, Gunnar Jonsson (Lyngby, Denmark) (Denmark)
    Dynamic microfiltration with a vibrating hollow fiber membrane module
    199(2006)499-500 Full Text
    Jean-Christophe Remigy, Martine Meireles (France) (France)
    Assessment of pore geometry and 3-D architecture of filtration membranes by synchrotron radiation computed microtomography
    199(2006)501-503 Full Text
    Sakumzi Gwicana , Nicole Vorster (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) and Ed Jacobs (Stellenbosch, South Africa) (South Africa)
    The use of a cationic surfactant for micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration of platinum group metal anions
    199(2006)504-506 Full Text
    Jana Schaller, Anja Drews, Matthias Kraume (Berlin, Germany) (Germany)
    Analyses and modelling of filtration processes in MBR and test cells
    199(2006)507-508 Full Text
    Jochen Meier-Haack, Susan Derenko, Jana Seng (Dresden, Germany) (Germany)
    Fouling reduction by graft-modification with hydrophilic polymers
    199(2006)509-511 Full Text
    Eszter Csiszar, Ildiko Galambos, Erika Bekassy-Molnar, Gyula Vatai (Budapest, Hungary) (Hungary)
    Ultrafiltration of humic acid containing well-water for transient flow regime in pilot scale: new mass transfer model
    199(2006)512-514 Full Text
    Nigmet Uzal , Levent Yilmaz , Ulku Yetis (Ankara, Turkey). (Turkey)
    Microfiltration: a pretreatment alternative for indigo dyeing textile wastewater
    199(2006)515-517 Full Text
    Jan Martak, Stefan Schlosser (Bratislava, Slovakia) (Slovenia)
    Pertraction of organic acids through liquid membranes containing ionic liquids
    199(2006)518-520 Full Text
    Adinela Cazacu, Mathieu Michau, Carole Arnal-Herault, Anca Meffre, Remi Caraballo, Andreea Pasc, Mihail Barboiu (France) (France)
    Hybrid supramolecular dynamic membranes as selective information transfer devices
    199(2006)521-522 Full Text
    Liyuan Deng, Taek-Joong Kim, May-Britt Hagg (Trondheim, Norway) (Norway)
    PVA/PVAm blend FSC membrane for CO2-capture
    199(2006)523-524 Full Text
    Luisa Neves (Caparica, Portugal) , Wioletta Dabek , Isabel M. Coelhoso (Torun, Poland) , Joao G. Crespo (Torun, Poland) (Poland)
    Design of new selective Nafion membranes using room temperature ionic liquids
    199(2006)525-526 Full Text
    Jean-Francois Verchere , Hicham Hassoune (France) , Touria Rhlalou (Settat, Morocco), Laurent Lebrun (France) (France)
    Separation of mixtures of carbohydrates by a supported liquid membrane containing methyl cholate as carrier
    199(2006)527-528 Full Text
    Raffaele Molinari, Pietro Argurio, Teresa Poerio, Angela Caruso (Rende (CS), Italy) (Italy)
    Stagnant sandwich and supported liquid membrane systems for removal of pharmaceuticals in water
    199(2006)529-531 Full Text
    Abdus Salam, Mathias Ulbricht (Essen, Germany). (Germany)
    Enantio-selective MIP “nano-monolith” composite membranes
    199(2006)532-534 Full Text
    Quan Gan, David Rooney, Yiran Zou (Belfast, UK). (UK)
    Supported ionic liquid membranes in nanopore structure for gas separation and transport studies
    199(2006)535-537 Full Text
    Alex Xenopoulos , John Charkoudian , Robert van Reis (USA) (USA)
    Selectivity improvements in highly charged UF membranes
    199(2006)538 Full Text
    Yinhua Wan (PR China) , Junren Lu (UK), Zhiguo Su (PR China) , Zhanfeng Cui (UK) (China, PR)
    Evaluation of fouling and concentration polarisation during protein ultrafiltration by pulsed sample injection technique
    199(2006)539-540 Full Text
    Rodolfo Vegas , Andres Moure , Herminia Domínguez , Juan Carlos Parajo (Ourense, Spain), Jose R. Alvarez , Susana Luque (Oivedo, Spain) (Spain)
    Purification of oligosaccharides from rice husk autohydrolysis liquors by ultra- and nano-filtration
    199(2006)541-543 Full Text
    Cristiana Boi, Rachele Facchini, Mirco Sorci, Giulio C. Sarti (Bologna, Italy) (Italy)
    Characterisation of affinity membranes for IgG separation
    199(2006)544-546 Full Text
    C.A.M. Portugal, J.C. Lima, Joao G. Crespo (Caparica, Portugal) (Portugal)
    Fluorescence probing of structural and functional changes of proteins induced by ultrafiltration
    199(2006)547-549 Full Text
    Mirco Sorci, Cristiana Boi, Rachele Facchini, Giulio C. Sarti (Bologna, Italy) (Italy)
    Purification of galacto-specific lectins by affinity membranes
    199(2006)550-552 Full Text
    Rene Faber, Wolfgang Demmer, Hans-Heinrich Horl, Dietmar Nussbaumer (Gottingen, Germany) (Germany)
    Microporous membrane adsorbers: basic concepts and recent developments
    199(2006)553-554 Full Text
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