Desalination, Vol. 191-194 (2006)
    ICOM 2005
    August 21-26 , 2005, Seoul, Korea

    Sarah Khirani, Roger Ben Aim, Marie-Hélène Manero (Toulouse, France)
    Improving the measurement of the Modified Fouling Index using nanofiltration membrane (NF-MFI)
    191(2006)1-7 Full Text
    Min-Chao Chang, Ren-Yang Horng, Hsin Shao ( Hsinchu), Yen-Jung Hu (Taiwan)
    Performance and filtration characteristics of non-woven membranes used in a submerged membrane bioreactor for synthetic wastewater treatment
    191(2006)8-15 Full Text
    Muhammad Muhitur Rahman, Muhammad Hassan Al-Malack (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    Performance of a crossflow membrane bioreactor (CF-MBR) when treating refinery wastewater
    191(2006)16-26 Full Text
    Sarah Khirani (Toulouse, France), Paul James Smith (Sydney, Australia), Marie-Hélène Manéro, Roger Ben Aim (Toulouse, France), Saravanamuth Vigneswaran (Sydney, Australia)
    Effect of periodic backwash in the submerged membrane adsorption hybrid system (SMAHS) for wastewater treatment
    191(2006)27-34 Full Text
    A.L. Ahmad, M.F. Chong, S. Bhatia, S. Ismail (Penang, Malaysia)
    Drinking water reclamation from palm oil mill effluent (POME) using membrane technology
    191(2006)35-44 Full Text
    Jing-Song Chang, Chia-Yuan Chang, Ann-Cheng Chen (Tainan, Taiwan), Laszlo Erdei, Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran (Sydney, Australia)
    Long-term operation of submerged membrane bioreactor for the treatment of high strength acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) wastewater: effect of hydraulic retention time
    191(2006)45-51 Full Text
    Seong-Hoon Yoon, John H. Collins (Naperville, Illinois, USA)
    A novel flux enhancing method for membrane bioreactor (MBR) process using polymer
    191(2006)52-61 Full Text
    Marco Stoller, Angelo Chianese (Roma, Italy)
    Optimization of membrane batch processes by means of the critical flux theory
    191(2006)62-70 Full Text
    Porntip Choksuchart Sridang (Thailand), Christelle Wisniewski (Montpellier), Stephanie Ognier (Paris), Alain Grasmick (Montpellier, France)
    The role of the nature and composition of solutions/suspensions in fouling of plane organic membranes in frontal filtration: Application to water and wastewater clarification
    191(2006)71-78 Full Text
    Ane Urtiaga, María José Abellán, Angel Irabien, Inmaculada Ortiz (Santander, Spain)
    Use of membrane contactors as an efficient alternative to reduce effluent ecotoxicity
    191(2006)79-85 Full Text
    Niina Laitinen, Antero Luonsi, Jari Vilen (Tampere, Finland)
    Landfill leachate treatment with sequencing batch reactor and membrane bioreactor
    191(2006)86-91 Full Text
    W.S. Guo, S. Vigneswaran, H.H. Ngo, T.B. Van Nguyen (Sydney, Australia), R. Ben Aim (Toulouse, France)
    Influence of bioreaction on a long-term operation of a submerged membrane adsorption hybrid system
    191(2006)92-99 Full Text
    Juliette Lambert (Châtenay-Malabry, France and Guanajuato, Mexico), Mohammed Rakib, G. Durand (Châtenay-Malabry, France), Mario Avila Rodríguez (Guanajuato, Mexico)
    Treatment of solutions containing trivalent chromium by electrodialysis
    191(2006)100-110 Full Text
    Anna Witek, Andrzej Koltuniewicz, Bartosz Kurczewski, Mariola Radziejowska, Marcin Hatalski (Wroclaw, Poland)
    Simultaneous removal of phenols and Cr3+ using micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration process
    191(2006)111-116 Full Text
    Zhi Wang, Zhifeng Fan, Lixin Xie, Shichang Wang (Tianjin, China)
    Study of integrated membrane systems for the treatment of wastewater from cooling towers
    191(2006)117-124 Full Text
    Bao-Guo Wang (Beijing, China), Masaaki Ando (Shiga, Japan), Haitao Yin, Bo Hong, Yong Peng (Beijing, China)
    Estimation of ultrafiltration membrane element flux from membrane sheet tests
    191(2006)125-131 Full Text
    B. Cuartas-Uribe, A. Iborra-Clar, A. Bes-Piá, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.V. Galiana-Aleixandre, M.I. Iborra-Clar (Valencia, Spain)
    Nanofiltration of a simulated tannery wastewater: influence of chlorides concentration
    191(2006)132-136 Full Text
    Juan A. López-Ramírez, M.D. Coello Oviedo, J.M. Quiroga Alonso (Cádiz, Spain)
    Comparative studies of reverse osmosis membranes for wastewater reclamation
    191(2006)137-147 Full Text
    Miguel Minhalma (Lisboa, Portugal), Joaquín R. Domínguez (Badajoz, Spain), Maria Norberta de Pinho (Lisboa, Portugal)
    Cork processing wastewaters treatment by an ozonization/ultrafiltration integrated process
    191(2006)148-152 Full Text
    A.L. Ahmad (Penang), S.W. Puasa (Selangor), M.M.D. Zulkali (Penang, Malaysia)
    Micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration for removal of reactive dyes from an aqueous solution
    191(2006)153-161 Full Text
    Chia-Yuan Chang, Jing-Song Chang, Yao-Wen Lin (Tainan, Taiwan), Laszlo Erdei, Saravanamuth Vigneswaran (Sydney, Australia)
    Quantification of air stripping and biodegradation of organic removal in acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) industry wastewater during submerged membrane bioreactor operation
    191(2006)162-168 Full Text
    Kwang-Hyun Lee, Byung-Chul Kang, Jong-Baek Lee (Busan, South Korea)
    Acrylic wastewater treatment and long-term operation using a membrane separation system
    191(2006)169-177 Full Text
    E. Garcia-Castello, J. Lora-Garcia, J. Garcia-Garrido, A.D. Rodriguez-Lopez (Valencia, Spain)
    Energetic comparison for leaching waste liquid from citric juice production using both reverse osmosis and multiple-effect evaporation
    191(2006)178-185 Full Text
    Hojeong Kim (Daejeon), Kitae Baek (Gyeongbuk), Julia Lee, Javed Iqbal, Ji-Won Yang (Daejeon, Republic of Korea)
    Comparison of separation methods of heavy metal from surfactant micellar solutions for the recovery of surfactant
    191(2006)186-192 Full Text
    Yan Gong, Ling-Mei Dai, Xiao-Lin Wang, Li-Xin Yu (Beijing, China)
    Effects of transport properties of ion-exchange membranes on desalination of 1,3-propanediol fermentation broth by electrodialysis
    191(2006)193-199 Full Text
    Hossein Mehdizadeh (Qatar)
    Membrane desalination plants from an energy-exergy viewpoint
    191(2006)200-209 Full Text
    Jacek Wisniewski, Agnieszka Rozanska (Wroclaw, Poland)
    Donnan dialysis with anion-exchange membranes as a pretreatment step before electrodialytic desalination
    191(2006)210-218 Full Text
    Wenheng Jing, Jun Wu, Wanqin Jin, Weihong Xing, Nanping Xu (Jiangsu, China)
    Monodispersed W/O emulsion prepared by hydrophilic ceramic membrane emulsification
    191(2006)219-222 Full Text
    Jingli Xu (Niigata), Michio Furuswa (Tokyo), Akira Ito (Niigata, Japan)
    Air-sweep vacuum membrane distillation using fine silicone, rubber, hollow-fiber membranes
    191(2006)223-231 Full Text
    Yuri Senik, Natalia Pismenskaya, Victor Nikonenko (Krasnodar, Russia), Gerald Pourcelly (Montpellier, France)
    A model for calculating ion equilibria and electrical conductivity of natural water solutions
    191(2006)232-235 Full Text
    V.V. Ranade (Pune, India), A. Kumar (Ottawa, Canada)
    Comparison of flow structures in spacer-filled flat and annular channels
    191(2006)236-244 Full Text
    K. Boussu, B. Van der Bruggen, A. Volodin, C. Van Haesendonck, J.A. Delcour (Leuven), P. Van der Meeren (Ghent), C. Vandecasteele (Leuven, Belgium)
    Characterization of commercial nanofiltration membranes and comparison with self-made polyethersulfone membranes
    191(2006)245-253 Full Text
    Ying Kong, Deqing Shi (Shandong), Hongwei Yu (Heilongjiang), Yunfang Wang, Jinrong Yang, Yuanyuan Zhang (Shandong, PR China)
    Separation performance of polyimide nanofiltration membranes for solvent recovery from dewaxed lube oil filtrates
    191(2006)254-261 Full Text
    Maria Diná Afonso (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Surface charge on loose nanofiltration membranes
    191(2006)262-272 Full Text
    M.P. González, R. Navarro, I. Saucedo, M. Avila (Guanajuato, México), P. Prádanos, L. Palacio, F. Martínez, A. Martín, A. Hernández (Valladolid, Spain)
    Hydrofluoric acid treatment for improved performance of a nanofiltration membrane
    191(2006)273-278 Full Text
    Il Juhn Roh, Alan R. Greenberg, Vivek P. Khare (USA)
    Synthesis and characterization of interfacailly polymerized polyamide thin films
    191(2006)279-290 Full Text
    Yufeng Zhang, Changfa Xiao, Enhua Liu, Qiyun Du, Xiang Wang, Hongliang Yu (Tianjin, PR China)
    Investigations on the structures and performances of a polypiperazine amide/polysulfone composite membrane
    191(2006)291-295 Full Text
    Kew-Ho Lee, Min-Young Youn, Bongkuk Sea (Taejon, Korea)
    Preparation of hydrophilic ceramic membranes for a dehydration membrane reactor
    191(2006)296-302 Full Text
    Meng Su, Da-Xin Wang, Xiao-Lin Wang (Beijing, PR China), Masaaki Ando (Shiga), Takuji Shintani (Osaka, Japan)
    Rejection of ions by NF membranes for binary electrolyte solutions of NaCl, NaNO3, CaCl2 and Ca(NO3)2
    191(2006)303-308 Full Text
    Deqing Shi, Ying Kong, Jixian Yu, Yunfang Wang, Jinrong Yang (Shandong, PR China)
    Separation performance of polyimide nanofiltration membranes for concentrating spiramycin extract
    191(2006)309-317 Full Text
    Y. Ye, V. Chen, A.G. Fane (Sydney, Australia)
    Modeling long-term sub-critical filtration of model EPS solutions
    191(2006)318-327 Full Text
    Gitte S. Helm, Jiang Wei, Nick Corner-Walker (Nakskov, Denmark)
    Comparison of new polysulfone membrane GR70PE with other commercial membranes for concentration of proteins – long-term field test
    191(2006)328-333 Full Text
    Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Lydie Paugam, Lilian Bégoin, David Delaunay, Manuel Fernandez-Cruz, Christophe Phina-Ziebin, Celso Laviades-Garcia de Guadiana, Bernard Chaufer (Rennes, France)
    Alkaline cleaning of PES membranes used in skimmed milk ultrafiltration: from reactor to spiral-wound module via a plate-and-frame module
    191(2006)334-343 Full Text
    Yijiang Zhao (Huaian Jiangsu, PR China and Singapore), Yi Tan, Fook-Sin Wong, A.G. Fane (Singapore), Nanping Xu (Nanjing Jiangsu, PR China)
    Formation of Mg(OH)2 dynamic membranes for oily water separation: effects of operating conditions
    191(2006)344-350 Full Text
    Zaileen Alibhai (Ontario), Martin Mondor (Quebec), Christine Moresoli (Ontario), Denis Ippersiel, François Lamarche (Quebec, Canada)
    Production of soy protein concentrates/isolates: traditional and membrane technologies
    191(2006)351-358 Full Text
    Jian-Jun Qin, Maung Htun Oo, Fook-Sin Wong (Singapore)
    Pilot study on the treatment of spent solvent cleaning rinse in metal plating
    191(2006)359-364 Full Text
    Martin Mondor (Quebec), Christine Moresoli (Ontario, Canada)
    Effect of fiber lumen radius on the permeate flux of hollow fiber membrane modules
    191(2006)365-370 Full Text
    Darko M. Krstic (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro), András K. Koris (Budapest, Hungary), Miodrag N. Tekic (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro)
    Do static turbulence promoters have potential in cross-flow membrane filtration applications?
    191(2006)371-375 Full Text
    S.R. Smith, R.W. Field, Z.F. Cui (Oxford, UK)
    Predicting the performance of gas-sparged and non-gas-sparged ultrafiltration
    191(2006)376-385 Full Text
    Min-Ho Cho, Chung-Hak Lee (Seoul), Sangho Lee (Gyeonggi-Do, Korea)
    Effect of flocculation conditions on membrane permeability in coagulation-microfiltration
    191(2006)386-396 Full Text
    A. Alexiadis, J. Bao, D.F. Fletcher, D.E. Wiley, D.J. Clements (Sydney, Australia)
    Dynamic response of a high-pressure reverse osmosis membrane simulation to time dependent disturbances
    191(2006)397-403 Full Text
    Young G. Park (Gyungkido, Korea)
    Effect of an electric field during purification of protein using microfiltration
    191(2006)404-410 Full Text
    Young G. Park (Gyungkido, Korea)
    Effect of hydraulic pressure and electric field on electro-microfiltration in the wine-brewery industry
    191(2006)411-416 Full Text
    G. Siegel, M. Rodríguez, T. Schön (Berlin), C. Abletshauser (Münster), A. Schmidt, R. Hetzer (Berlin, Germany), M. Malmsten (Uppsala, Sweden)
    Blood flow sensor susceptibility to lipoproteins in early arteriosclerosis and its clinical improvement by statin therapy - a nanoplaque study
    191(2006)417-425 Full Text
    P. Schafer, M. Rodriguez, S. Just, T. Ullrich, K. Winkler, O. Knes (Germany), M. Malmsten (Switzerland), G. Siegel (Sweden)
    The effect of Ginkgo biloba (EGb 761) on arteriosclerotic nanoplaque formation and size in a long-term clinical trial
    191(2006)426-431 Full Text
    Bang-xiao Cai (Hangzhou, China)
    Study of membrane separation processes of a betaine-like medicinal solution
    191(2006)432-437 Full Text
    O. Akoum (Compiegne, France), D. Richfield (Stellenbosch, South Africa), M.Y. Jaffrin, L.H. Ding (Compiegne, France), P. Swart (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
    Recovery of trypsin inhibitor by soy milk ultrafiltration using a rotating disk system
    191(2006)438-445 Full Text
    Attila Rektor, Gyula Vatai, Erika Békássy-Molnár (Budapest, Hungary)
    Multi-step membrane processes for the concentration of grape juice
    191(2006)446-453 Full Text
    Sarita Arora (Mysore and Longowal ), S. Manjula, A.G. Gopala Krishna, R. Subramanian (Mysore, India)
    Membrane processing of crude palm oil
    191(2006)454-466 Full Text
    Anja Drews, Martin Vocks, Vera Iversen, Boris Lesjean, Matthias Kraume (Berlin, Germany)
    Influence of unsteady membrane bioreactor operation on EPS formation and filtration resistance
    192(2006)1-9 Full Text
    Patricia Grelier, Sandra Rosenberger, Annie Tazi-Pain (France)
    Influence of sludge retention time on membrane bioreactor hydraulic performance
    192(2006)10-17 Full Text
    Ning Ding, Xiao-Lin Wang (Beijing), Jian Wang (Lianyungang, PR China)
    Electrokinetic phenomena of a polyethylene microfiltration membrane in single salt solutions of NaCl, KCl, MgCl2, Na2SO4 and MgSO4
    192(2006)18-24 Full Text
    Lilian Bégoin, Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Bernard Chaufer, Marie-Christine Hautbois (Rennes, France), Teodora Doneva (Swansea, UK)
    Ageing of PES industrial spiral wound membranes in acid whey ultrafiltration
    192(2006)25-39 Full Text
    Lilian Bégoin, Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Bernard Chaufer (Rennes), Christine Faille, Pascal Blanpain-Avet, Thierry Bénézech (Villeneuve d’Ascq France), Teodora Doneva (Swansea, UK)
    Methodology of analysis of a spiral-wound module. Application to PES membrane for ultrafiltration of skimmed milk
    192(2006)40-53 Full Text
    Heekyong Oh, Myongjin Yu (Seoul, Korea), Satoshi Takizawa, Shinichiro Ohgaki (Tokyo, Japan)
    Evaluation of PAC behavior and fouling formation in an integrated PAC-UF membrane for surface water treatment
    192(2006)54-62 Full Text
    Maria Teresa Pessoa de Amorim, Ilia Rosa Afonso Ramos (Guimarães, Portugal)
    Control of irreversible fouling by application of dynamic membranes
    192(2006)63-67 Full Text
    Jianli Wang, Wenxiang Ruan, Jianbin Ji, Kejian Yao (Hangzhou, China)
    Dead-end filtration properties of microporous polypropylene membranes with different gas permeation rates
    192(2006)68-73 Full Text
    Patrice Bacchin, Benjamin Espinasse, Yolaine Bessiere (Toulouse, France), David F. Fletcher (Sydney, Australia), Pierre Aimar (Toulouse, France)
    Numerical simulation of colloidal dispersion filtration: description of critical flux and comparison with experimental results
    192(2006)74-81 Full Text
    Hiromitsu Takaba, Atsushi Yamamoto, Shin-ichi Nakao (Tokyo, Japan)
    Modeling of methane permeation through a defective region in MFI-type zeolite membranes
    192(2006)82-90 Full Text
    Yong-Ming Wei, Zhen-Liang Xu, Xiao-Tian Yang, Hong-Lai Liu (Shanghai, PR China)
    Mathematical calculation of binodal curves of polymer solvent nonsolvent system in the phase inversion process
    192(2006)91-104 Full Text
    M. Khayet (Madrid, Spain), T. Matsuura (Ontario, Canada), J.I. Mengual (Madrid, Spain), M. Qtaishat (Ontario, Canada)
    Design of novel direct contact membrane distillation membranes
    192(2006)105-111 Full Text
    Jian-Jun Qin, Tai-Shung Chung (Singapore)
    Development of high-performance polysulfone/poly(4-vinylpyridine) composite hollow fibers for CO2/CH4 separation
    192(2006)112-116 Full Text
    Xue Li, Yiqun Fan, Wanqin Jin, Yan Huang, Nanping Xu, Jun Shi (Nanjing, P.R. China)
    Effect of EDTA on preparation of Pd membranes by photocatalytic deposition
    192(2006)117-124 Full Text
    Jian Huang (Nanjing), Xiao-Lin Wang (Beijing), Xue-Hai Yu (Nanjing, PR China)
    Solute permeation through the polyurethane-NIPAAm hydrogel membranes with various cross-linking densities
    192(2006)125-131 Full Text
    Marialuigia Macchione, Johannes C. Jansen, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    The dry phase inversion technique as a tool to produce highly efficient asymmetric gas separation membranes of modified PEEK. Influence of temperature and air circulation
    192(2006)132-141 Full Text
    Benzhe Luo, Jun Zhang (Nanjing), Xiaolin Wang (Beijing), Yuan Zhou (Nanjing), Jianzhi Wen (Zhaoyuan, PR China)
    Effects of nucleating agents and extractants on the structure of polypropylene microporous membranes via thermally induced phase separation
    192(2006)142-150 Full Text
    Jun Zhang, Jinghong Fu (Nanjing), Xiaolin Wang (Beijing), Bijia Wang, Zhongzi Xu (Nanjing), Jianzhi Wen (Zhaoyuan, PR China)
    Effect of diluents on hydrophilic ethylene-acrylic acid co-polymer membrane structure via thermally induced phase separation
    192(2006)151-159 Full Text
    Minghao Gu, Jun Zhang (Nanjing), Xiaolin Wang (Beijing), Haijun Tao, Litian Ge (Nanjing, PR China)
    Formation of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membranes via thermally induced phase separation
    192(2006)160-167 Full Text
    Zhensheng Yang, Pingli Li, Lixin Xie, Zhi Wang, Shi-Chang Wang (Tianjin, PR China)
    Preparation of iPP hollow-fiber microporous membranes via thermally induced phase separation with co-solvents of DBP and DOP
    192(2006)168-181 Full Text
    Yong Zhou, Sanchuan Yu, Meihong Liu, Huanlin Chen, Congjie Gao (Hangzhou, China)
    Effect of mixed crosslinking agents on performance of thin-film-composite membranes
    192(2006)182-189 Full Text
    Enrica Fontananova, Johannes C. Jansen, Alessandra Cristiano, Efrem Curcio, Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Effect of additives in the casting solution on the formation of PVDF membranes
    192(2006)190-197 Full Text
    Yuzhong Zhang, Hong Li, Jia Lin, Ran Li, Xiaoping Liang (Tianjin, China)
    Preparation and characterization of zirconium oxide particles filled acrylonitrile-methyl acrylate-sodium sulfonate acrylate copolymer hybrid membranes
    192(2006)198-206 Full Text
    J.C. Jansen, F. Tasselli, E. Tocci, E. Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    High-flux composite perfluorinated gas separation membranes of Hyflon® AD on a hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane support
    192(2006)207-213 Full Text
    Yuzhong Zhang, Huiqin Li, Hong Li, Ran Li, Cangfa Xiao (Tianjin, PR China)
    Preparation and characterization of modified polyvinyl alcohol ultrafiltration membranes
    192(2006)214-223 Full Text
    Yuzhong Zhang (Tianjin, China), Zandrie Borneman, Geert-Henk Koops, Matthias Wessling (Enschede, The Netherlands)
    Adsorption behavior of cation-exchange resin-mixed polyethersulfone-based fibrous adsorbents with bovine serum albumin
    192(2006)224-233 Full Text
    Li-guang Wu, Chang-le Zhu, Moe Liu (Hangzhou, China)
    Study on plasma polymerization of 1.1.1-trifluoroethane: deposition and structure of plasma polymer films
    192(2006)234-240 Full Text
    Cheng-Liang Chang, Po-Yen Chang (Tamsui, Taiwan)
    Performance enhancement of silicone/PVDF composite membranes for pervaporation by reducing cross-linking density of the active silicone layer
    192(2006)241-245 Full Text
    In-Chul Kim, Kew-Ho Lee (Taejon, Korea)
    Dyeing process wastewater treatment using fouling resistant nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes
    192(2006)246-251 Full Text
    Jiang Wei, Gitte S. Helm, Nick Corner-Walker (Nakskov), Xiaolin Hou (Roskilde, Denmark)
    Characterization of a non-fouling ultrafiltration membrane
    192(2006)252-261 Full Text
    Muhammad Ali Zulfikar, Abdul-Wahab Mohammad (Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia), Nidal Hilal (Nottingham, UK)
    Preparation and characterization of novel porous PMMA-SiO2 hybrid membranes
    192(2006)262-270 Full Text
    Hai-Xiang Sun, Lin Zhang, Hong Chai, Huan-Lin Chen (Hangzhou, PR China)
    Surface modification of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) films via plasma treatment and graft copolymerization of acrylic acid
    192(2006)271-279 Full Text
    Florencia Saravia, Christian Zwiener, Fritz H. Frimmel (Karlsruhe, Germany)
    Interactions between membrane surface, dissolved organic substances and ions in submerged membrane filtration
    192(2006)280-287 Full Text
    Minh T. Ho, Guy Allinson, Dianne E. Wiley (Australia)
    Comparison of CO2 separation options for geo-sequestration: are membranes competitive?
    192(2006)288-295 Full Text
    Rong Zhang, Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran, Huu Hao Ngo (Broadway), H. Nguyen (Australia)
    Magnetic ion exchange (MIEX®) resin as a pre-treatment to a submerged membrane system in the treatment of biologically treated wastewater
    192(2006)296-302 Full Text
    Robert Schlesinger, Gerhard Götzinger, Herbert Sixta (Lenzing), Anton Friedl, Michael Harasek (Vienna, Austria)
    Evaluation of alkali resistant nanofiltration membranes for the separation of hemicellulose from concentrated alkaline process liquors
    192(2006)303-314 Full Text
    Faisal Ibney Hai, Kazuo Yamamoto, Kensuke Fukushi (Tokyo, Japan)
    Development of a submerged membrane fungi reactor for textile wastewater treatment
    192(2006)315-322 Full Text
    María Cinta Vincent Vela, Silvia Álvarez Blanco, Jaime Lora García (Valencia, Spain), Enrique Bergantiños Rodríguez (Havana, Cuba)
    Prediction of flux decline in the ultrafiltration of macromolecules
    192(2006)323-329 Full Text
    Sangil Kim, Todd W. Pechar, Eva Marand (Blacksburg, VA, USA)
    Poly(imide siloxane) and carbon nanotube mixed matrix membranes for gas separation
    192(2006)330-339 Full Text
    Weixing Li, Weihong Xing, Nanping Xu (Nanjing 210009, PR China)
    Modeling of relationship between water permeability and microstructure parameters of ceramic membranes
    192(2006)340-345 Full Text
    Ryosuke Takagi (Nishinomiyal, Japan)
    Effect of support on membrane performance in dialysis
    192(2006)346-355 Full Text
    S.S. Vasan, Robert W. Field, Zhanfeng Cui (Oxford, UK)
    A Maxwell-Stefan-Gouy-Debye model of the concentration profile of a charged solute in the polarisation layer
    192(2006)356-363 Full Text
    Akira Yamauchi (Fukuoka, Japan), A. Mounir El Sayed (Giza, Egypt)
    New approach to a collodion membrane composite via fluorocarbon polymer (Nafion) blending in terms of a diffusion coefficient of redox substances and transport properties
    192(2006)364-373 Full Text
    Alexander Pismenskiy, Victor Nikonenko, Makhamet Urtenov (Krasnodar, Russia), Gerald Pourcelly (Montpellier, France)
    Mathematical modelling of gravitational convection in electrodialysis processes
    192(2006)374-379 Full Text
    Kuo-Lun Tung, Kun-Tsung Lu, Ruoh-Chyu Ruaan, Juin-Yih Lai (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
    Molecular dynamics study of the effect of solvent types on the dynamic properties of polymer chains in solution
    192(2006)380-390 Full Text
    Kuo-Lun Tung, Kun-Tsung Lu, Ruoh-Chyu Ruaan, Juin-Yih Lai (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
    MD and MC simulation analyses on the effect of solvent types on accessible free volume and gas sorption in PMMA membranes
    192(2006)391-400 Full Text
    Vera I. Vasil'eva, O.V. Grigorchuk, V.A. Shaposhnik (Voronezh, Russia)
    Limiting current density in electromembrane systems with weak electrolytes
    192(2006)401-407 Full Text
    V.I. Vasil'eva, V.A. Shaposhnik, O.V. Grigorchuk, I.P. Petrunya (Voronezh, Russia)
    The membrane–solution interface under high-performance current regimes of electrodialysis by means of laser interferometry
    192(2006)408-414 Full Text
    Huaiqun Chen, Albert S. Kim (Honolulu, Hawaii)
    Prediction of permeate flux decline in crossflow membrane filtration of colloidal suspension: a radial basis function neural network approach
    192(2006)415-428 Full Text
    Mikihiro Nomura, Hitoshi Aida, Suraj Gopalakrishnan, Takashi Sugawara, Shin-ichi Nakao (Tokyo), Satoshi Yamazaki, Takeshi Inada, Yuji Iwamoto (Nagoya, Japan)
    Steam stability of a silica membrane prepared by counter-diffusion chemical vapor deposition
    193(2006)1-7 Full Text
    Jian-Jun Qin, Tai-Shung Chung (Singapore), Yiming Cao (Dalian, P R China)
    Solvent selection for manufacture of fluorinated polyimide composite membranes
    193(2006)8-13 Full Text
    Chien-Chieh Hu, Te-Cheng Liu, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Ruoh-Chyu Ruaan, Juin-Yih Lai (Chung Li, Taiwan)
    Zeolite-filled PMMA composite membranes: influence of coupling agent addition on gas separation properties
    193(2006)14-24 Full Text
    A. Salem, A.A. Ghoreyshi (Babol, Iran)
    Modelling of water/organic vapor dehydration by glassy polymer membranes
    193(2006)25-34 Full Text
    A. Salem, A.A. Ghoreyshi, M. Jahanshahi (Babol, Iran)
    A multicomponent transport model for dehydration of organic vapors by zeolite membranes
    193(2006)35-42 Full Text
    Min-Joung Kim, Bongkuk Sea (Taejon), Kyung-Ho Youm (Chungbuk), Kew-Ho Lee (Taejon, Korea)
    Morphology and carbon dioxide transport properties of polyurethane blend membranes
    193(2006)43-50 Full Text
    Hong-Joo Lee (Dejeon, Korea), Miki Yoshimune, Hiroyuki Suda, Kenji Haraya (Ibaraki, Japan)
    Effects of oxidation curing on the permeation performances of polyphenylene oxide-derived carbon membranes
    193(2006)51-57 Full Text
    J.C. Jansen, M.G. Buonomenna, A. Figoli, E. Drioli (Italy)
    Ultra-thin asymmetric gas separation membranes of modified PEEK prepared by the dry-wet phase inversion technique
    193(2006)58-65 Full Text
    Miki Yoshimune, Ichiro Fujiwara, Hiroyuki Suda, Kenji Haraya (Japan)
    Gas transport properties of carbon molecular sieve membranes derived from metal containing sulfonated poly (phenylene oxide)
    193(2006)66-72 Full Text
    Hongsik Byun, Byungpyo Hong, Byoungsoo Lee (Daegu, Korea)
    The effect of oxygen enriched air obtained by gas separation membranes on the emission gas of diesel engines
    193(2006)73-81 Full Text
    Maria Grazia De Angelis, Ferruccio Doghieri, Giulio C. Sarti (Bologna, Italy), Benny D. Freeman (Austin, TX, USA)
    Modeling gas sorption in amorphous Teflon through the non equilibrium thermodynamics for glassy polymers (NET-GP) approach
    193(2006)82-89 Full Text
    Chunhai Yi, Zhi Wang, Meng Li, Jixiao Wang, Shichang Wang (Tianjin, China)
    Facilitated transport of CO2 through polyvinylamine/polyethlene glycol blend membranes
    193(2006)90-96 Full Text
    Ane Urtiaga, Clara Casado (Cantabria, Spain), Masashi Asaeda (Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan), Inmaculada Ortiz (Cantabria,Spain)
    Comparison of SiO2-ZrO2-50% and commercial SiO2 membranes on the pervaporative dehydration of organic solvents
    193(2006)97-102 Full Text
    Abdolreza Aroujalian (Tehran, Iran), Kaled Belkacemi, Stephen J. Davids (Quebec), Ginette Turcotte (Ontario), Yves Pouliot (Quebec, Canada)
    Effect of residual sugars in fermentation broth on pervaporation flux and selectivity for ethanol
    193(2006)103-108 Full Text
    M. Khayet (Madrid, Spain), Mohamed M. Nasef (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), J.I. Mengual (Madrid, Spain)
    Application of poly(ethylene terephthalate)-graft-polystyrene membranes in pervaporation
    193(2006)109-118 Full Text
    Ywu-Jang Fu, Chien Chieh Hu, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Juin-Yih Lai (Chung Li, Taiwan)
    Separation of ethanol/water mixtures by pervaporation through zeolite-filled polysulfone membrane containing 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane
    193(2006)119-128 Full Text
    H.A. Tsai, H.C. Chen, K.R. Lee, J.Y. Lai (Chung Li,Taiwan)
    Study of the separation properties of chitosan/polysulfone composite hollow-fiber membranes
    193(2006)129-136 Full Text
    Shingjiang Jessie Lue, Tsai-hsin Liaw (Taoyuan, Taiwan, ROC)
    Separation of xylene mixtures using polyurethane–zeolite composite membranes
    193(2006)137-143 Full Text
    Min-Yu Teng, Chi-Lan Li, Kueir-Rarn Lee*, Juin-Yih Lai (Chung Li, Taiwan)
    Permselectivities of 3,3',4,4' benzhydrol tetraacarboxylic dianhydride based polyimide membrane for pervaporation
    193(2006)144-151 Full Text
    P. Gómez, R. Ibáñez, I. Ortiz (Cantabria, Spain), I. Grossmann (Pittsburgh, USA)
    Optimum design of PV processes for dehydration of organic mixtures
    193(2006)152-159 Full Text
    A. Figoli, L. Donato, R. Carnevale, R. Tundis, G.A. Statti, F. Menichini, E. Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Bergamot essential oil extraction by pervaporation
    193(2006)160-165 Full Text
    Lin Zhang, Jin Xing Huang, Zhi Jun Zhou, Huan Lin Chen, Zu Ren Pan (Hangzhou, PR China)
    Effect of pervaporation module structure on separation performance
    193(2006)166-170 Full Text
    Bing-Bing Li (Shanghai and Changchun), Zhen-Liang Xu, F. Alsalhy Qusay (Shanghai), Ran Li (Changchun, PR China)
    Chitosan-poly (vinyl alcohol)/poly (acrylonitrile) (CS-PVA/PAN) composite pervaporation membranes for the separation of ethanol-water solutions
    193(2006)171-181 Full Text
    Fubing Peng, Zhongyi Jiang, Changlai Hu, Yanqiang Wang, Lianyu Lu, Hong Wu (Tianjin, China)
    Pervaporation of benzene/cyclohexane mixtures through poly(vinyl alcohol) membranes with and without ß-cyclodextrin
    193(2006)182-192 Full Text
    Yang Yang, Jin-wen Qian, Li-jing Xuan, Auan-fu An, Lin Zhang and Cong-jie Gao (China, PR)
    Preparation and pervaporation of a palygorskite/polyacrylamide inorganic–organic hybrid membrane for separating m-/p-xylene isomers
    193(2006)193-201 Full Text
    Y.Q. Dong, L. Zhang, J.N. Shen, M.Y. Song, H.L. Chen (Hangzhou, PR China)
    Preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol)-sodium alginate hollow-fiber composite membranes and pervaporation dehydration characterization of aqueous alcohol mixtures
    193(2006)202-210 Full Text
    H. Suda, S. Yoda (Ibaraki), A. Hasegawa, T. Tsuji, K. Otake (Chiba), K. Haraya (Ibaraki, Japan)
    Gas permeation properties of carbon molecular sieve membranes dispersed with palladium nano particles via supercritical CO2 impregnation
    193(2006)211-214 Full Text
    Lucile Courthial, Arnaud Baudot, Elsa Jolimaitre (Vernaison), Melaz Tayakout, Christian Jallut (Villeurbanne, France)
    Moments method applied to the in-situ characterisation of normal butane mass transfer in MFI zeolite membranes
    193(2006)215-223 Full Text
    Paul Thoen, Fernando Roa, J. Douglas Way (Golden, CO, USA)
    High flux palladium-copper composite membranes for hydrogen separations
    193(2006)224-229 Full Text
    Suraj Gopalakrishnan, Mikihiro Nomura, Takahashi Sugawara, Shin-ichi Nakao (Tokyo, Japan)
    Preparation of a multi-membrane module for high temperature hydrogen separation
    193(2006)230-235 Full Text
    Shiwoo Lee, Sang Kuk Woo (Daejeon), Kee Sung Lee (Seoul), Do Kyung Kim (Daejeon, Korea)
    Mechanical properties and structural stability of perovskite-type, oxygen-permeable, dense membranes
    193(2006)236-243 Full Text
    Hyoseong Ahn, Hyeryeon Lee, Soo-Bok Lee, Yongtaek Lee (Daejeon, Korea)
    Pervaporation of an aqueous ethanol solution through hydrophilic zeolite membranes
    193(2006)244-251 Full Text
    H. Suda, H. Yamauchi, Y. Uchimaru, I. Fujiwara, K. Haraya (Ibaraki, Japan)
    Preparation and gas permeation properties of silicon carbide-based inorganic membranes for hydrogen separation
    193(2006)252-255 Full Text
    In-Hwan Choi (Taejon and Seoul), In-Chul Kim (Taejon), Byoung-Ryol Min (Seoul), Kew-Ho Lee (Taejon, Korea)
    Preparation and characterization of an ultrathin alumina hollow fiber microfiltration membrane
    193(2006)256-259 Full Text
    Keiji Sakaki (Ibaraki), Akihiro Aoyama (Chiba), Takashi Nakane, Toru Ikegami, Hideyuki Negishi (Ibaraki), Kunihiro Watanabe (Chiba), Hiroshi Yanagishita (Ibaraki, Japan)
    Enzymatic synthesis of sugar esters in organic solvent coupled with pervaporation
    193(2006)260-266 Full Text
    G. Chiappetta, G. Clarizia, E. Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Analysis of safety aspects in a membrane reactor
    193(2006)267-279 Full Text
    J. Romero, H. Draga, M.P. Belleville, J. Sanchez (Montpellier), C. Combe-James (Bazet,), M. Dornier, G.M. Rios (Montpellier, France)
    New hydrophobic membranes for contactor processes —Applications to isothermal concentration of solutions
    193(2006)280-285 Full Text
    Julijana Todorovic, Darko M. Krstic (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro), Gyula N. Vatai (Budapest, Hungary), Miodrag N. Tekic (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro)
    Gas absorption in a hollow fiber membrane contactor with pseudo-plastic liquid as an absorbent
    193(2006)286-290 Full Text
    Salah Touil (Agadir, Maroc and Montpellier, France), Sophie Tingry (Montpellier, France), Sahib Bouchtalla (Agadir, Maroc), André Deratani (Montpellier, France)
    Selective pertraction of isomers using membranes having fixed cyclodextrin as molecular recognition sites
    193(2006)291-298 Full Text
    Ying Zhang, Zhi Wang, Jixiao Wang, Shichang Wang (Tianjin, China)
    Effect of heat cross-linking on the carbon dioxide fixed carrier membrane structure and performance
    193(2006)299-303 Full Text
    Sang-Wook Park, Byoung-Sik Choi, Seong-Soo Kim (Busan), Jae-Wook Lee (Seoul, Korea)
    Facilitated transport of organic acid through a supported liquid membrane with a carrier
    193(2006)304-312 Full Text
    Li-guang Wu, Jiang-nan Shen, Huan-lin Chen, Cong-jie Gao (Hangzhou, China)
    CO2 facilitated transport through a membrane of acrylamide and maleic anhydride copolymer
    193(2006)313-320 Full Text
    N. Taoualit, D.E. Hadj-Boussad (Blida, Algeria)
    Transport of silver metal ion through liquid membrane-gel using solvating extractant (TOPO)
    193(2006)321-326 Full Text
    Jiang-nan Shen, Li-guang Wu, Lin Zhang, Yongquan Dong, Huan-lin Chen, Cong-jie Gao (Hangzhou, PR China)
    Selective permeation of CO2 through the composite membrane with separation layer of 2-N,N-dimethyl aminoethyl methacrylate and acrylic acid copolymer
    193(2006)327-334 Full Text
    Tadashi Uragami (Osaka, Japan)
    Concentration of aqueous ethanol solutions by porous poly(dimethylsiloxane) membranes during temperature-difference controlling evapomeation
    193(2006)335-343 Full Text
    Jian-Jun Qin, Maung Htun Oo, Kiran A. Kekre (Singapore), Frans Knops, Peter Miller (Enschede, the Netherlands)
    Reservoir water treatment using hybridcoagulation–ultrafiltration
    193(2006)344-349 Full Text
    Xinsheng Zhu (Jiangsu, PR China), Kwang-Ho Choo, Jung-Moon Park (Daegu, Korea)
    Nitrate removal from contaminated water using polyelectrolyite-enhanced ultrafiltration
    193(2006)350-360 Full Text
    Binbing Han, Walter Carvalho (Fort Collins, CO,USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil), Larissa Canilha (Fort Collins, CO, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil), Silvio Silverio da Silva, Joao Batista Almeida e Silva (Sao Paulo, Brazil), James D. McMillan (Golden, CO), S. Ranil Wickramasinghe (Fort Collins, USA)
    Adsorptive membranes vs. resins for acetic acid removal from biomass hydrolysates
    193(2006)361-366 Full Text
    Takaaki Tanaka, Takashi Tsuchiya, Hidema Takahashi, Masayuki Taniguchi (Niigata, Japan), Douglas R. Lloyd (Austin, TX, USA)
    Microfiltration membrane of polymer blend of poly(L-lactic acid) and poly(e-caprolactone)
    193(2006)367-374 Full Text
    Inmaculada Ortiz, Eugenio Bringas, Henar Samaniego, Mª Fresnedo San Román, Ane Urtiaga (Santander, Spain)
    Membrane processes for the efficient recovery of anionic pollutants
    193(2006)375-380 Full Text
    Jun Wu, Wenheng Jing, Weihong Xing, Nanping Xu (China, PR)
    Preparation of W/O emulsions by membrane emulsification with a mullite ceramic membrane
    193(2006)381-386 Full Text
    Mohd Irfan Ahmad, S.M.J. Zaidi, S.U. Rahman (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    Proton conductivity and characterization of novel composite membranes for medium-temperature fuel cells
    193(2006)387-397 Full Text
    M.G. De Angelis, S. Lodge, M. Giacinti Baschetti, G.C. Sarti, F. Doghieri (Bologna), A. Sanguineti, P. Fossati (Bollate (MI), Italy)
    Water sorption and diffusion in a short-side-chain perfluorosulfonate acid ionomer membrane for PEMFCs: effect of temperature and pretreatment
    193(2006)398-404 Full Text
    S. Amrate, D.E. Akretche (Algiers, Algeria), C. Innocent, P. Seta (Montpellier, France)
    Use of cation exchange membranes for simultaneous recovery of lead and EDTA during electrokinetic extraction
    193(2006)405-410 Full Text
    Kamel-Eddine Bouhidel, Aicha Lakehal (Batna, Algeria)
    Influence of voltage and flow rate on electrodeionization (EDI) process efficiency
    193(2006)411-421 Full Text
    N. Sabba, D.E. Akretche (Algiers, Algeria)
    Use of membranes in copper hydrometallurgy
    193(2006)422-425 Full Text
    Zeynep Eren and Filiz Nuran Acar (Erzurum, Turkey)
    Adsorption of Reactive Black 5 from aqueous solution: equilibrium and kinetic studies
    194(2006)1-10 Abstract
    Sushree Swarupa Tripathy, Jean-Luc Bersillon (Nancy, France) and Krishna Gopal (Lucknow, India)
    Adsorption of Cd2+ on hydrous manganese dioxide from aqueous solutions
    194(2006)11-21 Abstract
    M.A. Darwish, Faisal Al-Juwayhel and Hassan K. Abdulraheim (Kuwait)
    Multi-effect boiling systems from an energy viewpoint
    194(2006)22-39 Abstract
    Dingsheng He, Xiaojian Luo, Chunming Yang, Ming Ma and Yan Wan (Changsha, PR China)
    Study of transport and separation of Zn(II) by a combined supported liquid membrane/strip dispersion process containing D2EHPA in kerosene as the carrier
    194(2006)40-51 Abstract
    Z.A. Manan, S.R. Wan Alwi and Z. Ujang (Johor, Malaysia)
    Water pinch analysis for an urban system: a case study on the Sultan Ismail Mosque at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
    194(2006)52-68 Abstract
    Mahdi Chiha, Mohamed H. Samar and Oualid Hamdaoui (Annaba, Algeria)
    Extraction of chromium (VI) from sulphuric acid aqueous solutions by a liquid surfactant membrane (LSM)
    194(2006)69-80 Abstract
    Yasuyuki Ikegami, Hiroshi Sasaki, Tomotsugu Gouda and Haruo Uehara (Saga, Japan)
    Experimental study on a spray flash desalination (influence of the direction of injection)
    194(2006)81-89 Abstract
    S.A. Sayed and A.M. Zayed (Cairo, Egypt)
    Investigation of the effectiveness of some adsorbent materials in oil spill clean-ups
    194(2006)90-100 Abstract
    Jinchang Zhang (Beijing, PR China), Lidietta Giorno and Enrico Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Study of a hybrid process combining PACs and membrane operations for antibiotic wastewater treatment
    194(2006)101-107 Abstract
    Maosheng Ye, Hanmin Zhang, Q. Wei, Haifen Lei, Fenglin Yang and Xinwen Zhang (Dalian, PR China)
    Study on the suitable thickness of a PAC-precoated dynamic membrane coupled with a bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment
    194(2006)108-120 Abstract
    Mohammad A. Alsheyab and Aurelio H. Muñoz (Madrid, Spain)
    Reducing the formation of trihalomethanes (THMs) by ozone combined with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2/O3)
    194(2006)121-126 Abstract
    Shifu Chen (Huaibei) and Gengyu Cao (Hefei, PR China)
    Study on the photocatalytic oxidation of NO2– ions using TiO2 beads as a photocatalyst
    194(2006)127-134 Abstract
    Efrosyni N. Peleka, Maria M. Fanidou, Paul P. Mavros and Kostas A. Matis (Thessaloniki, Greece)
    A hybrid flotation–microfiltration cell for solid/liquid separation: operational characteristics
    194(2006)135-145 Abstract
    Shoutong Zhang, Fenglin Yang, Yihui Liu, Xingwen Zhang (Dalian, PR China), Yuji Yamada (Kumagaya, Japan) and Kenji Furukawa (Kumamoto, Japan)
    Performance of a metallic membrane bioreactor treating simulated distillery wastewater at temperatures of 30 to 45°C
    194(2006)146-155 Abstract
    Min-Yu Teng and Su-Hsia Lin (Chung-Li, Taiwan)
    Removal of basic dye from water onto pristine and HCl-activated montmorillonite in fixed beds
    194(2006)156-165 Abstract
    M.I. Badawy, Montaser Y. Ghaly and Tarek A. Gad-Allah (Cairo, Egypt)
    Advanced oxidation processes for the removal of organo-phosphorus pesticides from wastewater
    194(2006)166-175 Abstract
    Guozhu Li, Fengbao Zhang, Guoliang Zhang and Jian Han (Tianjin, PR China)
    Recovery of Na2SO4 from remediation of wastewater and reuse for preparation of sodium 4-nitrotoluene-2-sulfonate (NTSNa)
    194(2006)176-181 Abstract
    Jin Zhang (Hefei), Yuxin Sun (Nanjing), Qibing Chang, Xingqin Liu, Guangyao Meng (Hefei, PR China)
    Improvement of crossflow microfiltration performances for treatment of phosphorus-containing wastewater
    194(2006)182-191 Abstract
    Gulnaziya Issabayeva, Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua and Nik Meriam Sulaiman (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).
    Electrodeposition of copper and lead on palm shell activated carbon in a flow-through electrolytic cell
    194(2006)192-201 Abstract
    A. Cimen, M. Ersoz and S. Yildiz (Konya, Turkey)
    Electrochemical characterization of polysulfone membranes with different valence salt solutions
    194(2006)202-210 Abstract
    A.W. Zularisam (Johor), A.F. Ismail (Johor and Pahang) and Razman Salim (Johor, Maylasia)
    Behaviours of natural organic matter in membrane filtration for surface water treatment — a review
    194(2006)211-231 Abstract
    Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz (Wroclaw, Poland)
    Impact of pre-coagulation on ultrafiltration process performance
    194(2006)232-238 Abstract
    Essam Sh. Mohamed, G. Papadakis, E. Mathioulakis and V. Belessiotis (Athens, Greece)
    An experimental comparative study of the technical and economic performance of a small reverse osmosis desalination system equipped with an hydraulic energy recovery unit
    194(2006)239-250 Abstract
    A.J. Gijsbertsen-Abrahamse, E.R. Cornelissen (Nieuwegein) and J.A.M.H. Hofman (Nieuwegein and Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
    Fiber failure frequency and causes of hollow fiber integrity loss
    194(2006)251-258 Abstract
    Yasemin Bulut and Haluk Aydin (Diyarbakir, Turkey)
    A kinetics and thermodynamics study of methylene blue adsorption on wheat shells
    194(2006)259-267 Abstract
    Abderrahim Abbas (Bahrain)
    Model predictive control of a reverse osmosis desalination unit
    194(2006)268-280 Abstract
    A.S. Nafey (Suez), H.E.S. Fath (Alexandria) and A.A. Mabrouk (Suez, Egypt)
    A new visual package for design and simulation of desalination processes
    194(2006)281-296 Abstract
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