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Desalination, Vol. 145 (2002)
International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes  ICOM 2002
Toulouse, France, July 712, 2002

Chrtomir Stropnik, Vladimir Kaiser (Slovenia) 
Polymeric membranes preparation by wet phase separation: mechanisms and elementary processes
145(2002)1-10 Full Text

P. Menut, C. Pochat-Bohatier, A. Deratani, C. Dupuy, S. Guilbert (France) 
Structure formation of poly (ether imide) films using non-solvent vapor induced phase separation: relationship between mass transfer and processing parameters
145(2002)11-16 Full Text
Vivek P. Khare, Alan R. Greenberg, Jeremiah Zartman, William B. Krantz, Paul Todd (USA) 
Macrovoid growth during polymer membrane casting
145(2002)17-23 Full Text
Dar-Jong Lin, Cheng-Liang Chang, Tzung-Chin Chen, Liao-Ping Cheng (Taiwan, ROC) 
Microporous PVDF membrane formation by phase inversion from water/TEP/PVDF system
145(2002)25-29 Full Text
Dar-Jong Lin, Liao-Ping Cheng, Shih-Pin Lin (Taiwan, ROC) 
Effect of compatible nucleation seeds on the morphology of porous nylon 6 membrane
145(2002)31-37 Full Text
W. Richard Bowen, Teodora A. Doneva, Huabing Yin (UK) 
The effect of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) additives on membrane formation and performance
145(2002)39-45 Full Text
A. Gordano, G. Clarizia, A. Torchia, F. Trotta, E. Drioli (Italy) 
New membranes from PEEK-WC and its derivatives
145(2002)47-52 Full Text
Luciana Tavares Duarte, Alberto Claudio Habert, Cristiano Piacsek Borges (Brazil)
Preparation and morphological characterization of polyurethane/polyethersulfone composite membranes 
145(2002)53-59 Full Text
Rosa Maria Ribeiro, Rosangela Bergamasco Marcelino Luiz Gimenes (Brazil) 
Membranes synthesis study for colour removal of a textile effluent
145(2002)61-63 Full Text
Dirk Jakobs, Goetz Baumgarten (Germany) 
Nanofiltration of nitric acidic solutions from Picture Tube production
145(2002)65-68 Full Text
M.J.W. Frank, J.B. Westerink, A. Schokker (The Netherlands) 
Recycling of industrial waste water by using a two-step nanofiltration process for the removal of colour
145(2002)69-74 Full Text
Harry Futselaar, Henk Schonewille, Walter van der Meer (The Netherlands) 
Direct capillary nanofiltration, a new high-grade purification concept 
145(2002)75-80 Full Text
Mika Manttari, Arto Pihlajamaki, Eero Kaipainen, Marianne Nystrom (Finland) 
Effect of temperature and membrane pre-treatment by pressure on the filtration properties of nanofiltration membranes
145(2002)81-86 Full Text
W.B. Samuel de Lint, Nieck E. Benes, Arnoud P. Higler, Henk Verweij (The Netherlands) 
Derivation of adsorption parameters for nanofiltration membranes using a 1-pK Basic Stern model
145(2002)87-95 Full Text
G. Ducom, F.P. Puech, C. Cabassud (France) 
Air sparging with flat sheet nanofiltration: a link between wall shear stresses and flux enhancement
145(2002)97-102 Full Text
Mourad Taleb-Ahmed, Samir Taha, Rachida Maachi, Gerard Dorange (France) 
The influence of physico-chemistry on the retention of chromium ions during nanofiltration
145(2002)103-108 Full Text
R. Boussahel, A. Montiel, M. Baudu (Algeria) 
Effects of organic and inorganic matter on the pesticides rejection by nanofiltration
145(2002)109-114 Full Text
Xiao-Lin Wang, Wei-Ning Wang, Da-Xin Wang (China, PR) 
Experimental investigation on separation performance of nanofiltration membranes for inorganic electrolyte solutions
145(2002)115-122 Full Text
M. Mondor, C. Moresoli (Canada) 
Shear-induced hydrodynamic diffusion model for cross-flow microfiltration: role of the particle solidosity
145(2002)123-128 Full Text
J. Dufreche, M. Prat, P. Schmitz (France) 
Effective hydraulic resistance of the first cake layers at the membrane surface in microfiltration
145(2002)129-131 Full Text
Catherine Charcosset, F. Yousefian, J.-F. Thovert, P.M. Adler (France) 
Calculation of flow and solute deposition through three-dimensional reconstructed model of microporous membranes
145(2002)133-138 Full Text
P. Bacchin, M. Meireles, P. Aimar (France) 
Modelling of filtration: from the polarised layer to deposit formation and compaction
145(2002)139-146 Full Text
Endre Nagy, Peter Hadik (Hungary) 
Analysis of mass transfer in hollow-fiber membrane
145(2002)147-152 Full Text
Ho-Ming Yeh (Taiwan, ROC) 
Declination of permeate flux for ultrafiltration along membrane tubes 
145(2002)153-157 Full Text
Robert A. Cross (USA) 
Optimum process designs for ultrafiltration and crossflow microfiltration systems
145(2002)159-163 Full Text
Marilyn Rayner, Gun Tragardh (Sweden) 
Membrane emulsification modelling: how can we get from characterisation to design?
145(2002)165-172 Full Text
Efrem Curcio, Gianluca Di Profio, Enrico Drioli (Italy) 
Membrane crystallization of macromolecular solutions
145(2002)173-177 Full Text
T. Taha, Z.F. Cui (UK) 
Hydrodynamic analysis of upward slug flow in tubular membranes
145(2002)179-182 Full Text
Dianne E. Wiley, David F. Fletcher (Australia) 
Computational fluid dynamics modelling of flow and permeation for pressure driven membrane processes
145(2002)183-186 Full Text
Binbing Han, Jiding Li, Cuixian Chen, Ranil Wickramasinghe (USA) 
Computer simulation and optimization of pervaporation process
145(2002)187-192 Full Text
Vitor Magueijo, Maria Norberta de Pinho, Vitor Geraldes (Portugal) 
Numerical and experimental study of mass transfer in lysozyme ultrafiltration
145(2002)193-199 Full Text
Helene Carrere, F. Blaszkow, Helene Roux de Balmann (France) 
Modelling the microfiltration of lactic acid fermentation broths and comparison of operating modes.
145(2002)201-206 Full Text
Mohan Noronha, Valko Mavrov, Horst Chmiel (Germany) 
Efficient design and optimisation of two-stage NF-processes by simplified process simulation 
145(2002)207-216 Full Text
Stefano Curcio, Vincenza Calabro, Gabriele Lorio (Italy) 
Monitoring and control of TMP and feed flow rate pulsatile operations during ultrafiltration in a spiral wound membrane module
145(2002)217-222 Full Text
M. Cabassud, N. Delgrange-Vincent, C. Cabassud, L. Durand-Bourlier, J.M. Laine (France) 
Neural networks: a tool to improve UF plant productivity
145(2002)223-231 Full Text
Gerardo Catapano, Cecile Legallais, Bodo von Harten, Ulrich Baurmeister (France) 
Use of a predictive model of HD/HDF based on a cascade of communicating CSTs to design modules with enhanced HMW solute clearance
145(2002)233-235 Full Text
Pyung-kyu Parka, Chung-hak Lee, Sang-June Choi, Kwang-Ho Choo, Seung-Hyun Kim, Cho-Hee Yoon(Korea) 
Effect of the removal of DOMs on the performance of a coagulation-UF membrane system for drinking water production
145(2002)237-245 Full Text
Chalor Jarusutthirak, Gary Amy, Jean-Philippe Croue (France) 
Fouling characteristics of wastewater effluent organic matter (EfOM) isolates on NF and UF membranes 
145(2002)247-255 Full Text
Monthon Thanuttamavong, Kazuo Yamamoto, Jeong Ik Oh, Kwang HoChoo, Sang June Choi (Japan) 
Rejection characteristics of organic and inorganic pollutants by ultra low pressure nanofiltration of surface water for drinking water treatment
145(2002)257-264 Full Text
Porntip Choksuchart, Marc Heran, Alain Grasmick (France) 
Ultrafiltration enhanced by coagulation in an immersed membrane system
145(2002)265-272 Full Text
Anne Plottu-Pecheux, B. Houssais, C. Democrate, D. Gatel, C. Parron, J. Cavard (France) 
Comparison of three antiscalants as applied to the treatment of water from the River Oise
145(2002)273-281 Full Text
Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz, Monika Dodz (Poland) 
Effects of natural organic matter on atrazine rejection by pressure driven membrane processes
145(2002)283-288 Full Text
Hocine Garmes, Francoise Persin, Jacqueline Sandeaux, Gerald Pourcelly, Mohamed Mountadar (France) 
Defluoridation of groundwater by a hybrid process combining adsorption and Donnan dialysis
145(2002)289-293 Full Text
Binbing Han, Timothy Runnells, Julio Zimbron, Ranil Wickramasinghe (USA) 
Arsenic removal from drinking water by flocculation and microfiltration
145(2002)295-300 Full Text
Ana Rita Costa, Maria Norberta de Pinho (Portugal) 
The role of membrane morphology on ultrafiltration for natural organic matter removal
145(2002)301-306 Full Text
J.M. Arnal Arnal, M. Sancho Fernandez, G. Verdu Martin, J. Lora Garcia, J.M. Gozalvez Zafrilla, J. Ibanez Candela, I. Febrer Peiro, I. Terrades Martinez (Spain) 
Design and construction of a water potabilization membrane facility and its application to the third world countries: preliminary tests
145(2002)307-310 Full Text
Erich Wittmann, Annie Tazi-Pain, Thierry Chanussot, Alexandra Patterson, Robert Niay, Abdelkader Gaid, Frederic Canto (France) 
Clarification of a highly turbid karstic water by microfiltration
145(2002)311-315 Full Text
Krzysztof Karakulski, Marek Gryta, Antoni Morawski (Poland)
Membrane processes used for potable water quality improvement
145(2002)317-321 Full Text
Michal Bodzek, Stanislaw Koter, Klaudia Wesolowska (Poland) 
Application of membrane techniques in water softening process
145(2002)323-328 Full Text
V.A. Shaposhnik, N.N. Zubets, I.P. Strygina, B.E. Mill (Russia) 
High demineralization of drinking water by electrodialysis without scaling on the membranes
145(2002)329-332 Full Text
Zoltan Domany, Ildiko Galambos, Gyula Vatai, Erika Bekassy-Molnar (Hungary) 
Humic substances removal from drinking water by membrane filtrafion
145(2002)333-337 Full Text
Jorg Muller, Klaus-Viktor Peinemann, Jorg Muller (Germany) 
Development of facilitated transport membranes for the separation of olefin from gas streams
145(2002)339-345 Full Text
Atsushi Morisato, Zhenjie He, Ingo Pinnau, Tim C. Merkel (USA) 
Transport properties of PA12-PTMO/AgBF4 solid polymer electrolyte membranes for olefin/paraffin separation
145(2002)347-351 Full Text
G.C. Kapantaidakis, G.H. Koops, M. Wessling (The Netherlands) 
Preparation and characterization of gas separation hollow fiber membranes based on polyethersulfone-polyimide miscible blends
145(2002)353-357 Full Text
Sandra Hess, Gunter Scharfenberger, Claudia Staudt-Bickel, Rudiger N. Lichtenthaler (Germany) 
Propylene/propane separation with copolyimides containing benzo-15-crown-5 to incorporate silver ions
145(2002)359-364 Full Text
F. Hamad, G. Chowdhury, T. Matsuura (Canada) 
Effect of metal cations on the gas separation performance of sulfonated poly (phenylene oxide) membranes
145(2002)365-370 Full Text
F. Piroux, E. Espuche, R. Mercier, M. Pineri (France) 
Sulfonated copolyimides: influence of structural parameters on gas separation properties
145(2002)371-374 Full Text
Yusuke Nakai, Yoshiharu Tsujita, Hiroaki Yoshimizu (Japan) 
Control of gas permeability for cellulose acetate membrane by microwave irradiation
145(2002)375-377 Full Text
D.P.Queiroz, Pinho (Portugal) 
Gas permeability of polypropylene oxide/polybutadiene bi-soft segment urethane/urea membranes
145(2002)379-383 Full Text
Ying Zhang, Zhi Wang, Shichang Wang (China, PR) 
Selective permeation of CO2 through new facilitated transport membranes
145(2002)385-388 Full Text
Youn Kook Kim, Ho Bum Park, Young Moo Lee (Korea) 
Synthesis and characterization of metal-containing sulfonated polyimide membranes and their gas separation properties
145(2002)389-392 Full Text

G.F. Hermsen, B.A. de Geeter, N.F.A. van der Vegt, M. Wessling (The Netherlands) 
Monte Carlo simulations of polymer conformations at the bulk/membrane interface
145(2002)393-395 Full Text