Desalination, Vol. 178-179 (2005)
    Conference on Membranes in Drinking and Industrial Water Production
    15--17 November, 2004, L'Aquila,Italy

    T. Wintgens, T. Melin (Aachen, Germany), A. Schaefer, S. Khan, M. Muston Wollongong, Australia), D. Bixio and C. Thoeye (Belgium)
    The role of membrane processes in municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse
    178(2005)1-11 Full Text
    V. Jacquemet, G. Gaval (Maison-Laffitte, France), S. Rosenberger (Dresden, Germany), B. Lesjean (Berlin, Germany) and J.-C. Schrotter (Maison-Laffitte, France)
    Towards a better characterisation and understanding of membrane fouling in water treatment
    178(2005)13-20 Full Text
    T. Matsushita, Y. Matsui, N. Shirasaki and Y. Kato (Gifu, Japan)
    Effect of membrane pore size, coagulation time, and coagulant dose on virus removal by a coagulation - ceramic microfiltration hybrid system
    178(2005)21-26 Full Text
    J. Meier and T. Melin (Aachen, Germany)
    Wastewater reclamation by the PAC-NF process
    178(2005)27-40 Full Text
    F.G. Reißmann (Dresden), E. Schulze and V. Albrecht (Plauen, Germany)
    Application of a combined UF/RO system for the reuse of filter backwash water from treated swimming pool water
    178(2005)41-49 Full Text
    A.M. Ravazzini, A.F. van Nieuwenhuijzen and J.H.M.J. van der Graaf (Delft, The Netherlands)
    Direct ultrafiltration of municipal wastewater: comparison between filtration of raw sewage and primary clarifier effluent
    178(2005)51-62 Full Text
    A. Batsch (Aachen, Germany), D. Tyszler (Aachen, Germany and Guelph, Canada), A. Bruegger (Aachen, Germany), S. Panglisch (Mulheim, Germany) and T. Melin (Aachen, Germany)
    Foulant analysis of modified and unmodified membranes for water and wastewater treatment with LC-OCD
    178(2005)63-72 Full Text
    M.D. Kennedy (Delft, The Netherlands), H.K. Chun (Daejeon, Korea), V.A. Quintanilla Yangali, B.G.J. Heijman (Nieuwegen, The Netherlands) and J.C. Schippers (Delft, The Netherlands)
    Natural organic matter (NOM) fouling of ultrafiltration membranes: fractionation of NOM in surface water and characterisation by LC-OCD
    178(2005)73-83 Full Text
    N.H. Lee (Boulder, CO, USA), G. Amy (Delft, The Netherlands) and J. Lozier (Tempe, AZ, USA)
    Understanding natural organic matter fouling in low-pressure membrane filtration
    178(2005)85-93 Full Text
    S. Lyko, T. Wintgens and T. Melin (Aachen, Germany)
    Estrogenic trace contaminants in wastewater – possibilities of membrane bioreactor technology
    178(2005)95-105 Full Text
    Taro Urase, Chie Kagawa and Tomoya Kikuta (Tokyo, Japan)
    Factors affecting removal of pharmaceutical substances and estrogens in membrane separation bioreactors
    178(2005)107-113 Full Text
    H. Evenblij, S. Geilvoet, J.H.J.M. van der Graaf (Delft) and H.F. van der Roest (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
    Filtration characterisation for assessing MBR performance: three cases compared
    178(2005)115-124 Full Text
    S. Geissler, T. Wintgens, T. Melin, K. Vossenkaul and C. Kullmann (Aachen, Germany)
    Modelling approaches for filtration processes with novel submerged capillary modules in membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment
    178(2005)125-134 Full Text
    K. Kimura, H. Hara and Y. Watanabe (Sapporo, Japan)
    Removal of pharmaceutical compounds by submerged membrane bioreactors (MBRs)
    178(2005)135-140 Full Text
    J.H. Roorda, N.C. Wortel (De Bilt) and R. van Dalen (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)
    New process for treatment of organically fouled water: experiences with WWTP-effluent
    178(2005)141-148 Full Text
    A. Broeckmann (Wollongong, Australia and Aachen, Germany), T. Wintgens (Aachen, Germany) and A.I. Schaefer (Wollongong, Australia)
    Removal and fouling mechanisms in nanofiltration of polysaccharide solutions
    178(2005)149-159 Full Text
    N. Park, B. Kwon, M. Sun, H. Ahn (Gwangju, Korea), C. Kim, C. Kwoak, D. Lee, S. Chae (Daejeon, Korea), H. Hyung (Atlanta, GA, USA) and J. Cho (Gwangju, Korea)
    Application of various membranes to remove NOM typically occurring in Korea with respect to DBP, AOC and transport parameters
    178(2005)161-169 Full Text
    Z. Wang, Y. Zhao, J. Wang and S. Wang (Tianjing, China)
    Studies on nanofiltration membrane fouling in the treatment of water solutions containing humic acids
    178(2005)171-178 Full Text
    E.R. Cornelissen, J. Verdouw, A.J. Gijsbertsen-Abrahamse and J.A.M.H. Hofman (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)
    A nanofiltration retention model for trace contaminants in drinking water sources
    178(2005)179-192 Full Text
    H. Evenblij (Delft, The Netherlands), B. Verrecht (Leuven, Belgium), J.H.J.M. van der Graaf (Delft, The Netherlands) and B. Van der Bruggen (Leuven, Belgium)
    Manipulating filterability of MBR activated sludge by pulsed substrate addition
    178(2005)193-201 Full Text
    S. Velizarov, C. Matos, M. Reis and J. Crespo (Caparica, Portugal)
    Removal of inorganic charged micropollutants in an ion-exchange membrane bioreactor
    178(2005)203-210 Full Text
    G. Buttiglieri, F. Malpei (Milan), E. Daverio (Ispra), M. Melchiori (Milan), H. Nieman and J. Ligthart (Ispra, Italy)
    Denitrification of drinking water sources by advanced biological treatment using a membrane bioreactor
    178(2005)211-218 Full Text
    J. Cho, K.-G. Song, S.H. Lee and K.-H. Ahn (Seoul, Korea)
    Sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAM) pilot plant for advanced wastewater treatment
    178(2005)219-225 Full Text
    P. Glueckstern, M. Priel and E. Kotzer (Tel Aviv, Israel)
    Blending brackish water with desalted seawater as an alternative to brackish water desalination
    178(2005)227-232 Full Text
    A. Bick (Beer Sheva), G. Oron (Beer Sheva and Haifa, Israel)
    Post-treatment design of seawater reverse osmosis plants: boron removal technology selection for potable water production and environmental control
    178(2005)233-246 Full Text
    A. Gorenflo, J.A. Redondo (Rheinmunster, Germany) and F. Reverberi (Italy)
    Basic options and two case studies for retrofitting hollow fiber elements by spiral-wound RO technology
    178(2005)247-260 Full Text
    A.S. Al-Amoudi and A.M. Farooque (Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia)
    Performance restoration and autopsy of NF membranes used in seawater pretreatment
    178(2005)261-271 Full Text
    A.S. Al-Mobayed, F.M. Mubeen and S. Balaji (Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia)
    Comparison of the performance of hollow fine fiber and spiral-wound membranes in the Al-Jubail SWRO desalination plant
    178(2005)273-286 Full Text
    S. Lee, K. Lee, W.M. Wan and Y. Choi (Seoul, Korea)
    Comparison of membrane permeability and a fouling mechanism by pre-ozonation followed by membrane filtration and residual ozone in membrane cells
    178(2005)287-294 Full Text
    S.G.J. Heijman (Nieuwegein), M.D. Kennedy and G.J. Van Hek (Delft, The Netherlands)
    Heterogeneous fouling in dead-end ultrafiltration
    178(2005)295-301 Full Text
    M.M. Nederlof, J.A.M. van Paassen and R. Jong (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)
    Nanofiltration concentrate disposal: experiences in the Netherlands
    178(2005)303-312 Full Text
    B. Antrim, R. Lesan, B. Liu and A. von Gottberg (Wilmington, MA, USA)
    World's largest spiral element - history and development
    178(2005)313-324 Full Text
    J.A.M. van Paassen, W.G.J. van der Meer (Leeuwarden) and J. Post (Leusden, The Netherlands)
    Optiflux: from innovation to realisation
    178(2005)325-331 Full Text
    C. Suksaroj, M. Heran, C. Allegre and F. Persin (Montpellier, France)
    Treatment of textile plant effluent by nanofiltration and/or reverse osmosis for water reuse
    178(2005)333-341 Full Text
    A. Bes-Pia, M.I. Iborra-Clar, A. Iborra-Clar, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, B. Cuartas-Uribe and M.I. Alcaina-Miranda (Valencia, Spain)
    Nanofiltration of textile industry wastewater using a physicochemical process as a pre-treatment
    178(2005)343-349 Full Text
    M. Pizzichini, C. Russo and C. Di Meo (Rome, Italy)
    Purification of pulp and paper wastewater, with membrane technology, for water reuse in a closed loop
    178(2005)351-359 Full Text
    M. Sancho, J.M. Arnal, A. Pineda, R. Catala and J. Lora (Valencia, Spain)
    Application of membrane technology for the treatment of effluent from a zirconium silicate production process
    178(2005)361-367 Full Text
    A. Sagiv and R. Semiat (Haifa, Israel)
    Backwash of RO spiral wound membranes
    179(2005)1-9 Full Text
    A. Withers (Swansea, UK)
    Options for recarbonation, remineralisation and disinfection for desalination plants
    179(2005)11-24 Full Text
    J. Naismith (Ingleside, TX, USA)
    Membrane integrity - direct turbidity measurement of filtrate from MF membrane modules at an operating potable water treatment plant
    179(2005)25-30 Full Text
    J.R. Pan, C. Huang, W. Jiang and C. Chen (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
    Treatment of wastewater containing nano-scale silica particles by dead-end microfiltration: evaluation of pretreatment methods
    179(2005)31-40 Full Text
    A. Lerch (Diusburg, Germany), S. Panglisch, P. Buchta (Mulheim, Germany), Y. Tomita, H. Yonekawa, K. Hattori (Aichi, Japan) and R. Gimbel (Diusburg and Mulheim, Germany)
    Direct river water treatment using coagulation/ceramic membrane microfiltration
    179(2005)41-50 Full Text
    L. Masson (Wollongong, Australia and Le Bourget du Lac, France), B.S. Richards (Sydney, Australia) and A.I. Schaefer (Wollongong, Australia)
    System design and performance testing of a hybrid membrane - photovoltaic desalination system
    179(2005)51-59 Full Text
    S.P. Agashichev (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    Reverse osmosis at elevated temperatures: influence of temperature on degree of concentration polarization and transmembrane flux
    179(2005)61-72 Full Text
    S. te Poele and J.H.J.M. van der Graaf (Delft, The Netherlands)
    Enzymatic cleaning in ultrafiltration of wastewater treatment palnt effluent
    179(2005)73-81 Full Text
    P. Lipp, M. Witte, G. Baldauf (Karlsruhe, Germany) and A.A. Povorov (Vladimir, Russia)
    Treatment of reservoir water with a backwashable MF/UF spiral wound membrane
    179(2005)83-94 Full Text
    M.E. Hernandez Rojas, R. Van Kaam, S. Schetrite and C. Albasi (Toulouse, France)
    Role and variations of supernatant compounds in submerged membrane bioreactor fouling
    179(2005)95-107 Full Text
    B. Arrojo, A. Mosquera-Corra, J.M. Garrido, R. Mendez (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), E. Ficara and F. Malpei (Milan, Italy)
    Membrane coupled to a sequencing batch reactor for water reuse and removal of coliform bacteria
    179(2005)109-116 Full Text
    C. Nuengjamnong (Pathumathani, Thailand and Seoul, Korea), J.H. Kweon, J. Cho, C. Polprasert and K.-H. Ahn (Seoul, Korea)
    Membrane fouling caused by extracellular polymeric substances during microfiltration processes
    179(2005)117-124 Full Text
    E.T. Baars (Amsterdam), S.G.J. Heijman (Nieuwegein and Delft) and Th.G.J. Bosklopper (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Red alert on transmembrane pressure (TMP)
    179(2005)125-130 Full Text
    J.H. Roorda (De Bilt) and J.H.J.M. van der Graaf (Delft, The Netherlands)
    SUR-test used for optimisation of membrane filtration plants treating wastewater effluents
    179(2005)131-150 Full Text
    J. Moon and J. Cho (Gwangju, Korea)
    Investigation of nano-colloid transport in UF membranes using flow field-flow fractionation (flow FFF) and an irreversible thermodynamic transport model
    179(2005)151-159 Full Text
    P. Artiga (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), E. Ficara, F. Malpei (Milan, Italy), J.M. Garrido (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) and R. Mendez (Milan, Italy)
    Treatment of two industrial wastewaters in a submerged membrane bioreactor
    179(2005)161-169 Full Text
    P. Artiga (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), V. Oyanedel (Santiago de Compostela, Spain and Charlottesville, VA, USA)), J.M. Garrido and R. Mendez (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
    An innovative biofilm-suspended biomass hybrid membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment
    179(2005)171-179 Full Text
    K. Tarnacki, S. Lyko, T. Wintgens, T. Melin (Aachen) and F. Natau (Emmendingen, Germany)
    Impact of extra-cellular polymeric substances on the filterability of activated sludge in membrane bioreactors for landfill leachate treatment
    179(2005)181-190 Full Text
    S. Strugholtz, K. Sundaramoorthy (Duisburg), S. Panglisch (Mulheim), A. Lerch (Duisburg), A. Bruegger (Aachen) and R. Gimbel (Duisburg and Mulheim, Germany)
    Evaluation of the performance of different chemicals for cleaning capillary membranes
    179(2005)191-202 Full Text
    B. Kwon, N. Park and J. Cho (Gwangju, Korea)
    Effect of algae on fouling and efficiency of UF membranes
    179(2005)203-214 Full Text
    N. Oschmann (Wollongong, Australia and Berlin, Germany), L.D. Nghiem and A.I. Schaefer (Wollongong, Australia)
    Fouling mechanisms of submerged ultrafiltration membranes in greywater recycling
    179(2005)215-223 Full Text
    S. Panglisch (Mulheim), A. Holy, F. Urban (Moers), W. Dautzenberg, P. Sous, J. Ohligschlaeger (Roetgen) and R. Gimbel (Mulheim, Germany)
    Transferring pilot experiments into the planning of Germany's largest two-stage ultrafiltration plant
    179(2005)225-235 Full Text
    S. Verbych, M. Bryk, A. Alpatova and G. Chornokur (Kyiv, Ukraine)
    Ground water treatment by enhanced ultrafiltration
    179(2005)237-244 Full Text
    A.L. Ahmad, S. Ismail and S. Bhatia (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
    Membrane treatment for palm oil mill effluent: effect of transmembrane pressure and crossflow velocity
    179(2005)245-255 Full Text
    A.L. Ahmad, M. Sarif and S. Ismail (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
    Development of an integrally skinned ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment: effect of different formulations of PSf/NMP/PVP on flux and rejection
    179(2005)257-263 Full Text
    A.E. Al-Rawajfeh (Germany/Al-Tafilah, Jordan)
    Polyamide-based composite membranes: Part I. Preparation and characterization
    179(2005)265-272 Full Text
    B. Cheknane, N. Ait Messaoudene, M.W. Naceur and F. Zermane (Blida, Algeria)
    Fluidized bed flocculation-coagulation of seawater from the Algiers area
    179(2005)273-280 Full Text
    K.D. Demadis, E. Neofotistou, E. Mavredaki, M. Tsiknakis, E.-M. Sarigiannidou and S.D. Katarachia (Heraklion, Crete, Greece)
    Inorganic foulants in membrane systems: chemical control strategies and the contribution of green chemistry
    179(2005)281-295 Full Text
    A. Di Zio, M. Prisciandaro and D. Barba (L'Aquila, Italy)
    Disinfection of surface waters with UF membranes
    179(2005)297-305 Full Text
    M.V. Galiana-Aleixandre, A. Iborra-Clar, A. Bes-Pia, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, B. Cuartas-Uribe and M.I. Iborra-Clar (Valencia, Spain)
    Nanofiltration for sulphate removal and water reuse of the pickling and tanning processes in a tannery
    179(2005)307-313 Full Text
    S. Ghizellaoui, A. Chibani and S. Ghizellaoui (Constantine, Algeria)
    Use of nanofiltration for partial softening of vety hard water
    179(2005)315-322 Full Text
    D. Kuzmenko, E. Arkhangelsky, S. Belfer, V. Freger and V. Gitis (Beer Sheva, Israel)
    Chemical cleaning of UF membranes fouled by BSA
    179(2005)323-333 Full Text
    A. Lhassani and J. Bentama (Fez, Morocco)
    Modeling of mass transfer sintered clay membranes for application to treat water
    179(2005)335-338 Full Text
    D. Sambrailo, J. Ivic (Dibrovnik) and A. Krstulovic (Split, Croatia)
    Economic evaluation of the first desalination plant in Croatia
    179(2005)339-344 Full Text
    R. Senthil Kumar, A. Mani and S. Kumaraswamy (Chennai, India)
    Analysis of a jet-pump-assisted vacuum desalination system using power plant waste heat
    179(2005)345-354 Full Text
    K. Sundaramoorthy (Duisburg), A. Bruegger, S.Panglisch (Mülheim), A. Lerch (Duisburg) and R. Gimbel (Duisburg and Mulheim, Germany)
    Studis on the minimisation of NOM fouling of MF/UF membranes with the help of a submerged "single" capillary membrane apparatus
    179(2005)355-367 Full Text
    S. Xia (Harbin), X. Li (Beijing), R. Liu and G. Li (Harbin, China)
    Pilot study of drinking water production with ultrafiltration of water from the Songhuajiang River (China)
    179(2005)369-374 Full Text
    F. Zermane, M.W. Naceur, B. Cheknane and N. Ait Messaoudene (Blida, Algeria)
    Adsorption of humic acids by a modified Algerian montmorillonite in a synthesized seawater
    179(2005)375-380 Full Text
    M.M.D. Zulkali, A.L. Ahmad and C.J.C. Derek (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
    Membrane application in proteomic studies: preliminary studies on the effect of pH, ionic strength and pressure on protein fractionation
    179(2005)381-390 Full Text

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