Desalination, Vol. 248 (2009)

      MEDA WATER International Conference on Sustainable Water Management
      March 21–24 2007, Tunis, Volume 248, Pages 1-291

      Selected papers from the 2nd International Congress, SMALLWAT 07
      Wastewater Treatment in Small Communities, Seville, Spain, 11–15 November 2007
      Volume 248, Selected papers, Pages 292-326

      Author Index

      L. Bousselmi, A. Ghrabi (Tunisia) and M. Regelberger (Austria)
      248(2009)i-1 Full Text

      Mohammed D. Sohel Rana (Bangladesh)
      Status of Water Use Sanitation and Hygienic Condition of Urban Slums A Study on Rupsha Ferighat Slum, Khulna
      248(2009)1-7 Full Text
      Wahid Khabou, Fathi Ben Amar , Habib Rekik , Messaoud Beghir, Ahmed Touir (Tunisia)
      Performance evaluation in olive trees irrigated by treated wastewater
      248(2009)8-15 Full Text
      Souad Turki, Abderrazak Mastouri, Fourat Akrout, Noura Balti, Intissar Baouech, Ridha M’rabet (Tunisia)
      Potential impacts of sebkhet Ariana rainfall discharges on the trophic state of the coastal zone of Raoued (Gulf of Tunis, Tunisia)
      248(2009)16-22 Full Text
      Ghanem Zayani, Latifa Bousselmi, Farouk Mhenni and Ahmed Ghrabi (Tunisia)
      Solar photocatalytic degradation of commercial textile azo dyes. Performance of pilot plant scale thin film fixed-bed reactor
      248(2009)23-31 Full Text
      Karim Ergaieg, René Seux (France)
      A comparative study of the photoinactivation of bacteria by meso-substituted cationic porphyrin, rose Bengal and methylene blue
      248(2009)32-41 Full Text
      Dorra Jellouli Ennigrou, Lassaad Gzara*, Mohammed Ramzi Ben Romdhane and Mahmoud Dhahbi (Tunisia)
      Cadmium Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Ultrafiltration
      248(2009)42-48 Full Text
      Samira Abidi, Hamadi Kallali, Naceur Jedidi, Olfa Bouzaiane, Abdennaceur Hassen (Tunisia)
      Comparative pilot study of the performances of two constructed wetland wastewater treatment hybrid systems
      248(2009)49-56 Full Text
      Amira Ben Yahmed, Naila Saidi, Ismail Trabelsi, Fumio Murano , Tarek Dhaifallah, Latifa Bousselmi ,Ahmed Ghrabi (Tunisia)
      Microbial characterization during aerobic biological treatment of landfill leachate
      248(2009)57-67 Full Text
      Fathi Aloui, Sonia Khoufi, Slim Loukil and Sami Sayadi* (Tunisia)
      Performances of an activated sludge process for the treatment of fish processing Saline Wastewater
      248(2009)68-75 Full Text
      M. Ben Said, A. Hassen, N. Saidi (France), H.W. Ackermann (Canada)
      Study of the relationship between bacteriophage and selective host cells according to different UV-C irradiation conditions
      248(2009)76-87 Full Text
      Idil Arslan-Alaton, Gulen Iskender, Aysegul Tanik, Melike Gurel, Suleyman Ovez and Derin Orhon (Turkey)
      Current Situation of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants in Megacity Istanbul
      248(2009)88-95 Full Text
      Sellami Imen, Trabelsi Ismail*; Sayadi Sami, Aloui Fathi, Medhioub Khaled, Ghrabi Ahmed and Bousselmi Latifa (Tunisia)
      Characterization and Anaerobic Batch Reactor Treatment of Jebel Chakir Landfill Leachate
      248(2009)96-103 Full Text
      Olfa Mahjoubab, Marie Leclercq, Morgane Bachelot , Claude Casellas , Aurélie Escande, Patrick Balaguer (France), Akissa Bahrid (Ghana), Elena Gomez , Hélène Fenet (France)
      Estrogen, aryl hysdrocarbon and pregnane X receptors activities in reclaimed water and irrigated soils in Oued Souhil area (Nabeul, Tunisia)
      248(2009)104-113 Full Text
      Salah Jellali, Talel Sediri, Hamadi Kallali, Makram Anane and Naceur Jedidi (Tunisia)
      Analysis of hydraulic conditions and HRT on the basis of experiments and simulations on soil column
      248(2009)114-122 Full Text
      R. Scheumann and M. Kraume (Germany)
      Influence of hydraulic retention time on the operation of a submerged membrane sequencing batch reactor (SM-SBR) for the treatment of greywater
      248(2009)123-130 Full Text
      Soulwène Kouki, Fadhel M’hiri, Neila Saidi, Samir Belaïd, Abdennaceur Hassen (Tunisia)
      Performances of a Constructed Wetland Treating Domestic Wastewaters during a Macrophytes Life Cycle
      248(2009)131-146 Full Text
      Mariem Ellouze, Fathi Aloui and Sami Sayadi (Tunisia)
      Effect of high ammonia concentrations on fungal treatment of Tunisian landfill leachates
      248(2009)147-156 Full Text
      Fatma Karaouli, Sarra Touzi, Jamila Tarhouni, Latifa Bousselmi (Tunisia)
      Improvement potential of the integrated water resources management in the mining basin of Gafsa
      248(2009)157-163 Full Text
      Anis Chkirbene, Maki Tsujimura, Abdelkrim Charef and Tadashi Tanaka (Tunisia)
      Hydro-geochemical evolution of groundwater in an alluvial aquifer: Case of Kurokawa aquifer, Tochigi prefecture, Japan
      248(2009)164-174 Full Text
      Amira Ouali, Chafai Azri, Khaled Medhioub, Ahmed Ghrabi (Tunisia)
      Descriptive and multivariable analysis of the physico-chemcal and biological parameters of Sfax wastewater treatment plant
      248(2009)175-184 Full Text
      Ismail Trabelsi , Imen Sellami , Tarek Dhifallah , Khaled Medhioub Latifa Bousselmi and Ahmed Ghrabi (Tunisia)
      Coupling of Anoxic and Aerobic Biological Treatment of Landfill Leachate
      248(2009)185-192 Full Text
      Asma Ben Rejeba, Hamadi Kallalia, Nadhira Ben Aissa, Olfa Bouzaiene, Salah Jellali, Naceur Jedidi, Abdennaceur Hassen (Tunisia)
      Soil microbial growth and biofilm expansion assessment under Wastewater Infiltration Percolation Treatment Process: Column experiments
      248(2009)193-204 Full Text
      A. Quddus and Luai M. Al-Hadhrami (Saudi Arabia)
      Hydrodynamically deposited CaCO3 and CaSO4 scales
      248(2009)205-212 Full Text
      Yong Ma, Yongzhen Peng and Xiaolian Wang (China, PR)
      Improving nutrient removal of the AAO process by an influent bypass flow by denitrifying phosphorus removal
      248(2009)213-223 Full Text
      M. Staniszewski, S. Koter (Poland)
      Theoretical analysis of steady states for ester hydrolysis in enzymatic membrane reactor with product retention
      248(2009)224-234 Full Text
      Liu Ye, Cheng-yao Peng, Bing Tang, Shu-ying Wang , Kai-feng Zhao,Yong-zhen Peng (China, PR)
      Determination effect of influent salinity and inhibition time on partial nitrification in sequencing batch reactor treating saline sewage
      248(2009)235-245 Full Text
      Julián Blanco Gálvez, Lourdes García-Rodríguez, Isabel Martín-Mateos (Spain)
      Seawater desalination by an innovative solar-powered membrane distillation system: the MEDESOL project
      248(2009)246-255 Full Text
      Mitra Shourian, Kambiz Akbari Noghabi, Hossein Shahbani Zahiri, Tayebe Bagheri, Gholamreza Karballaei, Monir Mollaei, Iman Rad, Solmaz Ahadi, Jamshid Raheb, Habib Abbasi (Iran)
      Efficient phenol-degradation by a newly characterized Pseudomonas sp. SA01 isolated from pharmaceutical wastewaters
      248(2009)256-273 Full Text
      I. Ghorbel-Abid, A. Jrad, K. Nnhdi, M. Trabelsi-Ayadi (Tunisia)
      Sorption of chromium (III) from aqueous solution using bentonitic clay
      248(2009)274-283 Full Text
      Maung Htun Oo, Lianfa Song (Singapore)
      Effect of pH and ionic strength on boron removal by RO membranes
      248(2009)284-291 Full Text
      Mahi Mustapha (Morocco)
      The ONEP experience for wastewater treatment in small Communities: current situation and prospective
      248(2009)292-295 Full Text
      M. Y. Sklarz*, A. Gross*, A. Yakirevich, M. I. M. Soares (Israel)
      A Recirculating Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland for the Treatment of Domestic Wastewater
      248(2009)296-303 Full Text
      Rafael Órpez, Mª Eugenia Martínez, Gassan Hodaifa, Farida El Yousfi, Norman Jbari, Sebastián Sánchez (Spain)
      Growth of the microalga Botryococcus braunii in secondarily treated sewage
      248(2009)304-309 Full Text
      Francisco Pedrero, Juan José Alarcón* (Spain)
      Effects of treated wastewater irrigation on lemon trees
      248(2009)310-318 Full Text
      Ahmet Baban* and Ilhan Talinli (Turkey)
      Modeling of organic matter removal and nitrification in sewer systems - an approach to wastewater treatment
      248(2009)319-326 Full Text
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