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Desalination, Vol. 149 (2002)
International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes  ICOM 2002
Toulouse, France, July 712, 2002 

Olivera Trifunovic, Gun Tragardh (Sweden) 
Transport of diluted volatile organic compounds through pervaporation membranes
149(2002)1-2 Full Text

Tatiana Gallego-Lizon, Ying Swan Ho, Luisa Freitas dos Santos (UK) 
Comparative study of commercially available polymeric and microporous silica for the dehydration of water/alcohol mixtures by pervaporation/vapour permeation
149(2002)3-8 Full Text
Alaa Fahmy, Dieter Mewes, Klaus Ohlrogge (Germany) 
Absorption assisted pervaporation for solvent dehydration
149(2002)9-14 Full Text
Stefan Sommer, Bernd Klinkhammer, Thomas Melin (Germany) 
Integrated system design for dewatering of solvents with microporous silica membranes
149(2002)15-22 Full Text 
V.M. Vorotyntsev, P.N. Drozdov, E.Y. Kolotilov (Russia) 
Gas mixtures separation by an absorbing pervaporation method
149(2002)23-28 Full Text
G.W. Meindersma, A.B. de Haan (The Netherlands) 
Technical and economical feasibility of zeolite membranes for industrial scale separations of aromatic hydrocarbons 
149(2002)29-34 Full Text
Sumin Tanya Kao, Fengjan Joshua Wang, Shingjiang Jessie Lue (Taiwan, ROC) 
Sorption, diffusion, and pervaporation of benzene/cyclohexane mixtures on silver-nafion membranes
149(2002)35-40 Full Text
Yi-Chieh Wang, Chi-Lan Li, Se-Tsung Kao, Shu-Chin Fan, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Juin-Yih Lai (Taiwan, ROC) 
Pervaporation of aqueous alcohol mixtures through functionalized syndiotactic poly(styrene-co-4-methylstyrene) membrane
149(2002)41-48 Full Text
Toru Ikegami, Hiroshi Yanagishita, Dai Kitamoto, Hideyuki Negishi, Kenji Haraya, Tsuneji Sano (Japan) 
Concentration of fermented ethanol by pervaporation using silicalite membranes coated with silicone rubber
149(2002)49-54 Full Text
A. Urkiaga, N. Bolano, L. De Las Fuentes (Spain) 
Removal of micropollutants in aqueous streams by organophilic pervaporation
149(2002)55-60 Full Text
J.R. Gonzalez-Velasco, J.A. Gonzalez-Marcos, C.Lopez-Dehesa (Spain) 
Pervaporation of ethanol-water mixtures through poly(1 trimethylsilyl-1-propyne) (PTMSP) membranes
149(2002)61-66 Full Text
Inmaculada Ortiz, Pedro Alonso, Ane Urtiaga (Spain) 
Pervaporation of azeoptropic mixtures ethanol/ethyl tert-butyl ether. Influence of membrane conditioning and operation variables on pervaporation flux
149(2002)67-72 Full Text
Lin Zhang, Huan-Lin Chen, Zhi-Jun Zhou, Yin Lu, Cong-Jie Gao (China, PR) 
Pervaporation of methanol/MTBE/C5 ternary mixtures through CA membrane
149(2002)73-80 Full Text
Yin Lu, Lin Zhang, Huan-Lin Chen, Zhi-Hai Qian, Cong-Jie Gao (China, PR) 
Hybrid process of distillation side-connected with pervaporation for separation of methanol/MTBE/C4 mixture
149(2002)81-88 Full Text
Jesus Mora Molina, Gyula Vatai, Erika Bekassy-Molnar (Hungary) 
Comparison of pervaporation of different alcohols from water on CMG-OM-010 and 1060-SULZER membranes
149(2002)89-94 Full Text
Miguel Minhalma, Maria N. de Pinho (Portugal) 
Development of nanofiltration/steam stripping sequence for
coke plant wastewater treatment
149(2002)95-100 Full Text
A. Akbari, S. Desclaux, J.C. Remigy, P. Aptel (France) 
Treatment of textile dye effluents using a new photografted nanofiltration membrane
149(2002)101-108 Full Text
Won-Young Ahn, Moon-Sun Kang, Seong-Keun Yim, Kwang-Ho Choi (Korea) 
Advanced landfill leachate treatment using integrated membrane process
149(2002)109-114 Full Text
A.A. Povorov, V.F. Pavlova, I.I. Nacheva, L.V. Erokhina, O.N. Kolomiytseva (Russia) 
Hydrofluoric acid recovery integrated membrane technology from glass production concentrated washing waters
149(2002)115-120 Full Text
Niina Laitinen, Maaret Kulovaara, Erkki Levanen, Antero Luonsi, Nicholas Teilleria, Marianne Nystrom (Finland) 
Ultrafiltration of stone cutting mine wastewater with ceramic membranes - case study
149(2002)121-126 Full Text
Genevieve Gesan-Guiziou, Evelyne Boyaval, Georges Daufin (France) 
Nanofiltration for the recovery of caustic cleaning-in-place solutions: robustness towards large variations of composition
149(2002)127-130 Full Text
Mika Manttari, Arto Pihlajamaki, Marianne Nystrom (Finland) 
Comparison of nanofiltration and tight ultrafiltration membranes in the filtration of paper mill process water
149(2002)131-136 Full Text
M. Marcucci, G. Ciardelli, A. Matteucci, L. Ranieri, M. Russo (Italy) 
Experimental campaigns on textile wastewater for reuse by means of different membrane processes
149(2002)137-144 Full Text
Aline Furlanetto Viero, Ana Carolina Rodell Mazzarollo, Keiko Wada, Isabel Cristina Tessaro (Brazil) 
Removal of hardness and COD from retanning treated effluent by membrane process
149(2002)145-150 Full Text
A.Y. Tremblay, H. Peng, D.E. Veinot (Canada) 
Design and performance of an inorganic MF/ polymeric UF hybrid system for the treatment of a difficult waste stream containing both colloidal and micron sized particles
149(2002)151-152 Full Text
Maria Dina Afonso, Ana Maria Brites Alves, Mousa Mohsen (Portugal) 
Crossflow microfiltration of marble processing wastewaters
149(2002)153-162 Full Text
Krzysztof Karakulski, Antoni Morawski (Poland) 
Treatment of spent emulsion from cable factory by integrated UF/NF membrane system
149(2002)163-168 Full Text
A. Bes-Pia, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda, A. Iborra-Clar, M.I. Iborra-Clar (Spain) 
Reuse of wastewater of the textile industry after its treatment with a combination of physico-chemical treatment and membrane technologies
149(2002)169-174 Full Text
Markus Forstmeier, Bernd Goers, Gunter Wozny (Germany) 
UF/NF treatment of rinsing waters in a liquid detergent production plant
149(2002)175-178 Full Text
Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Hiroshi Nagaoka, Hidenori Aya (Malaysia) 
Treatment of high strength industrial wastewater using extended aeration - immersed microfiltration (EAM) process 
149(2002)179-184 Full Text
Elina Rasanen, Marianne Nystrom, Janne Sahlstein, Olli Tossavainen (Finland) 
Purification and regeneration of diluted caustic and acidic washing solutions by membrane filtration
149(2002)185-190 Full Text
Xianguo Hu, Erika Bekassy-Molnar, Gyula Vatai (China, PR) 
Study of ultrafiltration behaviour of emulsified metalworking fluids
149(2002)191-198 Full Text
Li Xu, Wenping Li, Shuqun Lu, Zhi Wang, Qixin Zhu, Yi Ling (China, PR) 
Treating dyeing waste water by ceramic membrane in cross-flow micro-filtration
149(2002)199-204 Full Text
Svetlozar Velizarov, Maria A. Reis, Joao G. Crespo (Portugal) 
Integrated transport and reaction in an ion exchange membrane bioreactor
149(2002)205-211 Full Text
Emma Anna Carolina Emanuelsson, Andrew Guy Livingston (UK) 
Study of membrane attached biofilm performance with nitrate as electron acceptor
149(2002)211-216 Full Text
Boris Lesjean, Regina Gnirss, Christian Adam (Germany) 
Process configurations adapted to membrane bioreactors for enhanced biological phosphorous and nitrogen removal
149(2002)217-224 Full Text
H.C. Chua, T.C. Arnot, J.A. Howell (UK) 
Controlling fouling in membrane bioreactors operated with a variable throughput
149(2002)225-230 Full Text
Luis F. Figueiredo Faria, Nei Pereira, Jr., Ronaldo Nobrega (Brazil) 
Xylitol production from D-xylose in a membrane bioreactor
149(2002)231-236 Full Text
M. Rosario Freixo, Maria Norberta de Pinho (Portugal) 
Enzymatic hydrolysis of beechwood xylan in a membrane reactor
149(2002)237-242 Full Text
Sebastien Pommier, Claire Albasi, Jean-Pierre Riba, Marie-Line Delia (France) 
A new membrane tool for the quantification of microorganisms interactions dynamics. Application to yeast killer systems
149(2002)243-246 Full Text
Keiji Sakaki, Shigeki Hara, Naotsugu Itoh (Japan) 
Optical resolution of racemic 2-hydroxy octanoic acid using biphasic enzyme membrane reactor
149(2002)247-252 Full Text
Serena Bandini, Giulio C. Sarti (Italy) 
Concentration of must through vacuum membrane distillation
149(2002)253-260 Full Text
Anja Drews, Matthias Kraume (Germany) 
Influence of continuous membrane bioreactor operation on ferrichrome production using Ustilago maydis
149(2002)261-266 Full Text
Katalin Belafi-Bako, Nora Dormo, Olga Ulbert, Laszlo Gubicza, (Hungary) 
Application of pervaporation for removal of water produced during enzymatic esterification in ionic liquids
149(2002)267-268 Full Text
Kazuyuki Kimura, Toshitsugu Sugawara, Makoto Ebikawa, Koichi Kimura, Junji Arisawa, Osamu Igarashi (Japan) 
Utilization of a newly established gene isolation technique with metal coating hollow fiber membrane for viral gene collection
149(2002)269-274 Full Text
W. Edwards, W.D. Leukes, J.J. Bezuidenhout (South Africa) 
Ultrafiltration of petrochemical industrial wastewater using immobilised manganese peroxidase and laccase: application in the defouling of polysulphone membranes
149(2002)275-278 Full Text
I.G. Wenten, I.N. Widiasa (Indonesia) 
Enzymatic hollow fiber membrane bioreactor for penicillin hydrolysis
149(2002)279-286 Full Text
Masakazu Yoshikawa, Kyoichi Yonetani (Japan) 
Molecularly imprinted polymeric membranes with oligopeptide tweezers for optical resolution
149(2002)287-292 Full Text
Mathias Ulbricht, Michael Belter, Uwe Langenhangen, Frank Schneider, Wilfried Weigel (Germany) 
Novel molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) composite membranes via controlled surface and pore functionalizations
149(2002)293-296 Full Text
Heike Borcherding, Hans-Georg Hicke, Dierk Jorcke, Mathias Ulbricht (Germany) 
Surface functionalized microfiltration membranes for affinity separation
149(2002)297-302 Full Text
Daniel Eumine Suk, Gerald Pleizier, Yves Deslandes, Takeshi Matsuura (Canada) 
Effects of surface modifying macromolecule (SMM) on the properties of polyethersulfone membranes
149(2002)303-308 Full Text
R. Couturier, B. Perrin, B. Maisterrena (France) 
ATP dependant artificial enzymatic pumps for the primary active transport of small molecules
149(2002)309-314 Full Text
M. Lehmann, H. Brunner, G.E.M. Tovar (Germany) 
Selective separations and hydrodynamic studies:a new approach
using molecularly imprinted nanosphere composite membranes
149(2002)315-322 Full Text
Viktor Kochkodan, Wilfried Weigel, Mathias Ulbricht (Ukraine) 
Molecularly imprinted composite membranes for selective binding of desmetryn from aqueous solutions
149(2002)323-328 Full Text
Katalin Belafi-Bako, N. Nemestohy, Milisic Vladan, Laszlo Gubicza (Hungary) 
Membrane bioreactor for utilisation of carbohydrates in waste stream
149(2002)329-330 Full Text
Christelle Wisniewski, Francoise Persin, Toufik Cherif, Roger Sandeaux, Alain Grasmick, Claude Gavach, Florence Lutin (France) Use of a membrane bioreactor for denitrification of brine from an electrodialysis process
149(2002)331-336 Full Text
E. Gain, S. Laborie, Ph. Viers, M. Rakib, D. Hartmann, G. Durand (France) 
Ammonium nitrate wastewaters treatment by an electromembrane process
149(2002)337-342 Full Text
N. Kabay, M. Demircioglu, E. Ersoz, I. Kurucaovali (Turkey) 
Removal of calcium and magnesium hardness by electrodialysis
149(2002)343-350 Full Text
Sylvain Galier, Helene Roux-de Balmann (France) 
Influence of electrostatic interactions in electrophoretic membrane contactors
149(2002)35`-356 Full Text
Edwin Vera Calle, Jenny Ruales, Manuel Dornier, Jacqueline Sandeaux, Roger Sandeaux, Gerald Pourcelly (France) 
Deacidification of the clarified passion fruit juice (P. edulis f. flavicarpa)
149(2002)357-362 Full Text
Olga Bobreshova, Lyudmila Novikova, Piotr Kulintsov, Elizbar Balavadze  (Russia) 
Amino acids and water electrotransport through cation-exchange membranes
149(2002)363-368 Full Text
G. Bargeman, G.-H. Koops, J. Houwing, I. Breebaart, H.C. van der Horst, M. Wessling (The Netherlands) 
The development of electro-membrane filtration for the isolation of bio-active peptides. The effect of membrane selection and operating parameters on the transport rate
149(2002)369-374 Full Text
M. Chikhi, M. Rakib, Ph. Viers, S. Laborie, A. Hita, G. Durand (France) 
Current distribution in a chlor-alkali membrane cell: experimental study and modelling
149(2002)375-382 Full Text
C. Larchet, G. Eigenberger, A. Tskhay, K. Tastanov, V. Nikonenko (France) 
Application of electromembrane technology for the providing of drinking water for the population of the Aral Region
149(2002)383-388 Full Text
V.E. Santarosa, F. Peretti, V. Caldart, J. Zoppas, M. Zeni (Brazil) 
Study of ion-selective membranes from electrodialysis remove metals of the industrial effluent II- Zn and Ni
149(2002)389-392 Full Text
J. Pierard, E. Paquay, M. Degrez (Belgium) 
Recycling by electrodialysis: from lab to industrial applications
149(2002)393-398 Full Text
H. Roux-de Balmann, M. Bailly, F. Lutin, P. Aimar (France) 
Modelling of the conversion of weak organic acids by bipolar membrane electrodialysis
149(2002)399-404 Full Text
T.V. Elisseeva, V.A. Shaposhnik, I.G. Luschik (Russia) 
Demineralization and separation of amino acids by electrodialysis with ion-exchange membranes
149(2002)405-410 Full Text
Francis Quemeneur, Jean-Pierre Schlumpf, Loubna Firdaous, Mohamed Stitou, Jean-Pierre Maleriat, Pascal Jaouen (France) 
Modification of ionic composition of natural salt waters by electrodialysis
149(2002)411-416 Full Text
Samantha Platt, Marika Mauramo, Svetlana Butylina, Marianne Nystrm (Finland) 
Retention of pegs in cross-flow ultrafiltration through membranes
149(2002)417-422 Full Text
Andriy E. Yaroshchuk (Austria) 
Recent progress in the transport characterisation of nanofiltration membranes
149(2002)423-428 Full Text
Christophe Thibault, Patrice Huguet, Philippe Sistat, Gerald Pourcelly (France) 
Confocal Raman micro-spectroscopy and electrochemical investigation of anion transport through ion-exchange membranes
149(2002)429-434 Full Text
Tracy Q. Gardner, John L. Falconer, Richard D. Noble (USA) 
Adsorption and diffusion properties of zeolite membranes by transient permeation
149(2002)435-440 Full Text
M. Ghisellini, M. Giacinti Baschetti, F. Doghieri, G. Costa, G.C. Sarti (Italy) 
Sorption and diffusion of vapors in PTMSP and PTMSP/PTMSE copolymers
149(2002)441-446 Full Text
S. Condom, M. Cretin, M. Persin, J. Sarrazin, A. Larbot (France) 
Characterization of three low UF mineral membranes by streaming potential measurements
149(2002)447-452 Full Text
Sari Metaamuuronen, Satu-Pia Reinikainen, Marianne Nystrom (Finland) 
Analysis of protein filtration data by PLS regression
149(2002)453-458 Full Text
Elena Volodina, Yurii Senik, Oksana Basova, Natalia Pismenskaya, Victor Nikonenkov, Gerald Pourcelly  (Russia) 
Determination of ion exchange equilibrium coefficient for a MA-41 anion exchange membrane in sodium carbonate/hydrocarbonate solutions
149(2002)459-464 Full Text
Francesca Cattoli, Giulio C. Sarti (Italy) 
Characterization of amylose affinity membranes through adsorption of pure recombinant MBP-intein-CBD: equilibrium and kinetics data
149(2002)465-470 Full Text
Akshaya Jena, Krishna Gupta (USA) 
Characterization of water vapor permeable membranes
149(2002)471-476 Full Text
Daniele Vezzani, Serena Bandini (Italy) 
Donnan equilibrium and dielectric exclusion for characterization of nanofiltration membranes
149(2002)476-484 Full Text
Christel Causserand, Pierre Aimar, Cecilia Vilani, Tomaso Zambelli (France) 
Study of the effects of defects in ultrafiltration membranes on the water flux and the molecular weight cut-off
149(2002)485-492 Full Text
Gil F. Crozes, Sandeep Sethi, Baoxia Mi, Jason Curl, Benito Marinas (USA) 
Improving membrane integrity monitoring indirect methods to reduce plant downtime and increase microbial removal credit
149(2002)493-498 Full Text
S.I. Semenova, H.Ohya (Russia) 
Determination of diffusion and distribution coefficients of salts in polymer membranes by unsteady-state dialysis and steady-state RO methods
149(2002)499-505 Full Text