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Sharm-El-Sheikh 2002

Desalination, Vol. 152 (2002)

Author Index

Radwan Al-Weshah (Egypt) 
The role of UNESCO in sustainable water resources management in the Arab world
152(2002)1-13 Full Text

M.A. Mandil, A.A. Bushnak (Egypt) 
Future needs for desalination in south Mediterranean countries
152(2002)15-18 Full Text
Ahmed R. Allam, Ele-Jan Saaf, Mohamed A. Dawoud (Egypt)Desalination of brackish groundwater in Egypt
152(2002)19-26 Full Text
Samir F. Dweiri, Mohammad I. Badran (Jordan) 
Desalination: an imminent solution for the future water needs in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ)
152(2002)27-39 Full Text
S.A. Avlonitis, I. Poulios, N. Vlahakis, S. Tsitmidelis, K. Kouroumbas, D.Avlonitis, M. Pavlou (Greece) 
Water resources management for the Prefecture of Dodekanisa of Greece
152(2002)41-50 Full Text
Abdelkarim Sadi, Salim Kehal (Algeria) 
Retrospectives and potential use of saline water desalination in Algeria 
152(2002)51-56 Full Text
Jennifer Deane (UK) 
Private sector participation in desalination in the Mediterranean Middle East (MME) - past, present and future
152(2002)57-66 Full Text
Abdul Ghani Khalaf , Mohamed A. Redha (Bahrain) 
A case study in formulating financial modeling for evaluation of levelised unit cost of a new power plant in the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Kingdom of Bahrain
152(2002)67-74 Full Text
A A Abufayed, M K A ElGhuel and M. Rashed (Libya) 
Desalination: a viable supplemental source of water for the arid states of North Africa
152(2002)75-81 Full Text
M.A. Darwish, Fouad Al-Asfour (Kuwait) 
Energy consumption in equivalent work by different desalting methods: case study for Kuwait 
152(2002)83-92 Full Text
Abdul Ghani Khalaf, Mohamed A. Redha (Bahrain) 
Procedure for evaluation of proposals for consultancy services for water production facilities of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Kingdom of Bahrain
152(2002)93-102 Full Text
Gustavo Kronenberg (Israel) 
The Ashkelon 100 MCM/year BOT project
152(2002)103-112 Full Text
Benamar Dahmani, Fatiha Hadji, Farouk Allal (Algeria) 
Traitement des eaux du bassin hydrographique de la Tafna (NW Algeria)
152(2002)113-124 Full Text
M. Abdel-Rahman, A. Connolly, P. Costen, D. Dajnak and F.C. Lockwood (UK) 
Application of the Ôwaste to waterÕ concept to Sharm El Sheikh through a CFD simulation
152(2002)125-132 Full Text
Thomas Hoepner, Sabine Lattemann (Germany) 
Chemical impacts from seawater desalination plants - a case study of the northern Red Sea 
152(2002)133-140 Full Text
Rachel Einav, Kobi Harussi, Dan Perry (Israel) 
The footprints of desalination processes on the environment in marine habitats of the world
152(2002)141-154 Full Text
M. Cohen, I. Ianovici, D. Breschi (Italy) 
Power plant residual heat for seawater desalination
152(2002)155-165 Full Text
B. Hamrouni, M. Dhahbi (Tunisia) 
Calco-carbonic equilibrium calculation
152(2002)167-174 Full Text
A. Gambier, E. Badreddin (Germany) 
Application of hybrid modeling and control techniques to desalination plants
152(2002)175-184 Full Text
M. Rognoni, A. Trezzi, P. Lucchi (Italy) 
Spray enhanced demisting (SED)
152(2002)185-190 Full Text
Mukhtar M. Ashour (Libya) 
Steady state analysis of the Tripoli West LT-HT-MED plant 
152(2002)191-194 Full Text
Javier Uche, Javier Artal, Luis Serra (Spain) 
Comparison of heat transfer coefficient correlations for thermal desalination units 
152(2002)195-200 Full Text
W.X. Jin, S.C. Low (Singapore) 
Preliminary experimental study of falling film heat transfer on a vertical double fluted plate 
152(2002)201-206 Full Text
Enrique E. Tarifa, Nicolás J. Scenna (Argentina) 
Fault diagnosis for a MSF using a SDG and fuzzy logic
152(2002)207-214 Full Text
Enrique E. Tarifa, Demetrio Humana, Samuel Franco, Sergio L. Martinez, Alvaro F. Nunez, Nicolas J. Scenna (Argentina) 
Fault diagnosis for a MSF using neural networks
152(2002)215-222 Full Text
Li Tian, Yongqing Wang, Jilin Guo(China, PR)Economic analysis of a 2x200 MW nuclear heating reactor for seawater desalination by multi-effect distillation (MED)
152(2002)223-228 Full Text
V.N. Slesarenko, V.G. Dobrgansky, V.V. Slesarenko (Russia) 
The account of heat exchange features when modelling scale formation at distillation plants
152(2002)229-236 Full Text
Salah Bouguecha, Mahmoud Dhahbi (Tunisia) 
Fluidised bed crystalliser and air gap membrane distillation as a solution to geothermal water desalination
152(2002)237-244 Full Text
Salah Bouguecha, Ridha Chouikh, Mahmoud Dhahbi (Tunisia) 
Numerical study of the coupled heat and mass transfer in air gap membrane distillation
152(2002)245-252 Full Text
M. Noronha, V. Mavrov, H. Chmiel (Germany) 
Application of the process simulation tool NF-PROJECT for efficient process development Ñ optimisation of two-stage NF processes for the treatment of spent process water
Full Text
P.A.C. Bonne, P. Hiemstra, J.P. van der Hoek, J.A.M.H. Hofman (The Netherlands) 
Is direct nanofiltration with air flush an alternative for household water production for Amsterdam?
Full Text
L. Paugam, S. Taha, G. Dorange (France) 
Elimination of the nitrate ions in drinking waters by nanofiltration
152(2002)271-274 Full Text
T. Chaabane, S. Taha, J. Cabon, G. Dorange, R. Maachi(France)Dynamic modeling of mass transfer through a nanofiltration membrane using calcium salt in drinking water
152(2002)275-280 Full Text
Mousa S. Mohsen, Jamal O. Jaber (Jordan) 
Potential of industrial wastewater reuse
152(2002)281-289 Full Text
Peter Lawrence, Samer Adham, Lisa Barrott (UK) 
Ensuring water re-use projects succeed - institutional and technical issues for treated wastewater re-use
152(2002)291-298 Full Text
H.A. Talaat, M.H. Sorour, N.A. Rahman, H.F. Shaalan (Egypt) 
Pretreatment of agricultural drainage water (ADW) for large-scale desalination
152(2002)299-305 Full Text
H. Chmiel, M. Kaschek, C.Blocher, M. Noronha, V. Mavrov (Germany) 
Concepts for the treatment of spent process water in the food and beverage industries
152(2002)307-314 Full Text
L. Liberti, M. Notarnicola, D. Petruzzelli (Italy) 
Advanced treatment for municipal wastewater reuse in agriculture. UV disinfection: parasite removal and by-product formation
152(2002)315-324 Full Text
K. Madwar, M. El-Aquabawy(Egypt) 
Desalination techniques for industrial wastewater reuse
152(2002)325-332 Full Text
Bruce Durham, Stephanie Rinck-Pfeiffer, Dawn Guendertc (UK) 
Integrated Water Resource Nanagement Ñ through reuse and aquifer recharge
152(2002)333-338 Full Text
Safaa A. Ahmed, Shadia R. Tewfik, Hala A. Talaat (Egypt) 
Development and validation of a decision support system for the selection of optimum water reuse schemes
152(2002)339-352 Full Text
A.G. Abulnour, M.H. Sorour, H.A. Talaat (Egypt) 
Comparative economics for desalting of agricultural drainage water (ADW)
152(2002)353-357 Full Text
M.H. Sorour, N.M.H. El Defrawy, H.F. Shaalan (Egypt) 
Treatment of agricultural drainage water via lagoon/reverse osmosis systems
152(2002)359-366 Full Text
D. Abdessemed , G. Nezzal (Algeria) 
Treatment of primary effluent with coagulationÐadsorptionÐultrafiltration for reuse
152(2002)367-373 Full Text
H.A. Talaat, M.H. Sorour, A.G. Abulnour, H.F. Shaalan (Egypt) 
The potential role of brackish water desalination within the Egyptian water supply matrix
152(2002)375-381 Full Text