Desalination, Vol. 166 (2004)

B.M. Misra, J. Kupitz (Vienna, Austria)
The role of nuclear desalination in meeting the potable water needs in water scarce areas in the next decades
166(2004)1-9 Full Text

Mabrouk Methnani (Vienna, Austria)
DEEP: a tool for evaluating co-generated power and desalination strategies
166(2004)11-15 Full Text
K. Bourouni (Tunis), M. Chaibi (Ariana, Tunisia)
Modelling of heat and mass transfer in a horizontal-tube falling-film condenser for brackish water desalination in remote areas
166(2004)17-24 Full Text
Ahmed M. Helal, Mufeed Odeh (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
The once-through MSF design. Feasibility for future large capacity desalination plants
166(2004)25-39 Full Text
Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh (Halle (Saale), Germany), Heike Glade (Bremen, Germany), Hazim Mohameed Qiblawey (Irbid, Jordan), Joachim Ulrich (Halle (Saale), Germany)
Simulation of CO2 release in multiple-effect distillers
166(2004)41-52 Full Text
F. Kafi, V. Renaudin, D. Alonso, J.M. Hornut (Nancy, France)
New MED plate desalination process: thermal performances
166(2004)53-62 Full Text
Marco Rognoni Alessandro Trezzi, Dario Quaranta (Vimodrone, Italy)
Optimization of seawater evaporation plants
166(2004)63-68 Full Text
Prasanta K. Dey, M.N.A. Hawlader, S.K. Chou, J.C. Ho (Singapore)
Performance of a single-effect desalination system operating with different tube profiles and materials
166(2004)69-78 Full Text
M. Ben Amor, D. Zgolli, M.R. Tlili, A.S. Manzola (Hammam-Lif, Tunisie)
Influence of water hardness, substrate nature and temperature on heterogeneous calcium carbonate nucleation
166(2004)79-84 Full Text
Wenhua Tian, Qiaosheng Rui (Xi'an, P.R. China)
Performance of a high-velocity double-chamber bed and its advantages over a double-chamber fluidised bed and RO system
166(2004)85-92 Full Text
Enrique E. Tarifa, Nicolas J. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Fault diagnosis for MSF dynamic states using a SDG and fuzzy logic
166(2004)93-101 Full Text
Enrique E. Tarifa, Demetrio Humana, Samuel Franco, Sergio L. Martínez, Alvaro F. Nunez, Nicolas J. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Fault diagnosis for MSF dynamic states using neural networks
166(2004)103-111 Full Text
Enrique E. Tarifa, Demetrio Humana, Samuel Franco, Nicolas J. Scenna (San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina)
A new method to process algebraic equation systems used to model a MSF desalination plant
166(2004)113-121 Full Text
Rubina Bahar, M.N.A. Hawlader, Liang Song Woei (Singapore)
Performance evaluation of a mechanical vapor compression desalination system
166(2004)123-127 Full Text
Sergio F. Mussati, Marian G. Marcovecchio, Pio A. Aguirre, Nicolás J. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
A new global optimization algorithm for process design: its application to thermal desalination processes
166(2004)129-140 Full Text
Sergio F. Mussati, Pio A. Aguirre, Nicolás J. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Improving the efficiency of the MSF once through (MSF-OT) and MSF-mixer (MSF-M) evaporators
166(2004)141-151 Full Text
Mubarak Al-Kawwari, Nader M. Al-Bastaki (Kingdom of Bahrain)
Copper dust formation in a large scale MSF desalination plant
166(2004)153-156 Full Text
K.M. El-Khatib, A.S. Abd El-Hamid, A.H. Eissa, M.A. Khedr (Cairo, Egypt)
Transient model, simulation and control of a single-effect mechanical vapour compression (SEMVC) desalination system
166(2004)157-165 Full Text
Hikmet S. Aybar (Mersin, Turkey)
Desalination system using waste heat of power plant
166(2004)167-170 Full Text
Khaled Habib (Safat , Kuwait)
Laser optical interferometry as NDT methods for cleaner and sustainable desalination plants: pitting and crevice corrosion
166(2004)171-190 Full Text
Adrian Gambier, Essameddin Badreddin (Mannheim, Germany)
Dynamic modelling of MSF plants for automatic control and simulation purposes: a survey
166(2004)191-204 Full Text
H. Hammi, J. Musso, A. M'nif, R. Rokbani (Tunisia)
Crystallization path of natural brine evaporation using the DPAO method
166(2004)205-208 Full Text
M. Bourouis, A. Coronas (Tarragona, Spain), R.J. Romero, J. Siqueiros (Morelos, Mexico)
Purification of seawater using absorption heat transformers with water-(LiBr+LiI+LiNO3+LiCl) and low temperature heat sources
166(2004)209-214 Full Text
Li Xu, Shiyong Wang, Shichang Wang, Yuxin Wang (Tianjin, China)
Studies on heat-transfer film coefficients inside a horizontal tube in falling film evaporators
166(2004)215-222 Full Text
Li Xu, Murong Ge, Shichang Wang, Yuxin Wang (Tianjin, China)
Heat transfer film coefficients of falling film horizontal tube evaporators
166(2004)223-230 Full Text
Rajesh Tripathi, G.N. Tiwari (New Delhi, India)
Effect of size and material of a semi-cylindrical condensing cover on heat and mass transfer for distillation
166(2004)231-241 Full Text
Jiafu Tian, Jun Zhang, Ping Cheng (Beijing, China)
Pre-feasibility study of a deep-pool reactor for seawater desalination
166(2004)243-249 Full Text
Rabiha Chikh, Hamid Ait-Amar (Bab-Ezouar), Abdenour Si-Salah, Saïd Ameziane (Boumerdès, Algeria)
Application of a high performance compact reactor (HCR) in the treatment of polluting hydrocarbon loads
166(2004)251-260 Full Text
F. Khlissa, A. M'nif (Hammam-Lif, République Tunisienne), R. Solimando (Nancy, France), R. Rokbani (Hammam-Lif, République Tunisienne)
Prediction of mineral precipitation during isotherm evaporation of southern Tunisian natural brines
166(2004)261-266 Full Text
E. Tzen, D. Theofilloyianakos (Pikermi), M. Sigalas (Athens), K. Karamanis (Aspropyrgos, Greece)
Design and development of a hybrid autonomous system for seawater desalination
166(2004)267-274 Full Text
Trygve J. Blomster, Miroslav Stanimirov (Norway)
Continuously extruded long length polyethylene pipes for seawater intakes and marine outfalls
166(2004)275-286 Full Text
Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz, Abdullah M. Al-Namlah (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Characteristics of dual purpose MSF desalination plants
166(2004)287-294 Full Text
A. Husain, O. Al-Shamali, A. Abduljaleel (Safat,Kuwait)
Investigation of marine environmental related deterioration of coal tar epoxy paint on tubular steel pilings
166(2004)295-304 Full Text
Nasser Al Hashar, Syed Anisuddin, Tabassum Sadik, Sofia Tahseen (Sultanate of Oman)
Oil spill pollution in seawater - a hindrance for desalination
166(2004)305-305 Full Text
E. Badreddin, A. Gambier (Mannheim, Germany), F. Aboul-Fotouh (Alexandria, Egypt)
Laboratory set-up for education and research on automation of reverse osmosis plants employing a sustainable energy source
166(2004)307-314 Full Text
Samira Ghizellaoui (Constantine, Algérie), Jean Lédion (Paris, France), Souheila Ghizellaoui, Aissa Chibani (Constantine, Algérie)
Etude de l’inhibition du pouvoir entartrant des eaux du Hamma par précipitation contrôlée rapide et par un essai d’entartrage accéléré
166(2004)315-327 Full Text
Toraj Mohammadi, Ashkan Esmaeelifar (Tehran, Iran)
Wastewater treatment using ultrafiltration at a vegetable oil factory
166(2004)329-337 Full Text
Sergio F. Mussati, Pio A. Aguirre, Nicolas J. Scenna (Santa Fe, Argentina)
A rigorous mixed-integer non-lineal programming model (MINLP) for synthesis and optimal operation of cogeneration seawater desalination plants
166(2004)339-345 Full Text
N. Hadj Salah, M. Bouhelassa, S. Bekkouche (Algeria), A. Boultii (Constantine, Algeria)
Study of photocatalytic degradation of phenol
166(2004)347-354 Full Text
S. Bekkouche, M. Bouhelassa, N. Hadj Salah, F.Z. Meghlaoui (Constantine, Algeria)
Study of adsorption of phenol on titanium oxide (TiO2)
166(2004)355-362 Full Text
N. Gherbi, A.-H. Meniai, M. Bencheikh-Lehocine (Algeria), A. Mansri (Tlemeen, Algeria), M. Morcellet (France), K. Bellir (Algeria), M. Bacquet (France), B. Martel (Algeria)
Study of the retention phenomena of copper II by calcinated wheat by-products
166(2004)363-369 Full Text
F. Belaib, A.-H. Meniai, M. Bencheikh-Lehocine (Constantine, Algeria), A. Mansri (Tlemcen, Algeria), M. Morcellet, M. Bacquet, B. Martel (France)
A macroscopic study of the retention capacity of copper by polyaniline coated onto silica gel and natural solid materials
166(2004)371-377 Full Text
Javier Uche, Luis Serra, Asuncion Sanz (Zaragoza, Spain)
Integration of desalination with cold-heat-power production in the agro-food industry
166(2004)379-391 Full Text
Saber Chemkhi, Fethi Zagrouba (Hammam Lif), Ahmed Bellagi (Monastir, Tunisia)
Thermodynamics of water sorption in clay
166(2004)393-399 Full Text
Khaled A. Mohamed, Ahmad Arieqat, Mufeed Odeh (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Set-up of a mid-field model to investigate the recirculation of effluents in the Mirfa power and desalination plant
166(2004)401-409 Full Text
E. Cardona, A. Piacentino (Palermo, Italy)
Optimal design of cogeneration plants for seawater desalination
166(2004)411-426 Full Text
Fathi Alimi, Abdellatif Gadri (Tunisia)
Kinetics and morphology of formed gypsum
166(2004)427-434 Full Text
Mejdi Hazami, Sami Kooli, Mariem Lazaar, Abdelhamid Farhat (Hammam-Lif), Ali Belghith (Belvedere, Tunisia)
Heat transfer characteristics of a capillary heat exchanger based air conditioning cupboard
166(2004)435-442 Full Text
Mejdi Hazami, Sami Kooli, Mariem Lazaar, Abdelhamid Farhat, Chekib Kerkeni (Hammam-Lif), Ali Belghith (Belvedere, Tunisia)
Capillary polypropylene exchangers for conditioning of museum aquariums (Tunisia)
166(2004)443-448 Full Text
B. Hamdi, M. Houari, S. Ait Hamoudi, Z. Kessaissia (Bah Ezzouar, Algeria)
Adsorption of some volatile organic compounds on geomaterials
166(2004)449-455 Full Text
Gustavo Kronenberg (Plantation, FL, USA)
The largest SWRO plant in the world - Ashkelon 100 million m3/y BOT project
166(2004)457-463 Full Text
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