Desalination, Vol. 138-139 (2001)

    European Conference on Desalination and
    the Environment: Water Shortage

    Organized by the European Desalination Society, International Water Association, Water Development Department – Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus, Water Board of Lemesos (Limassol). Supported by the European Union. 
    Lemesos (Limassol), Cyprus, May 2831, 2001

    Author Index

    Nicos.X. Tsiourtis, (Cyprus)
    Desalination and the environment
    138(2001)1-2 Full Text

    C.N. Charalambous (Cyprus)
    Water management under drought conditions
    138(2001)3-6 Full Text

    Ingride Bremere, Maria Kennedy, Allerd Stikker, Jan Schippers (The Netherlands)
    How water scarcity will affect the growth in desalination market in the coming 25 years
    138(2001)7-15 Full Text

    Said Assaf (Palestinian Authority)
    Existing and the future planned desalination facilities in Gaza Strip of Palestine and their socio-economic and environmental impact
    138(2001)17-28 Full Text

    J.A. Redondo (Germany)
    Brackish, sea and waste water desalination as sustainable water sources. Technical-economical and ecological answers based on membrane technology
    138(2001)29-40 Full Text

    Bambos Charalambos, Mike Setford  (Cyprus)
    Maximasing the benefits of desalination
    138(2001)41-46 Full Text

    A.A. Abufayed, M.K.A. El-Ghuel (Libya)
    Desalination process applications in Libya
    138(2001)47-53 Full Text

    Iacovos Papaiacovou (Cyprus)
    Case study - wastewater reuse in Limassol as an alternative water source
    138(2001)55-59 Full Text

    Giovanni Del Re, Gabriele  Di Giacomo (Italy)
    Removal and destruction of toxic micropolluting organic compounds from wastewaters by a combined NF and SCWO process
    138(2001)61-64 Full Text

    V. Mavrov, H. Chmiel, E. Belieres (Germany)
    Spent process water desalination and organic removal by membranes for water reuse in the food industry
    138(2001)65-74 Full Text

    M. Marcucci, G. Nosenzo, G. Capannelli, I. Ciabatti, D. Corrieri, G. Ciardelli (Italy)
    Treatment and reuse of textile effluents based on a new ultrafiltration and other membrane technologies
    138(2001)75-82 Full Text

    Bruce Durham, Marie Marguerite Bourbigot, Tom Pankratz (UK)
    Membranes as pretreatment to desalination in wastewater reuse. Operating experience in the municipal and industrial sectors
    138(2001)83-90 Full Text

    James Schaefer (USA)
    Reliable water supply by reusing wastewater after membrane treatment
    138(2001)91-92 Full Text

    A.J. Karabelas, S.G. Yaintsios, Z. Metaxiotou, N. Andritsos,
    A. Akiskalos, G. Vlachopoulos, S. Stavroulias (Greece)
    Water and materials recovery from fertilizer industry acidic effluents by membrane processes
    138(2001)93-102 Full Text

    K. Voropoulos, E. Mathioulakis,V. Belessiotis (Greece)
    Experimental investigation of a solar still coupled with solar collectors
    138(2001)103-110 Full Text

    Frieder Graeter, Michael Duerrbeck, Jurgen Rheinlaender (Germany)
    Multi-effect-still for hybrid solar/fossil desalination of sea and brackish water
    138(2001)111-119 Full Text

    Nabil Hussain A. Rahim (Bahrain)
    Utilization of new technique to improve the efficiency of horizontal solar desalination still
    138(2001)121-128 Full Text

    Mousa S. Mohsen, Jamal O. Jaber (Jordan)
    A photovoltaic powered system for water desalination
    138(2001)129-136 Full Text

    Soteris A. Kalogirou (Cyprus)
    Effect of fuel cost on the price of desalinated water. A case for renewables
    138(2001)137-144 Full Text

    Y.H. Zurigat, Mousa K. Abu-Arabi (Oman)
    Modeling and performance analysis of a solar desalination unit with double-glass cover cooling
    138(2001)145-146 Full Text

    Bachir Bouchekima,Bernard  Gros, Ramdane Ouahes, Mostefa Diboun (Algeria)
    Brackish water desalination with heat recovery
    138(2001)147-155 Full Text

    P. Glueckstern, N. Nadav, M. Priel (Israel)
    Desalination of marginal water: environmental and cost impacts Part 1. The effect on long range regional development Part 2. A case study of desalinated seawater vs. local desalination of marginal brackish water
    138(2001)157-163 Full Text

    Paramjii Mah (UK)
    Developing environmentally acceptable desalination projects
    138(2001)167-172 Full Text

    C. Sommariva, V.S.N. Syambabu. (UK)
    Increase in water production in UAE
    138(2001)173-179 Full Text

    P. Pacenti, M. Reali, N. Brambilla, A. Elli, P. Helm, 
    R. Janssen, D. Chiaramonti, S. Gaertner (Italy)
    Deployment and field tests of a submarine reverse osmosis desalination prototype plant (RODSS)
    138(2001)181-182 Full Text

    M.A. Darwish (Kuwait)
    On electric power and desalted water production in Kuwait
    138(2001)183-190 Full Text

    Masaru Kihara, Hiroyuki Yamamura,  Takayuki Kurihara, Synichirou Jinno (Japan)
    Operation and reliability of very high-recovery seawater desalination technologies by brine conversion two stage RO desalination system
    138(2001)191-199 Full Text

    William T. Andrews, David S. Laker (Bermuda)
    A twelve-year history of large scale application of work exchanger energy recovery technology
    138(2001)201-206 Full Text

    Juan A. Reverter, Santi Talo, Javier Alday (Spain)
    Las Palmas III - the success story of brine staging
    138(2001)207-217 Full Text

    Alberto Martinho (Spain)
    The high pressure pump train on reverse osmosis plants. Experience and current trends
    138(2001)219-222 Full Text

    A. Gruendisch, B.P. Schneider (Switzerland)
    Optimising energy consumption in SWRO systems with brine concentrators
    138(2001)223-229 Full Text

    J.A. Redondo (Germany)
    Lanzarote IV, a new concept for two-pass SWRO at low O&M cost using the new high flow FilmTec SW30-380
    138(2001)231-236 Full Text

    Anne Plottu-Pecheux,Christian Democrate, Beatrice Houssais, Dominique Gatel, Jacques Cavard (France)
    Controlling the corrosiveness of blended waters
    138(2001)237-249 Full Text

    Vasoula Siamarou Marangou, Kyros Savvides  (Cyprus)
    First desalination plant in Cyprus - product water aggresivity and corrosion control
    138(2001)251-258 Full Text

    C.A.C. van de Lisdonk, B.M. Rietman, S.G.J. Heijman, 
    R. Sterk, J.C. Schippers (The Netherlands)
    The influence of concentration polarisation on the risk of scaling in spiral wound membrane applications
    138(2001)259-270 Full Text

    Raffaele Molinari, Pietro Augurio, Leonardo Romeo (Italy)
    Studies on interactions between membranes (RO and NF)
    and pollutants (SiO2, NO3-, Mn++ and humic acid)
    in water
    138(2001)271-281 Full Text

    T. Hodgkiess, W.T. Hanbury, G.B. Law,  T.Y. Al-Ghashan (UK)
    Effect of hydrocarbon contaminants on the performance of RO membranes
    138(2001)283-289 Full Text

    N. Mameri, S.M. Oussedik, A. Khelifa, D. Belhocine, H. Ghrib, H. Lounici (Algeria)
    Electric fields applied in the ultrafiltration process
    138(2001)291-292 Full Text

    Boris Liberman (Israel)
    Larnaka desalination plant
    138(2001)293-295 Full Text

    Miriam Faigon (Israel)
    Process control of Larnaca seawater RO plant 51,000 m3/d 
    138 (2001)297-298 Full Text

    Mark Wilf, Kenneth Klinko (USA)
    Optimization of seawater RO systems design
    138(2001)299-306 Full Text

    R.A. Sawyer, D.F. Maratos (UK)
    Preliminary investigation into the economical feasibility of unsteady incompressible duct flow (waterhammer) to create hydrostatic pressure for seawater desalination using reverse osmosis
    138(2001)307-317 Full Text

    Abdul Ghani Khalaf, Mohamed A. Redha (Bahrain)
    Rehabilitation of water production facilities of the Ministry of Electricity and Water - State of Bahrain
    138(2001)319-328 Full Text

    Javier Uche, Luis Serra, Antonio Valero (Spain)
    Hybrid desalting systems for avoiding water shortage in Spain
    138(2001)329-334 Full Text

    Z.K. Al-Bhari, W.T. Hanbury, T. Hodgkiess (Oman)
    Some aspects of a design study of a hybrid MSF-RO plant
    138(2001)335-339 Full Text

    Sergio Mussati, Pio Aguirre, Nicolas J. Scenna (Argentina)
    Optimal MSF plant design
    138(2001)341-347 Full Text

    Enrique E. Tarifa, Nicolas J. Scenna (Argentina)
    A dynamic simulator for MSF plants
    138(2001)349-364 Full Text

    D. Mantzavinos, T. Hodgkiess, S.L.C. Lai (UK)
    Corrosion and scaling problems present in some desalination plants in Abu Dhabi
    138(2001)365-370 Full Text

    M. El-Dahshan (UAE)
    Corrosion and scaling problems present in some desalination plants in Abu Dhabi
    138(2001)371-377 Full Text

    Ziad Salibi (Lebanon)
    Performance of reinforced thermosetting resin pipe systems in desalination application: a long term solution to corrosion - the Arabian Gulf example
    138(2001)379-384 Full Text

    Mohamed F. Hamoda (Kuwait)
    Desalination and water resource management in Kuwait
    138(2001)379-393 Full Text

    J. Cohen, I. Janovich, A. Muginstein (Israel)
    Utilization of waste heat from flue gases up-stream gas scrubbing system
    139(2001)1-6 Full Text

    D.-H. Hellmann, H. Rosenberg, Eric F. Tusel (Germany)
    Saving of energy and cost in seawater desalination with speed controlled pumps
    139(2001)7-19 Full Text

    Dan Sagie, Eli Feinerman, Elad Aharoni (Israel)
    Potential of solar desalination in Israel and its close vicinity
    139(2001)21-33 Full Text

    Herbert Kunze (Germany)
    New approach to solar desalination for small and medium size use in remote areas
    139(2001)35-41 Full Text

    T. Koo, J. Lee, R. Sheikholeslami (Australia)
    Silica fouling and cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes
    139(2001)43-56 Full Text

    Nicos P. Isaias (Saudi Arabia)
    Experience in reverse osmosis pretreatment
    139(2001)57-64 Full Text

    H.S. Vrouwenvelder, D. van der Kooij (The Netherlands)
    Diagnosis, prediction and prevention of biofouling of NF and RO membranes
    139(2001)65-71 Full Text

    David Hasson, Alexander Drak, Raphael Semiat (Israel)
    Inception of CaSO4 scaling on RO membranes at various water recovery levels
    139(2001)73-81 Full Text

    R. Sheikholeslami, I.S. Al-Mutaz, T. Koo, A. Young (Australia)
    Pretreatment and the effect of cations and anions on prevention of silica fouling
    139(2001)83-95 Full Text

    Samir El-Manharawy, Azza Hafez (Egypt)
    Water type and guidelines for RO system design
    139(2001)97-113 Full Text

    Olga Villa Sallangos, Evangelos Kantilaftis (Cyprus)
    Operating experience of the Dhekelia seawater desalination plant
    139(2001)115-123 Full Text

    Olga Sallangos, Peter Moss (UK)
    Pilot plant study at Dhekelia seawater desalination plant
    139(2001)125-129 Full Text

    A.A. Abufayed (Libya)
    Performance characteristics of a cyclically operated seawater desalination plant in Tajoura, Libya
    139(2001)131-132 Full Text

    V. Belessiotis, E. Delyannis (Greece)
    Water shortage and renewable energies (RE)
    desalination - possible technological applications
    139(2001)133-138 Full Text

    Nicos X. Tsiourtis (Cyprus)
    Seawater desalination projects. The Cyprus experience
    139(2001)139-147 Full Text

    Leif Drablos (Spain)
    AqualyngTM - A new system for SWRO with pressure recuperation
    139(2001)149-153 Full Text

    Y. Oren, V. Katz, N.C. Daltrophe (Israel)
    Improved compact accelerated precipitation softening (CAPS)
    139(2001)155-159 Full Text

    S. van Hoof, J. Minnery, B. Mack (The Netherlands)
    Dead-end unltrafiltration as alternative pre-treatment to reverse osmosis in sea water desalination: a case study
    139(2001)161-168 Full Text

    S. Belfer, J. Gilron, Y. Purinson, R. Fainshtein, N. Daltrophe, M. Priel, B. Tenzer, A. Thoma (Israel)
    Effect of surface-modification in preventing fouling of commercial SWRO membrane at Eilat seawater desalination pilot plan
    139(2001)169-176 Full Text

    Jose J. Sadhwani, Jose M. Veza, (Spain)
    Cleaning tests for sea water reverse osmosis membranes
    139(2001)177-182 Full Text

    H. Huiting, J.W.N.M. Kappelhof, Th.J.G. Bosklopper
    (The Netherlands)
    Operation of NF/RO plants: from reactive to proactive
    139(2001)183-189 Full Text

    Nico Scharnagl, Heinz Buschatz (Germany)
    Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) membranes for ultra- and microfiltration
    139(2001)191-198 Full Text

    C. Wisniewski, F. Persin, T. Cherif, R. Sandeaux, A. Grasmick, C. Gavach (France)
    Denitrification of drinking water by the association of an electrodialysis process and a membrane bioreactor: feasibility and application
    139(2001)199-205 Full Text

    Alan J. Smith, Ju Khow, Ben Lodge,Gill Bavister (UK)
    Desalination of poor quality brackish groundwater for non-potable use
    139(2001)207-215 Full Text

    P. Glueckstern, A. Thoma, M. Priel (Israel)
    The impact of R&D of new technologies, novel design concepts and advanced operating procedures on the cost of water desalination
    139(2001)217-228 Full Text

    Pierre Cote, Jason Cadera, John Coburn, Alistair Munro (Canada)
    A new immersed membrane for pretreatment to reverse osmosis
    139(2001)229-236 Full Text

    Odeh Al-Jayyousi, Mousa Mohsen (Jordan)
    Evaluation of small home-use reverse osmosis units in Jordan
    139(2001)237-247 Full Text

    K. Habib, A. Fakhral-Deen (Kuwait)
    Risk assessment and evaluation of materials commonly used in desalination plants subjected to pollution impact of the oil spill and oil fires in the marine environment
    139(2001)249-253 Full Text

    G.I.M. Worm, M.M. Nederlof, J.C. van Dijk (The Netherlands)
    Relation liquid velocity - permeate quality for capillary nanofiltration
    139(2001)255-262 Full Text

    Robert L. Doneker,  Gerhard H. Jirka, (USA)
    CORMIX-GI systems for mixing zone analysis of brine wastewater disposal
    139(2001)263-274 Full Text

    D. Van Gauwbergen, J. Baeyens (Belgium)
    Modelling and scale-up of reveerse osmosis separation
    139(2001)275-276 Full Text

    Jose L. Perez Talavera, Jose J. Quesada Ruiz (Spain)
    Identification of the mixing processes in brine discharges carried out in Barranco del Toro Beach, south of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)
    139(2001)277-286 Full Text

    Baba El-Yakubu Jibril, Ahmed.Aidid Ibrahim (Saudi Arabia)
    Chemical conversions of salt concentrates from desalinatoion plants
    139(2001)287-295 Full Text

    A.A. Abufayed (Libya)
    Desalination: a viable supplemental source of water for the arid states of North Africa
    139(2001)297-298 Full Text

    Victor A. Dukhovny, Galina Stulina (Uzbekistan)
    Strategy of use transboundary return flow in Aral Sea basin
    139(2001)299-304 Full Text

    G. Galjaard, P. Buijs, E. Beerendonk, F. Schoonenberg, 
    J.C. Schippers (The Netherlands)
    Pre-coating (EPCER) UF membranes for direct treatment of surface water
    139(2001)305-316 Full Text

    Abdelaziz Gherrou, Hacene Kerdjoudj, Raffaele Molinari, Enrico Drioli (Algeria)
    Modelization of the transport of silver and copper in acidic thourea medium through a supported liquid membrane
    139(2001)317-325 Full Text

    V.V. Goncharuk, D.D. Kucheruk, V.F. Skubchenko, 
    V.P. Badekha, V.M. Kochkodan (Ukraine)
    Prospects of baromembrane desalination of brackish waters of the South of Ukraine
    139(2001)327-331 Full Text

    Adel Husain (Kuwait)
    Precise determination of surface micro-galvanic behavior
    139(2001)333-340 Full Text

    Mike Jefferies, Dan Comstock (UK)
    Predicting calculating scaling tendency in membrane plants
    139(2001)341-344 Full Text

    Soteris A. Kalogirou (Cyprus)
    Design of a new spray-type seawater evaporator
    139(2001)345-352 Full Text

    U.V. Kartovsky, V.A. Kopyrin, V.B. Chernozubov, K. Glushko (Russia)
    New Russian desalination installations equipped with horizontal-tube sprayed bunches
    139(2001)353-356 Full Text

    Inderjeet Kaur, B.N. Mishra, Anil Kohli (India)
    Synthesis of Teflon-FEP grafted membranes for use in water desalination
    139(2001)357-365 Full Text

    R. Maachi, M. Abousseoud, T. Chaabane (Algeria)
    Kinetics of biodegradation of petroleum by Pseudomonas sp.
    139(2001)367-368 Full Text

    R. Maachi, Z. Bendjemaa, D. Legheraba (Algeria)
    Extraction of organics components from waste water by pervaporation
    139(2001)369-370 Full Text

    Sayed Siavash Madaeni (Iran)
    The effect of surface characteristics on RO membrane performance
    139(2001)371-372 Full Text

    L. Martinez-Diez, F.J. Florido-Diaz (Spain)
    Theoretical and experimental studies on desalination by membrane distillation
    139(2001)373-379 Full Text

    Toraj Mohammadi (Iran)
    Chemical cleaning of a polyamide membrane
    139(2001)381-382 Full Text

    Salim Mebrouk Oussedik, Abdellah Khelifa (Algeria)
    Reduction of copper ions concentration in wastewaters of galvanoplastic industry by electroflotation
    139(2001)383-384 Full Text

    Boris Pilat (Kazakhstan)
    Practice of water desalination by electrodialysis
    139(2001)385-392 Full Text

    Jurgen Rheinlaeder, Frieder Graeter (Germany)
    Technologies for the desalination of typically 10m3 of water per day. DESAL10 - a tool for the identification of appropriate de-central solutions
    139(2001)393-397 Full Text

    V.N. Slesarenko (Russia)
    Thermal analysis of the thin film desalination systems
    139(2001)399-404 Full Text

    V.V. Slesarenko (Russia)
    Heat pumps as a source of heat energy for desalination of seawater
    139(2001)405-410 Full Text

    Zheng Teng, Jian Y. Huang, Kenji Fujita, Satoshi Takizawa (USA)
    Manganese removal by hollow fiber micro-filter. Membrane separation for drinking water
    139(2001)411-418 Full Text

    C.V. Vedavyasan (India)
    Combating brine disposal under various scenario
    139(2001)419-421 Full Text

    Zhi Wang, Feng Zheng, Yin Wu, Shichang Wang (P.R. China)
    Membrane osmotic distillation and its mahematical simulation
    139(2001)423-428 Full Text

    Maria Dina Afonso, Rodrigo. Borquez Yanez (Portugal)
    Nanofiltration of waste waters from the fish meal industry
    139(2001)429-430 Full Text

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