Desalination, Vol. 249 (2009)

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  • IDW 2nd Joint Workshop '08: Center for Seawater Desalination Plant and the European Desalination Society, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, October 8-9, 2008, Korea
    Volume 249, Pages 1-259

  • IWA '08, First IWA Asia Pacific Young Water Professionals Conference, Gwangju, Korea December 8-10, 2008
    Volume 249, Selected papers, Pages 260-335

I.E. Saliby, Y. Okour, H.K. Shon,, J. Kandasamy (Australia) and In S. Kim (Korea)
Desalination plants in Australia, review and facts
249(2009)1-14 Full Text
J. J. Lee, M. A. H. Johir, K. H. Chinu, H. K. Shon, S. Vigneswaran, J. Kandasamy (Australia), C. W. Kim (Korea), K. Shaw (Australia)
Hybrid filtration method for pre-treatment of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRR)
249(2009)15-24 Full Text
Young Geun Lee (Korea), Adrian Gambier, Essam Badreddin (Germany), Sangho Lee, Dae Ryook Yang, and Joon Ha Kim (Korea)
Application of hybrid systems techniques for cleaning and replacement of a RO membrane
249(2009)25-32 Full Text
Phan Vu Xuan Hung, Seung-Hee Cho, Seung-Hyeon Moon (Korea)
Prediction of boron transport through seawater reverse osmosis membranes using solution–diffusion model
249(2009)33-44 Full Text
Hyun-Jin Yang and Han-Seung Kim (Korea)
Effect of coagulation on MF/UF for removal of particles as a pretreatment in seawater desalination
249(2009)45-52 Full Text
Y. Okour, I.E. Saliby, H.K. Shon, S. Vigneswaran (Australia), J.-H. Kim, J. Cho and In S. Kim (Korea)
Recovery of sludge produced from Ti-salt flocculation as pretreatment to seawater reverse osmosis
249(2009)53-63 Full Text
Erewari Alayemieka, SeockHeon Lee, Dooil Kim (Korea)
Effect of membrane surface characteristics on hydraulic flux balance and feed stream translation in concentrate multi-stage system
249(2009)64-76 Full Text
K. J. Chinu, A. H. Johir, S. Vigneswaran, H. K. Shon, J. Kandasamy (Australia)
Biofilter as Pretreatment to Membrane Based Desalination: Evaluation in terms of Fouling Index
249(2009)77-84 Full Text
A. H. Johir, C. Khorshed, S. Vigneswaran, and H. K. Shon (Australia)
In-line flocculation–filtration as pre-treatment to reverse osmosis desalination
249(2009)85-93 Full Text
Sambhu Saran Mitra , A.R. Thomas, Guo Tian Gang (UAE)
Evaluation and Characterization of Seawater RO Membrane Fouling
249(2009)94-107 Full Text
Youngkeun Choi, Chansik Kim, Soohong Noh and Ohsung Kwon (Korea)
Fouling mechanisms of an end-free submerged membrane (Yonsei End Free;YEF) module under different filtration modes
249(2009)108-124 Full Text
Jinwook Lee, Ji-Yeon Jung, Sungyoun Kim, In Seop Chang Korea), In S. Kim and Sambhu Saran Mitra (UAE)
Selection of the Most Problematic Biofoulant in Fouled RO Membrane and the Seawater Intake to Develop Biosensors for Membrane Biofouling
249(2009)125-136 Full Text
.H.Choi, J.H.Kweon, D.I. Kim, S.H. Lee (Korea)
Evaluation of various pretreatment for particle and inorganic fouling control on performance of SWRO
249(2009)137-147 Full Text
Juhee Yang, Sangyoup Lee, Eunsu Lee, Joohee Lee, and Seungkwan Hong (Korea)
Effect of solution chemistry on the surface property of reverse osmosis membranes under seawater conditions
249(2009)148-161 Full Text
Suhan Kim, Chung-Hwan Kim, Sungyun Lee, Eunkyung Lee, Sarp Sarper, , and Jaeweon Cho (Korea)
Enhanced or reduced concentration polarization by membrane fouling in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) processes
249(2009)162-168 Full Text
Suhan Kim, Sungyun Lee, Chung-Hwan Kim, and Jaeweon Cho (Korea)
A new membrane performance index using flow field flow fractionation (fl-FFF)
249(2009)169-179 Full Text
Young Geun Lee, Yun Seok Lee, In S. Kim, Joon Ha Kim, Jong June, Jeon Sangho Lee, Dae Ryook Yang and S. Lee (Korea)
Artificial Neural Network Model for Optimizing Operation of a Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant
249(2009)180-189 Full Text
Seung Joon Kim, Sanghoun Oh, Young Geun Lee, Moon Gu Jeon, In S. Kim, and Joon Ha Kim (Korea)
A Control Methodology for the Feed Water Temperature to Optimize SWRO Desalination Process using Genetic Programming
249(2009)190-199 Full Text
Do Yeon Kim, Myoung Ho Lee, Dae Ryook Yang, Sangho Lee, Joon Ha Kim (Korea)
Online estimation of fouling development for SWRO system using real data
249(2009)200-209 Full Text
Tae-Mun Hwang, Hyunje Oh, Yong-Jun Choi, Sook-Hyun Nam, Sangho Lee, and Youn-Kyoo Choung (Korea)
Development of a Statistical and Mathematical Hybrid Model to Predict Membrane Fouling and Performance
249(2009)210-221 Full Text
June-Seok Choi, Sangho Lee, Jin-Min Kim, and Suingil Choi (Korea)
Small-Scale Desalination Plants in Korea: Technical Challenges
249(2009)222-232 Full Text
Byong-Bo Choi, Yong-Jun Choi, June-Seok Choi, Sangho Lee, and Hyun-Je Oh (Korea)
Energy Management in Submerged Microfiltration Systems by Optimum Control of Aeration
249(2009)233-238 Full Text
Yong-Jun Choi, June-Seok Choi, Hyun-Je Oh Sangho Lee Dae Ryook Yang and Joon Ha Kim (Korea)
Toward a Combined System of Forward Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis for Seawater Desalination
249(2009)239-247 Full Text
Keewoong Hong, Sangyoup Lee, Soohoon Choi, Youngbeom Yu, Seungkwan Hong, Jinsik Sohn, Jeongseok Yang and Jihee Moon (Korea)
Assessment of various membrane fouling indexes under seawater conditions
249(2009)247-259 Full Text
Seung Joon Kim, Young Geun Lee, Sanghoun Oh, Yun Seok Lee, Young Mi Kim, Moon Gu Jeon, In S. Kim, Joon Ha Kim and Sangho Lee (Korea)
Energy saving methodology for the SWRO desalination process: control of operating temperature and pressure
249(2009)260-270 Full Text
Jihee Moon, Hee-Deung Park, Jae-Lim Lim, Choong-Hwan Kim and Moon-Sun Kang (Korea)
Evaluation of a low-pressure membrane filtration for drinking water treatment: pretreatment by coagulation/sedimentation for the MF membrane
249(2009)271-284 Full Text
Tae-Mun Hwang*, Hyunje Oh, Youn-Kyoo Choung, Sanghoun Oh, Moongu Jeon, Joon Ha Kim, Sook Hyun Nam, Sangho Lee (Korea)
Prediction of membrane fouling in the pilot-scale microfiltration system using genetic programming
249(2009)285-294 Full Text
Jinwook Lee, Sungyoun Kim, Hye-Weon Yu, and In S. Kim* (Korea)
Multiple hybridizations using quantum dot-DNA probes for rapid analysis of microbial community on reverse osmosis membrane
249(2009)295-302 Full Text
S. J. Kim, S. Lee, S. K. Hong*, Y. S. Oh, M. J. Seol, J. H. Kweon, and T. H. Kim (Korea)
Biofouling of reverse osmosis membranes: microbial quorum sensing and fouling propensity
249(2009)303-315 Full Text
Ji Yeon Park, Jaeweon Cho, and Kihong Park* (Korea)
Evaluation of quantitative performance of the Membrane Filtration-Differential Mobility Analyzer (MF-DMA) counting technique to determine suspended particles and dissolved solids in water
249(2009)316-325 Full Text
Young Mi Kim, Yun Seok Lee, Young Geun Lee, Seung Joon Kim, Dae Ryook Yang, In S. Kim , Joon Ha Kim * (Korea)
Development of a Package Model for Process Simulation and Cost Estimation of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant
249(2009)326-335 Full Text
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