Desalination, Vol. 165 (2004)

Manuel Schiffler (Washington, DC, USA)
Perspectives and challenges for desalination in the 21st century
165(2004)1-9 Full Text

Khalid Burashid, Ali Redha Hussain (Kingdom of Bahrain)
Seawater RO plant operation and maintenance experience: addur desalination plant operation assessment
165(2004)11-22 Full Text
Essam E. Khalil (Cairo, Egypt)
Water strategies and technological development in Egyptian coastal areas
165(2004)23-30 Full Text
Mohamed Fathy Hamoda (Safat, Kuwait)
Water strategies and potential of water reuse in the South Mediterranean countries
165(2004)31-41 Full Text
Samir El-Manharawy, Azza Hafez (Cairo, Egypt)
Could seawater be under saturation and acidic?
165(2004)43-69 Full Text
Gregor Meerganz von Medeazza (Barcelona, Spain)
Water desalination as a long term sustainable solution to alleviate global freshwater scarcity? A North-South approach
165(2004)71-72 Full Text
Simone Grego, Andrea Micangeli, Stefano Esposto (Rome, Italy)
Water purification in the Middle East crisis: a survey on WTP and CU in Basrah (Iraq) area within a research and development program
165(2004)73-79 Full Text
A. Saadi, N. Ouazzani (Marrakech, Morocco)
Perspectives of desalination of brackish water for valorisation in arid regions of Morocco
165(2004)81-81 Full Text
R. El Sheikh (Palestinian Water Authority, Palestine)
Regulatory challenges of Palestinian strategies on distribution of desalinated water
165(2004)83-88 Full Text
E. Wheida, R. Verhoeven (Belgium)
Desalination as a water supply technique in Libya
165(2004)89-97 Full Text
Abdelkrim Sadi (Algiers, Algeria)
Seawater desalination share among water and market policy changes in Algeria
165(2004)99-104 Full Text
A. Benzaoui, A. Bouabdallah (Algiers, Algeria)
Desalination and biological wastewater treatment process
165(2004)105-110 Full Text
G. Gasco (Madrid, Spain)
Influence of state support on water desalination in Spain
165(2004)111-122 Full Text
Stefano Esposto, Andrea Micangeli, Simone Grego (Rome, Italy)
Sustainable water treatment and chlorine production in emergency conditions in South Iraq
165(2004)123-132 Full Text
Elham El-Zanati, Sherif Eissa (Cairo, Egypt)
Development of a locally designed and manufactured small-scale reverse osmosis desalination system
165(2004)133-139 Full Text
A.I. Hafez, M.S. El-Mariharawy (Cairo, Egypt)
Design and performance of the two-stage/two-pass RO membrane system for chromium removal from tannery wastewater, Part-3
165(2004)141-151 Full Text
M. Metaiche (Bechar and Algiers), A. Kettab (Algiers, Algeria)
Mathematical modeling of desalination parameters: mono-stage reverse osmosis
165(2004)153-153 Full Text
M. Taleb Ahmed, S. Taha, T. Chaabane, J. Cabon, R. Maachi, G. Dorange (Rennes, France)
Treatment of the tannery effluents from a plant near Algiers by nanofiltration (NF): experimental results and modeling
165(2004)155-160 Full Text
Ingmar H. Huisman, Kevin Williams (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Autopsy and failure analysis of ultrafiltration membranes from a waste-water treatment system
165(2004)161-164 Full Text
S.A. Avlonitis, M. Pappas, K. Moutesidis (Psaxna Evia), D. Avlonitis (Kavala), K. Kouroumbas, N. Vlachakis (Psaxna Evia, Greece)
PC based SCADA system and additional safety measures for small desalination plants
165(2004)165-176 Full Text
E.J.A. (Manie) Coopmans, H. Peter Schwarz (Ferndale, South Africa)
Clarification as a pre-treatment to membrane systems
165(2004)177-182 Full Text
Mohamad Amin Saad (Tuscon, AZ, USA)
Early discovery of RO membrane fouling and real-time monitoring of plant performance for optimizing cost of water
165(2004)183-191 Full Text
A.L. Ahmad, K.Y. Tan (Penang, Malaysia)
Reverse osmosis of binary organic solute mixtures in the presence of strong solute-membrane affinity
165(2004)193-199 Full Text
S.V. Joshi, P.K. Ghosh, V.J. Shah, C.V. Devmurari, J.J. Trivedi, Prakash Rao (Bhavnagar, India)
CSMCRI experience with reverse osmosis membranes and desalination: case studies
165(2004)201-208 Full Text
Mohammed R. Ahmed, Ibrahim S. Jaber (Gaza, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian)
Technical and economic evaluation of brackish groundwater desalination by RO process
165(2004)209-213 Full Text
Mukhtar M. Ashour, Salem M. Ghurbal (Tripoli, Libya)
Economics of seawater desalination in Libya
165(2004)215-218 Full Text
D. Zejli, R. Benchrifa, A. Bennouna, K. Zazi (Rabat, Morocco)
Economic analysis of wind-powered desalination in the south of Morocco
165(2004)219-230 Full Text
Jacques Andrianne, Felix Alardin (Brussels, Belgium)
Desalination site selection on North-African coasts
165(2004)231-239 Full Text
Leif Drablos (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain)
One large desalination plant vs. several smaller plants to supply water to an area
165(2004)241-241 Full Text
A. Wahab Mohammad, Nora'aini Ali (Bangi, Selangor Malaysia), A. Latif Ahmad (Penang, Malaysia), Nidal Hilal (Nottingham, UK)
Optimized nanofiltration membranes: relevance to economic assessment and process performance
165(2004)243-250 Full Text
Oum Keltoum Bouhelal, Redouane Merrouch, Driss Zejli (Rabat, Morocco)
Costs investigation of coupling an RO desalination system with a combined cycle power plant using DEEP code
165(2004)251-257 Full Text
B. Khiari, S. Ben Mabrouk (Hammam-Lif , Tunisia)
Technical and economic survey of low enthalpy solar installations for heating sanitary water
165(2004)259-268 Full Text
Walid El-Mudir, Mohamed El-Bousiffi, Salah Al-Hengari (Tripoli, Libya)
Performance evaluation of a small size TVC desalination plant
165(2004)269-279 Full Text
Maria Dina Afonso (Lisbon, Portugal), Javier Ferrer, Rodrigo Borquez (Concepción, Chile)
An economic assessment of protein recovery from fish meal wastewaters by ultrafiltration
165(2004)281-281 Full Text
Darko M. Krstic, Miodrag N. Tekic, Zoltan Z. Zavargo, Mirjana S. Djuric, Gordana M. Ciric (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro)
Saving water in a volume-decreasing diafiltration process
165(2004)283-288 Full Text
Giorgio Migliorini, Elena Luzzo (Genoa, Italy)
Seawater reverse osmosis plant using the pressure exchanger for energy recovery: a calculation model
165(2004)289-298 Full Text
M. Busch, W.E. Mickols (Rheinmünster, Germany)
Reducing energy consumption in seawater desalination
165(2004)299-312 Full Text
Richard Stover (San Leandro CA, USA)
Development of a fourth generation energy recovery device. A ‘CTO's notebook’
165(2004)313-321 Full Text
N. Delion, Gueneelle Mauguin, Pierre Corsin (Paris, France)
Importance and impact of post treatments on design and operation of SWRO plants
165(2004)323-334 Full Text
Etan Bar (Baja California, Mexico)
Extraction of water from air - an alternative solution for water supply
165(2004)335-335 Full Text
M. Nefzi (Montfleury and Hammam Lif), M. Ben Amor, M. Maalej (Hammam Lif, Tunisie)
A clean technology for decarbonation of geothermal waters from Chott El Fejjej using a three-phase fluidized bed reactor - modelling aspects
165(2004)337-350 Full Text
Stephan Bross, Wolfgang Kochanowski (Frankenthal, Germany)
SWRO core hydraulic module - the right concept decides in terms of energy consumption and reliability. Part II. Advanced pressure exchanger design
165(2004)351-361 Full Text
R. David G. Pyne (Gainesville, Florida), Jonathan B. Howard (Austin, Texas, USA)
Desalination/aquifer storage recovery (DASR): a cost effective combination for Corpus Christi, Texas
165(2004)363-367 Full Text
Boussad Chouaki (Algiers, Algeria)
AquaTDP/S3DP plants and systems.Floating ship-borne modular dismountable seawater desalination plant
165(2004)369-375 Full Text
A. Husain, S. Al-Bahar, S. Abdul Salam, O. Al-Shamali (Safat, Kuwait)
Accelerated AC impedance testing for prequalification of marine construction materials
165(2004)377-384 Full Text
A. Huicochea, J. Siqueiros, R.J. Romero and Morelos (Mexico)
Portable water purification system integrated to a heat transformer
165(2004)385-391 Full Text
Hisham Ettouney (Safat, Kuwait)
Visual basic computer package for thermal and membrane desalination processes
165(2004)393-408 Full Text
M. Azaroual, Ch. Kervevan, M.N. Durance, P. Durst ( France)
SCALE2000: reaction-transport software dedicated to thermo-kinetic prediction and quantification of scales, applicability to desalination problems
165(2004)409-419 Full Text
Habib Ben Bacha, Wassim Masmoudi, Aref Younes Maalej, Hamed Ben Dhia (Sfax, Tunisia)
Software for sizing and simulation of SMCEC desalination process
165(2004)421-433 Full Text
A. Elmidaoui, L. Chay, M. Tahaikt, M.A. Menkouchi Sahli, M. Taky, F. Tiyal, A. Khalidi and My R. Alaoui Hafidi (Morrocco)
Demineralisation of beet sugar syrup, juice and molasses using an electrodialysis pilot plant to reduce melassigenic ions
165(2004)435-435 Full Text
S. Annouar, M. Mountadar, A. Soufiane, A. Elmidaoui and M.A. Menkouchi Sahli (Morocco)
Defluoridation of underground water by adsorption on the chitosan and by electrodialysis
165(2004)437-437 Full Text
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