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Other Proceedings in Desalination

Chicago 1990 
Desalination, Vol. 80/2-3 (1991)

M. Tamura (Japan) 
New water distillation system incorporating a membrane mist separator 

Jin Sheng, R.A. Johnson and M.S. Lefebvre (Australia) 
Mass and heat transfer mechanisms in the osmotic distillation process 

K.M. Persson and J.L. Nilsson (Sweden) 
Fouling resistance models in MF and UF 

M. Tsuyumoto, H. Karakane, Y. Maeda and H. Tsugaya (Japan)
Development of polyion complex hollow fiber membrane for separation of water-ethanol mixtures 

H. Ohya (Japan) 
State of the art ultrapure water production in Japan 

S. Doi and K. Hamanaka (Japan) 
Pore size control technique in the spinning of polysulfone hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes 

S.N. Gaeta, H. Zhang, E. Drioli and A. Basile (Italy) 
Polyorganophosphazene membranes: Preparation and transport properties 

G. Pourcelly, M. Boudet-Dumy, A. Lindheimer and C. Gavach (France) 
Transport of proton in polymeric ionic exchange membranes in relation with the dissociated sorbed acid 

Shi Qiu Zhang, A.E. Fouda, T. Matsuura and Kam Chan (Canada) 
Some experimental results and design calculations for reverse osmosis concentration of green tea juice 

Yonglie Wu, Ying Kong, Jingzhi Liu, Jintao Zhang and Jiping Xu (China, PR) 
An experimental study on membrane distillation-crystallization for treating waste water in taurine production 

M.M. Clark and K.S. Heneghan (USA) 
Ultrafiltration of lake water for potable water production 

M.L. Costa and J.M. Dickson (Canada) 
Modelling of modules and systems in reverse osmosis. Part I: Theoretical system design model development 

D.J. Forgach, G.D. Rose and N.E. Luteneske (USA) 
Characterization of composite membranes by their non-equilibrium thermodynamic transport parameters

T.S. Sorensen, J.B. Jensen and B. Malmgren-Hansen (Denmark) 
Electromotive force and impedance studies of cellulose acetate membranes: Evidence for two binding sites for divalent cations and for an alveolar structure of the skin layer