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Desalination, Vol. 146 (2002)
International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes  ICOM 2002
Toulouse, France, July 712, 2002

A.J. Hill, P. Meakin (Australia) 
Nanocomposite approaches to tailor transport properties
146(2002)1-2 Full Text 

Todd W. Pechar, Michael Tsapatsis, Eva Marand, Richie Davis (USA) 
Preparation and characterization of a glassy fluorinated polyimide zeolite mixed matrix membrane
146(2002)3-9 Full Text 
Zhenjie He, Ingo Pinnau, Atsushi Morisato (USA) 
Nanostructured poly(4-methyl-2-pentyne)/silica hybrid membranes for gas separation
146(2002)11-15 Full Text 
Caroline Levy, Christian Guizard, Anne Julbe (France) 
Synthesis by soft-chemistry and characterisation of porous Ce69Gd0.1O1.95 ion-conducting membranes
146(2002)17-22 Full Text 
Sven Augustin, Volker Hennige, Gerhard Horpel, Christian Hying (Germany) 
Ceramic but flexible: new ceramic membrane foils for fuel cells and batteries
146(2002)23-28 Full Text 
R. Schmuhl, J.E. ten Elshof, K. Keizer, A. van den Berg (The Netherlands) 
Tuneable ion-selective inorganic membranes
146(2002)29-33 Full Text 
A. Bottino, G. Capannelli, A. Comite (Italy) 
Preparation and characterization of novel porous PVDF-ZrO2 composite membranes
146(2002)35-40 Full Text 
Andre Cornelis van Veen, David Farrusseng, Claude Mirodatos (France) 
Novel preparation of BIMEVOX materials assisting in elementary step resolved investigations of the oxygen transfer at the surface
146(2002)41-47 Full Text 
Ying Kong, Hongwei Du, Jinrong Yang, Deqing Shi, Yunfang Wang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Wei Xin (China, PR) 
Study on polyimide/TiO2 nanocomposite membranes for gas separation
146(2002)49-55 Full Text 
Jilali Bentama, Kamar Ouazzani, Philippe Schmitz (Morocco) 
Mineral membranes made of sintered clay: application to crossflow microfiltration
146(2002)57-61 Full Text 
Janneke Kromkamp, Mark van Domselaar, Karin Schroen, Ruud van der Sman, Remko Boom (The Netherlands) 
Shear-induced diffusion model for microfiltration of polydisperse suspensions
146(2002)63-68 Full Text 
Stanton Smith, Taha Taha, Zhanfeng Cui (UK) 
Enhancing hollow fibre ultrafiltration using slug flow - a hydrodynamic study
146(2002)69-74 Full Text 
Andrew L. Zydney, Chia-Chi Ho (USA) 
Scale-up of microfiltration systems: fouling phenomena and Vmax analysis
146(2002)75-81 Full Text 
Robert Chan, Vicki Chen, Martin P. Bucknall (Australia) 
Ultrafiltration of protein mixtures: measurement of apparent critical flux, rejection performance, and identification of protein deposition
146(2002)83-90 Full Text 
Benjamin Espinasse, Patrice Bacchin, Pierre Aimar (France)
On an experimental method to measure critical flux in ultrafiltration
146(2002)91-96 Full Text 
W. Richard Bowen, Teodora A. Doneva, H.B. Yin (UK) 
Atomic force microscopy studies of membraneÐsolute interactions (fouling)
146(2002)97-102 Full Text 
Petr Mikulasek, Petr Pospisil, Petr Dolecek, Jiri Cakl (Czech Republic) 
Gas-liquid two-phase flow in microfiltration mineral tubular membranes: relationship between flux enhancement, cake characteristics and hydrodynamic parameters
146(2002)103-109 Full Text 
J. Etheve, P. Dejardin, M. Boissiere (France) 
Influence of pH on the adsorption of lysozyme on a sulfonated membrane with and without poly(ethyleneimine)
146(2002)111-113 Full Text 
Yaniv Soffer, Jack Gilron, Avner Adin (Israel) 
Streaming potential and SEM-EDX study of UF membranes fouled by colloidal iron
146(2002)115-121 Full Text 
Murielle Rabiller-Baudry, Mylene Le Maux, Bernard Chaufer, Lilian Begoin (France) 
Characterisation of cleaned and fouled membrane by ATR-FTIR and EDX analysis coupled with SEM. Application to UF of skimmed milk with PES membrane
146(2002)123-128 Full Text 
Kuo-Lun Tung, Ching-Jung Chuang (Taiwan, ROC) 
Effect of pore morphology on fluid flow and particle deposition on a track-etched polycarbonate membrane
146(2002)129-134 Full Text 
Wendy D. Mores, Robert H. Davis (USA) 
Direct observation of membrane cleaning via rapid backpulsing
146(2002)135-140 Full Text 
S. Ognier, C. Wisniewski, A. Grasmick (France) 
Characterisation and modelling of fouling in membrane bioreactors
146(2002)141-147 Full Text 
M.C. Kaplan, A. Jegou, B. Chaufer, M. Rabiller-Baudry, M.C. Michalsky (France) 
Adsorption of lysozyme on membrane material and cleaning with non ionic surfactant characterised through contact angle measurements
146(2002)149-154 Full Text 
B. Cabane, M. Meireles, P. Aimar (France) 
Cake collapse in frontal filtration of colloidal aggregates: mechanisms and consequences
146(2002)155-161 Full Text 
Alicia Canas, Maria Isabel Vazquez, Juana Benavente (Spain) 
Effect of polarization layers on salt permeability across membranes with different structures
146(2002)163-167 Full Text 
Jianxin Li, R.D. Sanderson (South Africa) 
Visualization of particle deposition and its removal in microfiltration by ultrasonic time-domain reflectometry
146(2002)169-175 Full Text 
Jianxin Li, R.D. Sanderson, D.K. Hallbauer, V.Y. Hallbauer-Zasorozhnaya (South Africa) 
Measurement and modeling of organic fouling deposition in ultrafiltration by ultrasonic transfer signals and reflections 
146(2002)177-185 Full Text 
Vitor Geraldes, Viriato Semiao, Maria Norberta de Pinho (Portugal) 
The effect of the ladder-type spacers configuration in NF spiral wound modules on the concentration boundary layers disruption 
146(2002)187-194 Full Text 
J. Schwinge, D.E. Wiley, D.F. Fletcher (Australia) 
A CFD study of unsteady flow in narrow spacer-filled channels for spiral-wound membrane modules
146(2002)195-201 Full Text 
Jorn Schwinge, Peter R. Neal, Dianne E. Wiley, Anthony G. Fane (Australia) 
Estimation of foulant deposition across the leaf of a spiral wound module
146(2002)203-208 Full Text 
F. Li, G.W. Meindersma, A.B. de Haan, T. Reith (The Netherlands) 
Optimization of non-woven spacers by CFD and validation by experiments
146(2002)209-212 Full Text 
Jens Lipnizki, Gunnar Jonsson (Denmark) 
Flow dynamics and concentration polarisation in spacer-filled channels
146(2002)213-217 Full Text 
S.S.Vasan, Raja Ghosh, Zhanfeng Cui (UK) 
Design of cone-and-plate test cell for ultrafiltration
146(2002)219-224 Full Text 
Shyam S. Sablani, Mattheus F.A. Goosen, Rashid Al-Belushi, Vassilos Gerardos (Oman) 
Influence of spacer thickness on permeate flux in spiral-wound seawater reverse osmosis systems
146(2002)225-230 Full Text 
Anthony G. Fane, Sheng Chang, E. Chardon (Australia) 
Submerged hollow fibre membrane module - design options and operational considerations 
146(2002)231-236 Full Text 
M. Staudacher, M. Harasek, T. Brinkmann, W. Hilgendorff, A. Friedl (Austria) 
CFD-simulation of membrane modules in gas and vapor permeation models
146(2002)237-241 Full Text 
Lihong Bao, G. Glenn Lipscomb (USA) 
Effect of random fiber packing on the performance of shell-fed hollow fiber gas separation modules
146(2002)243-248 Full Text 
P.N. Drozdov, Y.P. Kirillov, E.Y. Kolotilov, I.V. Vorotyntsev (Russia) 
High purification of gas in radial membrane element
146(2002)249-254 Full Text 
Keith Scott, Justo Lobato (UK) 
Mass transfer characteristics of cross-corrugated membranes
146(2002)255-258 Full Text 
Kevin Good, Isabel Escobar, Xinglong Xu, Maria Coleman, Michael Ponting (USA) 
Modification of commercial water treatment membranes by ion beam irradiation
146(2002)259-264 Full Text 
Bozena Kaeselev, Peter Kingshott, Gunnar Jonsson (Denmark) 
Influence of the surface structure on the filtration performance of UV modified PES membranes
146(2002)265-271 Full Text 
Stephanie Roualdes, Nabila Kourda, Jean Durand, Gerald Pourcelly (France) 
Plasma-grafted PVDF polymers as anion exchange membranes for the electrotransport of Cr(VI)
146(2002)273-278 Full Text 
Serguei N. Dmitriev, Lyubov I. Kravets, Vladimir V. Sleptsov, Vera M. Elinson (Russia)
Water permeability of poly(ethylene) terephthalate track membranes modified in plasma
146(2002)279-286 Full Text 
Yong-Jin Choi, Moon-Sung Kang, Seung-Hyeon Moon (Korea) 
A new preparation method for cation-exchange membrane using monomer sorption into reinforcing materials
146(2002)287-291 Full Text 
Gryzelda Pozniak, Irena Gancarz, Marek Bryjak, Wlodzimierz Tylus (Poland) 
N-butylamine plasma modifying polysulfone membranes
146(2002)293-299 Full Text 
Dae Sik Kim, Jong Seok Kang, Ki Yeon Kim, Young Moo Lee (Korea) 
Surface modification of poly(vinyl chloride) membrane by UV irradiation for reduction in sludge adsorption
146(2002)301-306 Full Text 
Jian-Jun Qin, Fook-Sin Wong (Singapore) 
Hypochlorite treatment of hydrophilic hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes for high fluxes
146(2002)307-309 Full Text 
A. Laguecir, Y. Frere, L. Danicher, J.M. Loureiro, B. Ernst, M. Burgard (France) 
Polyacrylic gel beads reinforced by a polyamide membrane. Application to ion removal in aqueous media
146(2002)311-317 Full Text 
Maria Tomaszewska, Anna Jarosiewicz, Krzysztof Karakulski (Poland) 
Physical and chemical characteristics of polymer coatings in CRF formulation
146(2002)319-323 Full Text 
Ezdine Ferjani, Ramzi Hadj Lajimi, Andre Deratani, Mohamed Sadok Roudesli (France) 
Bulk and surface modification of cellulose diacetate based RO/NF membranes by polymethylhydrosiloxane. Preparation and characterisation
146(2002)325-330 Full Text 
Bangxiao Cai, Yong Zhou, Congjie Gao (China, PR) 
Modified performance of cellulose triacetate hollow fiber membrane
146(2002)331-336 Full Text 
Xiaolin Wang, Jian Huang, Xiuzhen Chen, Xuehai Yu (China, PR) 
Graft polymerization of N-isopropylacrylamide into microporous polyethylene membrane by plasma method: technique and morphology
146(2002)337-343 Full Text 
Jian Huang, Xiao-Lin Wang, Wang-Shun Qi, Xue-Hai Yu
(China, PR) 
Temperature-sensitivity and electrokinetic behavior of N-isopropylacrylamide grafted microporous polyethylene membrane 
146(2002)345-351 Full Text 
Sangho Lee, Richard M. Lueptow (USA) 
Experimental verification of a model for rotating reverse osmosis
146(2002)353-359 Full Text 
Johannes Meier, Thomas Melin, Ludger H. Eilers (Germany) 
Nanofiltration and adsorption on powdered adsorbent as process combination for the treatment of severely contaminated waste water
146(2002)361-366 Full Text 
H. Chapman, S. Vigneswaran, H.H. Ngo, S. Dyer, R. Ben Aim (Australia) 
Pre-flocculation of secondary treated wastewater in enhancing the performance of microfiltration
146(2002)367-372 Full Text 
Sandra Rosenberger, Matthias Kraume (Germany) 
Filterability of activated sludge in membrane bioreactors
146(2002)373-380 Full Text 
Sheng Chang, T. David Waite, Andrea I. Schafer, Anthony G. Fane (Australia) 
Adsorption of trace steroid estrogens to hydrophobic hollow fibre membranes
146(2002)381-386 Full Text 
Thomas Wintgens, Martin Gallenkemper, T. Melin (Germany) 
Endocrine disrupters removal from wastewater by membrane bioreactors and nanofiltration
146(2002)387-391 Full Text 
Martine Decloux, Andre Bories, Richard Lewandowski, Claire Fargues, Amel Mersad, Marie Laure Lameloise, Frederic Bonnet, Bertrand Dherbecourt, Leandro Nieto Osuna (France) 
Interest of electrodialysis to reduce potassium level in vinasses. Preliminary experiments
146(2002)393-398 Full Text 
A. Luonsi, N. Laitinen, K. Beyer, E. Levanen, Y. Poussade, M. Nystrom (Finland) 
Separation of CTMP mill activated sludge with ceramic membranes
146(2002)399-404 Full Text 
Gunther Gehlert, Jobst Hapke (Germany) 
Mathematical modeling of a continuous aerobic membrane bioreactor for the treatment of different kinds of waste water
146(2002)405-412 Full Text 
Jae-Hoon Choi, Seok Dockko, Kazuo Yamamoto (Japan) 
A novel application of a submerged nanofiltration membrane bioreactor (NF-MBR) for the wastewater treatment
146(2002)413-420 Full Text 
Alina C. Cole, John W. Shanahan, Michael J. Semmens, Timothy M. LaPara (USA) 
Preliminary studies on the microbial community structure of membrane-aerated biofilms treating municipal wastewater
146(2002)421-426 Full Text 
Claire Albasi, Yolene Bessiere, Sandrine Desclaux, J.C. Remigy (France) 
Filtration of biological sludge by immersed hollow fiber membranes: influence of initial permeability, choice of operating conditions
146(2002)427-431 Full Text 
D. Abdessemed, G. Nezzal, R. Ben Aim (France) 
Fractionation of a secondary effluent with membrane separation
146(2002)433-437 Full Text 
A. Tazi-Pain, J.C. Schrotter, G. Bord, M. Payreaudeau, H. Buisson (France) 
Recent improvement of the BIOSEP¨ process for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
146(2002)439-443 Full Text 
S. Delgado, F. Diaz, R. Villarroel, L. Vera, R. Diaz, S. Elmaleh (Spain) 
Nirrification in a hollow fibre membrane bioreactor
146(2002)445-449 Full Text 
Yonghun Lee, Jinwoo Cho, Youngwoo Seo, Jae Woo Lee, Kyu-Hong Ahn (Korea) 
Modeling of submerged membrane bioreactor process for wastewater treatment
146(2002)451-457 Full Text 
S. Delgado, F. Diaz, R. Villarroel, L. Vera, R. Diaz, S. Elmaleh (Spain) 
Influence of biologically treated wastewater quality on filtration through a hollow-fibre membrane
146(2002)459-462 Full Text 
E.R. Cornelissen, W. Janse, J. Koning (Belgium) 
Wastewater treatment with the internal MEMBIOR
146(2002)463-466 Full Text 
Laura Innocenti, David Bolzonella, Paolo Pavan, Franco Cecchi (Italy) 
Effect of sludge age on the performance of a membrane bioreactor. Influence on nutrient and metals removal
146(2002)467-474 Full Text