Desalination, Vol. 131-132 (2000)

    Membranes in Drinking and Industrial
    Water Production

    Organized by the International Water Association,
    European Desalination Society, American Water Works Association, Japan Water Works Association
    Paris, France, October 36, 2000 


    Authors Index

    Claire Ventresque , Valerie Gisclon, Gerard Chagneau,Guy Bablon (France) 
    An outstanding feat of modern technology: the Mery-sur-Oise Nanofiltration Treatment Plant (340,000 m3/d) 
    131(2000)1-16 Full Text 

    Jean-Michel Laine, Denis Vial, Pierre Moulart (France) 
    Status after 10 years of operation - overview of UF technology today 
    131(2000)17-25 Full Text 

    P. Kamp, J. Kruithof, H. Folmer (The Netherlands) 
    UF/RO treatment plant Heemskerk: from challenge to full scale application 
    131(2000)27-35 Full Text 

    W.B. Suratt (Lauderdale, FL, USA), D.R. Andrews (City of Boca Raton, FL, USA), V.J. Pujals (Lauderdale, FL, USA) and S.A. Richards (Miami, FL, USA) 
    Design considerations for major membrane treatment facility for groundwater 
    131(2000)37-46 Full Text 

    Hitoshi Miyaki (Fujisawa, Japan), Susumu Adachi, Koji Suda (Tokyo, Japan) and Yasunari Kojima (Fujisawa, Japan)
    Water recycling by floating media filtration and nanofiltration at a soft drink factory 
    131(2000)47-53 Full Text 

    Nico Scharnagl, U. Bunse, K.-V. Peinemann (Germany)
    Recycling of washing waters from bottle cleaning machines using membranes 
    131(2000)55-63 Full Text 

    Minoru Okazaki, Masaru Uraki, Kunio Miura, Takaharu Nishida (Japan) 
    Water recycling using sequential membrane treatment in the electronics industry 
    131(2000)65-73 Full Text 

    Valko Mavrov, E. Belieres (Germany) 
    Reduction of water consumption and wastewater quanitities in the food industry by water recycling using membrane processes 
    131(2000)75-86 Full Text 

    K. Karakulski, W.A. Morawski (Poland) 
    Purification of copper wire drawing emulsion by application of UF and RO 
    131(2000)87-95 Full Text 

    Amos Bick,and Gideon Oron (Israel) 
    Desalination technology for optimal renovation of saline groundwater in a natural reservoir 
    131(2000)97-104 Full Text 

    Tory L. Champlin (USA) 
    Using circulation tests to model natural organic matter adsorption and particle deposition by spiral-wound nanofiltration membrane elements 
    131(2000)105-115 Full Text 

    Iris Sutzkover, David Hasson, Raphael Semiat (Israel) 
    Simple technique for measuring the concentration polarization level in a reverse osmosis system 
    131(2000)117-127 Full Text 

    T.V. Knyazkova, A.A. Kavitskaya (Ukraine) 
    Improved performance of reverse osmosis with dynamic layers onto membranes in separation of concentrated salt solutions 
    131(2000)129-136 Full Text

    H. Zidouri (Morocco) 
    Desalination in Morocco and presentation of design and operation of the Laayoune Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant 
    131(2000)137-145 Full Text 

    Mohammad Al-Sofi, M. Hassan, Osman A. Hamed, Abdul Ghani I. Dalvi, Mohammad N.M. Kither, Ghulam M. Mustafa, Khalid Bamardouf (Saudi Arabia) 
    Optimization of hybridized seawater desalination process 
    131(2000)147-156 Full Text 

    A.M. Hassan*, A.M. Farooque, A.T.M. Jamaluddin, A.S. A1-Amoudi, M. AK. A1-Sofi, A.F. A1-Rubaian, N.M. Kither, I.A.R. A1-Tisan, A. Rowaili (Saudi Arabia) 
    A demonstration plant based on the new NF-SWRO process 
    131(2000)157-171 Full Text 

    Samir El-Manharawy, Azza Hafez (Egypt) 
    Technical management of RO system 
    131(2000)173-188 Full Text 

    M. Rumyantsev, A. Shauly, S.G. Yiantsios, D. Hasson, A.J. Karabelas, R. Semiat (Israel) 
    Parameters affecting the properties of dynamic membranes formed by Zr hydroxide colloids 
    131(2000)189-200 Full Text 

    Siobhan F.E. Boerlage, Maria D. Kennedy, Meseret Petros Aniye, Elhadi M. Abogrean, Dima E.Y. E1-Hodali, Zeyad S. Tarawneh, Jan C. Schippers (The Netherlands) 
    Modified Fouling Index ultrafiltration to compare pretreatment processes of reverse osmosis feedwater 
    131(2000)201-214 Full Text 

    Andrea Schafer, A.G. Fane, T.D. Waite (Australia) 
    Fouling effects on rejection in the membrane filtration of natural waters 
    131(2000)215-224 Full Text 

    Rulin Bian, K. Yamamoto, Y. Watanabe (Japan) 
    The effect of shear rate on controlling the concentration polarization and membrane fouling 
    131(2000)225-236 Full Text 

    Hsauan-Hsein Yeh , I-Cheng Tseng, Shan-Jhen Kao,
    Grace T. Wang and Sheng-Herng Lin (Taiwan, ROC) 

    Comparison of the finished water quality among an integrated membrane process, conventional and other advanced treatment processes 
    131(2000)237-244 Full Text 

    Roberto Pianta, Markus Boller, Daniel Urfer, Aurelie Chappaz, Arnold Gmlinder (Switzerland) 
    Costs of conventional versus membrane treatment for karstic spring water 
    131(2000)245-255 Full Text 

    M.M. Nederlof (Zwolle,The Netherlands), J.C. Kruithof (Bloemendaal, The Netherlands), J.S. Taylor (Orlando, FL, USA), D. van der Kooij (The Netherlands) and J.C. Schippers (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)
    Comparison of NF/RO membrane performance in integrated membrane systems 
    131(2000)257-269 Full Text 

    Riitta Kettunen, Pertti Keskitalo (Finland) 
    Combination of membrane technology and limestone filtration to control drinking water quality 
    131(2000)271-283 Full Text 

    Vincent Roquebert, Stephen Booth, Robert S. Cushing, Gil Crozes (Boise, ID, USA) and Ed Hansen (Magna, UT, USA)
    Electrodialysis reversal (EDR)  and ion exchange as polishing treatment for perchlorate treatment 
    131(2000)285-291 Full Text 

    Meea Kang, Mutsuo Kawasaki, Sinya Tamada, Tasuku Kamei, Yasumoto Magara (Japan) 
    Effect of pH on the removal of arsenic and antimony using reverse osmosis membranes 
    131(2000)293-298 Full Text 

    Stephane Bequet, T. Abenoza, P. Aptel, J.M. Espenan, J.C. Remigy, A. Ricard (France) 
    New composite membrane for water softening 
    131(2000)299-305 Full Text 

    D. Abdessemed, G. Nezzal (Algiers, Algeria) and R. Ben Aïm (Toulouse, France)
    Coagulation - adsorption - ultrafiltration for wastewater treatment and reuse 
    131(2000)307-314 Full Text 

    S. Ebrahim, Y. Al-Wazzan, M. Safar, N. Burney and A. Al-Mesri (Kuwait) 
    Pilot study on renovation of subsurface water using a reverse osmosis desalting system 
    131(2000)315-324 Full Text 

    Michael Clever, Frauke Jordt, Rudiger Knauf (Germany), N. Rabiger, M. Rudebusch and R. Hilker-Scheibel (Bremen, Germany) 
    Process water production from river water by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis 
    131(2000)325-336 Full Text 

    R.B. Klijn,W.G.J. van der Meer, H. Vriezen, F.H.J. van Ekkendonk (The Netherlands) 
    Surface water treatment with Zenon microfiltration membranes: minimisation of energy and chemical use 
    131(2000)337-343 Full Text 

    Hieke Oosterom, Dick Koenhen, Menno Bos
    (The Netherlands) 
    Production of demineralized water out of rainwater: environmentally saving, energy efficient and cost effective
    131(2000)345-352 Full Text 

    N. Delgrange-Vincent, Corinne Cabassud, M. Cabassud, L. Durand-Bourlier, J.M. Laine (France) 
    Neural networks for long term prediction of fouling and backwash efficiency in ultrafiltration for drinking water production 
    131(2000)353-362 Full Text 

    Hans J. S. Vrouwenvelder (The Netherlands) 
    Biofouling potential of chemicals used for scale control in RO and NF membranes 
    132(2000)1-10 Full Text 

    Mark Wilf, Steven Alt (USA) 
    Application of low fouling RO membrane elements for reclamation of municipal wastewater 
    132(2000)11-19 Full Text 

    Abderrahim Abbas, N. Al-Bastaki (Bahrain) 
    Flux enhancement of RO desalination processes 
    132(2000)21-27 Full Text 

    P.K. Abdul Azis, Ibrahim Al-Tisan, Mohammad Al-Daili, Troy N. Green, Abdul Ghani I. Dalvi, M.A. Javeed (Saudi Arabia) 
    Effects of environment on source water for desalination plants on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia 
    132(2000)29-40 Full Text 

    William R. Everest, Steven L. Malloy (USA) 
    A design/build approach to deep aquifer membrane treatment in Southern California 
    132(2000)41-45 Full Text 

    Debbie Squire (UK) 
    Reverse osmosis concentrate disposal in the UK 
    132(2000)47-54 Full Text 

    Pinhas Glueckstern, M. Priel, A. Thoma, Y. Gelman (Israel) 
    Desalination of brackish fish pond effluents - pilot testing and comparative economic evaluation of integrated UF-RO systems vs. conventional systems 
    132(2000)55-64 Full Text 

    J.O.J. Duin, L.P.Wessels, H.F. van der Roest (The Netherlands) 
    Direct nanofiltration or ultrafiltation of WWTP effluent? 
    132(2000)65-72 Full Text 

    K. Glucina, J.M. Laine, H. Alvarez (France) 
    Assessment of an integrated membrane system for surface water treatment 
    132(2000)73-82 Full Text 

    Ahmed Al-Rammah (Saudi Arabia) 
    The application of acid free antiscalant to mitigate scaling in reverse osmosis membranes 
    132(2000)83-87 Full Text 

    Ingrida Bremere, Maria Kennedy, Abdulfattah Jaljuli, Sahar Mhiyo, Geert-Jan Witkamp, Jan Schippers (The Netherlands) 
    Prevention of silica scale in membrane systems: removal of monomer and polymer silica 
    132(2000)89-100 Full Text 

    C.A.C. van de Lisdonk, J.A.M. van Paassen, J.C. Schippers (The Netherlands) 
    Monitoring scaling in nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane systems 
    132(2000)101-108 Full Text 

    Paul Bonne, J.A.M.H. Hofman, J.P. van der Hoek (The Netherlands) 
    Scaling control of RO membranes and direct treatment of surface water 
    132(2000)109-119 Full Text 

    E.G. Darton (UK) 
    Membrane chemical research: centuries apart 
    132(2000)121-131 Full Text 

    James Kilduff, Supatpong Mattaraj, John P. Pieracci, George Belfort (USA) 
    Photochemical modification of poly(ether sulfone) 
    and sulfonated poly(sulfone) 
    nanofiltration membranes for control of fouling by natural organic matter 
    132(2000)133-142 Full Text 

    NamGuk Her, Gary Amy and Chalor Jarusutthirak (USA) 
    Seasonal variations of nanofiltration (NF) 
    foulants: identification and control 
    132(2000)143-160 Full Text 

    John Hays (USA) 
    Iowa's first electrodialysis reversal water treatment plant 
    132(2000)161-165 Full Text 

    Carel W. Aeijelts Averink, Willem Buijs (The Netherlands) 
    Recycling of water with canal water suppletment at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam, by means of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis 
    132(2000)167-171 Full Text 

    M. Al-Ahmad, F.A. Abdul Aleem, A. Mutiri, A. Ubaisy (Saudi Arabia) 
    Biofuoling in RO membrane systems. Part 1. Fundamentals and control 
    132(2000)173-179 Full Text 

    N. Al-Bastaki, Abderrahim Abbas (Bahrain) 
    Predicting the performance of RO membranes 
    132(2000)181-187 Full Text 

    Paul Bonne, J.A.M.H. Hofman, J.P. van der Hoek, E.F. Beerendonk (The Netherlands) 
    Retention of herbicides and pesticides in relation to aging of RO membranes 
    132(2000)189-193 Full Text 

    Kamel Eddine Bouchidel (Algeria) and Michel Rumeau (France)
    Comparison of the electrodialytic properties of NiSO4 and NiCl2: Influence of the salt nature in electrodialysis 
    132(2000)195-197 Full Text 

    Kamel Eddine Bouchidel, K. Oulmi (Algeria) 
    Concentration polarization in electrodialysis: Buffer solutions experimental method 
    132(2000)199-204 Full Text 

    Rachdi Boussahel, Sandrine Bouland, M. Moussaoui and Antoine Montiel (France) 
    Removal of pesticides residues in water using nanofiltration process 
    132(2000)205-209 Full Text

    Peter Sehn, Steven Coker (Germany)
    Four years field experience with fouling resistant reverse osmosis membranes
    132(2000)211-215 Full Text 

    Abdul Ghani I. Dalvi, Radwan Al-Rasheed and Mohammad A. Javeed (Saudi Arabia)
    Studies on organic foulants in the seawater feed of reverse osmosis plants of SWCC 
    132(2000)217-232 Full Text

    A. Drak, K. Glucina, M. Busch, D. Hasson, J.M. Laine, R. Semiat (Israel) 
    Laboratory technique for predicting the scaling propensity of RO feed waters 
    132(2000)233-242 Full Text 

    Steven Duranceau (USA) 
    Membrane replacement in desalting facilities 
    132(2000)243-248 Full Text 

    Coralie Goffin and Jean Claude Calay (Belgium) 
    Use of continuous electrodeionization to reduce ammonia concentration in steam generators blowdown of PWR nuclear power plants 
    132(2000)249-253 Full Text 

    Caroline M. Guijt, Imre G. Racz, Tom Reith, Andre B. de Haan (The Netherlands) 
    Determination of membrane properties for use in the modelling of a membrane distillation module 
    132(2000)255-261 Full Text 

    M.S. Hanra (India) 
    Desalination of sea water using nuclear heat 
    132(2000)263-268 Full Text 

    Chip Harris (USA) 
    Modular desalting for specialized applications 
    132(2000)269-274 Full Text 

    M. N. A. Hawlader, J. C. Ho and Chua Kok Teng (Singapore) 
    Desalination of seawater: an experiment with RO membranes 
    132(2000)275-280 Full Text 

    A.A. Kavitskaya, T.V. Knyazkova, A.A. Maynarovich (Ukraine) 
    Reverse osmosis of concentrated calcium sulphate solutions in the presence of iron (III) 
    ions using composite membranes 
    132(2000)281-286 Full Text

    Agus Khalik, V. Praptowidodo (Indonesia) 
    Nanofiltration for drinking water production from deep well water 
    132(2000)287-292 Full Text 

    Boris Liberman, Igal Liberman (Israel) 
    Starting procedure of high-pressure pump with de-rated motor for large scale SWRO trains 
    132(2000)293-298 Full Text 

    Oleg D. Linnikov, E.A. Anokhina, V.E. Scherbakov (Russia) 
    Investigation on purification of hydrochloric acid by membrane method 
    132(2000)299-306 Full Text 

    Jeong-Ik Oh, K. Yamamoto, H. Kitawaki, T. Sugawara, S. Nakao, M.M. Rahman, M.H. Rahman (Japan) 
    Application of low-pressure nanofiltration coupled with a bicycle pump for the treatment of arsenic-contaminated groundwater 
    132(2000)307-314 Full Text 

    Alexei G. Pervov, Eugene V. Dudkin, Oleg A. Sidorenko, Victor V. Antipov, Sergei A. Khakhanov and Roman I. Makarov (Russia) 
    RO and NF membrane systems for drinking water production and their maintenance techniques 
    132(2000)315-321 Full Text 

    Veronica S. Praptowidodo, Agus Khalik (Indonesia) 
    Studies on seawater desalination by reverse osmosis at the Badak natural gas liquefaction plant, Bontang, East Kalimantan 
    132(2000)323-328 Full Text 

    Dubravko Sambrailo, J. Ivic (Croatia) 
    First land-based plant for RO desalination in Croatia 
    132(2000)329-335 Full Text 

    R. Sheikholeslami and S. Zhou (Australia) 
    Performance of RO membranes in silica bearing waters 
    132(2000)337-344 Full Text

    C.V. Vedavyasan (India) 
    Combating water shortages with innovative uses of membranes 
    132(2000)345-347 Full Text

    Jianyou Wang, Shichang Wang and Manrong Jin
    (China, PR) 
    A study of electrodeionization process - high-purity water production with a RO/EDI system 
    132(2000)349-352 Full Text

    Eric T. Ras, John-John Pomantoc, Enrico P. Tumulak, Rocky T. Ras, Pinky R. Falar and Jocelyn Lelis (Philippines) 
    ETRAS thermal desalination system 
    132(2000)353-356 Full Text 

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