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Desalination, Vol. 156 (2003)

Koussai Quteishat, Mousa K. Abu-Arabi, Kandi Venkat Reddy (Oman)
Review of MEDRC R&D projects
156(2003)1-20 Full Text
J.S. Thomas, B. Durham (France)
Integrated Water Resource Management: looking at the whole picture
156(2003)21-28 Full Text
Fredi Lokiec, Gustavo Kronenberg (Israel)
South Israel 100 million m3/y seawater desalination facility - Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) project
156(2003)29-37 Full Text
Rebhy El Sheikh, Mohammad Ahmed, Sami Hamdan (Palestine)
Strategy of water desalination in the Gaza Strip
156(2003)39-42 Full Text
D. Vial, G. Doussau, R. Galindo (France)
Comparison of three pilot studies using Microzaš membranes for Mediterranean seawater pre-treatment
156(2003)43-50 Full Text
Chua Kok Teng, M.N.A. Hawlader, A. Malek (Singapore)
An experiment with different pretreatment methods
156(2003)51-58 Full Text
A.A. Abufayed (Libya)
Performance characteristics of a cyclically operated seawater desalination plant in Tajoura, Libya
156(2003)59-65 Full Text
Adrian Semmence (UK)
The advantages of a flexible rising main in beach wells
156(2003)67-67 Full Text
M.M. Tlili, A.S. Manzola, M. Ben Amor (Tunisia)
Optimisation of the preliminary treatment in a desalination plant by reverse osmosis
156(2003)69-78 Full Text
Rachel Einav, Fredi Lokiec (Israel)
Environmental aspects of a desalination plant in Ashkelon
156(2003)79-85 Full Text
Ibrahim M. El-Azizi (Libya)
Seawater desalination plants influents and effluents analysis in Libya
156(2003)87-87 Full Text
Juma K. Al-Handaly, A.M.O. Mohamed, Munjed Maraqa (UAE)
Impact of chemical composition of reject brine from inland desalination plants on soil and groundwater, UAE
156(2003)89-89 Full Text
Hafizur Rahman, M.N.A. Hawlader, A. Malek (Singapore)
An experiment with a single effect submerged vertical tube evaporator in multi-effect desalination
156(2003)91-100 Full Text
Li Xu, Shichang Wang, Yuxin Wang, Yi Ling (China)
Flowing state in liquid films over horizontal tubes
156(2003)101-107 Full Text
Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh, Heike Glade, Joachim Ulrich (Germany)
CO2 release in multiple-effect distillers controlled by mass transfer with chemical reaction
156(2003)109-123 Full Text
Mounir M. Helal, Abdalla S. Hanafi, Mohamed M. Megahed, Ashraf S. Hassan (Egypt)
Analysis of multiple effect distillation. Part II. Dynamic model
156(2003)125-125 Full Text
D. Voivontas, G. Arampatzis, E. Manoli, C. Karavitis, D. Assimacopoulos (Greece)
Water supply modeling towards sustainable environmental management in small islands: the case of Paros, Greece
156(2003)127-135 Full Text
Kitae Baek, Bo-Kyong Kim, Ji-Won Yang (Korea)
Application of micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration for nutrients removal
156(2003)137-144 Full Text
Ola Wallberg, Ann-Sofi Jonsson, Roland Wimmerstedt (Sweden)
Ultrafiltration of kraft black liquor with a ceramic membrane
156(2003)145-153 Full Text
Bruce Durham, David Yoxtheimer, Chibby Alloway, Carmen Diaz (UK)
Innovative water resource solutions for Islands
156(2003)155-161 Full Text
Samir El-Manharawy, Azza Hafez (Egypt)
A new chemical classification system of natural waters for desalination and other industrial uses
156(2003)163-180 Full Text
Odeh R. Al-Jayyousi (Jordan)
Greywater reuse: towards sustainable water management
156(2003)181-192 Full Text
Nader Al-Bastaki (Bahrain)
Treatment of synthetic industrial wastewater with UV/TiO2 and RO using benzene as a model hydrocarbon
156(2003)193-197 Full Text
G. Busca, N. Hilal, B.P. Atkin (UK)
Optimisation of washing cycle on ultrafiltration membranes used in treatment of metalworking fluids
156(2003)199-207 Full Text
Rick A. Alexander, Steven W. Hanson, Robert L. McClenahan, Jr., V. Peter Worland (USA)
Using "fresh" to determine a source
156(2003)209-217 Full Text
Pinhas Glueckstern, Menahem Priel (Israel)
Optimization of boron removal in old and new SWRO systems
156(2003)219-228 Full Text
Markus Busch, Jean-Pierre De Witte (Germany)
Boron removal from seawater using FilmTecTM high rejection SWRO membranes
156(2003)229-238 Full Text
Santi Talo, Tamer Sharif (Spain)
Conversion from hollow fiber to spiral technology in large seawater RO systems - process design and economics
156(2003)239-247 Full Text
Detlef Gille (Germany)
Seawater intakes for desalination plants
156(2003)249-256 Full Text
B. Schlichter, V. Mavrov, H. Chmiel (Germany)
Study of a hybrid process combining ozonation and membrane filtration -- filtration of model solutions
156(2003)257-265 Full Text
G. Ducom, C. Cabassud (France)
Possible effects of air sparging for nanofiltration of salted solutions
156(2003)267-274 Full Text
Tomas Witte, Sonke Siegfriedsen, Magdy El-Allawy (Germany)
WindDeSalterš-Technology. Direct use of wind energy for seawater desalination by vapour compression or reverse osmosis
156(2003)275-279 Full Text
Mousa K. Abu-Arabi, Kandi Venkat Reddy (Oman)
Performance evaluation of desalination processes based on humidification/dehumidification cycle with different carrier gases
156(2003)281-293 Full Text
Joachim Koschikowski, Matthias Rommel, Marcel Wieghaus (Germany)
Solar thermal-driven desalination plants based on membrane distillation
156(2003)295-304 Full Text
H. Ben Bacha, T. Damak, M. Bouzguenda, A.Y. Maalej, H. Ben Dhia (Tunisia)
A methodology to design and predict operation of a solar collector for a solar-powered desalination unit using the SMCEC principle
156(2003)305-313 Full Text
K. Voropoulos, E. Mathioulakis, V. Belessiotis (Greece)
Experimental investigation of the behavior of a solar still coupled with hot water storage tank
156(2003)315-322 Full Text
S. Al-Kharabsheh, D. Yogi Goswami (USA)
Analysis of an innovative water desalination system using low-grade solar heat
156(2003)323-332 Full Text
Efat Chafik (Germany)
New type of seawater desalination plants using solar energy
156(2003)333-348 Full Text
Tomas Espino, Baltasar Penate, Gonzalo Piernavieja, Dirk Herold, Apostel Neskakis (Spain)
Optimised desalination of seawater by a PV powered reverse osmosis plant for a decentralised coastal water supply
156(2003)349-350 Full Text
Antonio Gomez Gotor, Ignacio De la Nuez, Celso Argudo Espinoza (Spain)
Optimization of RO desalination systems powered by renewable energies
156(2003)351-351 Full Text
Bachir Bouchekima (Algeria)
Solar desalination plant for small size use in remote arid areas of South Algeria for the production of drinking water
156(2003)353-353 Full Text
P. Schausberger, G. Rheina-Wolbeck, A. Friedl, E.W. Perz (Austria)
Enhancement of an object-oriented power plant simulator by seawater desalination topics
156(2003)355-360 Full Text
A. Muginstein, Y. Cohen, L. Levin, S. Frant (Israel)
Production of desalinated water and electricity in a dual-purpose plant operating in a dispatchable electricity system - techno-economical analysis
156(2003)361-366 Full Text
Luis Alberto Herrero, Luis Serra, Javier Uche, Antonio Valero, Jose Antonio Turegano, Cesar Torres (Spain)
Software for the analysis of water and energy systems
156(2003)367-378 Full Text
Marianne Nystrom, Arto Pihlajamaki, Riina Liikanen, Mika Manttari (Finland)
Influence of process conditions and membrane/particle interaction in NF of wastewaters
156(2003)379-387 Full Text
G. Del Re, G. Di Giacomo, L. Spera, F. Veglio (Italy)
Integrated approach in the biotreatment of starch wastes by Rhizopus oligosporus: kinetic analysis
156(2003)389-396 Full Text
Andrzej Noworyta, Tomasz Koziol, Anna Trusek-Holownia (Poland)
A system for cleaning condensates containing ammonium nitrate by the reverse osmosis method
156(2003)397-402 Full Text
S.C. Low, H.J. Han, W.X. Jin (Singapore)
Characteristics of a vibration membrane in water recovery from a fine carbon loaded wastewater
156(2003)403-403 Full Text