Desalination, Vol. 168 (2004) Mahmoud Ben Amara, Imed Houcine, Amenallah Guizani, Mohammed Mâalej
Theoretical and experimental study of a pad humidifier used in a seawater desalination process
168(2004)1-12 Full Text

Ahmed Khedim, Klemens Schwarzer, Christian Faber, Christoph Müller
Production décentralisée de l’eau potable à l’énergie solaire
168(2004)13-20 Full Text
M. Boukar, A. Harmim
Parametric study of a vertical solar still under desert climatic conditions
168(2004)21-28 Full Text
Ulrike Seibert, Gisela Vogt, Christian Brennig, Rebecca Gebhard, Felix Holz
Autonomous desalination system concepts for seawater and brackish water in rural areas with renewable energies — potentials, technologies, field experience, socio-technical andsocio-economic impacts — ADIRA
168(2004)29-37 Full Text
Vicente J. Subiela, J.A. Carta, J. González
The SDAWES project, the lessons learnt from an innovative project
168(2004)39-47 Full Text
M.N.A.Hawlader, Prasanta K. Dey, Sufyan Diab, Chan Ying Chung
Solar assisted heat pump desalination system
168(2004)49-54 Full Text
Efat Chafik
Design of plants for solar desalination using the multi-stage heating/humidifying technique
168(2004)55-71 Full Text
Johannes H. Lindemann
Wind- and solar powered seawater desalination. Applied solutions for the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Gulf Countries
168(2004)73-80 Full Text
Mahmoud Ben Amara, Imed Houcine, Amenallah Guizani, Mohammed Mâalej
Comparison of indoor and outdoor experiments on a newly designed air solar plate collector used with the operating conditions of a solar desalination process
168(2004)61-88 Full Text
Christian Epp, Michael Papapetrou
Co-ordination action for autonomous desalination units based on renewable energy systems - ADU-RES
168(2004)89-93 Full Text
S. Bouguecha, B. Hamrouni, M. Dhahbi
Operating analysis of a direct energy coupled desalination family prototype
168(2004)95-100 Full Text
S. Chemkhi, F. Zagrouba, A. Bellagi
Drying of agricultural crops by solar energy
168(2004)101-109 Full Text
S. Timoumi, D. Mihoubi, F. Zagrouba
Simulation model for a solar drying process
168(2004)111-115 Full Text
B. Khiari, D. Mihoubi, S. Ben Mabrouk, M. Sassi
Experimental and numerical investigations on water behaviour in a solar tunnel drier
168(2004)117-124 Full Text
Frank Hensel, Klaus Uhl
Low-energy desalination and wind energy - sustainable solutions for drinking water production
168(2004)125-126 Full Text
D. Zejli, R. Benchrifa, A. Bennouna, O.K. Bouhelal
A solar adsorption desalination device: first simulation results
168(2004)127-135 Full Text
Nizar Ben Ezzine, Messaoud Barhoumi, Khalifa Mejbri, S. Chemkhi, Ahmed Bellagi
Solar cooling with the absorption principle: First and Second Law analysis of an ammonia–water double-generator absorption chiller
168(2004)137-144 Full Text
H.N. Singh, G.N. Tiwari
Monthly performance of passive and active solar stills for different Indian climatic conditions
168(2004)145-150 Full Text
J. Orfi, M. Laplante, H. Marmouch, N. Galanis, B. Benhamou, S. Ben Nasrallah, C.T. Nguyen
Experimental and theoretical study of a humidification–dehumidification water desalination system using solar energy
168(2004)151-159 Full Text
J. Orfi, C. Debbissi, A. Belhaj Mohamed, S. Ben Nasrallah
Air humidification by free convection in a vertical channel
168(2004)161-168 Full Text
M. Lazaar, S. Kooli, M. Hazami, A. Farhat, A. Belghith
Use of solar energy for the agricultural greenhouses autonomous conditioning
168(2004)169-175 Full Text
J. Roger Humphries, Michael S. Wood
Reverse osmosis environmental remediation. Development and demonstration pilot project
168(2004)177-184 Full Text
S. Annouar, M. Mountadar, A. Soufiane, A. Elmidaoui, M.A. Mankouchi Sahli, M. Kahlaoui
Denitrification of underground water by chemical adsorption and by electrodialysis
168(2004)185-185 Full Text
M. Boumediene, D. Achour
Denitrification of the underground waters by specific resin exchange of ion
168(2004)187-194 Full Text
Mourad Amara, Hacène Kerdjoudj
Separation and recovery of heavy metals using a cation-exchange resin in the presence of organic macro-cations
168(2004)195-200 Full Text
Toraj Mohammadi, Afshin Pak, Mehrdad Karbassian, Masoud Golshan
Effect of operating conditions on microfiltration of an oil-water emulsion by a kaolin membrane
168(2004)201-205 Full Text
Sylvie Condom, André Larbot, Saad Alami Younssi, Michel Persin
Use of ultra- and nanofiltration ceramic membranes for desalination
168(2004)207-213 Full Text
A.L. Ahmad, B.S. Ooi, A.W. Mohammad, J.P. Choudhury
Development of a highly hydrophilic nanofiltration membrane for desalination and water treatment
168(2004)215-221 Full Text
A.L. Ahmad, Anthony Mariadas
Baffled microfiltration membrane and its fouling control for feed water of desalination
168(2004)223-230 Full Text
Kamel Damak, Abdelmoneim Ayadi, Philippe Schmitz, Belkacem Zeghmati
Modeling of crossflow membrane separation processes under laminar flow conditions in tubular membranes
168(2004)231-239 Full Text
A. Wahab Mohammad, Rizafizah Othaman, Nidal Hilal
Potential use of nanofiltration membranes in treatment of industrial wastewater from Ni-P electroless plating
168(2004)241-252 Full Text
M.W. Naceur, N. Ait Messaoudene, S. Megatli, A. Khelifa
Organic matter adsorption on montmorillonite pillared by an organophile complex for tangential microfiltration through an inorganic ZrO2-TiO2 membrane
168(2004)253-258 Full Text
N. Saffaj, S. Alami Younssi, A. Albizane, A.A. Messouadi, M. Bouhri, M. Persin, M. Cretin, A. Larbot
Preparation and characterization of ultrafiltration membranes for toxic removal from wastewater
168(2004)259-263 Full Text
J.M. Arnal, M. Sancho, G. Verdú, J. Lora, J.F. Marin, J. Cháfer
Selection of the most suitable ultrafiltration membrane for water disinfection in developing countries
168(2004)265-270 Full Text
G. León, R. de los Santos, M.A. Guzmán
Reduction of sodium and chloride ion content in aqueous solutions by bulk liquid membranes: a kinetic approach
168(2004)271-275 Full Text
A. Bódalo, J.L. Gómez, E. Gómez, G. León, M. Tejera
Sulfonated polyethersulfone membranes in the desalination of aqueous solutions
168(2004)277-282 Full Text
Jilali Bentama, Philippe Destrac, Jean Michel Espenan
Production of drinking water by membrane processes
168(2004)283-286 Full Text
Tak-Hyun Kim, Yuri Lee, Jeongmok Yang, Byunghwan Lee, Chulhwan Park, Sangyong Kim
Decolorization of dye solutions by a membrane bioreactor (MBR) using white-rot fungi
168(2004)287-293 Full Text
Jilali Bentama, Kamar Ouazzani, Zakia Lakhliai, Mouneim Ayadi
Inorganic membranes made of sintered clay for the treatment of biologically modified water
168(2004)295-299 Full Text
N. Saffaj, H. Loukili, S. Alami Younssi, A. Albizane, M. Bouhri, M. Persin, A. Larbot
Filtration of solution containing heavy metals and dyes by means of ultrafiltration membranes deposited on support made of Moroccan clay
168(2004)301-306 Full Text
B. Schlichter, V. Mavrov, H. Chmiel
Study of a hybrid process combining ozonation and microfiltration/ultrafiltration for drinking water production from surface water
168(2004)307-317 Full Text
M. Kameche, C. Innocent, F. Xu, G. Pourcelly, Z. Derriche
Electro-transport of protons, alkali metal cations and solvent molecules through a commercial cation-exchange membrane conditioned with aqueous and organic solutions
168(2004)319-327 Full Text
Rachid Miri, Rabah Dizene
Influence of adsorbent particles on a dynamic protein membrane in cross flow filtration
168(2004)329-339 Full Text
A. Kavitskaya
Possibilities of the dead-end ultrafiltration in hard water treatment
168(2004)341-346 Full Text
Valeri V. Ugrozov, Lubov I. Kataeva
Mathematical modeling of a membrane distiller with liquid-gap
168(2004)347-353 Full Text
Jan H. Hanemaaijer et al.
Memstill® - low cost membrane distillation technology for seawater desalination
168(2004)355-355 Full Text
A. El Amali, S. Bouguecha, M. Maalej
Experimental study of air gap and direct contact membrane distillation configurations: application to geothermal and seawater desalination
168(2004)357-357 Full Text
L. Martínez
Comparison of membrane distillation performance using different feeds
168(2004)20-365 Full Text
André Larbot, Laetitia Gazagnes, Sebastian Krajewski, Malgorzata Bukowska, Wojciech Kujawski
Water desalination using ceramic membrane distillation
168(2004)367-372 Full Text
M. Khayet, J.I. Mengual
Effect of salt concentration during the treatment of humic acid solutions by membrane distillation
168(2004)373-381 Full Text
M. Khayet, J.I. Mengual
Effect of salt type on mass transfer in reverse osmosis thin film composite membranes
168(2004)383-390 Full Text
M. Lazaar, S. Kooli, M. Hazami, A. Farhat, A. Belghith
Comparison between a solar system and a fuel boiler for greenhouse air-conditioning
168(2004)391-395 Full Text
Andrzej Slezak, Jacek Wasik, Kornelia Slezak
Effect of concentration boundary layers on mechanical pressure in a double-membrane system
168(2004)397-412 Full Text
Andrzej Slezak, Kazimierz Dworecki, Jolanta Jasik-Slezak, Jacek Wasik
Method to determine the critical concentration Rayleigh number in isothermal passive membrane transport processes
168(2004)413-433 Full Text
A. Dell'Erba, D. Falsanisi, L. Liberti, M. Notarnicola, D. Petruzzelli, D. Santoro
Disinfection behaviour of peracetic acid for municipal wastewater reuse
168(2004)435-442 Full Text
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