Desalination, Vol. 124-126 (1999)

    European Conference on Desalination
    and the Environment

    Organized by the European Desalination Society and
    the International Water Services Association
    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain
    November 912, 1999

    Authors Index

    Thomas Hoepner (Germany) 
    A procedure for environmental impact assessments (EIA) 
    for seawater desalination plants 
    124(1999)1-12 Full Text 

    Francis Rillaerts (Belgium) 
    Concessions in the water sector 
    124(1999)13-17Full Text 

    Naim H. Afgan, Mohammad Darwish and Maria G. Carvalho (Portugal) 
    Sustainability assessment of desalination plants for water production 
    124(1999)19-31 Full Text 

    Ted Darton (UK) 
    RO plant experiences with high silica waters in the Canary Islands 
    124(1999)33-41 Full Text 

    Jasbir S. Gill (USA) 
    A novel inhibitor for scale control in water desalination 
    124(1999)43-50 Full Text 

    Ingrida Bremere, Maria Kennedy, Peter Michel, Rani van Emmerik, Geert-Jan Witkamp and Jan Schippers (The Netherlands) 
    Controlling scaling in membrane filtration systems using a desupersaturation unit 
    124(1999)51-62 Full Text 

    Suresh Patel and Michael A. Finan (UK) 
    New antifoulants for deposit control in MSF and MED plants 
    124(1999)63-74 Full Text 

    John W. Oldfleld and Brian Todd (UK) 
    Technical and economic aspects of stainless steels in MSF desalination plants 
    124(1999)75-84 Full Text 

    Jan Olsson and Keith Minnich (Sweden) 
    Solid stainless steel for MSF once-through plants
    124(1999)85-91 Full Text 

    K. Habib (Kuwait) 
    Localized corrosion of copper alloys by optical interferometry and other techniques 
    124(1999)93-98 Full Text 

    Corrado Sommariva, Donato Pinciroli, Elio Tolle and R. Adinolfi (Italy) 
    Optimization of material selection for evaporative desalination plants in order to achieve the highest cost-benefit ratio 
    124(1999)99-103 Full Text 

    K.A. Iurash, V.V. Nikonenko, N.D. Pismenskaya, V.I. Zabolotsky and E.I. Volodina (Russia) 
    Dependence of salt and water ion fluxes through ion-exchange membranes under electrodialysis on the ion-exchange bed composition 
    124(1999)105-113 Full Text 

    Gaelle Ducom and Corinne Cabassud (France) 
    Interests and limitations of nanofiltration for the removal of volatile organic compounds in drinking water production 
    124(1999)115-123 Full Text 

    L. Melnik, O. Vysotskaja and B. Kornilovich (Ukraine) 
    Boron behavior during desalination of sea and underground water by electrodialysis 
    124(1999)125-130 Full Text 

    Nissim Nadav (Israel) 
    Boron removal from seawater reverse osmosis permeate utilizing selective ion exchange resin 
    124(1999)131-135 Full Text 

    Paula Alexandra Marques, Helena Maria Pinheiro, Jose Antonio Teixeira and Maria Fernanda Rosa (Portugal) 
    Removal efficiency of Cu2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ by waste brewery biomass: pH and cation association effects 
    124(1999)137-144 Full Text 

    Adil Al Radif (Canada) 
    Integrated water resources management (IWRM) 
    : an approach to face the challenges of the next century and to avert future crises 
    124(1999)145-153 Full Text 

    Willem Chr. Barendsen (Netherlands Antilles) 
    Business in the Caribbean and fast track B.O.O.M. desalting plants and with unique features 
    124(1999)155-162 Full Text 

    Mousa S. Mohsen and Odeh R. Al-Jayyousi (Jordan) 
    Brackish water desalination: an alternative for water supply enhancement in Jordan 
    124(1999)163-174 Full Text 

    S. Belfer, J. Gilron and O. Kedem (Israel) 
    Characterization of commercial RO and UF modified and fouled membranes by means of ATR/FTIR 
    124(1999)175-180 Full Text 

    V.S. Soldatov, A.A. Shunkevich, I.S. Elinson, Jurgen Johann and Helmut Iraushek (Belarus) 
    Chemically active textile materials as efficient means for water purification 
    124(1999)181-192 Full Text 

    Ick-Tae Yeom, Yoo-Mi Nah and Kyu-Hong Ahn (Korea) 
    Treatment of household wastewater using an intermittently aerated membrane bioreactor 
    124(1999)193-203 Full Text 

    V. Mavrov, H. Chmiel, B. Heitele and F. Roegener (Germany) 
    Desalination of surface water to industrial water with lower impact on the environment. Part 4: Treatment of effluents from water desalination stages for reuse and balance of the new technological concept for water desalination 
    124(1999)205-216 Full Text 

    Per Tomani and Anu Seisto (Sweden) 
    Separation methods for closed-loop manufacture of bleached kraft pulp - overview of an EU project 
    124(1999)217-223 Full Text 

    Fasil A. Abilov, Azer G. Orudjev and R. Lange (Azerbajan) 
    Optimization of oil-containing wastewater treatment processes 
    124(1999)225-229 Full Text 

    S.C.J.M. van Hoof, A. Hashim and A.J. Kordes (The Netherlands) 
    The effect of ultrafiltration as pretreatment to reverse osmosis in wastewater reuse and seawater desalination applications 
    124(1999)231-241 Full Text 

    Alessandra Criscuoli and Enrico Drioli (Italy) 
    Energetic and exergetic analysis of an integrated membrane desalination system 
    124(1999)243-249 Full Text 

    M. Abdel-Jawad, S. Ebrahim, M. Al-Tabtabaei and S. Al-Shammari (Kuwait) 
    Advanced technologies for municipal wastewater purification: technical and economic assessment 
    124(1999)251-261 Full Text 

    Felix Buhrmann, Mike van der Waldt, Dirk Hanekom and Fiona Finlayson (South Africa) 
    Treatment of industrial wastewater for reuse 
    124(1999)263-269 Full Text 

    Manuel P. del Pino and Bruce Durham (Spain) 
    Wastewater reuse through dual-membrane processes: opportunities for sustainable water resources 
    124(1999)271-277 Full Text 

    Kyu-Hong Ahn, Ho-Young Cha and Kyung-Guen Song (Korea) 
    Retrofitting municipal sewage treatment plants using an innovative membrane-bioreactor system 
    124(1999)279-286 Full Text 

    Mario Mignani, Gianpiero Nosenzo, and Alessio Gualdi (Italy) 
    Innovative ultrafiltration for waste water reuse 
    124(1999)287-292 Full Text 

    J.A. Redondo and A.Casanas (Germany) 
    Mature and novel desalination experiences with the FILMTEC SW30HR-380 and SW30HR-320 elements. Technical-economical review 
    125(1999)1-8 Full Text 

    Masaru Kurihara, Hiroyuki Yamamura and Takayuki Nakanishi (Japan) 
    High recovery / high pressure membranes for brine conversion SWRO process development and its performance data 
    125(1999)9-15 Full Text 

    Peter Moss and Jose Manrique de Lara y Gil (UK) 
    Twenty-five years of desalination in the Canary Islands: an historical review of the application of reverse osmosis using case studies and operational experience 
    125(1999)17-23 Full Text 

    N. Marsh, J. Howard, Fiona Finlayson and Stefan Rybar (UK) 
    SWRO - the largest plant in British waters 
    125(1999)25-35 Full Text 

    Hwee J. See, V.S. Vassiliadis and D.I. Wilson (UK) 
    Optimisation of membrane regeneration scheduling in reverse osmosis networks for seawater desalination 
    125(1999)37-54 Full Text 

    Aldo Munoz Elguera, Alex Nunez and Masaki Nishida (Japan) 
    Experimental test of TOYOBO membranes for seawater desalination at Las Palmas, Spain 
    125(1999)55-64 Full Text 

    Marc Altman,Raphael Semiat and David Hasson (Israel) 
    Removal of organic foulants from feed waters by dynamic membranes 
    125(1999)65-75 Full Text 

    Berta Tenzer, Avner Adin and Menachem Priel (Israel) 
    Sea water filtration for fouling prevention under stormy conditions 
    125(1999)77-88 Full Text 

    A. Teuler, K. Glucina and J.M. Laine (France) 
    Assessment of UF pretreatment prior RO membranes for seawater desalination 
    125(1999)89-96 Full Text 

    C. Robert Reiss, Jim S. Taylor and Christophe Robert (USA) 
    Surface water treatment using nanofiltration - pilot testing results and design considerations 
    125(1999)97-112 Full Text 

    Wil Pergande (USA) 
    Brackish and seawater pretreatment using an ultrafiltration hydrofilic¨ membrane 
    125(1999)113 Full Text 

    R.S. Adhikari and Ashvini Kumar (India) 
    Cost optimization studies on a multi-stage stacked tray solar still 
    125(1999)115-121 Full Text 

    Imed Houcine, Fethi Benjemaa, Mohamed-Hachemi Chahbani and Mohamed Maalej (Tunisia) 
    Renewable energy sources for water desalting in Tunisia 
    125(1999)123-132 Full Text 

    Lourdes.Garcia-Rodriguez and Carlos Gomez-Camacho (Spain) 
    Conditions for economical benefits of the use of solar energy in
    multi-stage flash distillation 
    125(1999)133-138 Full Text 

    Lourdes Garcia-Rodriguez, Ana I. Palmero-Marrero and Carlos Gomez-Camacho (Spain) 
    Application of direct steam generation into a solar parabolic trough collector to multieffect distillation 
    125(1999)139-145 Full Text 

    Karim Bourouni, Jean Claude Deronzier and Lounes Tadrist (France) 
    Experimentation and modelling of an innovative geothermal desalination unit 
    125(1999)147-153 Full Text 

    Willard D. Childs, Ali E. Dabiri, Hilal A. Al-Hinai and Hussein A. Abdullah (USA) 
    VARI-RO solar-powered desalting technology 
    125(1999)155-166 Full Text 

    Peter Geisler, Wolfgang Krumm and Thomas Peters (Germany) 
    Optimization of the energy demand of reverse osmosis with a pressure-exchange system 
    125(1999)167-172 Full Text 

    Chip Harris (USA) 
    Energy recovery for membrane desalination 
    125(1999)173-180 Full Text 

    Ralph Hofert (Germany) 
    Variable speed turbo couplings used as pump drive in desalination plants 
    125(1999)181-189 Full Text 

    Neil Wade, John Willis and Jim McSorley (UK) 
    The Taweelah A2 independent water and power project 
    125(1999)191-202 Full Text 

    Jacques de Gunzbourg and Dominique Larger (France) 
    Cogeneration applied to very high efficiency thermal seawater desalination plants 
    125(1999)203-208 Full Text 

    A. Korn, M Bisanz and H. Ludwig (Germany) 
    Privatization of dual-purpose seawater desalination and power plants - structures, procedures and prospects for the future
    125(1999)209-212 Full Text 

    Mohammad .A.K. Al-Sofi, Ata M. Hassan, Othman A. Hamad, Ghulam M. Mustafa, Abdul Ghani I. Dalvi and Mohammad N.M. Kither (Saudi Arabia) 
    Means and merits of higher temperature operation in dual-purpose plants 
    125(1999)213-222 Full Text 

    M.J. Safi and A. Korchani (Tunisia) 
    Cogeneration applied to water desalination: Simulation of differnt technologies 
    125(1999)223-229 Full Text 

    Juan Maria Sanchez, Eolo Gonzalez and Michael Tramer (Spain) 
    Telde Desalination Plant 
    125(1999)231-232 Full Text 

    Osamah Al-Hawaj (Kuwait) 
    A study and comparison of plate and tubular evaporators 
    125(1999)233-242 Full Text 

    John B. Tonner, Steen Hinge and Carlos Legorreta (Denmark) 
    Plate heat exchangers - the new trend in thermal desalination 
    125(1999)243-249 Full Text 

    Yehia M. El-Sayed (USA) 
    Thermoeconomics of some options of large mechanical vapor compression units 
    125(1999)251-257 Full Text 

    Hisham T. El-Dessouky and Hisham M Ettouney (Kuwait) 
    Multiple-effect evaporation desalination systems: thermal analysis 
    125(1999)259-276 Full Text 

    Hisham M. Ettouney and Hisham T. El-Dessouky (Kuwait) 
    A simulator for thermal desalination processes 
    125(1999)277-291 Full Text 

    D. Abdessemed, G. Nezzal and R. Ben Aim (France) 
    Treatment of wastewater by ultrafiltration 
    126(1999)1-5 Full Text 

    Kyu-Hong Ahn and Kyung-Guen Song (Korea) 
    Treatment of domestic wastewater using microfiltration for reuse of wastewater 
    126(1999)7-14 Full Text 

    Imad Alatiqi, Hisham Ettouney and Hisham El-Dessouky (Kuwait) 
    Process control in water desalination industry: an overview 
    126(1999)15-32 Full Text 

    Nader M. Al-Bastaki and Abderrahim Abbas (Bahrain) 
    Modeling an industrial reverse osmosis unit 
    126(1999)33-39 Full Text 

    Mahmoud S. Al-Hadidi (Jordan) 
    Brackish water management and use in Jordan 
    126(1999)41-44 Full Text 

    M. Al-Shammiri and M. Safar (Kuwait) 
    Multi-effect distillation plants: state of the art 
    126(1999)45-59 Full Text 

    Mohammad Abdul-Kareem 'Al-Sofi (Saudi Arabia) 
    Fouling phenomena in multi stage flash (MSF) 
    126(1999)61-76 Full Text 

    S.Yu. Bashtan, V.V. Goncharuk, R.D. Chebotareva, V.N. Belyakov, V.M. Linkov (Ukraine) 
    Production of sodium hypochlorite in an electrolyser equipped with a ceramic membrane 
    126(1999)77-82 Full Text 

    B. Benayada, Daddi Oubekka Leila (Algeria) 
    UV absorption cross sections for acetates 
    126(1999)83-86 Full Text 

    Chris Dotremont, Bart Molenberghs, Wim Doyen, Paul Bielen and Koen Huysman (Belgium) 
    The recovery of backwash water from sand filters by ultrafiltration 
    126(1999)87-94 Full Text 

    Sergio O. Fernandez, Jorge A. Rodriguez and Antonio Perez Padilla (Argentina) 
    Removal concentration and desalination of bovine seroalbumin (BSA) 
    with membrane technology 
    126(1999)95-100 Full Text 

    V. Flores and C. Cabassud (France) 
    A hybrid membrane process for Cu(II) 
    removal from industrial wastewaters. Comparison with a conventional process system 
    126(1999)101-108 Full Text 

    Lourdes Garcia-Rodriguez and Carlos Gomez-Camacho (Spain) 
    Preliminary design and cost analysis of a solar distillation system 
    126(1999)109-114 Full Text 

    A. Gomez Gotor, Salama I. Bachir and O. Perez Baez (Spain) 
    Transport characterisation in flat reverse osmosis membranes: Utilization of the Kimura-Sourirajan analysis method for the determination of mass transfer coefficient K, transport parameter Dam/Kd and permeability constant A 
    126(1999)115-118 Full Text 

    Caroliene M. Guijt, Imre G. Racz, Jan Willem van Heuven, Tom Reith and Andre B. de Haan (The Netherlands) 
    Modelling of a transmembrane evaporation module for desalination of seawater 
    126(1999)119-125 Full Text 

    Chip Harris (USA) 
    Construction and commissioning for membrane desalting 
    126(1999)127 Full Text 

    T. Hodgkiess and D. Mantzavinos (UK) 
    Corrosion of copper-nickel alloys in pure water 
    126(1999)129-137 Full Text 

    A.L. Iordanskii, P.P. Kamaev, A.A. Ol'khov, A.M. Wasserman (Russia) 
    Water transport phenomena in 'green' and 'petrochemical' polymers. Differences and similarities 
    126(1999)139-145 Full Text 

    A. Jernqvist, M. Jernqvist and G. Aly (Sweden) 
    Simulation of thermal desalination processes 
    126(1999)147-152 Full Text 

    Pavel P. Kamaev, Alexey L. Iordanskii, Israil I. Aliev, Alexander M. Wasserman and Urs Hanggi (Russia) 
    Transport water and molecular mobility in novel barrier membranes with different morphology features 
    126(1999)153-157 Full Text 

    R. Klischenko, B. Kornilovich, R. Chebotaryova and V. Linkov (Ukraine) 
    Purification of galvanic sewage from metals by electrodialysis 
    126(1999)159-162 Full Text 

    T.V. Knyazkova and A.A. Maynarovich (Ukraine) 
    Recognition of membrane fouling: testing of theoretical approaches with data on NF of salt solutions containing a low molecular weight surfactant as a foulant 
    126(1999)163-169 Full Text 

    Y.A. Kuzma-Kichta, A.S. Sedlov, A.I. Abramov, Y.A. Shkondin, D.V. Buyakov, G.V. Presnov and A.A. Borisov (Russia) 
    Improvement of evaporation installations by means of heat transfer enhancement in vapour generating tubes 
    126(1999)171-177 Full Text 

    Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz, Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak and Tomasz Winnicki (Poland) 
    Analysis of membrane fouling in the treatment of water solutions containing humic acids and mineral salts 
    126(1999)179-185 Full Text 

    Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz and Tomasz Winnicki (Poland) 
    The effect of gas bubble flow on ultrafiltration efficiency 
    126(1999)187-192 Full Text 

    L. Martinez-Diez, F.J. Florido-Diaz and M.I. Vazquez-Gonzalez (Spain) 
    Study of evaporation efficiency in membrane distillation 
    126(1999)193-198 Full Text 

    Ali Nemdili and Dieter-Heinz Hellmann (Germany) 
    The requirements to successful centrifugal pump application for desalination and power plant processes 
    126(1999)199-205 Full Text 

    V.V. Nikonenko, A.G. Istoshin, M.Kh. Urtenov, V.I. Zabolotskv, C. Larchet and J. Benzaria (Russia) 
    Analysis of electrodialysis water desalination costs by convective-diffusion model 
    126(1999)207-211 Full Text 

    Paolo Pacenti, Mario de Gerloni, Mario Reali, David Chiaramonti, Sven O. Gartner, Peter Helm and Michael Stohr (Italy) 
    Submarine seawater reverse osmosis desalination system 
    126(1999)213-218 Full Text 

    Antonio Perez Padilla and Eduardo L. Tavani (Argentina) 
    Treatment of an industrial effluent by reverse osmosis 
    126(1999)219-226 Full Text 

    Alexei G. Pervov (Russia) 
    A simplified RO process design based on understanding of fouling mechanisms 
    126(1999)227-247 Full Text 

    J.A. Redondo (Germany) 
    Improve RO system performance and reduce operating cost with FILMTEC fouling resistant (FR) 
    126(1999)249-259 Full Text 

    A.S. Sedlov, V.V. Shischenko, V.F. Ghidkih, R.M. Chasiachmetov and Y.I. Pichushkin (Russia) 
    Small-waste technology of water desalination at thermal power stations 
    126(1999)261-266 Full Text 

    R. Sheikholeslami and S. Tan (Australia) 
    Effects of water quality on silica fouling of desalination plants 
    126(1999)267-280 Full Text 

    V.V. Slesarenko (Russia) 
    Desalination plant with absorption heat pump for power station 
    126(1999)281-285 Full Text 

    Vladimir N. Slesarenko (Russia) 
    Intensification of the regime of thin film desalination plants 
    126(1999)287-292 Full Text 

    Jasmine Castelblanque and Francesco Salimbeni (Switzerland) 
    Application of membrane systems for COD removal and reuse of waste water from anaerobic digestors 
    126(1999)293-300 Full Text 

    Peter J. Gowin and Toshio Konishi (Austria) 
    Nuclear seawater desalination - IAEA activities and economic evaluation for southern Europe 
    126(1999)301-307 Full Text 

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