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Desalination, Vol. 157 (2003)

J. Jaime Sadhwani, Fabian Deniz (Spain)
Behaviour of the asynchronous electric motors to reduction of energy consumption in reverse osmosis plants
157(2003)1-8 Full Text
Thomas Manth, Michael Gabor, Eli Oklejas, Jr. (Germany)
Minimizing RO energy consumption under variable conditions of operation
157(2003)9-21 Full Text
Osamah M. Al-Hawaj (Kuwait)
The work exchanger for reverse osmosis plant
157(2003)23-27 Full Text
Bernard Wiesenfeld, Frances Woog (France)
Energy recovery technology interface between production of energy and water
157(2003)29-29 Full Text
Heinz Ludwig (Germany)
Hybrid systems in seawater desalination — practical design aspects, status and development perspectives
157(2003)31-32 Full Text
Sergei P. Agashichev, M.E. El-Dahshan (UAE)
Reverse osmosis incorporated into existing cogenerating systems as a sustainable technological alternative for United Arab Emirates
157(2003)33-49 Full Text
Marian Turek (Poland)
Hybrid membrane - thermal vs. simple membrane systems
157(2003)51-56 Full Text
Jurgen Rheinlander, Erhard W. Perz, Olaf Goebel (Germany)
Performance simulation of integrated water and power systems – software tools IPSEpro and RESYSpro for technical, economic and ecological analysis
157(2003)57-64 Full Text
Jose M. Veza, Juan J. Rodriguez-Gonzalez (Spain)
Second use for old reverse osmosis membranes: wastewater treatment
157(2003)65-72 Full Text
A. Bes-Pia, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda, A. Iborra-Clar, M.I. Iborra-Clar (Spain)
Combination of physico-chemical treatment and nanofiltration to reuse wastewater of a printing, dyeing and finishing textile industry
157(2003)73-80 Full Text
A. Bes-Pia, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, A. Iborra-Clar, L.Roig-Alcover, M.I. Iborra-Clar, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda (Spain)
Comparison between nanofiltration and ozonation of biologically treated textile wastewater for its reuse in the industry
157(2003)81-86 Full Text
Abdul Latif Ahmad, Suzylawati Ismail, Subhash Bhatia (Malaysia)
Water recycling from palm oil mill effluent (POME) using membrane technology
157(2003)87-95 Full Text
V. Mavrov, T. Erwe, C. Blöcher, H. Chmiel (Germany)
Study of new integrated processes combining adsorption, membrane separation and flotation for heavy metal removal from wastewater
157(2003)97-104 Full Text
Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Mohd Sobri Takriff (Malaysia)
Predicting flux and rejection of multicomponent salts mixture in nanofiltration membranes
157(2003)105-111 Full Text
Ralph Weber, Horst Chmiel, Valko Mavrov (Germany)
Characteristics and application of new ceramic nanofiltration membranes
157(2003)113-125 Full Text
Maxime Pontie, Herve Buisson, Courfia K. Diawara, Hortense Essi-Tome (France)
Studies of halide ions mass transfer in nanofiltration — application to selective defluorination of brackish drinking water
157(2003)127-134 Full Text
Harry Futselaar, Henk Schonewille, Walter van der Meer (The Netherlands)
Direct capillary nanofiltration for surface water
157(2003)135-136 Full Text
A. Wahab Mohammad, Nidal Hilal, Brian Atkin, Naif A. Darwish (UK)
Using atomic force microscopy towards improvement in nanofiltration membranes properties for desalination pre-treatment: a review
157(2003)137-144 Full Text
Kamel Fethi (Tunisia)
Optimization of energy consumption in the 3300 m3/d RO Kerkennah plant
157(2003)145-149 Full Text
S.A. Avlonitis, K. Kouroumbas, N. Vlachakis (Greece)
Energy consumption and membrane replacement cost for seawater RO desalination plants
157(2003)151-158 Full Text
W.G.J. van der Meer, J.A.M. van Paassen, F.H.J. van Ekkendonk, M.C. Riemersma (The Netherlands)
Optiflux®: from innovation to application
157(2003)159-165 Full Text
Mousa S. Mohsen, Jamal O. Jaber, Maria Dina Afonso (Jordan)
Desalination of brackish water by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
157(2003)167-167 Full Text
Raphael Semiat, Iris Sutzkover, David Hasson (Israel)
Scaling of RO membranes from silica supersaturated solutions
157(2003)169-191 Full Text
David Hasson, Alexander Drak, Raphael Semiat (Israel)
Induction times induced in an RO system by antiscalants delaying CaSO4 precipitation
157(2003)193-207 Full Text
E.H. Kelle Zeiher, Bosco Ho, Kevin D. Williams (UK)
Novel antiscalant dosing control
157(2003)209-216 Full Text
Roya Sheikholeslami, H.W.K.Ong (Australia)
Kinetics and thermodynamics of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate at salinities up to 1.5M
157(2003)217-234 Full Text
Oleg D. Linnikov (Russia)
About seed concentration for prevention of scale
157(2003)235-240 Full Text
Ron S. Faibish, Toshio Konishi (Austria)
Nuclear desalination: a viable option for producing freshwater
157(2003)241-252 Full Text
Li Tian, Jilin Guo, Yuliang Sun (China)
Economic pre-feasibility study of seawater desalination for a high temperature gas-cooled reactor by reverse osmosis
157(2003)253-258 Full Text
Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz (Saudi Arabia)
Coupling of a nuclear reactor to hybrid RO MSF desalination plants
157(2003)259-268 Full Text
Yuhua Wang, Yajun Zhang, Wenxiang Zheng (China)
Water resources and potential of seawater desalination in Shandong peninsula
157(2003)269-276 Full Text
Ron S. Faibish, Hisham Ettouney (Austria)
MSF nuclear desalination
157(2003)277-287 Full Text
Li Tian, Yongqing Wang, Jilin Guo (China)
A comparative economic analysis of the contribution of nuclear seawater desalination to environmental protection using the clean development mechanism (CDM)
157(2003)289-296 Full Text
M. Khayet, M.P. Godino, J.I. Mengual (Spain)
Theoretical and experimental studies on desalination using the sweeping gas membrane distillation method
157(2003)297-305 Full Text
Corinne Cabassud, David Wirth (France)
Membrane distillation for water desalination: how to choose an appropriate membrane?
157(2003)307-313 Full Text
M.N. Chernyshov, G.W. Meindersma, A.B. de Haan (The Netherlands )
Modelling temperature and salt concentration distribution in membrane distillation feed channel
157(2003)315-324 Full Text
Valeri V. Ugrozov, Inga B. Elkina, Valentin N. Nikulin, Ljubov I. Kataeva (Russia)
Theoretical and experimental research of liquid-gap membrane distillation process in membrane module
157(2003)325-331 Full Text
Khalid Bani-Melhem (Canada)
Using concentration polarization factors to determine the mass transfer resistance in vacuum membrane distillation
157(2003)333-333 Full Text
Tao Jiang, Maria D. Kennedy, Walter van der Meer, Peter Vanrolleghem, Jan C. Schippers (The Netherlands )
The role of blocking and cake filtration in MBR fouling
157(2003)335-343 Full Text
Kyu-Hong Ahn, Kyung-Guen Song, Jinwoo Cho, Hojun Yoon, Young-In Yoon, Seockheon Lee (Korea)
Enhanced biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal using a sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAM) process
157(2003)345-352 Full Text
Kyung-Guen Song, Youn-Kyoo Choung, Kyu-Hong Ahn, Jinwoo Cho, Hojoon Yun (Korea)
Performance of membrane bioreactor system with sludge ozonation process for minimization of excess sludge production
157(2003)353-359 Full Text
J.S. Vrouwenvelder, J.W.N.M. Kappelhof, S.G.J. Heijman, J.C. Schippers, D. van der Kooij (The Netherlands)
Tools for fouling diagnosis of NF and RO membranes and assessment of the fouling potential of feed water
157(2003)361-365 Full Text
Anne Plottu, Beatrice Houssais, Christian Democrate, Dominique Gatel, Jacques Cavard (France)
Autopsies of membranes fouled on Mery-sur-Oise pilot units: many lessons for the behaviour of the water treatment plant
157(2003)367-367 Full Text
T. Mohammadi, M. Saadabani (Iran)
Modeling of membrane fouling and flux decline in reverse osmosis during separation of oil in water emulsions
157(2003)369-375 Full Text
Alexei G. Pervov, Alexei P. Andrianov, Roman V. Efremov, Andrey V. Desyatov, Alexei E. Baranov (Russia)
A new solution for the Caspian Sea desalination: low-pressure membranes
157(2003)377-384 Full Text
Silvana M.S. Ghiu, Robert P. Carnahan, Marilyn Barger (USA)
Mass transfer in RO TFC membranes - dependence on the salt physical and thermodynamic parameters
157(2003)385-393 Full Text
V'tor Geraldes, Viriato Semiao, Maria Norberta Pinho (Portugal)
Hydrodynamics and concentration polarization in NF/RO spiral wound modules with ladder-type spacers
157(2003)395-402 Full Text
Antonina Kryvoruchko, Boris Kornilovich (Ukraine)
Water deactivation by reverse osmosis
157(2003)403-407 Full Text