• Desalination, Vol. 175/1 (2005)
    Conference on Fouling and Critical Flux: Theory and Applications
    June 16–18, 2004, Lappeenranta, Finland

    R. Zhang, D.E. Wiley and A.G. Fane (Sydney, Australia) (Australia)
    The effect of hetero-aggregated feeds on critical flux
    175(2005)1-5 Full Text

    Y. Ye, P. Le Clech, V. Chen, A.G. Fane (Sydney, Australia) and B. Jefferson (Cranfield, UK) (Australia)
    Fouling mechanisms of alginate solutions as model extracellular polymeric substances
    175(2005)7-20 Full Text

    P. Bacchin and P. Aimar (Toulouse, France) (France)
    Critical fouling conditions induced by colloidal surface interaction: from causes to consequences
    175(2005)21-27 Full Text

    Y. Bessiere, P. Bacchin (Toulouse, France) and B. Jefferson (Cranfield, UK) (France)
    Dead end filtration of natural organic matter: experimental evidence of critical conditions
    175(2005)29-36 Full Text

    Sari Metsamuuronen and Marianne Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland) (Finland)
    Critical flux in cross-flow ultrafiltration of protein solutions
    175(2005)37-47 Full Text

    Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Genevieve Gesan-Guiziou, Daniel Roldan-Calbo, Sylvain Beaulieu, Francoise Michel (Rennes, France) (France)
    Limiting flux in skimmed milk ultrafiltration: impact of electrostatic repulsion due to casein micelles
    175(2005)49-59 Full Text

    C. Psoch and S. Schiewer (Fairbanks, AK, USA) (USA)
    Critical flux aspect of air sparging and backflushing on membrane bioreactors
    175(2005)61-71 Full Text

    Andreas Weis, Michael R. Bird (Bath, UK),, Marianne Nystrom (Lappeenranta, Finland) and Christopher Wright (Swansea, UK) (UK)
    The influence of morphology, hydrophobicity and charge upon the long-term performance of ultrafiltration membranes fouled with spent sulphite liquor
    175(2005)73-85 Full Text

    M. Kallioinen, S.-P. Reinikainen, J. Nuortila-Jokinen, M. Manttari (Lappeenranta), T. Sutela and P. Nurminen (Raisio, Finland) (Finland)
    Chemometrical approach in studies of membrane capacity in pulp and paper mill application
    175(2005)87-95 Full Text

    Riina Liikanen, Heikki Kiuru (Hut), Juhani Peuravuori (Turku) and Marianne Nystrom(Lappeenranta, Finland) (Finland)
    Nanofiltration flux, fouling and retension in filtering dilute model waters
    175(2005)97-109 Full Text

    B. Van der Bruggen, G. Cornelis, C. Vandecasteele (Heverlee) and I. Devreese (Zwijnaarde, Belgium) (Belgium)
    Fouling of nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes applied for waste water regeneration in the textile industry
    175(2005)111-119 Full Text

    R. Schlesinger, T. Roder, G. Gotzinger, H. Sixta (Lenzing), M. Harasek and A. Friedl (Vienna, Austria) (Austria)
    Influence of hemicellulose aggregate and gel layer formation on flux and retention during nanofiltration of alkaline solutions
    175(2005)121-134 Full Text

    D. Abdessemed and G. Nezzal (Algiers, Algeria) (Algeria)
    Tertiary treatment of a secondary effluent by coupling of coagulation-adsorption ultrafiltration
    175(2005)135-141 Full Text

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