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Oman 97 
Desalination, Vol. 120/1-2(1998)

Waleed K. Al-Zubari (Bahrain) 
Towards the establishment of a total water cycle management and re-use program in the GCC countries 

Abdin M.A. Salih and Nagwa Ibrahim (Egypt) 
UNESCO's international hydrological programme and sustainable water resources management in the Arab region 

MohÕd A. Redha Ghulam Hussain and A. Hussain Yousif Al-Jaziri (Bahrain) 
Roof structural damage of Sitra Power and Water Station phase I multi-stage flash units 

A. Mubarak (Qatar) 
A kinetic model for scale formation in MSF desalination plants. Effect of antiscalants 

A.M. Shams El-Din, Rasheed A. Arain and A.A. Hammoud (UAE) 
Kinetics of hydrolysis of chloroform and bromoform in aqueous solutions 

Taher bin Mohammed Ali Al-Sajwani (Oman) 
The desalination plants of Oman: past, present and future 

A.R. Abu Dayyeh, Ribhi Hamdan, P.K. Mukerjee and P.A. Vijay Kumar (Oman) 
Rehabilitation of long tube parallel flow evaporator. Al-Ghubrah power plant and desalination 

Ali Al-Odwani, Mohammed Al-Tabtabaei and Ahmed Abdel-Nabi (Kuwait) 
Performance of high chromium stainless and titanium alloys in Arabian Gulf seawater 

N.J. Paul, Hasan Ibrahim Al-Hosani and A. El-Masri (UAE) 
Use of GRP material in power and desalination plants 

M.A. Mandil, H.A. Farag, M.M. Naim and M.K. Attia (Egypt) 
Feed salinity and cost-effectiveness of energy recovery in reverse osmosis desalination 

Sameer Bou-Hamad, Mahmoud Abdel-Jawad, Mohammad Al-Tabtabaei and Saud Al-Shammari (Kuwait) 
Comparative performance analysis of two seawater reverse osmosis plants: twin hollow fine fiber and spiral wound membranes 

M. Gamal Khedr (Saudi Arabia) 
A case study of RO plant failure due to membrane fouling, analysis and diagnosis 

Raed I.S. Al-Mudaiheem, Sami O.A. Al-Yousef, Tamer Sharif and A.K.M. Amirul Islam (Saudi Arabia) 
Performance evaluation of ten years operation experience of brackish water RO desalination in Manfouha plants, Riyadh 

Essam El-Sayed, Sadeq Ebrahim, Ahmad Al-Saffar and Mahmoud Abdel-Jawad (Kuwait) 
Pilot study of MSF-RO hybrid systems 

Jamil S.K. Al-Alawi (Bahrain) 
Specific privatization issues applicable to water and electricity utilities in the Gulf Cooperation Council states 

Mohammed Obaid and Ali Ben-Hamida (Bahrain) 
Practical solutions to problems experienced in open seawater RO plants operating on the Arabian Gulf 

Ali Redha Hussain and Ahmed Hashim Ahmed (Bahrain) 
The Addur SWRO Desalination Plant Ð towards a full plant production 

Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz and Bander A. Al-Sultan (Saudi Arabia) 
Prediction of performance of RO desalination plants 

Ibrahim M. AboÕabat, Hasan Thabith Mohamed and Sulaiman Mubarak Abu Alaiwi (Saudi Arabia) 
Problems of operation and maintenance of aged deep wells 

Abdulrahman AlabdulaÕaly (Saudi Arabia) 
Trace metals in groundwater treatment plant's product water of the central region of Saudi Arabia