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Desalination, Vol. 144 (2002)
International Congress on Membranes and Membrane
Processes  ICOM 2002 
Toulouse, France, July 712, 2002 

Quan Huang, Dieter Paul, Bernd Seibig
Advances in solvent-free manufacturing of polymer membranes
144(2002)1-3 Full Text

B. Krause, N.F.A. van der Vegt, M. Wessling
(The Netherlands)
New ways to produce porous polymeric membranes by carbon dioxide foaming
144(2002)5-7 Full Text
Stephane Bequet, Jean-Christophe Remigy, Jean-Christophe Rouch, Jean-Michel Espenan, Michael Clifton, Philippe Aptel
From ultrafiltration to nanofiltration hollow fiber membranes: a continuous UV-photografting process 
144(2002)9-14 Full Text
Selvaraj Savariar, Geoffrey S. Underwood, Eric M. Dickinson, Patrick J. Schielke, Allan S. Hay (USA)
Polysulfone with lower levels of cyclic dimer: use of MALDI-TOF in the study of cyclic oligomers
144(2002)15-20 Full Text
G.K. Elyashevich, E.Yu. Rosova, I.S. Kuryndin (Russia)
Properties of multilayer composite membranes on the base of polyethylene porous films
144(2002)21-26 Full Text
Lyubov I. Kravets, Serguei N. Dmitriev, Vladimir V. Sleptsov, Vera M. Elinson (Russia)
Production of asymmetric track membranes with a high permeability and separation selectivity
144(2002)27-34 Full Text
Zhiping Zhao, Zhi Wang, Nan Ye, Shichang Wang (China, PR)
A novel N, O-carboxymethyl amphoteric chitosan/poly(ethersulfone) composite MF membrane and its charged characteristics
144(2002)35-39 Full Text
S. Roy Chowdhury, J.E. ten Elshof, N.E. Benes, K. Keizer (The Netherlands)
Development and comparative study of different nanofiltration membranes for recovery of highly charged large ions
144(2002)41-46 Full Text
H. Negishi, R. Mizuno, H. Yanagishita, D. Kitamoto, T. Ikegami, H. Matsuda, K. Haraya, T. Sano (Japan) Preparation of the silicalite membranes using a seeding technique under various hydrothermal conditions
144(2002)47-52 Full Text
K. Nouzaki, M. Nagata, J. Arai, Y. Idemoto, N. Koura, H. Yanagishita, H. Negishi, D. Kitamoto, T. Ikegami, K. Haraya (Japan)
Preparation of polyacrylonitrile ultrafiltration membranes for wastewater treatment 
144(2002)53-59 Full Text
A.J. Hill, T.J. Bastow, P. Meakin, T.W. Turney, M. Hoang, N. Scalera, P. Pertici, G. Vitulli (Australia)
Ru-doped phosphazene membrane materials used for catalytic hydrogenation
144(2002)61-65 Full Text
Matthias Heuche, Dieter Hofmann (Germany)
Molecular modelling of polyimide membranes for gas separation
144(2002)67-72 Full Text
F. Doghieri, M. Ghedini, M. Quinzi, D. Rethwisch, G.C. Sarti (Italy)
Gas solubility in glassy polymers: predictions from non-equilibrium EOS
144(2002)73-78 Full Text
Rajeev Prabhakar, Benny Freeman (USA)
Application of hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon interactions in membrane-based gas separations
144(2002)79-83 Full Text
Ivan P. Mardilovich, Erik Engwall, Yi Hua Ma (USA)
Dependence of hydrogen flux on the pore size and plating surface topology of asymmetric Pd-porous stainless steel membranes
144(2002)85-89 Full Text
Arun C. Bose, Robin E. Richards, Anthony F. Sammells, Michael Schwartz (USA)
Beyond state-of-the-art gas separation processes using ion-transport membranes
144(2002)91-92 Full Text
S.A.A. Ghoreyshi, F.A. Farhadpour, M. Soltanieh (Iran)
Multicomponent transport across nonporous polymeric membranes 
144(2002)93-102 Full Text
Chien-Chien Hu, Yi-Chien Wang, Chi-Lan Li, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Y.C. Chen, Juin-Yih Lai (Taiwan, ROC)
Relationship between polymer structure and gas transport properties in a series of fluorine-containing aromatic polyamide membranes for oxygen enrichment
144(2002)103-108 Full Text
Nicolas Morliere, Jean-Pierre Corriou, Eric Favre, Denis Roizard (France)
Characterization of film transport properties for organic vapors using the time lag method - interest and limitations
144(2002)109-113 Full Text
S. Hara, N. Hatakeyama, N. Itoh, H.-M. Kimura, A. Inoue (Japan)
Hydrogen permeation through palladium-coated amorphous Zr-M-Ni (M = Ti, Hf) alloy membranes
144(2002)115-120 Full Text
G.C. Kapantaidakis, G.H. Koops, M. Wessling (The Netherlands)
Effect of spinning conditions on the structure and the gas permeation properties of high flux poluethersulfone-polyimide blend hollow finbers
144(2002)121-125 Full Text
John A. Howell (UK)
Future research and developments in the membrane field
144(2002)127-131 Full Text
Charles Christy, George Adams, Ralf Kuriyel, Glen Bolton, Alina Seilly (France)
High performance tangential flow filtration. A highly selective membrane separation process
144(2002)133-136 Full Text
S. Sarrade, C. Guizard, G.M. Rios (France)
Membranes technology and supercritical fluids: chemical engineering for coupled processes
144(2002)137-142 Full Text
C. Blocher, M. Noronha, L. Funfrocken, J. Dorda, V. Mavrov, H.D. Janke, H. Chmiel (Germany)
Recycling of spent process water in the food industry by an integrated process of biological treatment and membrane separation
144(2002)143-150 Full Text
Gil F. Crozes, Dan Hugaboom, Tom Seacord, Vincent Roquebert , Jean Michel Espenan (USA)
New options for achieving regulatory compliance with low-pressure membranes
144(2002)151-156 Full Text
Mathieu Bailly (France)
Production of organic acids by bipolar electrodialysis: realizations and perspectives
144(2002)157-162 Full Text
V. Magne, M. Amounas, C. Innocent, E. Dejean, P. Seta (France)
Enzyme textile for removal of urea with coupling process: enzymatic reaction and electrodialysis
144(2002)163-166 Full Text
Goran T. Vladisavljevic, Helmar Schubert (Yugoslavia)
Preparation and analysis of oil-in-water emulsions with a narrow droplet size distribution using Shirasu-porous-glass (SPG) membrane
144(2002)167-172 Full Text
C. Rodriguez, S. Sarrade, L. Schrive, M. Dresch-Bazile, D. Paolucci, G.M. Rios (France)
Membrane fouling in cross-flow ultrafiltration of mineral oil assisted by pressurised CO2
144(2002)173-178 Full Text
Frank Lipnizki, Jorgen Boelsmand, Rud F. Madsen (Denmark)
Concepts of industrial-scale diafiltration systems
144(2002)179-184 Full Text
Amauri C. Hong, Anthony G. Fane, Robert P. Burford (Australia)
The effects of intermittent permeate flow and crossflow on membrane coalescence of oil-in-water emulsions
144(2002)185-191 Full Text
Bryce S. Richards, Andrea I. Schafer (Australia)
Design considerations for a solar-powered desalination system for remote communities in Australia
144(2002)193-199 Full Text
J. Barron-Zambrano, S. Laborie, Ph. Viers, M. Rakib, G. Durand (France)
Mercury removal from aqueous solutions by complexation-ultrafiltration
144(2002)201-206 Full Text
Grazyna Zakrzewska-Trznadel, Marian Harasimowicz (Poland)
Removal of radionuclides by membrane permeation combined with complexation
144(2002)207-212 Full Text
D. Berdous, D.E. Akretche (Algeria)
Recovery of metals by Donnan dialysis with ion exchange textiles
144(2002)213-218 Full Text
Andrzej Koltuniewicz, Katarzyna Bezak (Poland)
Engineering of membrane biosorption
144(2002)219-226 Full Text
M.-C. Fournier-Salaun, C. Vauclair (France)
Recovery of chromique ions from aqueous effluents by liquid membrane in continuous mode
144(2002)227-229 Full Text
Abdelaziz Gherrou, Hacene Kerdjoudj (Algeria)
Removal of gold as Au(Tu)2+ complex with a supported liquid membrane containing macrocyclic polyethers ligands as carriers
144(2002)231-236 Full Text
A.I. Hafez, M.S. El-Manharawy, M.A. Khedr (Egypt)
RO Membrane removal and recovery of unreacted chromium from spent tanning effluent. Part 2. A pilot-scale study
144(2002)237-242 Full Text
Antonina Kryvoruchko, Lyudmila Yurlova, Boris Kornilovich (Ukraine)
Purification of water containing heavy metals by chelating-enhanced ultrafiltration
144(2002)243-248 Full Text
Kazuo Kondo, Eiji Kamio (Japan)
Separation of rare earth metals with polymeric microcapsule membrane144(2002)249-254 Full Text
Lyudmila Yurlova, Antonina Kryvoruchko, Boris Kornilovich (Ukraine)
Removal of Ni(II) ions from wastewater by micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration
144(2002)255-260 Full Text
C.R. Tavares, M. Vieira, J.C.C. Petrus, E.C. Bortoletto, F. Ceravollo (Brazil)
Ultrafiltration/complexation process for metal removal from pulp and paper industry wastewater
144(2002)261-265 Full Text
N.M. Kocherginsky, Y.K. Zhang, J.W. Stucki (Singapore)
Method of D2EHPA based strontium removal from strongly alkaline nuclear waste
144(2002)267-272 Full Text
N. Taoualit, D.E. Hadj Boussaad (Algeria)
Metallic species (Ag+ and Cu2+ ions) transfer through a membrane-ge
l144(2002)273-277 Full Text
Pablo Canizares, Angel Perez, Rafael Camarillo (Spain)
Recovery of heavy metals by means of ultrafiltration with water-soluble polymers: Calculation of design parameters
144(2002)279-285 Full Text
Hiroaki Ozaki, Kusumakar Sharma, Wilasinee Saktaywin (Thailand)
Performance of ultra low pressure reverse osmosis membrane (ULPROM) for separating heavy metal: effects of interference parameters
144(2002)287-294 Full Text
Z. Borneman, W. Zhang, Th. van den Boomgaard, C.A. Smolders (The Netherlands)
Semi-continuous protein fractionating using affinity cross-flow filtration
144(2002)295-299 Full Text
Yinhua Wan, Raja Ghosh, Zhanfeng Cui (UK)
High-resolution plasma protein fractionation using ultrafiltration
144(2002)301-306 Full Text
L.H. Ding, O. Al-Akoum, A. Abraham, M.Y. Jaffrin (France) 
Milk protein concentration by ultrafiltration with a rotating disk module
144(2002)307-311 Full Text
Anne Simon, Laurent Vandanjon, Guy Levesque, Patrick Bourseau (France)
Concentration and desalination of fish gelatin by ultrafiltration and continuous diafiltration processes
144(2002)313-318 Full Text
H.G. Ramachandra Rao (India)
Mechanisms of flux decline during ultrafiltration of dairy products and influence of pH on flux rates of whey and buttermilk
144(2002)319-324 Full Text
Omar Al-Akoum, Luhui Ding, Roxana Chotard-Ghodsnia, Michel Yves Jaffrin, Genevieve Gesan-Guiziou (France)
Casein micelles separation from skimmed milk using a VSEP dynamic filtration module
144(2002)325-329 Full Text
Harmen J. Zwijnenberg, Antoine J.B. Kemperman, Marcel E. Boerrigter, Martin Lotz, Jan F. Dijksterhuis, Poul Emil Poulsen, Geert-Henk Koops (The Netherlands)
Native protein recovery from potato starch waste water by ultrafiltration
144(2002)331-334 Full Text
M. Hajeeh, Abdelwahab Al-Othman, E.El-Sayed, S.Al-Fuliaj (Kuwait)
On Performance of reverse osmosis plants
144(2002)335-340 Full Text
J.M. Gozalvez, J. Lora, J.A. Mendoza, M. Sancho (Spain)
Modelling of a low-pressure reverse osmosis system with concentrate recirculation to obtain high recovery levels
144(2002)341-345 Full Text
Juan Antonio Lopez-Ramirez, Diego Sales Marquez, Jose Maria Quiroga Alonso (Spain)
Comparison studies of feedwater pre-treatment in a reverse osmosis pilot plant 
144(2002)347-352 Full Text
A. Brehant, V. Bonnelye, M. Perez (France)
Comparison of MF/UF pretreatment with conventional filtration prior to RO membranes for surface seawater desalination
144(2002)353-360 Full Text
Seung-Hyun Kim, Geon-Tae Kim, Seong-Keun Yim, Kwang-Ho Choi, Cho-Hee Yoon, Kwang-Ho Choo, Sang-June Choi (Korea)
Application of energy efficient reverse osmosis system for seawater desalination
144(2002)361-365 Full Text
Mattheus F.A. Goosen, Shyam S. Sablani, Salha S. Al-Maskari, Rashid H. Al-Belushi, Mark Wilf (Oman)
Effect of feed temperature on permeate flux and mass transfer coefficient in spiral wound reverse osmosis systems
144(2002)367-372 Full Text
P. Sahachaiyunta, T. Koo, R. Sheikholeslami (Australia)
Effect of several inorganic species on silica fouling in RO membranes 
144(2002)373-378 Full Text
L. Vandanjon, S. Cros, P. Jaouen, F. Quemeneur, P. Bourseau (France)
Recovery by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis of marine flavours from seafood cooking waters
144(2002)379-385 Full Text
Silvana M.S. Ghiu, Robert P. Carnahan, Marilyn Barger (USA)
Permeability of electrolytes through a flat RO membrane in a direct osmosis study
144(2002)387-392 Full Text
Jolanta Bohdziewicz, Ewa Sroka, Ewa Lobos (Poland)
Application of the system which combines coagulation, activated sludge and reverse osmosis to the treatment of the wastewater produced by the meat industry
144(2002)393-398 Full Text
Masayoshi Kobayashi, Junya Togawa, Tohru Kanno, Jun-ichi Horiuchi, Kiyosi Tada (Japan)
Comparing kinetic design of propene partial oxidation between a Cs-Ag and a Re-Ag immobilized membrane reactors
144(2002)399-403 Full Text
Simone Guttau, Ralph Gunther, Jobst Hapke (Germany)
Investigations and simulation of a membrane bioreactor system for the application in remote areas
144(2002)405-409 Full Text
A. Bottino, G. Capannelli, A. Comite, R. Di Felice (Italy)
Polymeric and ceramic membranes in three-phase catalytic membrane reactors for the hydrogenation of methylenecyclohexane
144(2002)411-416 Full Text
Igor Randjelovic, Gisela Bengtson, Detlev Fritsch (Germany)
Catalytic membranes: alkene dimerization by means of acidic porous thin-film composite membranes
144(2002)417-418 Full Text
Hongsik Byun, Taekwan Lee (Korea)
Hydrogenation of cyclohexene with perfluorinated cation- and anion-exchange membranes supported platinum
144(2002)419-424 Full Text
K. Takehira, T. Shishido, N. Sakai, J. Shimomura, S. Hamakawa, H. Kajioka (Japan)
Oxidation of lower alkanes over MoO3-V2O5 supported on YSZ-aided membrane reactor
144(2002)425-426 Full Text
Anna Trusek-Holownia, Andrzej Noworyta (Poland)
Catalytic membrane preparation for enzymatic hydrolysis reactions carried out in the membrane phase contactor
144(2002)427-432 Full Text
A.A. Malygin, M.M. Ermilova, V.M. Gryaznov, N.V. Orekhova, A.A. Malkov (Russia)
The new catalytic membranes with low sized phosphorus oxide structures on a surface
144(2002)433-435 Full Text