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Desalination, Vol. 148 (2002)
International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes  ICOM 2002
Toulouse, France, July 712, 2002

Frank Pithan, C. Staudt-Bickel, R.N. Lichtenthaler (Germany) 
Synthesis of highly fluorinated copolyimide membranes for the removal of high boiling organics from process water and wastewater by pervaporation
148(2002)1-4 Full Text

S. Gandasasmita, M. Persin, M. Cretin, J. Sarrazin (France) 
Elaboration of new membranes based on the electropolymerization of mixtures of pyrrole and 4,4'-bis[N-(1-oxo)hexylpyrrole]dibenzo-18-crown-6 monomers
148(2002)5-9 Full Text
Wolfgang Lenk, Jochen Meier-Haack (Germany) 
Polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes for pervaporation separation of aqueous-organic mixtures
148(2002)11-15 Full Text
Tetsuro Jin, Koji Kuraoka, Tetsuo Yazawa (Japan) 
Preparation of surface modified porous membranes and their pervaporation properties
148(2002)17-18 Full Text
J. Sekulic, M.W.J. Luiten, J.E. ten Elshof, N.E. Benes, K. Keizer (The Netherlands) 
Microporous silica and doped silica membranes for alcohol dehydration by pervaporation
148(2002)19-23 Full Text
Alberto Navajas, Reyes Mallada, Carlos Tellez, Joaquin Coronas, Miguel Menendez, Jesus Santamaria (Spain) 
Preparation of mordenite membranes for pervaporation of water-ethanol mixtures
148(2002)25-29 Full Text 
Mohamed Khayet, Takeshi Matsuura (Spain) 
Surface modification of membranes for the separation of volatile organic compounds from water by pervaporation
148(2002)31-37 Full Text
Cheng-Liang Chang, Ming-Shih Chang (Taiwan, ROC) 
Preparation of composite membranes of functionalised silicone polymers and PVDF for pervaporation of ethanol-water mixture
148(2002)39-42 Full Text
Shu-Chin Fan, Chi-Lan Li, Yi-Chieh Wang, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Der-Jang Liaw, Juin-Yih Lai(Taiwan, ROC) 
Application of aromatic polyamide membranes for pervaporation and vapor permeation
148(2002)43-48 Full Text
Julianna Gyura, Zita Seres, Gyula Vatai, Erika Bekassy Molnar (Yugoslavia) 
Separation of non-sucrose compounds from the syrup of sugar-beet processing by ultra- and nanofiltration using polymer membranes
148(2002)49-56 Full Text
Cristina Cardoso Pereira, Justino Meira Rufino, Alberto Claudio Habert, Ronaldo Nobrega, Lourdes Maria Correia Cabral, Cristiano Piacsek Borges (Brazil) 
Membrane for processing tropical fruit juice
148(2002)57-60 Full Text
Denise Carvalho Pereira Camposa, Angelica Sabino Santos, Daisy Blumenberg Wolkoff, Virginia Martins Matta, Lourdes Maria Correa Cabral, Sonia Couri (Brazil) 
Cashew apple juice stabilization by microfiltration
148(2002)61-65 Full Text
Dimitris Hatziantoniou, John A. Howell (UK) 
Influence of the properties and characteristics of sugar-beet pulp extract on its fouling and rejection behaviour during membrane filtration
148(2002)67-72 Full Text
A. Bottino, G. Capannelli, A. Turchini, P. Della Valle, M. Trevisan (Italy) 
Integrated membrane processes for the concentration of tomato juice
148(2002)73-77 Full Text
I. Souchon, F.X. Pierre, V. Athes-Dutour, M. Marin (France) 
Pervaporation as a deodorization process applied to food industry effluents: recovery and valorisation of aroma compounds from cauliflower blanching water
148(2002)79-85 Full Text
I. Souchon, F.X. Pierre, S. Samblat, M. Bes, M. Marin (France) 
Recovery of aroma compounds from industrial food aqueous effluent using membrane-based solvent extraction
148(2002)87-92 Full Text
Lucia Carneiro, Iralla dos Santos Sa, Flavia dos Santos Gomes, Virginia Martins Matta, Lourdes Maria Correa Cabral (Brazil) 
Cold sterilisation and clarification of pineapple juice by tangential microfiltration
148(2002)93-98 Full Text
T.V.R. Alicieo, E.S. Mendes, N.C. Pereira, O.C. Motta Lima (Brazil) 
Membrane ultrafiltration of crude soybean oil
148(2002)99-101 Full Text
B. Santamaria, G. Salazar, S. Beltran, J.L. Cabezas (Spain) 
Membrane sequences for fractionation of polyphenolic extracts from defatted milled grape seeds
148(2002)103-109 Full Text
Andrew Shepherd, Alberto Claudio Habert, Cristiano P. Borges (Brazil) 
Hollow fibre modules for orange juice aroma recovery using pervaporation
148(2002)111-114 Full Text
Ana Urkiaga, Libe De Las Fuentes, Marta Acilu, Janire Uriarte (Spain) 
Membrane comparison for wine clarification by microfiltration
148(2002)115-120 Full Text
Florence Lutin, Mathieu Bailly, Daniel Bar (France) 
Process improvements with innovative technologies in the starch and sugar industries
148(2002)121-124 Full Text
M. Mietton-Peuchot, V. Milisic, P. Noilet (France) 
Grape must concentration by using reverse osmosis. Comparison with chaptalization
148(2002)125-129 Full Text
Johannes de Bruijn, Alejandro Venegas, Rodrigo Borquez (Chile) 
Influence of crossflow ultrafiltration on membrane fouling and apple juice quality
148(2002)131-136 Full Text
E. Garcia, J.M. Gozalvez, J. Lora (Spain) 
Use of the reverse osmosis as a preconcentration system of the waste leaching liquid from the citric juice production industry
148(2002)137-142 Full Text
A. Elmidaoui, F. Lutin, L. Chay, M. Taky, M. Tahaikt, My R. Alaoui Hafidi (Morocco) 
Removal of melassigenic ions for beet sugar syrups by electrodialysis using a new anion-exchange membrane
148(2002)143-148 Full Text
Andras Koris, Gyula Vatai (Hungary) 
Dry degumming of vegetable oils by membrane filtration
148(2002)149-153 Full Text
Akon Higuchi, Kentaro Furuta, Hiroshi Yomogita, Boo Ok Yoon, Mariko Hara, Syunji Maniwa, Masatoshi Saitoh (Japan) 
Optical resolution of amino acid by ultrafiltration through immobilized DNA membranes
148(2002)155-158 Full Text
Jonathan Romero, Andrew L. Zydney (USA) 
pH and salt effects on chiral separations using affinity ultrafiltration
148(2002)159-164 Full Text
Toshitsugu Sugawara, Makoto Ebikawa, Koichi Kimura, Kazuyuki Kimura, Kenji Misawa, Junji Arisawa, OsamuIgarashi (Japan) 
Study on the simple and rapid gene isolation system using the metal coating hollow fiber membrane
148(2002)165-169 Full Text
Muriel Mercier-Bonin, Christian Fonade (France) 
Air-sparged microfiltration of enzyme/yeast mixtures: determination of optimal conditions for enzyme recovery
148(2002)171-176 Full Text
P. Pinacci, M. Radaelli (Italy) 
Recovery of citric acid from fermentation broths by electrodialysis with bipolar membranes
148(2002)177-179 Full Text
A.M. Brites Alves, A. Morao, J.P. Cardoso (Portugal) 
Isolation of antibiotics from industrial fermentation broths using membrane technology
148(2002)181-186 Full Text
J. Jorda, P. Marechal, L. Rigal, P.-Y. Pontalier (France) 
Biopolymer purification by ultrafiltration
148(2002)187-191 Full Text
Peter Hadik, Lujza-P. Szabo, Endre Nagy (Hungary) 
D,L-lactic acid and D,L-alanine enantioseparation by membrane process
148(2002)193-198 Full Text
Francois-Xavier Pierre, Isabelle Souchon, Violaine Athes-Dutour, Michele Marin (France) 
Membrane-based solvent extraction of sulfur aroma compounds: influence of operating conditions on mass transfer coefficients inside a hollow fibre membrane module
148(2002)199-204 Full Text
Lubica Kubisova, Erika Sabolova, Stefan Schlosser, Jan Martak, Rudolf Kertesz (Slovenia) 
Membrane based solvent extraction and stripping of a heterocyclic carboxylic acid in hollow fiber contactors
148(2002)205-211 Full Text
M. Di Luccio, B.D. Smith, T. Kida, T.L.M. Alves, C.P. Borges (Brazil) 
Evaluation of flat sheet and hollow fiber supported liquid membranes for fructose extraction from a mixture of sugars
148(2002)213-220 Full Text
Pascal Dhulster, Romain Kapel, Renato Froidevaux, Naima Nedjar-Arroume,
Anne Fertin-Bazus, Luc Choisnard, Didier Guillochon (France) 
Advancement in intermediate opioid peptide production in an enzymatic membrane reactor assisted by solvent extraction
148(2002)221-226 Full Text
S.R. Wickramasinghe, Binbing Han (USA) 
Mass and momentum transfer in blood oxygenators
148(2002)227-233 Full Text
Anna Drapala, Piotr Wieczorek (Poland) 
Extraction of peptides using supported liquid membranes
148(2002)235-239 Full Text
Tatjana M. Trtic-Petrovic, Goran T. Vladisavljevic, Milica Tesic, Ksenija Kumric, Josef J. Comor (Yugoslavia) 
Analysis of concentration boundary layer in thallium (III) extraction with butyl acetate using membrane modules of different length
148(2002)241-246 Full Text
Tatjana Trtic-Petrovic, Jan Ake Jonsson (Yugoslavia) 
Application of SLM extraction for investigation metal-humic acid bindings
148(2002)247-251 Full Text
Lucia Mutihac, Hans Jurgen Buschmann, Elena Diacu (Romania) 
Calixarene deivatives as carriers in liquid membrane separation
148(2002)253-256 Full Text
M.G. Buonomenna, R. Molinari, E. Drioli (Italy) 
Selective mass transfer of iron(III) in supported liquid membrane using highly acidic extractants, 3-phenyl-4-acyl-5-isoxazolones
148(2002)257-262 Full Text
Rudolf Kertesz, Stefan Schlosser, Francesc Teixidor (Slovenia) 
Pertraction of silver with octylphenylsulfide as carrier in a hollow fiber contactor
148(2002)263-265 Full Text
Frederico Castelo Ferreira, Sheijiao Han, Andrew Boam, Shengfu Zhang, Andrew G. Livingston (UK) 
Membrane aromatic recovery system (MARS) - lab bench to industrial pilot scale
148(2002)267-273 Full Text
Isabel A.A.C. Esteves, J.P.B. Mota (Portugal) 
Simulation of a new hybrid membrane/pressure swing adsorption process for gas separation
148(2002)275-280 Full Text
Inge De Bo, Herman Van Langenhove, Jeroen Heyman (Belgium) 
Removal of dimethyl sulfide from waste air in a membrane bioreactor
148(2002)281-287 Full Text
Yusuke Yamamoto, Devaraj Amutharani, Muthusamy Sivakumar, Yoshiharu Tsujita, Hiroaki Yoshimizu (Japan) 
Study on complexing behavior of syndiotactic polystyrene-aromatic hydrocarbon system
148(2002)289-291 Full Text
V.V. Rumyantsev, V.M. Shatalov, G.Ya. Misuna (Ukraine) 
Gas separation of hydrogen isotopes by means of multicell metal membrane
148(2002)293-296 Full Text
M. Le Digabel, D. Ducret, C. Laquerbe, P. Perriat, J.-C. Niepce (France) 
Application of gas separation membranes to detritiation systems
148(2002)297-302 Full Text
S.J. Metz, J. Potreck, M.H.V. Mulder, M. Wessling (The Netherlands) 
Water vapor and gas transport through a poly(butylene terephthalate) poly(ethylene oxide) block copolymer
148(2002)303-307 Full Text
Li Xu, Lin Zhang, Huanlin Chen (China, PR) 
Study of CO2 removal in air by hydrogel membranes
148(2002)309-314 Full Text
Eva Maus, Hartmut E.A. Bruschke (Germany) 
Separation of methanol from methyl esters by vapour permeation: experiences of industrial application
148(2002)315-319 Full Text
M. Khayet, C.Y. Feng, K.C. Khulbe, T. Matsuura (Spain) 
Study on the effect of non-solvent additive on the morphology and performance of ultrafiltration hollow fiber membranes
148(2002)321-327 Full Text
K.C. Khulbe, T. Matsuura, C.Y. Feng (Canada) 
Study on cellulose acetate membranes for reverse osmosis and polyethersulfone membranes for ultrafiltration by electron spin resonance technique
148(2002)329-331 Full Text
Virginie Detallante, Dominique Langevin, Corinne Chappey, Michel Mtayer, Regis Mercier, Michel Pineri (France) 
Kinetics of water vapor sorption in sulfonated polyimide membranes
148(2002)333-339 Full Text
J. Kurdi, A.Y. Tremblay (Canada) 
The determination of interaction parameters in the characterization of polyetherimide gas separation membranes using the Horvath-Kawazoe model
148(2002)341-346 Full Text
Ryosuke Takagi, Kazunobu Terashita, Keiko Gotoh, Mieko Tagawa, Masayuki Nakagaki (Japan) 
Characterization of inorganic membranes as amphoteric membranes
148(2002)347-352 Full Text
Atsushi Saitoh, Devaraj Amutharani, Yusuke Yamamoto, Yoshiharu Tsujita, Hiroaki Yoshimizu (Japan) 
Evaluation of thermal stability of syndiotactic polystyrene/toluene complex by spectroscopic analysis
148(2002)353-357 Full Text
Tomoyuki Suzuki, Hiroaki Yoshimizu, Yoshiharu Tsujita (Japan) 
Characterization of microvoids in PPO/PS polymer blend by means of 129Xe NMR spectroscopy
148(2002)359-361 Full Text
Myung-Suk Chun, Hong Il Cho, In Kyu Song (Korea) 
The electrokinetic behavior of membrane zeta potential during the filtration of colloidal suspensions
148(2002)363-367 Full Text
F. Hamad, K.C. Khulbe, T. Matsuura (Canada) 
Characterization of gas separation membranes prepared from brominated poly (phenylene oxide) by infrared spectroscopy
148(2002)369-376 Full Text
Maria Jesus Ariza, Alicia Canas, Jorge Malfeito, Juana Benavente (Spain) 
Effect of pH on electrokinetic and electrochmemical parameters of both sub-layers of composite polyamide/polysulphone membranes
148(2002)377-382 Full Text
S. Nouri,L. Dammak, G. Bulvestre, B. Auclair (France) 
Studies of the crossed ionic fluxes through a cation-exchange membrane in the case of Donnan dialysis
148(2002)383-388 Full Text
Frederic Colasa, Veronique Bonnelyea, Nouhad Abidineb (France) 
Development of a new hollow-fiber module for large ultrafiltration plants
148(2002)389-394 Full Text
D. Guibert, R. Ben Aim, H. Rabie, P. Cote (Canada) 
Aeration performance of immersed hollow-fiber membranes in a bentonite suspension
148(2002)395-400 Full Text
Alberto Figoli, Wiebke Sager, Matthias Wessling (Italy) 
Synthesis of novel nanostructured mixed matrix membranes
148(2002)401-405 Full Text
G. Siegel, C. Abletshauser, M. Malmsten, D. Klussendorf (Germany) 
The acute effect of fluvastatin on lipoprotein deposition in a model substrate for ellipsometry studies at an endothelial membrane equivalent
148(2002)407-414 Full Text