Desalination, Vol. 176 (2005)

    Seminar in Environmental Science and Technology: Evaluation of Alternative Water Treatment Systems for Obtaining Safe Water
    Organized by the University of Salerno with support of NATO Science Programme
    Fisciano (SA), Italy, September 27, 2004
    Desalination Vol. 176 (2005)

    Paolo Roccaro, Giuseppe Mancini, Federico G.A. Vagliasindi (Italy)
    Water intended for human consumption. Part I. Compliance with European water quality standards
    176(2005)1-11 Full Text
    Spyros K. Golfinopoulos and Anastasia D. Nikolaou (Greece)
    Survey of disinfection by products in drinking water in Athens, Greece
    176(2005)13-24 Full Text
    A. Nikolaou, S. Golfinopoulos, L. Rizzo, G. Lofrano, T. Lekkass (Greece) and V. Belgiorno (Italy)
    Optimisation of analytical methods for the determination of DBPs: application to drinking waters from Greece and Italy
    176(2005)25-35 Full Text
    Przemyslaw Andrzejewski, Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern and Jacek Nawrocki (Poland)
    The hazard of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) formation during water disinfection with strong oxidants
    176(2005)37-45 Full Text
    Ceyda Senem Uygunera and Miray Bekboleta (Turkey)
    Implementation of spectroscopic parameters for practical monitoring of natural organic matter
    176(2005)47-55 Full Text
    Massimiliano Fabbricino and Gregory V. Korshin (Italy)
    Disinfection by-products formation and applicability of differential absorbance spectroscopy to monitor halogenation in chlorinated coastal and deep ocean seawater
    176(2005)57-69 Full Text
    Fariborz Taghipour and Angelo Sozzi (Canada)
    Modeling and design of ultraviolet reactors for disinfection byproduct precursor removal
    176(2005)71-80 Full Text
    J. van Leeuwen, R. Daly and M. Holmes (Australia)
    Modeling the treatment of drinking water to maximize dissolved organic matter removal and minimize disinfection by-product formation
    176(2005)81-89 Full Text
    V. Uyak, I. Toroz (Turkey) and S. Meric (Italy)
    Monitoring and modeling of trihalomethanes (THMs) for a water treatment plant in Istanbul
    176(2005)91-101 Full Text
    Sabrina Sorlini and Carlo Collivignarelli (Italy)
    Trihalomethanes formation during chemical oxidation with chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone of ten Italian natural waters
    176(2005)103-111 Full Text
    L. Cozzolino, D. Pianese and F. Pirozzi (Italy)
    DBPs control in water distribution systems through optimal chlorine dosage and disinfection stations allocation
    176(2005)113-125 Full Text
    I. Toroz and V. Uyak (Turkey)
    Seasonal variations of trihalomethanes (THMs) in water distribution networks of Istanbul city
    176(2005)127-141 Full Text
    Giuseppe Mancini, Paolo Roccaro and Federico G.A. Vagliasindi (Italy)
    Water intended for human consumption. Part II. Treatment alternatives, monitoring issues and resulting costs
    176(2005)143-153 Full Text
    M. Bekbolet, C.S. Uyguner, H. Selcuk (Turkey), L. Rizzo (Italy), A.D. Nikolaou (Greece), S. Meric and V. Belgiorno (Italy)
    Oxidative removal of NOM application to drinking water and formation of disinfection by-products
    176(2005)155-166 Full Text
    Ceyda Senem Uyguner and Miray Bekbolet (Turkey)
    A comparative study on the photocatalytic degradation of humic substances of various origins
    176(2005)167-176 Full Text
    L. Rizzo, V. Belgiorno, M. Gallo and S. Meric (Italy)
    Removal of THMs precursors from a high-alkaline surface water by enhanced coagulation and behaviour of THMFP toxicity on D. magna
    176(2005)177-188 Full Text
    Yongrui Tan, James E. Kilduff (USA), Mehmet Kitis (Turkey) and Tanju Karanfil (USA)
    Dissolved organic matter removal and disinfection byproduct formation control using ion exchange
    176(2005)189-200 Full Text
    K. Tyrovola and E. Diamadopouloss (Greece)
    Bromate formation during ozonation of groundwater in coastal areas in Greece
    176(2005)201-209 Full Text
    Huseyin Selcuk, Yasar Vitosoglu, Sahin Ozaydin, Miray Bekbolet (Turkey)
    Optimization of ozone and coagulation processes for bromate control in Istanbul drinking waters
    176(2005)211-217 Full Text
    Huseyin Selcuk (Turkey and Marc A. Anderson (USA)
    Effect of pH, charge separation and oxygen concentration in photoelectrocatalytic systems: active chlorine production and chlorate formation
    176(2005)219-227 Full Text
    Cynthia Guay, Manuel Rodriguez and Jean Serodes (Canada)
    Using ozonation and chloramination to reduce the formation of trihalomethane and haloacetic acids in drinking water
    176(2005)229-240 Full Text
    C. Nurizzo, M. Antonelli, M. Profaizer and L. Romele (Italy)
    By-products in surface and reclaimed water disinfected with various agents
    176(2005)241-253 Full Text
    Sabrina Sorlini and Carlo Collivignarelli (Italy)
    Chlorite removal with granular activated carbon
    176(2005)255-265 Full Text
    Sabrina Sorlini and Carlo Collivignarelli (Italy)
    Chlorite removal with ferrous ions
    176(2005)267-271 Full Text

    Boussad Chouaki
    AquaTDP/S3DP plants and systems.Floating ship-borne modular dismountable seawater desalination plant
    165(2004)369-375 Full Text

    A. Husain, S. Al-Bahar, S. Abdul Salam, O. Al-Shamali
    Accelerated AC impedance testing for prequalification of marine construction materials
    165(2004)377-384 Full Text
    J. Siqueiros, A. Huicochea, R.J. Romero
    Portable water purification system integrated to a heat transformer
    165(2004)385-391 Full Text
    Hisham Ettouney
    Visual basic computer package for thermal and membrane desalination processes
    165(2004)393-408 Full Text
    M. Azaroual, Ch. Kervevan, M.-V. Durance, P. Durst
    SCALE2000: reaction-transport software dedicated to thermo-kinetic prediction and quantification of scales. Applicability to desalination problems
    165(2004)409-419 Full Text
    H. Ben Bacha, W. Masmoudi, A.Y. Maalej, H. Ben Dhia
    Software for sizing and simulation of SMCEC desalination process
    165(2004)421-433 Full Text
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