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Other Proceedings in Desalination

Tubingen 1994
Desalination, Vol. 104/1-2 (1996)

M. Tomaszewska (Poland) 
Preparation and properties of flat-sheet membranes from poly(vinylidene fluoride) 
for membrane distillation

T. Aritomi, T. van den Boomgaard and H. Strathmann
(The Netherlands) 
Current-voltage curve of a bipolar membrane at high current density 

K. Richau, C. Eisold, V. Kudela, H.-H. Schwarz and D. Paul (Germany) 
Electrochemical characterization of charged membranes and membrane systems 

A.L. Iordanskii, L.P. Razumovskii, A.V. Krivandin and T.L. Lebedeva (Russia) 
Diffusion and sorption of water in moderately hydrophilic polymers: From segmented polyetherurethanes to poly-3-hydroxybutyrate 

B. Chaufer, M. Rabiller-Baudry, L. Guihard and G. Daufin (France) 
Retention of ions in nanofiltration at various ionic strength 

J. Kerres, G. Eigenberger, S. Reichle, V. Schramm, K. Hetzel, W. Schnurnberger and I. Seybold (Germany) 
Advanced alkaline electrolysis with porous polymeric diaphragms 

M.W. Robertson, J.C. Watters, P.B. Desphande, J.Z. Assef and I.M. Alatiqi (USA) 
Model based control for reverse osmosis desalination processes 

F.N. Karelin, A.A. Askerniya, M.L. Gril and O.F. Parilova (Russia) 
Salt concentration and recovery from aqueous solutions using pressure-driven membrane processes 

K. Konieczny and M. Bodzek (Poland) 
Ultrafiltration of latex wastewaters 

I. Boulanouar, S. Nicolas and B. Bariou (France) 
Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis in unstirred batch cell of charged solutes (protein, salts) 
with total retention

S. Hausmanns, G. Laufenberg and B. Kunz (Germany) 
Rejection of acetic acid and its improvement by combination with organic acids in dilute solutions using reverse osmosis 

K. Kontturi and M. Vuoristo (Finland ) 
Adsorption of globular proteins on polymeric microfiltration membranes 

S.M. Kulikov, O.M. Kulikova, O.V. Scharkova, R.I. Maximovskaya and I.V. Kozhevnikov (Russia) 
Use of electromembrane technology for waste water treatment and modern acidic catalyst synthesis 

A.L. Iordanskii, V.S. Markin, L.P. Razumovskii, R.Y. Kosenko, N.A. Tarasova and G.E. Zaikov (Russia) 
Diffusion model of protein adsorption and effect of protein layer composition on water permeability for ultrafiltration membranes 

R. Gunther and J. Hapke (Germany) 
Design of membrane separation plants using a module data base 

C.C. Zimmerer and V. Kottke (Germany) 
Effects of spacer geometry on pressure drop, mass transfer, mixing behavior, and residence time distribution 

J.T.M. Sluys, D. Verdoes and J.H. Hanemaaijer
(The Netherlands) 
Water treatment in a Membrane-Assisted Crystallizer (MAC)