Desalination, Vol. 167 (2004)

Pierre Cote, Michel Masini, Diana Mourato (Ontario, Canada)
Comparison of membrane options for water reuse and reclamation
167(2004)1-11 Full Text

Lute Broens, Nick Liebrand, Harry Futselaar (Enschede, The Netherlands), Juan Carlos de Armas Torrent (Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain)
Effluent re-use at Barranco Seco (Spain): a 1,000 m3/h case study
167(2004)13-16 Full Text
S.B. Al-Shammari (Safat, Kuwait)
Wastewater with advanced treatment: an option for meeting Kuwait's non-potable water demands
167(2004)17-17 Full Text
Sabeur Khemakhem, R. Ben Amar, R. Ben Hassen (Sfax, Tunisie), A. Larbot (Montpellier, France), M. Medhioub, A. Ben Salah (Sfax, Tunisie), L. Cot (Montpellier, France)
New ceramic membranes for tangential waste-water filtration
167(2004)19-22 Full Text
Shengji Xia (Harbin), Xing Li (Beijing), Ruiping Liu, Guibai Li (Harbin, China)
Study of reservoir water treatment by ultrafiltration for drinking water production
167(2004)23-26 Full Text
Odeh Al-Jayyousi (Amman, Jordan)
Greywater reuse: knowledge management for sustainability
167(2004)27-37 Full Text
B. Khiari (Hammam Lif, Tunisia), F. Marias (Pau, France), F. Zagrouba (Hammam Lif, Tunisia), J. Vaxelaire (Pau, France)
Analytical study of the pyrolysis process in a wastewater treatment pilot station
167(2004)39-47 Full Text
O. Souilah, D.E. Akretche, M. Amara (Alger, Algérie)
Water reuse of an industrial effluent by means of electrodeionisation
167(2004)49-54 Full Text
Amit Sonune, Rupali Ghate (Aurangabad, India)
Developments in wastewater treatment methods
167(2004)55-63 Full Text
Jasmine Castelblanque, Francesco Salimbeni (Lugano, Switzerland)
NF and RO membranes for the recovery and reuse of water and concentrated metallic salts from waste water produced in the electroplating process
167(2004)65-73 Full Text
Mousa S. Mohsen (Zarga, Jordan)
Treatment and reuse of industrial effluents: case study of a thermal power plant
167(2004)75-86 Full Text
Abderrahim Khyati, Abdallah Messafi (Casablanca, Morocco)
Traitement des rejects liquides emanant des industries de traitements de surfaces et leur reutilisation dans les circuits des chaines selon le principe "rejet zero"
167(2004)87-99 Full Text
Kitae Baek, Ji-Won Yang (Daejeon, Korea)
Competitive bind of anionic metals with cetylpyridinium chloride micelle in micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration
167(2004)101-110 Full Text
Kitae Baek, Ji-Won Yang (Daejeon, Korea)
Micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration of chromate and nitrate: binding competition between chromate and nitrate
167(2004)111-118 Full Text
Kitae Baek, Ji-Won Yang (Daejeon, Korea)
Effect of valences on removal of anionic pollutants using micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration
167(2004)119-125 Full Text
A.A. Mubarak, A.H. El-Shazly, A.H. Konsowa (Alexandria, Egypt)
Recovery of copper from industrial waste solution by cementation on reciprocating horizontal perforated zinc disc
167(2004)127-133 Full Text
D. Mihoubi (Hammam-Lif, Tunisia)
Mechanical and thermal dewatering of residual sludge
167(2004)135-139 Full Text
O. Hocine, M. Boufatit, A. Khouider (Alger, Algerie)
Use of montmorillonite clays as adsorbents of hazardous pollutants
167(2004)141-145 Full Text
K. Khider (Boumerdes, Algérie), D.E. Akretche (Alger, Algérie), A. Larbot (Montpellier, France)
Purification of water effluent from a milk factory by ultrafiltration using Algerian clay support
167(2004)147-151 Full Text
S. Katayon, M.J. Megat Mohd Noor (Selangor Malaysia), J. Ahmad (Trengganu, Malaysia), L.A. Abdul Ghani (Selangor Malaysia), Hiroshi Nagaoka, Hidenori Aya (Tokyo, Japan)
Effects of mixed liquor suspended solid concentrations on membrane bioreactor efficiency for treatment of food industry wastewater
167(2004)153-158 Full Text
L. Sadoun, F. Hassaine-Sadi (Algiers, Algeria)
Purification-concentration process. Studies on the transport mechanism of a chromium (VI)-sulfuric acid - tri-n-octylamine (TOA)-ammonium carbonate system
167(2004)159-163 Full Text
H. Hadjar, B. Hamdi, Z. Kessaïssia (Alger, Algérie)
Adsorption of heavy metal ions on composite materials prepared by modification of natural silica
167(2004)165-174 Full Text
Graeme K. Pearce, Santi Talo (Sant Just, Spain), Kamran Chida, Amir Basha, Aziz Gulamhusein (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Pretreatment options for large scale SWRO plants: case studies of UF trials at Kindasa, Saudi Arabia, and conventional pretreatment in Spain
167(2004)175-189 Full Text
Veronique Bonnelye, Miguel Angel Sanz, Jean-Pierre Durand, Ludovic Plasse, Frederic Gueguen, Pierre Mazounie (Rued Malmaison, France)
Reverse osmosis on open intake seawater: pre-treatment strategy
167(2004)191-200 Full Text
Noreddine Ghaffour (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman), Rahim Jassim, Tahir Khir (KSA)
Flux enhancement by using helical baffles in ultrafiltration of suspended solids
167(2004)201-207 Full Text
M. Hafsi, A. Khaoua, S. BenAbdellah, M. El Mghari Tabib Rabat, Marocco)
Effects of the chemical injection points in pretreatment on reverse (RO) osmosis plant performance
167(2004)209-216 Full Text
S.C. Low, W.X. Jin, Michael Tan (Singapore)
Characteristics of particle and membrane pore sizes in the performance of water recovery from a fine carbon loaded wastewater using a vibration membrane system
167(2004)217-226 Full Text
Nidal Hilal, Gerald Busca, Nick Hankins (Nottingham, UK), Abdul Wahab Mohammad (Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia)
The use of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes in the treatment of metal-working fluids
167(2004)227-238 Full Text
Ted Darton, Ursula Annunziata (Bucks, UK), Fernando del Vigo Pisano, Silvia Gallego (Madrid, Spain)
Membrane autopsy helps to provide solutions to operational problems
167(2004)239 -245 Full Text
R. Sheikholeslami (Sydney, Australia)
Assessment of the scaling potential for sparingly soluble salts in RO and NF units
167(2004)247-256 Full Text
Eleftheria Neofotistou, Konstantinos D. Demadis (Crete, Greece)
Use of antiscalants for mitigation of silica (SiO2) fouling and deposition: fundamentals and applications in desalination systems
167(2004)257-272 Full Text
M. Ben Sik Ali, B. Hamrouni (Tunis), S. Bouguecha, M. Dhahbi (Hammam-Lif, Tunisia)
Silica removal by ion-exchange resins
167(2004)273-279 Full Text
Noreddine Ghaffour (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman)
Modeling of fouling phenomena in cross-flow ultrafiltration of suspensions containing suspended solids and oil droplets
167(2004)281-291 Full Text
Nidal Hilal (Nottingham, UK), Victor Kochkodan (Kyiv, Ukraine), Laila Al-Khatib (Nottingham, UK), Tetyana Levadna (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Surface modified polymeric membranes to reduce (bio) fouling: a microbiological study using E.colli
167(2004)293-300 Full Text
Kamel-Eddine Bouhidel (Batna, Algeria), Michel Rumeau (Montpellier, France)
Ion-exchange membrane fouling by boric acid in the electrodialysis of nickel electroplating rinsing waters: generalization of our results
167(2004)301-310 Full Text
S. Ben Ahmed, M. Tlili, M. Ben Amor (Hammam-Lif), H. Ben Bacha, B. Elleuch (Sfax, Tunisie)
Calcium sulphate scale prevention in a desalination unit using the SMCEC technique
167(2004)311-318 Full Text
D.B. Jannet, A. Mnif, R. Rokbani (Hammam Lif, Tunisie)
Natural brine valorisation: Application of the system K+, Mg2+/Cl-, SO42-//H2O at 25 degrees C. Observations on kinetics formation of K2SO4 and K2SO4.MgSO4.6H2O
167(2004)319-326 Full Text
I. Atamanenko, A. Kryvoruchko, L. Yurlova (Kiev, Ukraine)
Study of the scaling process on membranes
167(2004)327-334 Full Text
M. Al-Shammiri, M. Ahmed, M. Al-Rageeb (Safat, Kuwait)
Nanofiltration and calcium sulfate limitation for top brine temperature in Gulf desalination plants
167(2004)335-346 Full Text
M. Pontie (Paris), A. Lhassani (Maroc), C.K. Diawara (Dakar Fann, Sénégal), A. Elana (Paris and Montpellier), C. Innocent (Montpellier), D. Aureau (Paris and Bidart), M. Rumeau (Montpellier), J.P. Croue (Poitiers), H. Buisson (Maisons-Laf tte), P. Hemery (Bidart, France)
Seawater nanofiltration for the elaboration of usable salty waters
167(2004)347-355 Full Text
M.A. Menkouchi Sahli, M. Tahaikt, I. Achary, M. Taky, F. Elhanouni, M. Hafsi, M. Elmghari, A. Elmidaoui (Kenitra, Morocco)
Technical optimisation of nitrate removal from groundwater by electrodialysis using a pilot plant
167(2004)359-359 Full Text
T. Chaabane (Algiers, Algeria), S. Taha (Rennes, France), N. Ameraoui (Algiers, Algeria), G. Dorange (Rennes, France), R. Maachi (Algiers, Algeria)
Contribution to the comprehension of the calcium ions transfer phenomena through a nanofiltration spiral wound membrane
167(2004)361-368 Full Text
Guy Tiama Ballet, Lassaad Gzara, Amor Hafiane, Mahmoud Dhahbi (Hammam-Lif , Tunisie)
Transport coefficients and cadmium salt rejection in nanofiltration membrane
167(2004)369-376 Full Text
S.P. Bindra, M. Taweibi (Tripoli, Libya)
Pollutants and seawater desalination on coastal environment: a case study
167(2004)377-377 Full Text
Toraj Mohammadi, A. Razmi (Tehran), M. Sadrzadeh (Isfahan, Iran)
Effect of operating parameters on Pb2+ separation from wastewater using electrodialysis
167(2004)379-385 Full Text
A. Bes-Pia, A. Iborra-Clar, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.I. Iborra-Clar, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda (Valencia, Spain)
Nanofiltration of biologically treated textile effluents using ozone as pre-treatment
167(2004)387-392 Full Text
Aminata Diasse-Sarr (Senegal), Hortense Essis-Tome (Côte d'Ivoire), Courfia K. Diawara (Dakar Fann, Senegal), Francis Quemeneur, Loubna Firdaous (St Nazaire), Christophe Innocent (Montpellier), Audrey Elana (Montpellier and Paris), Karima Kecili, Maxime Pontie (Paris, France)
New electrokinetics tools for studying ageing of ED and NF membrane processes in contact with highly salted solutions from seawater
167(2004)393-396 Full Text
Loubna Firdaous, Francis Quemeneur, Jean Pierre Schlumpf, J.P. Maleriat (Saint Nazaire, France)
Modification of the ionic composition of salt solutions by electrodialysis
167(2004)397-402 Full Text
Randa Haddad, Ezzedine Ferjani, Mohamed Sadok Roudesli (Monastir, Tunisie), Andre Deratani (Montpellier, France)
Properties of cellulose acetate nanofiltration membranes. Application to brackish water desalination
167(2004)403-409 Full Text
Marian Turek, Piotr Dydo, Agnieszka Krzakala (Gliwice, Poland)
Optimum membrane length in electrodialytic desalination of diluted solutions
167(2004)411-415 Full Text
G. Pieruz, P. Grassia, R.A.W. Dryfe (Manchester, UK)
Boron removal from produced water by facilitated ion transfer
167(2004)417-417 Full Text
Masahide Taniguchi (Otsu Shiga), Yoshinari Fusaoka (Chiba), Tsuyoshi Nishikawa, Masaru Kurihara (Otsu Shiga, Japan)
Boron removal in RO seawater desalination
167(2004)419-426 Full Text
N. Kabay, I. Yilmaz, S. Yamac, M. Yuksel, U. Yuksel (Izmir), N. Yildirim, O. Aydogdu (Ankara, Turkey), T. Iwanaga, K. Hirowatari (Fukuoka, Japan)
Removal and recovery of boron from geothermal wastewater by selective ion-exchange resins. II. Field tests
167(2004)427-438 Full Text
Corrado Sommariva, H. Hogg, K. Callister (Brighton, UK)
Environmental impact of seawater desalination: relations between improvement in efficiency and environmental impact
167(2004)439-444 Full Text
R. Gemma Raluy, Luis Serra, Javier Uche, A. Valero (Zaragoza, Spain)
Life-cycle assessment of desalination technologies integrated with energy production systems
167(2004)445-458 Full Text
Andrea Cipollina, Angelo Bonfiglio, Giorgio Micale, Alberto Brucato (Palermo, Italy)
Dense jets modelling applied to the design of dense effluent diffusers
167(2004)459-468 Full Text
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