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Desalination, Vol. 158 (2003)

W.T. Hanbury, T. Hodgkiess, K. Al-Omari (UK)
Aspects of acid-cleaning operations in MSF plants
158(2003)1 Full Text
Khaled Habib, Hanna Al-Mazeedi (Kuwait)
Optical interferometry as electrochemical emission spectroscopy of copper alloys in seawater
158(2003)3-8 Full Text
F. Alimi, H. Elfil, A. Gadri (Tunisia)
Kinetic of the precipitation of calcium sulfate dihydrate in a desalination unit
158(2003)9-16 Full Text
Corrado Sommariva, Harry Hogg, Keith Callister (UK )
Cost reduction and design lifetime increase in thermal desalination plants: thermodynamic and corrosion resistance combined analysis for heat exchange tubes material selection
158(2003)17-21 Full Text
T. Hodgkiess, N.A. Najm-Mohammed (UK)
Unique application of large-scale, cathodic-protection system on an MSF plant
158(2003)23-28 Full Text
A. Husain, A. Fakar Al-Deen (Kuwait)
In-situ surface potential characterization of a cathodically polarized coating
158(2003)29-34 Full Text
Khalid S.E. Al-Malahy, T. Hodgkiess (UK)
Comparative studies of the seawater corrosion behaviour of a range of materials
158(2003)35-42 Full Text
Khalied Z. Al-Subaie, T. Hodgkiess (UK)
Corrosion of copper-nickel alloys in simulated vapourside environments
158(2003)43-50 Full Text
M. Khayet, C.Y. Feng, T. Matsuura (Spain)
Application of surface modifying macromolecules for the preparation of membranes for membrane distillation
158(2003)51-56 Full Text
M. Khayet, T. Matsuura (Spain)
Determination of surface and bulk pore sizes of flat-sheet and hollow-fiber membranes by atomic force microscopy, gas permeation and solute transport methods
158(2003)57-64 Full Text
Nidal Hilal, Laila Al-Khatib, Brian P. Atkin, Victor Kochkodan, Nelya Potapchenko (UK)
Photochemical modification of membrane surfaces for (bio)fouling reduction: a nano-scale study using AFM
158(2003)65-72 Full Text
Nidal Hilal, Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Mazrul Nizam Abu Seman (Malaysia)
A study on producing composite nanofiltration membranes with optimized properties
158(2003)73-78 Full Text
R. Bouzerar, P. Paullier, Michel Y. Jaffrin (France)
Concentration of mineral suspensions and industrial effluents using a rotating disk dynamic filtration module
158(2003)79-85 Full Text
B.V. Pilat (Kazakhstan)
Industrial application of electrodialysis reversal systems
158(2003)87-89 Full Text
Marian Turek, Piotr Dydo (Poland)
Electrodialysis reversal of calcium sulphate and calcium carbonate supersaturated solution
158(2003)91-94 Full Text
N. Kabay, M. Arda, I. Kurucaovali, E. Ersoz, H. Kahveci, M. Can, S. Dal, S. Kopuzlu, M. Haner, M. Demircioglu, M. Yuksel (Turkey)
Effect of feed characteristics on the separation performances of monovalent and divalent salts by electrodialysis
158(2003)95-100 Full Text
A.L. Ahmad, B.S. Ooi, J.P. Choudhury (Malaysia)
Preparation and characterization of co-polyamide thin film composite membrane from piperazine and 3,5-diaminobenzoic acid
158(2003)101-108 Full Text
Mushtaque Ahmed, Aro Arakel, David Hoey, Muralee R. Thumarukudy, Matheus A.F. Goosen, Mansour Al-Haddabi, Abdullah Al-Belushi (Oman)
Feasibility of salt production from inland desalination plant reject brine: a case study
158(2003)109-117 Full Text
Nader Al-Bastaki, Abderrahim Abbas (Bahrain)
Permeate recycle to improve the performance of a spiral-wound RO plant
158(2003)119-126 Full Text
Adel K. El-Fiqi (Egypt)
Thermal performance of seawater desalination systems
158(2003)127-142 Full Text
Narmine H. Ali, Adel K. El-Fiqi (Egypt)
Mechanical vapor compression desalination systems – a case study
158(2003)143-150 Full Text
Irina D. Atamanenko, Antonina P. Kryvoruchko, Lyudmila Yu. Yurlova, Boris Yu. Kornilovich (Ukraine)
Concentration of heavy metals by pressure-driven membrane methods
158(2003)151-156 Full Text
Kitae Baek, Hyun-Ho Lee, Ji-Won Yang (Korea)
Micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration for simultaneous removal of ferriccyanide and nitrate
158(2003)157-166 Full Text
S.P. Bindra, Mohd Muntasser, Manjri El-Khweldi, Abubaker El-Khweldi (Libya)
Water use efficiency for industrial development in Libya
158(2003)167-178 Full Text
M. Boukar, A. Harmim (Algeria)
Development and testing of a vertical solar still
158(2003)179-179 Full Text
Suing-Il Choi, Jeyong Yoon, Y. Lee, Seock-Heon Lee (Korea)
Particle behavior in air agitation submerged membrane filtration
158(2003)181-188 Full Text
A.H. El-Shazly, A.H. Konsowa (Egypt)
Removal of nickel ions from wastewater using a cation-exchange resin in a batch-stirred tank reactor
158(2003)189-193 Full Text
A. Gherrou, H. Kerdjoudj (Algeria)
Cyanide as copper leaching agent for the remediation of the fouling of a supported liquid membrane by formamidine disulphide in thiourea medium
158(2003)195-200 Full Text
Salem Ghurbal, Mukhtar Ashour (Libya)
Economic competitiveness of nuclear desalination in Libya
158(2003)201-204 Full Text
J. Gilron, Y. Folkman, R. Savliev, M. Waisman, O. Kedem (Israel)
WAIV -- wind aided intensified evaporation for reduction of desalination brine volume
158(2003)205-214 Full Text
H. Hammi, J. Musso, A. M’nif, R. Rokbani (Tunisia)
Tunisian salt lakes evaporation studied by the DPAO method based on solubilty phase diagrams
158(2003)215-220 Full Text
A.H. Hamzaoui, A. M’Nif, H. Hammi, R. Rokbani (Tunisia)
Contribution to the lithium recovery from brine
158(2003)221-224 Full Text
A.A. Kavitskaya, N.A. Klimenko, A.V. Bildyukevich, A.A. Petrachkov (Ukraine)
Adsorption of anionic SAS on membranes
158(2003)225-230 Full Text
A. Khelifa, S. Moulay, F. Hannane, S. Benslimene, M. Hecini (Algeria)
Application of the experimental design method to the study of the performance of electrochlorination cells
158(2003)231-231 Full Text
A.H. Konsowa (Egypt)
Decolorization of wastewater contaning direct dye by ozonation in a batch bubble column reactor
158(2003)233-240 Full Text
Stefano Mainardi (Poland)
Water availability and infrastructure development: cross-country econometric and neural network estimates
158(2003)241-254 Full Text
M. Metaiche, A. Kettab, B. Bengueddache (Algeria)
Contribution a la modelisation du facteur de correction de flux de retention de la membrane «MFRC» de dessalement de l'eau de mer cas des modules B-10
158(2003)255-258 Full Text
D. Mihoubi, J. Vaxelaire, F. Zagrouba, A. Bellagi (Tunisia)
Mechanical dewatering of suspension
158(2003)259-265 Full Text
Toraj Mohammadi, Anita Kaviani (Iran)
Water shortage and seawater desalination by electrodialysis
158(2003)267-270 Full Text
W.M. Naceur, N. Ait Messaoudene, A. Aggoun (Algeria)
Microfiltration reinforced adsorption of humic acids onto a modified Algerian clay
158(2003)271-276 Full Text
M. Pontie, C. Diawara, M. Rumeau, D. Aureau, P. Hemmery (France)
Seawater nanofiltration (NF): fiction or reality?
158(2003)277-280 Full Text
Marco Rognoni (Italy)
Steam transformer as an inexpensive production system for desalinating water
158(2003)281-284 Full Text
C. Frederik Schutte (South Africa)
The rejection of specific organic compounds by reverse osmosis membranes
158(2003)285-294 Full Text
Vladimir N. Slesarenko (Russia)
Comparison of the efficiency of MSF and thin-film desalination plants
158(2003)295-302 Full Text
Viatcheslav V. Slesarenko (Russia)
Electrodialysis and reverse osmosis membrane plants at power stations
158(2003)303-311 Full Text
Stavros Yanniotis, K. Xerodemas (Greece)
Air humidification for seawater desalination
158(2003)313-319 Full Text
F. Hassaine-Sadi, A. Benhassaine (Algeria)
Transport of the biological membranairs process to the treatements of low-grade metal effluents. Transport, counter-transport, positive coupling
158(2003)321-321 Full Text
Abdul Sattar Kahdim, Saleh Ismail, Alaa Abdulrazaq Jassim (Iraq)
Modeling of reverse osmosis systems
158(2003)323-329 Full Text
Shadia El Rafie (Egypt)
Bioremediation post-photooxidation and coagulation for black liquor effleunt treatment
158(2003)331-339 Full Text