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Desalination, Vol. 147 (2002)
International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes  ICOM 2002
Toulouse, France, July 712, 2002

Charles Christy, Steve Vermant (France) 
The state-of-the-art of filtration in recovery processes for biopharmaceutical production
147(2002)1-4 Full Text

Jose Manuel Benito, Guillermo Rios, Enrique Ortea, Eva Fernandez, Angel Cambiella, Carmen Pazos, Jose Coca (Spain) 
Design and construction of a modular pilot plant for the treatment of oil-containing wastewaters
147(2002)5-10 Full Text
Yeomin Yoon, Gary Amy, Jaeweon Cho, Namguk Her, John Pellegrino (USA) 
Transport of perchlorate (ClO4-) through NF and UF membranes
147(2002)11-17 Full Text
Martine Meireles, Michael Clifton, Pierre Aimar (France) 
Filtration of yeast suspensions: experimental observations and modeling of dead-end filtration with a compressible cake
147(2002)19-23 Full Text
S.R. Wickramasinghe, Yanling Wu, Binbing Han (USA) 
Enhanced microfiltration of yeast and CHO cells by flocculation
147(2002)25-30 Full Text
Omar Al-Akoum, Muriel Mercier-Bonin, Luhui Ding, Christian Fonade, Philippe Aptel, Michel Jaffrin (France) 
Comparison of three different systems used for flux enhancement: application to crossflow filtration of a yeast suspension
147(2002)31-36 Full Text
Minh-Tan Nguyen, Siegfried Ripperger (Germany) 
Investigation on the effect of flocculants on the filtration behavior in microfiltration of fine particles
147(2002)37-42 Full Text
Young G. Park (Korea) 
Effect of ozonation for reducing membrane-fouling in the UF membrane
147(2002)43-48 Full Text
Silvia Cortinas, Susana Luque, Jose R. Alvarez, Javier Canaval, Javier Romero (Spain) 
Microfiltration of Kraft black liquors for the removal of colloidal suspended matter (pitch)
147(2002)49-54 Full Text
P. Glueckstern, M. Priel, Mark Wilf (USA) 
Field evaluation of capillary UF technology as a pretreatment for large seawater RO systems
147(2002)55-62 Full Text
Pia Lipp, Gunther Baldauf (Germany) 
Application of outÐin MF/UF-systems for drinking water treatment with air supported backwash Ñ three case studies
147(2002)63-68 Full Text
B. Cyna, G. Chagneau, G. Bablon, N. Tanghe (France) 
Two years of nanofiltration at the Mery-sur-Oise plant, France
147(2002)69-75 Full Text
Enrico Drioli, Alessandra Criscuoli, Efrem Curcio (Italy) 
Integrated membrane operations for seawater desalination
147(2002)77-81 Full Text
R. Thiruvenkatachari, H.H. Ngo, P. Hagare, S. Vigneswaran, R. Ben Aim (Australia) 
Flocculation-cross flow micofiltration hybrid system for natural organic matter (NOM) removal using haematite as a flocculant
147(2002)83-88 Full Text
Beatrice Balannec, Genevieve Gesan-Guiziou, Bernard Chaufer, Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Georges Daufin (France) 
Treatment of dairy process waters by membrane operations: concentration of milk constituents and production of reusable water
147(2002)89-94 Full Text
C. Guigui, J.C. Rouch, L. Durand-Bourlier, V. Bonnelye, P. Aptel (France) 
Impact of coagulation conditions on the in-line coagulation/UF process for drinking water production
147(2002)95-100 Full Text
Michal Bodzek, Anna Waniek, Krystyna Konieczny (Poland) 
Pressure driven membrane techniques in the treatment of water containing THMs
147(2002)101-107 Full Text
Krystyna Konieczny, Grzegorz Klomfas (Poland) 
Using activated carbon to improve natural water treatment by porous membranes
147(2002)109-116 Full Text
Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz, Monika Dodz, Tomasz Winnicki (Poland) 
The influence of organic carbon concentration on atrazine removal by UF membranes
147(2002)117-122 Full Text
Konstantin Volchek, Dario Velicogna, Alison Obenauf, Andrew Somers, Bill Wong, Andre Y. Tremblay (Canada) 
Novel applications of membrane processes in soil cleanup operations
147(2002)123-126 Full Text
C.M. Guijt, G.W. Meindersma, T. Reith, A.B. de Haan (The Netherlands) 
Method for experimental determination of the gas transport properties of highly porous fibre membranes: a first step before predictive modelling of a membrane distillation process
147(2002)127-132 Full Text
M. Celere, C. Gostoli (Italy) 
The heat and mass transfer phenomena in osmotic membrane distillation
147(2002)133-138 Full Text
David Wirth, Corinne Cabassud (France) 
Water desalination using membrane distillation: comparison between inside/out and outside/in permeation
147(2002)139-145 Full Text
A. Criscuoli, E. Drioli, A. Capuano, B. Memoli, V.E. Andreucci (Italy) 
Human plasma ultrafiltrate purification by membrane distillation: process optimisation and evaluation of its possible application on-line
147(2002)147-148 Full Text
A.V. Narayan, Naveen Nagaraj, H. Umesh Hebbar, A. Chakkaravarthi, K.S.M.S. Raghavarao, Sanjay Nene (India) 
Acoustic field assisted osmotic membrane distillation
147(2002)149-156 Full Text
Sanjay Nene, Suhkvinder Kaur, K. Sumod, Bhagyashree Joshi, K.S.M.S. Raghavarao (India) 
Membrane distillation for the concentration of raw cane-sugar syrup and clarified sugarcane juice
147(2002)157-160 Full Text
Marco Di Luccio, Cristiano P. Borges, Tito L.M. Alves (Brazil) 
Economic analysis of ethanol and fructose production by selective fermentation coupled to pervaporation
147(2002)161-166 Full Text
Valery V. Ugrozov, Inga B. Elkina (Russia) 
Mathematical modeling of influence of porous structure a membrane on its vapour-conductivity in the process of membrane distillation
147(2002)167-171 Full Text
J. Kerres, W. Zhang, A. Ullrich, C.-M. Tang, M. Hein, V. Gogel, T. Frey, L. Jorissen (Germany) 
Synthesis and characterization of polyaryl blend membranes having different composition, different covalent and/or ionical cross-linking density, and their application to DMFC
147(2002)173-178 Full Text
Carmen Manea, Marcel Mulder (The Netherlands) 
New polymeric electrolyte membranes based on proton donor-proton acceptor properties for direct methanol fuel cells
147(2002)179-182 Full Text
Maria J. Ariza, Deborah J. Jones, Jacques Roziere (France) 
Role of post-sulfonation thermal treatment in conducting and thermal properties of sulphuric acid sulfonated poly(benzimidazole) membranes
147(2002)183-189 Full Text
R. Mohr, V. Kudela, J. Schauer, K. Richau (Germany) 
Comparison of different cells for resistance determination of
freely standing polymer membranes developed for direct
methanol fuel cell (DMFC)applications
147(2002)191-196 Full Text
W. Richard Bowen, Julian S. Welfoot (UK) 
Predictive modelling of nanofiltration: membrane specification and process optimisation
147(2002)197-203 Full Text
A. Wahab Mohammad, Nora'aini Ali (Malaysia) 
Understanding the steric and charge contributions in NF membranes using increasing MWCO polyamide membranes
147(2002)205-212 Full Text
Toshinori Tsuru, Daisuke Hironaka, Tomohisa Yoshioka, Masashi Asaeda (Japan) 
Effect of divalent cation on permeate volume flux through porous titania membranes
147(2002)213-216 Full Text
B. Wendler, B. Goers, G. Wozny (Germany) 
Nanofiltration of solutions containing surfactants - prediction of flux decline and modelling of mass transfer
147(2002)217-221 Full Text
C. Labbez, P. Fievet, A. Szymczyk, F. Thomas, C. Simon, A. Vidonne, J. Pagetti, A. Foissy (France) 
A comparison of membrane charge of a low nanofiltration ceramic membrane determined from ionic retention and tangential streaming potential measurements
147(2002)223-229 Full Text
J. Palmeri, J. Sandeaux, R. Sandeaux, X. Lefebvre, P. David, C. Guizard, P. Amblard, J.-F. Diaz, B. Lamaze (France) 
Modeling of multi-electrolyte transport in charged ceramic and organic nanofilters using the computer simulation program NANOFLUX
147(2002)231-236 Full Text
Sangyoup Lee, Jihee Moon, Seong-Keun Yim, Jaeweon Cho (Korea) 
The relationship between flux decline of NF membranes with nom transport characteristics: convection versus diffusion
147(2002)237-241 Full Text
A.I. Schafer, M. Mastrup, R. Lund Jensen (Australia) 
Particle interactions and removal of trace contaminants from water and wastewaters
147(2002)243-250 Full Text
Kerry J. Howe, Kenneth P. Ishida, Mark M. Clark (USA) 
Use of ATR/FTIR spectrometry to study fouling of microfiltration membranes by natural waters
147(2002)251-255 Full Text
I. Atamanenko, A. Kryvoruchko, L. Yurlova, E. Tsapiuk (Ukraine) 
Study of the CaSO4 deposits in the presence of scale inhibitors
147(2002)257-261 Full Text
Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Fakhrul Razi Ahmadun, Thamer Ahmad Mohamed, Suleyman Aremu Muyibi, M.B. Pescod (Malaysia) 
Performance of flexible membrane using kaolin dynamic membrane in treating domestic wastewater
147(2002)263-268 Full Text
L.D. Nghiem, A.I. Schafer, T.D. Waite (Australia) 
Adsorptive interactions between membranes and trace contaminants
147(2002)269-274 Full Text
Christian Guizard, Andre Ayral, Anne Julbe (France) 
Potentiality of organic solvents filtration with ceramic membranes. A comparison with polymer membraness
147(2002)275-280 Full Text
B. Van der Bruggen, L. Braeken, C. Vandecasteele (Belgium) 
Evaluation of parameters describing flux decline in nanofiltration of aqueous solutions containing organic compounds
147(2002)281-287 Full Text
Eui-Deog Hwang, Kwang-Won Lee, Kwang-Ho Choo, Sang-June Choi, Seung-Hyun Kim, Cho-Hee Yoon, Chung-Hak Lee (Korea) 
Effect of precipitation and complexation on nanofiltration of strontium-containing nuclear wastewaster
147(2002)289-294 Full Text
Jukka Tanninen, Marianne Nystrom (Finland) 
Separation of ions in acidic conditions using NF
147(2002)295-299 Full Text
Dinesh Nair, Satinder Singh Luthra, Justin T. Scarpello, Lloyd S. White, Luisa M. Freitas dos Santos, Andrew G. Livingston (UK) 
Homogeneous catalyst separation and re-use through nanofiltration of organic solvents
147(2002)301-306 Full Text
Emma Gibbins, Marco DÕAntonio, Dinesh Nair, Lloyd S. White, Luisa M. Freitas dos Santos, Ivo F.J. Vankelecomd, Andrew G. Livingston (UK) 
Observations on solvent flux and solute rejection across solvent resistant nanofiltration membranes
147(2002)307-313 Full Text
M.P. Gonzalez, R. Navarro, I. Saucedo, M. Avil, J. Revilla, C. Bouchard (Mexico) 
Purification of phosphoric acid solutions by reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
147(2002)315-320 Full Text
J. Li, Q.T. Nguyen, L.Z. Zhou, T. Wang, Y.C. Long, Z.H. Ping (France) 
Preparation and properties of ZSM-5 zeolite membrane obtained by low-temperature chemical vapor deposition
147(2002)321-326 Full Text
Travis C. Bowen, Shiguang Li, V.A. Tuan, John L. Falconer, Richard D. Noble (USA) 
Pervaporation of aqueous organic mixtures through Ge-ZSM-5 zeolite membranes 
147(2002)327-329 Full Text
Travis C. Bowen, Halil Kalipcilar, John L. Falconer, Richard D. Noble (USA) 
Separation of C4 and C6 isomer mixtures and alcohol-water solutions by monolith supported B-ZSM-5 membranes
147(2002)331-332 Full Text
Adalgisa Tavolaro (Italy) 
VS-1 composite membrane: preparation and characterization
147(2002)333-338 Full Text
Yasunori Kobayashi, Seiichi Takami, Momoji Kubo, Akira Miyamoto (Japan) 
Computational chemical study on separation of benzene and cyclohexane by NaY zeolite membrane
147(2002)339-344 Full Text
Natalia Pismenskaya, Victor Nikonenko, Elena Volodina, Gerald Pourcelly (Russia) 
Electrotransport of weak-acid anions through anion exchange membranes
147(2002)345-350 Full Text
Marc Legras, Yuichi Hirata, Quang Trong Nguyen, Dominique Langevin, Michel Metayer (France) 
Sorption and diffusion behavior of water in Nafion 117 membranes with different counter ions
147(2002)351-357 Full Text
Gerald Pourcelly (France) 
Conductivity and selectivity of ion exchange membranes: structure - correlations
147(2002)359-361 Full Text
S. Nouri, L. Dammak, C. Larchet, B. Aucla (France) 
Correlation between ion-exchange membrane characteristics for evaluation of the permselectivity and the diffusion coefficients
147(2002)363-368 Full Text
V. Nikonenko, V. Zabolotsky, C. Larchet, B. Auclair, G. Pourcelly (Russia) 
Mathematical description of ion transport in membrane systems
147(2002)369-374 Full Text
M. Metayer, M. Legras, O. Grigorchouk, V. Nikonenko, D. Langevin, M. Labbe, L. Lebrun, V. Shaposhnik (Russia) 
Facilitated transport of a-alanine and phenylalanine through sulfonic cation-exchange membranes
147(2002)375-380 Full Text
D.E. Akretche (Algeria) 
Influence of the solid nature in the efficiency of an electrokinetical process
147(2002)381-385 Full Text
V.I. Zabolotsky, J.A. Manzanares, V.V. Nikonenko, K.A. Lebedev, E.G. Lovtsov (Russia) 
Space charge efect on competitive ion transport through ion-exchange membranes
147(2002)387-392 Full Text
K.A. Lebedev, E.G. Lovtsov (Russia) 
Mathematical simulation of a stationary electrodiffusion kinetics in multilayer ion-exchange membrane systems with the help of the numerical shooting parallel method continued by parameters
147(2002)393-397 Full Text
J. Benavente, G. Jonsson (Spain) 
Combined effect of salt concentration and pressure gradients across charged membranes
147(2002)399-403 Full Text
Young G. Park, H.E.Lim (Korea) 
Transport modelling of polyelectrolyte in membrane chromatography under an electric field
147(2002)405-409 Full Text
Fernando Roa, Michael J. Block, J. Douglas Way (USA) 
The influence of alloy composition on the h2 flux of composite Pd-Cu membranes
147(2002)411-416 Full Text
F.C. Gielens, H.D. Tong, C.J.M. van Rijn, M.A.G. Vorstman, J.T.F. Keurentjes (The Netherlands) 
High-flux palladium-silver alloy membranes fabricated by microsystem technology
147(2002)417-423 Full Text
F. Moron, M.P. Pina, E. Urriolabeitia, M. Menendez, J. Santamar'a (Spain) 
Preparation and characterization of palladium-zeolite composite membranes for hydrogen separation
147(2002)425-431 Full Text
V.M. Vorotyntsev, P.N. Drozdov (Russia) 
Ultrapurification of gases in continuous membrane column cascade
147(2002)433-438 Full Text
Kee Sung Lee, Shi Woo Lee, Jong Won Kim, Sang Kuk Woo (Korea) 
Enhancement of oxygen permeation by La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-d coating in La0.7Sr0.3Ga0.6Fe0.4O3-d membrane
147(2002)439-443 Full Text
Inga B. Elkina, Jerry H. Meldon (USA) 
Hydrogen transport in palladium membranes
147(2002)445-448 Full Text
Tadashi Uragami, Yoshiaki Tanaka, Shinji Nishida (Japan) 
Permeation and separation under high temperature and high pressure for ethanol/water vapors through cross-linked quaternized chitosan composite membranes
147(2002)449-454 Full Text