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Sharm-El-Sheikh 2002

Desalination, Vol. 153 (2002)

Author Index

Murray Thomson, David Infield (UK) 
A photovoltaic-powered seawater reverse-osmosis system without batteries
153(2002)1-8 Full Text

Marcos S. Miranda, David Infield (UK) 
A wind-powered seawater reverse-osmosis system without batteries
153(2002)9-16 Full Text
Sultan A. Kershman, Jurgen Rheinlander, Hansjorg Gabler (Germany) 
Seawater reverse osmosis powered from renewable energy sources - hybrid wind/photovoltaic/grid power supply for small-scale desalination in Libya
153(2002)17-23 Full Text
Efat Chafik (Germany) 
A new seawater desalination process using solar energy
153(2002)25-37 Full Text
Franz Trieb, Joachim Nitsch, Stefan Kronshage, Christophe Schillings, Lars-Arvid Brischke, Gerhard Kies, G. Czisch (Germany) 
Combined solar power and desalination plants for the Mediterranean region. Sustainable energy supply using large-scale solar thermal plants
153(2002)39-46 Full Text
Aly Karameldin, A. Lotfy and S. Mekhemar (Egypt) 
The Red Sea area wind-driven mechanical vapor compression desalination system
153(2002)47-53 Full Text
Mona M. Naim, Mervat A. Abd El Kawi (Egypt) 
Non-conventional solar stills. Part 1. Non-conventional solar stills with charcoal granules as absorber medium
153(2002)55-64 Full Text
Bachir Bouchekima (Algeria) 
A solar desalination plant for domestic water needs in arid areas of South Algeria
153(2002)65-69 Full Text
Mona M.Naim, Mervat A. Abd El Kawi (Egypt) 
Non-conventional solar stills Part 2. Non-conventional solar stills with energy storage element
153(2002)71-80 Full Text
H.P. Garg, R.S. Adhikari, Rakesh Kumar (India) 
Experimental design and computer simulation of multi-effect humidification (MEH)-dehumidification solar desalination system
153(2002)81-86 Full Text
K. Voropoulos, E. Mathioulakis, V. Belessiotis (Greece) 
Analytical simulation of energy behavior of solar stills and experimental evaluation
153(2002)87-94 Full Text
Samir El-Manharawy, Azza Hafez (Egypt) 
Dehydration model for RO-membrane fouling: a preliminary approach
153(2002)95-107 Full Text
Samir El-Manharawy, Azza Hafez (Egypt) 
Study of seawater alkalization as a promising RO pretreatment method
153(2002)109-120 Full Text
Hans S. Vrouwenvelder, Dick van der Kooij (The Netherlands) 
Biofouling: methods for diagnosis and control
153(2002)121-124 Full Text
Hayam F. Shaalan (Egypt) 
Development of fouling control strategies pertinent to nanofiltration membranes
153(2002)125-131 Full Text
C. Visvanathan, N. Boonthanon, A. Sathasivan, V. Jegatheesan (Australia) 
Pretreatment of seawater for biodegradable organic content removal using membrane bioreactor
153(2002)133-140 Full Text
D. Vial, G. Doussau (France) 
The use of ultrafiltration membranes as seawater pre-treatment prior reverse osmosis membranes
153(2002)141-147 Full Text
Essam E. A. Ghafour (Egypt) 
Enhancing RO system performance utilizing antiscalants
153(2002)149-153 Full Text
T. Mohammadi, S.S. Madaeni, M.K. Moghadam (Iran) 
Investigation of membrane fouling
153(2002)155-160 Full Text
A.A. Kavitskaya (Ukraine) 
Inhibition features of calcium scaling on composite membranes by an acidic polyelectrolyte
153(2002)161-166 Full Text
E. Cardona, S. Culotta, A. Piacentino (Italy) 
Energy saving with MSFÐRO series dsealination plants
153(2002)167-171 Full Text
Marian Turek (Poland) 
Seawater desalination and salt production in a hybrid membrane-thermal process
153(2002)173-177 Full Text
Sergio Mussati, Pio Aguirre, Nicolas Scenna (Argentina) 
Dual-purpose desalination plants. Part I. Optimal design
153(2002)179-184 Full Text
Sergio Mussati, Pio Aguirre, Nicolas Scenna (Argentina) 
Dual-purpose desalination plants. Part II. Optimal configuration
153(2002)185-189 Full Text
M.H. Ali El Saie, Yahya M.H. Ali El Saie, Hosny El Gabry (Egypt) 
Techno-economic study for combined cycle power generation with desalination plants at Sharm El Sheikh
153(2002)191-198 Full Text
Corrado Sommariva, Harry Hogg, Keith Callister (UK) 
Maximum economic design life for desalination plant: the role of auxiliary equipment materials selection and specification in plant reliability
153(2002)199-205 Full Text
A. Al-Odwani, A. Al-Hijji. M. Al-Tabtabaei. And M. A1-Ragheeb (Kuwait) 
Suitability of high Cr-Mo-Ni alloys for the construction of seawater reverse osmosis plants in Kuwait
153(2002)207-216 Full Text
K. Habib, O. Almatar, B. Alfeeli (Kuwait) 
Risk assessment and evaluation of materials commonly used in desalination plants subjected to stress corrosion cracking in polluted marine environment 
153(2002)217-221 Full Text
A.H. Konsowa, A.H. El-Shazly (Egypt) 
Rate of zinc consumption in the cathodic protection of desalination equipment using sacrificial anode
153(2002)223-226 Full Text
M.M. Mahmoud Hafsi , Aziz Boughriba (Morocco) 
Five years experience in reverse osmosis plant optimization performances in Morocco
153(2002)227-227 Full Text
Murray Thomson, Marcos S. Miranda, David Infield (UK) 
A small-scale seawater reverse-osmosis system with excellent energy efficiency over a wide operating range
153(2002)229-236 Full Text
Asam Almulla, Mohamed Eid, Pierre Cote, John Coburn (Canada) 
Developments in high recovery brackish water desalination plants as part of the solution to water quantity problems
153(2002)237-243 Full Text
Magdy Abou Rayan (Egypt) 
Seawater desalination by reverse osmosis (case study)
153(2002)245-251 Full Text
John P. MacHarg (USA) 
Retro-fitting existing SWRO systems with a new energy recovery device
153(2002)253-264 Full Text
Awwad J. Dababneh, M.A. Al-Nimr (Jordan) 
A reverse osmosis desalination unit
153(2002)265-272 Full Text
Ibrahim Massaoud El-Azizi (Libya) 
Design criteria of 10,000 m3/d SWRO desalination plant of Tajura, Libya
153(2002)273-279 Full Text
Naglaa Fawzi and Ghazi Al-Enezi (Kuwait) 
Design consideration of RO units: case studies
153(2002)281-286 Full Text
D.F. Maratos (UK) 
Using feasibility of wavepower for seawater desalination using the hydro-ram (Hydram)
153(2002)287-293 Full Text
M. Gamal Khedr (Saudi Arabia) 
Development of reverse osmosis desalination membrane composition and configuration: future prospects 
153(2002)295-304 Full Text
Jacques Andrianne, Felix Alardin (Belgium) 
Thermal and membrane processe economics: optimized selection for seawater desalination
153(2002)305-311 Full Text
A. Pretner, M. Iannelli (Italy) 
Feasibility study and assessment of the technical, administrative and financial viability of the Voltano desalination plant (Agrigento, Sicily)
153(2002)313-320 Full Text
Mohamed M. Shamloul (Egypt) 
Regional cooperation in waterÐelectricity co-generation. Part 2. Egypt and Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah
153(2002)321-327 Full Text
M. Demircioglu, N. Kabay, I. Kurucaovali, E. Ersoz (Turkey) 
Demineralization by electrodialysis (ED) Ð separation performance and cost comparison for monovalent salts
153(2002)329-333 Full Text
A.I. Hafez, M.S. El-Manharawy (Egypt) 
Economics of seawater RO desalination in Egypt
153(2002)335-347 Full Text
Boussad Chouaki (Algeria) 
AquaTDP/S3DP plants and systems: floating modular dismountable desalination equipment
153(2002)349-354 Full Text
Bjarne Nicolaisen (USA) 
Development in membrane technology for water treatment
153(2002)355-360 Full Text
Mona M. Naim, Abir A. Monir (Egypt) 
Desalination using supported liquid membranes
153(2002)361-369 Full Text
Marian Turek (Poland) 
Cost effective electrodialytic seawater desalination
153(2002)371-376 Full Text
Marian Turek (Poland) 
Dual-purpose desalination Ð salt production electrodialysis
153(2002)377-381 Full Text
Marian Turek (Poland) 
Optimisation of electrodialytic desalination in diluted solutions
153(2002)383-387 Full Text
A. Elmidaoui, M. Hafsi, M.A. Menkouchi Sahli, L. Chay, M. Taky (Morocco) 
Selective nitrate removal by coupling electrodialysis and a bioreactor
153(2002)389-397 Full Text
Eun-Young Choi, Jae-Hwan Choi, Seung-Hyeon Moon (Korea) 
An electrodialysis model for determination of the optimal current density
153(2002)399-404 Full Text
B.V. Pilat (Kazakhstan) 
Water of high quality for household conditions
153(2002)405-407 Full Text

D. Abdessemed , G. Nezzal (Algeria) 
Treatment of primary effluent with coagulationÐadsorptionÐultrafiltration for reuse
152(2002)367-373 Full Text
H.A. Talaat, M.H. Sorour, A.G. Abulnour, H.F. Shaalan (Egypt) 
The potential role of brackish water desalination within the Egyptian water supply matrix
152(2002)375-381 Full Text