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South Africa 1997
Desalination, Vol. 115/3 (1998)

A. Maartens, P. Swart and E.P. Jacobs (South Africa) 
Humic membrane foulants in natural brown water: characterization and removal 

J.P. Botes, E.P. Jacobs and S.M. Bradshaw (South Africa) 
Long-term evaluation of a UF pilot plant for potable water production 

V.D. Grebenyuk, S.V. Verbich, N.A. Linkov and V.M. Linkov (South Africa) 
Adsorption of heavy metal ions by aminocarboxyl ion exchanger ANKB-35 

V.D. Grebenyuk, R.D. Chebotareva, N.A. Linkov and V.M. Linkov (South Africa) 
Electromembrane extraction of Zn from Na-containing solutions using hybrid electrodialysisÐion exchange method 

Dmitri G. Bessarabov (South Africa) 
Phenomenological analysis of ethylene transport in a membrane contactor containing solutions of silver nitrate 

Dmitri G. Bessarabov, J.P. Theron and R.D. Sanderson (South Africa) 
Novel application of membrane contactors: solubility measurements of 1-hexene in solvents containing silver ions for liquid olefin/paraffin separations 

J. Grimm, D. Bessarabov and R. Sanderson (South Africa) 
Review of electro-assisted methods for water purification 

J. Grimm, D. Bessarabov, W. Maier, S. Storck and R.D. Sanderson (South Africa) 
Sol-gel film-preparation of novel electrodes for the electrocatalytic oxidation of organic pollutants in water 

D.R. Ryan, A.K. Russell, W.D. Leukes, P.D. Rose and S.G. Burton (South Africa) 
Suitability of a modified capillary membrane for growth of fungal biofilms 

A. Boshoff, W. Edwards, W.D. Leukes, P.D. Rose and S.G. Burton (South Africa) 
Immunobilisation of polyphenol oxidase on nylon and polyethersulphone membranes: effect on product formation 

V.D. Grebenyuk, R.D. Chebotareva, S. Peters and V. Linkov (South Africa) 
Suface modification of anion-exchange electrodialysis membranes to enhance anti-fouling characteristics