Desalination, Vol. 189(1) (2006)
    10th Aachen Membrane Colloquium
    March 16-17, 2005, Aachen Germany

    Olivera Trifunovic, Frank Lipnizki (Denmark) and Gun Tragardh (Lund, Sweden)
    The influence of process parameters on aroma recovery by hydrophobic pervaporation
    189(2006)1-12 Full Text
    T.Y. Chiu and A.E. James (Manchester, UK)
    Electrokinetic characterisation of cleaned non-circular multi-channelled membranes
    189(2006)13-20 Full Text
    A. Cassano, A. Figoli, A. Tagarelli, G. Sindona, E. Drioli (Rende, Italy)
    Integrated membrane process for the production of highly nutritional kiwifruit juice
    189(2006)21-30 Full Text
    Hicham Hassoune (Mont-Saint-Aignan and Settat), Touria Rhlalou (Settat, Morocco), Moulay Abdellah Frouji (Rabat, Morocco), Corinne Chappey, Jean-François Verchère (Mont-Saint-Aignan, France)
    Application of supported liquid membranes containing methyl cholate in cyclohexane for the carrier-mediated transport of sugars
    189(2006)31-42 Full Text
    Anna Jezowska, Thomas Schipolowski, Gunter Wozny (Berlin, Germany)
    Influence of simple pre-treatment methods on properties of membrane material
    189(2006)43-52 Full Text
    U. Kremser, G. Drescher, S. Otto and V. Recknagel (Dresden, Germany)
    First operating experience with the treatment of 3,100 m³/h of Elbe River water by means of reverse osmosis to produce process water and demineralised water for use in the pulp industry
    189(2006)53-58 Full Text
    N.K. Saha, M. Balakrishnan (India), M. Ulbricht (Essen, Germany)
    Polymeric membrane fouling in sugarcane juice ultrafiltration: role of juice polysaccharides
    189(2006)59-70 Full Text
    T. Schipolowski, A. Jezowska, G. Wozny (Berlin, Germany)
    Reliability of membrane test cell measurements
    189(2006)71-80 Full Text
    D. Katarzynski and C. Staudt-Bickel (Dusseldorf, Germany)
    Separation of multi component aromatic/aliphatic mixtures by pervaporation with copolyimide membranes
    189(2006)81-86 Full Text
    Ilker Erdem, Muhsin Ciftcioglu, Sebnem Harsa (Izmir, Turkey)
    Separation of whey components by using ceramic composite membranes
    189(2006)87-91 Full Text
    J. Tanninen, M. Manttari, M. Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland)
    Nanofiltration of concentrated acidic copper sulphate solutions
    189(2006)92-96 Full Text
    A. Broeckmann, J. Busch, T. Wintgens and W. Marquardt (Aachen, Germany)
    Modeling of pore blocking and cake layer formation in membrane filtration for wastewater treatment
    189(2006)97-109 Full Text
    V. Garcia-Molina (Aachen and Barcelona), S. Lyko (Aachen), S. Esplugas (Barcelona, Spain), Th. Wintgens, Th. Melin (Aachen, Germany)
    Ultrafiltration of aqueous solutions containing organic polymers
    189(2006)110-118 Full Text
    Dagmara Tyszler (Guelph and Aachen), Richard G. Zytner (Guelph, Canada), Anne Batsch, Andreas Brügger, Stefan Geissler, Hongde Zhou (Canada), Thomas Melin and Doris Klee (Aachen, Germany)
    Reduced fouling tendencies of ultrafiltration membranes in wastewater treatment by plasma modification
    189(2006)119-129 Full Text
    V. Schadler, E.J. Windhab (Zurich, Switzerland)
    Continuous membrane emulsification by using a membrane system with controlled pore distance
    189(2006)130-135 Full Text
    Nicolae Sdrula
    Simulation for optimal conditions determination to remove salt from aqueous amine solution
    189(2006)136-140 Full Text
    Tae I. Yun, Christopher J. Gabelich, Milton R. Cox, Alexander A. Mofidi (La Verne, CA) and Rick Lesan (San Diego, CA, USA)
    Reducing costs for large-scale desalting plants using large-diameter, reverse-osmosis membranes
    189(2006)141-154 Full Text
    Yong-zhen Peng, Xiao-lian Wang (Beijing, China) and Bai-kun Li (Middletown, PA, USA)
    Anoxic biological phosphorus uptake and the effect of excessive aeration on biological phosphorus removal in the A2O process
    189(2006)155-164 Full Text
    Ying Xu, Bao-Ku Zhu and You-Yi Xu (Hang Zhou, China)
    Pilot test of vacuum membrane distillation for seawater desalination on a ship
    189(2006)165-169 Full Text
    Suck-Ki Kang and Kwang-Ho Choo (Daegu, Korea)
    Use of submerged microfiltration membranes for glass industry wastewater reclamation: pilot-scale testing and membrane cleaning
    189(2006)170-180 Full Text
    Libing Chu (Shandong), Xingwen Zhang, Fenglin Yang and Xiaohui Li (Dalian, China)
    Treatment of domestic wastewater by using a microaerobic membrane bioreactor
    189(2006)181-192 Full Text
    Herbert H.P. Fang, Xinlong Shi and Tong Zhang (Hong Kong)
    Effect of activated carbon on fouling of activated sludge filtration
    189(2006)193-199 Full Text
    M. A. Menkouchi Sahli, M. Tahaikt, I. Achary, M. Taky, F. Elhanouni (Kenita), M. Hafsi, M. Elmghari (Rabat)and A. Elmidaoui (Kenitra, Morocco)
    Technical optimization of nitrate removal for groundwater by ED using a pilot plant
    189(2006)200-208 Full Text
    A. Elmidaoui, L. Chay, M. Tahaikt, M.A. Menkouchi Sahli, M. Taky, F. Tiyal (Kenitra), A. Khalidi (Mohammedia) and My R. Alaoui Hafidi (Kenitra, Morocco)
    Demineralisation for beet sugar solutions using an electrodialysis pilot plant to reduce melassigenic ions
    189(2006)209-214 Full Text
    M. Tahaikt (Kenitra), I. Achary (Kenitra and Mohammedia), M.A. Menkouchi Sahli, Z. Amor, M. Taky (Kenitra), A. Alami, A. Boughriba, M. Hafsi (Rabat), A. Elmidaoui (Kenitra, Morocco)
    Defluoridation of Moroccan groundwater by electrodialysis: continuous operation
    189(2006)215-220 Full Text
    S. Al-Jeshi and A. Neville ( Edinburgh, UK)
    An investigation into the relationship between flux and roughness on RO membranes using scanning probe microsopy
    189(2006)221-228 Full Text
    Youngchul Kim (Chungnam, South Korea), D.L. Giokas (Ioannina, Greece), Dong-Ryul Lee (Seoul, Korea), P.A.Paraskevas (Mytilini, Greece)
    Potentials of natural treatment systems for the reclamation of domestic sewage in irrigated agriculture
    189(2006)229-242 Full Text
    Angel T. Zvezdov, Diliana T. Zvezdova and Krasimir T. Petkov (Bourgas, Bulgaria)
    Deionization of water for small factories or laboratories by a four-stage ion exchange device
    189(2006)243-247 Full Text
    Jenny Lindblom and Bo Nordell ( Luleå, Sweden)
    Water production by underground condensation of humid air
    189(2006)248-260 Full Text
    Barbara Grzmil and Jaroslaw Wronkowski (Szczecin, Poland)
    Removal of phosphates and fluorides from industrial wastewater
    189(2006)261-268 Full Text
    J.D. Zhang, Y.W Liu, S.M Gao, C.Z. Li, F. Zhang, H.M. Zen and C.S. Ye (Wuhan, PR China)
    Pilot testing of outside-in UF pretreatment prior to RO for high turbidity seawater desalination
    189(2006)269-277 Full Text
    P. Cezac, A.S. Manzola (Tunisia) and M. Ben Amor (Pau Cedex, France)
    Modelling of a decarbonation reactor for geothermal waters: application to geothermal waters of Chott El Fejjej
    189(2006)278-286 Full Text
    Suresh G. Patel, Shilpi Bhatnagar, Jitendra Vardia and Suresh C. Ameta (Udaipur, India)
    Use of photocatalysts in solar desalination
    189(2006)287-291 Full Text
    Qiyong Yang, Jihua Chen, Feng Zhang (Shanghai, China)
    Membrane fouling control in a submerged membrane bioreactor with porous, flexible suspended carriers
    189(2006)292-302 Full Text
    Z. Beril Gonder, Yasemin Kaya, Ilda Vergili and Hulusi Barlas (Avcilar-Istanbul, Turkey)
    Capacity loss in organically fouled anion exchanger
    189(2006)303-307 Full Text
    Jae-Wook Lee (Seonam), Tea-Ouk Kwon and II-Shik Moon (Sunchon, Korea)
    Performance of polyamide reverse osmosis membranes for steel wastewater reuse
    189(2006)309-322 Full Text
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