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Kuwait 2000 
Desalination, Vol. 134-135 (2001)

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Dr. Essam El-Sayed (Kuwait) 
Seawater desalination technologies on the threshold of the new millennium
Revival of the R&D golden era 1952–1972 4–7 November 2000, state of Kuwait  

134(2001)1-6 Full Text

Ali M. El-Nashar (UAE) 
Cogeneration for power and desalination - state of the art review 
134(2001)7-28 Full Text 

H. Ohya, T. Suzuki, S. Nakao (Japan) 
Integrated system for complete usage of components in seawater. A proposal of inorganic chemical combinat on seawater 
134(2001)29-36 Full Text 

Mushtaque Ahmed, Aro Arakel, David Hoey, Mark Coleman (Australia) 
Integrated power, water and salt generation: a discussion paper 
134(2001)37-45 Full Text 

Takeshi Matsuura (Canada) 
Progress in membrane science and technology for seawater desalination - a review 
134(2001)47-54 Full Text 

E.G. Darton, E. Buckley (UK) 
Thirteen years' experiences treating a seawater RO plant 
134(2001)55-62 Full Text 

M.H. Ali El-Saie, Yahya M.H. Ali El-Saie, 
Mohamed Abd El Aziz (Egypt) 
Experimental RO facility to study the heating effect of raw water on the varying main parameters 
134(2001)63-76 Full Text 

Sayed Siavash Madaeni, Toraj Mohammadi, 
Mansour Kazemi Moghadam (Iran) 
Chemical cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes 
134(2001)77-82 Full Text 

J.A. Redondo, A. Casanas (Germany) 
Designing seawater RO for clean and fouling RO feed. Desalination experiences with the FilmTec SW30HR-380 and SW30HR-320 elements-technical-economic review 
134(2001)83-92 Full Text 

M. Hafsi (Morocco) 
Analysis of Boujdour desalination plant performance 
134(2001)93-104 Full Text 

C.V. Vedavyasan (India) 
Potential use of magnetic fields - a perspective 
134(2001)105-108 Full Text 

K.S. Spiegler, Y.M. El-Sayed (USA) 
The energetics of desalination processes 
134(2001)109-128 Full Text 

Y.M. El-Sayed (USA) 
Designing desalination systems for higher productivity 
134(2001)129-158 Full Text 

Richard L. Hummel (Canada) 
Solar distillation with economies of scale, innovation and optimization 
134(2001)159-171 Full Text 

Ali M. El-Nashar (UAE) 
The economic feasibility of small solar MED seawater desalination plants for remote arid areas 
134(2001)173-186 Full Text 

A. Jernqvist, M. Jernqvist, G. Aly (UAE) 
Simulation of thermal desalination processes 
134(2001)187-193 Full Text 

Osman A. Hamed, Mohammad AK.Al-Sofi, Monazir Imam, Ghulam M. Mustafa, Khalid Bamardouf, Hamad Al-Washmi (Saudi Arabia) 
Simulation of multistage flash desalination process 
134(2001)195-203 Full Text 

John B. Tonner, Steen Hinge, Carlos Legorreta (Denmark) 
Plates - the next breakthrough in thermal desalination 
134(2001)205-211 Full Text 

Thomas Axel Peters (Germany) 
High advanced open channel membrane desalination
(disc tube module) 
134(2001)213-219 Full Text 

M.A. Darwish (Kuwait) 
New idea for co-generation power desalting plants due to abandoned MSF desalination process 
134(2001)221-230 Full Text 

Akili D. Khawaji, Jong-Mihn Wie (Saudi Arabia) 
Performance of MSF desalination plant components over fifteen years at Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinayah 
134(2001)231-239 Full Text 

Mohammad AK. Al-Sofi, Osman A. Hamed, Khalid Bamardouf, Abdul Ghani I. Dalvi, Hamed Al-Washmi, Mohammad N.M. Kither,Yahya Al-Aseeri (Saudi Arabia) 
Available safety margins of time and antiscalant dose rate 
134(2001)241-247 Full Text 

A.R. Abu Dayyeh, Ribhi Hamdan, Wasfi Fahmi Zaki, Ahmed Salah Abutalib (Oman) 
Re-use of vacuum and vent system condensate 
134(2001)249-255 Full Text 

Yousef Al-Wazzan, Faisal Al-Modaf (Kuwait) 
Seawater desalination in Kuwait using multistage flash evaporation technology - historical overview 
134(2001)257-267 Full Text 

A.Y. Kalendar, A.J. Griffiths (Kuwait) 
Performance study of enhanced and smooth surface tubes in a system condenser of a multistage flash desalination unit 
134(2001)269-283 Full Text 

Taysir Ali Dabbagh (UK) 
The management of desalinated water 
135(2001)7-23 Full Text 

M.H. Ali El-Saie, Yahya M.H. Ali El-Saie, Ahmed Deghedi Moneer (Egypt) 
Financial, economical and technical aspects of establishing remote desalination plants 
135(2001)25-42 Full Text 

Khalid Tahri (Morocco) 
The fresh water supply prospect of Tan Tan city from non-conventional water ressources 
135(2001)43-50 Full Text 

Ali Zilouchian, Mutaz Jafar (USA) 
Automation and process control of reverse osmosis plants using soft computing methodologies 
135(2001)51-59 Full Text 

Mark Wilf, Manfred K. Schierach (Germany) 
Improved performance and cost reduction of RO seawater systems using UF pretreatment 
135(2001)61-68 Full Text 

P.K. Abdul Azis, Ibrahim Al-Tisan, N. Sasikumar 
(Saudi Arabia) 
Biofouling potential and environmental factors of seawater at a desalination plant intake 
135(2001)69-82 Full Text 

Mutaz M. Jafar, A. Zilouchian (USA) 
Adaptive receptive fields for radial basis functions 
135(2001)83-91 Full Text 

James D. Fritz, Ronald J. Gerlock (USA) 
Chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance of 6% Mo stainless steel alloy (UNS N08367) 
135(2001)93-97 Full Text 

A. Al-Odwani, J. Carew, M. Al-Tabtabaei, A. Al-Hijji (Kuwait) 
Materials performance in SWRO desalination plant at KISR research and development program 
135(2001)99-110 Full Text 

K. Habib (Kuwait) 
Modified electrochemical emission spectroscopy (MEES) 
as NDT technique for detecting localized corrosion of copper alloys in seawater 
135(2001)111-119 Full Text 

Mohammad AK. Al-Sofi (Saudi Arabia) 
Seawater desalination Ð SWCC experience and vision 
135(2001)121-139 Full Text 

S. Ebrahim, M. Abdel-Jawad, S. Bou-Hamad, M. Safar (Kuwait) 
15 years of R&D program in seawater desalination at KISR. Part I: Pretreatment technologies for RO systems 
135(2001)141-153 Full Text 

Mahmoud Abdel-Jawad, Essam E.F. El-Sayed, Sadeq Ebrahim, Ahmad Al-Saffar, Mohamed Safar, Mohamed Tabtabaei, Ghada Al-Nuwaibit (Kuwait) 
15 years of R&D program in seawater desalination at KISR. Part II: RO system's performance 
135(2001)155-167 Full Text 

Mohamed M.M. Megahed (Egypt) 
Nuclear desalination: history and prospects 
135(2001)169-185 Full Text 

Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz (Saudi Arabia) 
Potential of nuclear desalination in the Arabian Gulf countries 
135(2001)187-194 Full Text 

W.T. Andrews, Wil F. Pergande, Gregory S. McTaggart (Bermuda) 
Energy performance enhancements of a 950 m3/d seawater reverse osmosis unit in Grand Cayman 
135(2001)195195-204 Full Text 

Peter Geisler, Wolfgang Krumm, Thomas A.Peters (Germany) Reduction of the energy demand for sea water RO with the pressure exchange system PES 
135(2001)205-210 Full Text