Desalination, Vol. 247 (2009)

      Presented at Multi Functions of Wetland Systems, International Conference of Multiple Roles of Wetlands, June 26–29, 2007, Legnaro (Padova) Italy
      pages 1-238

      Author Index

      Maurizio Borin, Mario Malagoli, Michela Schiavon (Italy)
      247(2009)1-2 Full Text

      Tjasa Griessler Bulc , Alenka Sajn Slaka (Slovenia)
      Ecoremediations – a new concept in multifunctional ecosystem technologies for environmental protection
      247(2009)3-11 Full Text
      Paul Cooper (UK)
      What can we learn from old wetlands? Lessons that have been learned and some that may have been forgotten over the past 20 years
      247(2009)12-27 Full Text
      Fabio Masi (Italy)
      Water reuse and resources recovery: the role of constructed wetlands in the Ecosan approach
      247(2009)28-35 Full Text
      Claudia Bragato, Michela Schiavon, Riccardo Polese, Andrea Ertani, Marco Pittarello and Mario Malagoli (Italy)
      Seasonal variations of Cu, Zn, Ni and Cr concentration in Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin ex steudel in a constructed wetland of North Italy
      247(2009)36-45 Full Text
      C. Lagos, R. Urrutia, J. Decap, M. Martínez and G. Vidal (Chile)
      Eichhornia crassipes used as tertiary color removal treatment for kraft mill effluent
      247(2009)46-55 Full Text
      Guenter Langergraber, Klaus Leroch , Alexander Pressl , Kirsten Sleytr Roland Rohrhofer , Raimund Haberl (Austria)
      High-rate nitrogen removal in a two-stage subsurface vertical flow constructed wetland
      247(2009)56-69 Full Text
      Véronique Arfi, Dijella Bagoudou, Nathalie Korboulewsky, Grégory Bois (France)
      Initial efficiency of a bamboo grove-based treatment system for winery wastewater
      247(2009)70-78 Full Text
      Bandiera M. Mosca G. and Vamerali T. (Italy)
      Humic acids affect root characteristics of fodder radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. oleiformis Pers.) in metal-polluted wastes
      247(2009)79-92 Full Text
      David Giraldi and Renato Iannelli (Italy)
      Short-term water content analysis for the optimization of sludge dewatering in dedicated constructed wetlands (reed bed systems)
      247(2009)93-100 Full Text
      Maja Zupancic Justin, Danijel Vrhovcek (Slovenia), Arnold Stuhlbacher (Austria) , Tjasa Griessler Bulc (Slovenia)
      Treatment of Wastewater in Hybrid Constructed Wetland from the Production of Vinegar and Packaging of Detergents
      247(2009)101-110 Full Text
      E. Peruzzi, C. Macci, S. Doni, G. Masciandaro, P. Peruzzi, M. Aiello and B. Ceccanti ( Italy)
      Phragmites australis for sewage sludge stabilization
      247(2009)111-120 Full Text
      Martin Maddison, Kaido Soosaar, Tõnu Mauring and Ülo Mander (Estonia)
      The biomass and nutrient and heavy metal content of cattails and reeds in wastewater treatment wetlands for the production of construction material in Estonia
      247(2009)121-129 Full Text
      Antonio C. Barbera, Giuseppe L. Cirelli, Valeria Cavallaro, Isabella Di Silvestro, Paola Pacifici, Vincenzo Castiglione, Attilio Toscano, Mirco Milani (Italy)
      Growth and biomass production of different plant species in two different constructed wetland systems in Sicily.
      247(2009)130-137 Full Text
      Chiara Pistocchi, Werther Guidi, Emiliano Piccioni, Enrico Bonari (Italy)
      Water requirements of poplar and willow vegetation filters grown in lysimeter under Mediterranean conditions: Results of the second rotation.
      247(2009)138-147 Full Text
      Andreas Graber and Ranka Junge (Switzerland)
      Aquaponic Systems: Nutrient recycling from fish wastewater by vegetable production
      247(2009)148-157 Full Text
      Maja Zupancic Justin*, Marija Zupancic (Slovenia)
      Combined Purification and Reuse of Landfill Leachate by Constructed Wetland and Irrigation of Grass and Willows
      247(2009)158-169 Full Text
      Antonina Torrens (Spain), Pascal Molle, Catherine Boutin (France) and Miquel Salgot (Spain)
      Removal of bacterial and viral indicators in vertical flow constructed wetlands and intermittent sand filters
      247(2009)170-179 Full Text
      Luis Seguí, Oscar Alfranca and Joan García (Spain)
      Techno-economical evaluation of water reuse for wetland restoration: a case study in a Natural Parc in Catalonia, Northeastern Spain
      247(2009)180-190 Full Text
      Luisa Angela Maggioni, Diego Fontaneto, Stefano Bocchi and Stefano Gomarasca (Italy)
      Evaluation of water quality and ecological system conditions through macrophytes
      247(2009)191-202 Full Text
      Alejandro Dussaillant, Pablo Galdames, Chi-Le Sun (Chile)
      Water level fluctuations in a coastal lagoon: El Yali Ramsar wetland, Chile
      247(2009)203-215 Full Text
      M. Passoni, F. Morari, M. Salvato, M. Borin (Italy)
      Medium-term evolution of soil properties in a constructed surface flow wetland with fluctuating hydroperiod in North Eastern Italy
      247(2009)216-226 Full Text
      Jan Vymazal (Czech Republic )
      Horizontal sub-surface flow constructed wetlands Ondrejov and Spálené Porící in the Czech Republic – 15 years of operation
      247(2009)227-238 Full Text
      Mohamed M. Megahed (Egypt)
      Feasibility of nuclear power and desalination on El-Dabaa site
      247(2009)239-257 Full Text
      Mohamed M. Megahed (Egypt)
      Feasibility of nuclear power and desalination on El-Dabaa site
      247(2009)239-257 Abstract
      Asem A. Atia, Ahmed M. Donia and Waheeba A. Al-amrani (Egypt)
      Effect of amine type modifier on the uptake behaviour of silica towards mercury(II) in 1 aqueous solution
      247(2009)258-275 Abstract
      Tak-Hyun Kim, Sang-Ryul Lee, Youn-Ku Nam, Jeongmok Yang, Chulhwan Park, Myunjoo Lee (Korea)
      Disintegration of excess activated sludge by hydrogen peroxide oxidation
      247(2009)276-285 Abstract
      Marin Matosic, Ivana Prstec, Helena Korajlija Jakopovic, Ivan Mijatovic (Croatia)
      Treatment of beverage production wastewater by membrane bioreactor
      247(2009)286-294 Abstract
      Nihel Ben Amar (Tunisia) , Hafedh Saidani (Tunisia and France), John Palmeri, André Deratani (France)
      Effect of temperature on the rejection of neutral and charged solutes by Desal 5 DK nanofiltration membrane
      247(2009)295-304 Abstract
      V.K. Dwivedi and G.N. Tiwari (India)
      Comparison of internal heat transfer coefficients in passive solar stills by different thermal models: An experimental validation
      247(2009)305-319 Abstract
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