Desalination, Vol. 241 (2009)

    Presented at theThird Membrane Science and Technology Conference of Visegrad Countries (PERMEA)2–6 September 2007,Siofok, Hungary, Volumes 240-241

    Author Index

    A. Bes-Piá, A. Iborra-Clar, C. García-Figueruelo, S. Barredo-Damas, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.I. Iborra-Clar (Spain)
    Comparison of three NF membranes for the reuse of secondary textile effluents
    241(2009)1-7 Full Text

    Erika Fehér, Brigitta Major, Katalin Bélafi-Bakó, László Gubicza (Hungary)
    Semi-continuous enzymatic production and membrane assisted separation of isoamyl acetate in alcohol - ionic liquid biphasic system
    241(2009)8-13 Full Text
    Mateja Primozic, Muzafera Paljevac, Maja Habulin, Zelijko Knez (Slovenia)
    Hydrolase-catalyzed reactions in membrane reactors at atmospheric and high pressure
    241(2009)14-21 Full Text
    R. Molinari, T. Poerio, P. Argurio (Italy)
    Liquid-phase oxidation of benzene to phenol using CuO catalytic polymeric membranes
    241(2009)22-28 Full Text
    K. Kiss, N. Nemestóthy, L.Gubicza, , K. Bélafi-Bakó (Hungary)
    Vacuum assisted membrane bioreactor for enzymatic hydrolysis of pectin from various agro-wastes
    241(2009)29-33 Full Text
    J. Kochan, T. Wintgens, R. Hochstrat, T. Melin (Germany)
    Impact of wetting agents on the filtration permforance of polymeric ultrafiltration membranes
    241(2009)34-42 Full Text
    Ewa Lobos-Moysa, Mariusz Dudziak, Zbigniew Zon (Poland)
    Biodegradation of rapeseed oil by activated sludge method in the hybride system
    241(2009)43-48 Full Text
    Liudmyla Melnyk , Vladyslav Goncharuk (Ukraine)
    Electrodialysis of solutions containing Mn (II) ions
    241(2009)49-56 Full Text
    Yu.S.Dzyazko (Kiev,Ukraine), V.M.Linkov (Bellville, South Africa)and V.N. Belyakov (Kiev,Ukraine)
    Electrical conductivity of a flexible resin loaded with Cr(III) ions
    241(2009)57-67 Full Text
    A. E. Bukhovets, A. M. Savel’eva and T. V. Eliseeva (Russia)
    Separation of amino acids mixtures containing tyrosine in electromembrane system
    241(2009)68-74 Full Text
    Stanilaw Koter, Wojciech Kujawski, Izabela Koter (Poland)
    Transport of electrolytes through charged membranes - on the relations between the independent transport coefficients
    241(2009)75-80 Full Text
    Eszter Molnár, Matild Eszterle,Kornilia Kiss, Nándor Nemestóthy, Jen Fekete, Katalin Bélafi-Bakó (Hungary)
    Utilisation of electrodialysis for galacturonic acid recovery
    241(2009)81-85 Full Text
    T.V. Eliseeva, V.A. Shaposhnik, E.V. Krisilova, A.E. Bukhovets (Russia)
    Transport of basic amino acids through the io-exchange membranes and their recovery by electrodialysis
    241(2009)86-90 Full Text
    Anna Witek-Krowiak, Roman G. Szafran, Andrzej Koltuniewicz (Poland)
    Application of a membrane contactor for a simultaneous removal of p-cresol and Cr(III) ions from water solution
    241(2009)91-96 Full Text
    Sylwia Mozia, Antoni W. Morawski (Poland), Masahiro Toyoda Michio Inagaki (Japan)
    Application of anatase-phase TiO2 for decomposition of azo dye in a photocatalytic membrane reactor (PMR)
    241(2009)97-105 Full Text
    Pientka Zbynek (Czeck Republic), Nándor, Nemestóthy Nándor, Katalin Bélafi-Bakó (Hungary)
    Application of polymeric foams for separation, storage and absorption of hydrogen
    241(2009)106-110 Full Text
    Alexander Caus, Stefaan Vanderhaegen Leen Braeken, Bart Van der Bruggen (Belgium)
    Integrated nanofiltration cascades with low salt rejection for complete removal of pesticides in drinking water production
    241(2009)111-117 Full Text
    J. Grzechulska – Damszel, M. Tomaszewska, A. W. Morawski (Poland)
    Integration of photocatalysis with membrane processes for purification of water contaminated with organic dyes
    241(2009)118-126 Full Text
    Marek Bryjak, Joanna Wolska, Iwona Soroko (Poland), Nalan Kabay (Turkey)
    Adsorption-membrane filtration process in boron removal from first stage seawater RO permeate
    241(2009)127-132 Full Text
    Barbara Bandura-Zalska, Piotr Dydo, Marian Turek (Poland)
    Desalination of boron containing wastewater at no boron transport
    241(2009)133-137 Full Text
    Marek Blahusiak, Barbora Onderková, Stefan Schlosser, Július Annus (Slovakia)
    Microfiltration of Microparticulate Boron Adsorbent Suspensions in Submerged Hollow Fiber and Capillary Modules
    241(2009)138-147 Full Text
    Barbora Onderková, Stefan Schlosser, Marek Blahusiak, Milan Búgel (Slovak Republic)
    Microfiltration of Suspensions of Microparticulate Boron Adsorbent Through a Ceramic Membrane
    241(2009)148-155 Full Text
    Marek Blahusiak, Stefan Schlosser (Slovak Republic)
    Simulation of the Adsorption-Microfiltration Process for Boron Removal from RO Permeate
    241(2009)156-166 Full Text
    N.Kabay, I. Yilmaz-Ipek (Turkey), Soroko M.Makowski (Poland), O. Kirmizisakal, S. Yag, M.Bryjak (Poland) M. Yuksel (Turkey)
    Removal of boron from balcova geothermal water by ion exchange-microfiltration hybrid process
    241(2009)167-173 Full Text
    L.Aouinti (Algeria), D.Roizard, G.H.Hu, F.Thomas (France), M.Belbachir (Algeria)
    Investigation of pervaporation hybrid PVC membranes for the separation of toluene-n-heptane mixtures - cases of clays as filler
    241(2009)174-181 Full Text
    P. Izák (Germany and Czech Republic) , K. Friess V. Hynek (Czech Republic), W. Ruth (Germany), Z. Fei, J.P. Dyson (Switzerland), U. Kragl (Germany)
    Separation Properties of Supported Ionic Liquid–Polydimethylsiloxane Membrane in Pervaporation Process
    241(2009)182-187 Full Text
    Anett Lovasz, Tivadar Farkas, Peter Mizsey (Hungary)
    Methodology for modelling of pervaporation: step from binary to ternary mixtures
    241(2009)188-196 Full Text
    Dorota Panek, Krystyna Konieczny (Poland)
    Pervaporative separation of toluene from wastewaters by use of filled and unfilled poly(dimethylosiloxane) (PDMS) membranes
    241(2009)197-200 Full Text
    Verónica García, , Eva Pongrácz, Esa Muurinen, Riitta L. Keiski (Finland)
    Recovery of n-butanol from salt containing chemical wastewaters by pervaporation
    241(2009)201-211 Full Text
    Z. Ziobrowski (Poland) , K. Kiss (Hungary), A. Rotkegel (Poland) , N. Nemestóthy (Hungary), R.Krupiczka (Poland), L. Gubicza (Hungary)
    Pervaporation aided enzymatic production of glycerol monostearate in organic solvents
    241(2009)212-217 Full Text
    Wojciech Kujawski, Izabela Koter and Stanislaw Koter (Poland)
    Membrane-assisted removal of hydrocarbons from contaminated soils - laboratory test results
    241(2009)218-226 Full Text
    Mateusz Kuca, Daniela Szaniawska (Poland)
    Application of microfiltration and ceramic membranes for treatment of salted aqueous effluents from fish processing
    241(2009)227-235 Full Text
    M. Szpakowska E. Marjanska A. Lisowska-Oleksiak (Poland)
    Investigation of sour substances by a set of all solid state membrane electrodes
    241(2009)236-243 Full Text
    B. Cuartas-Uribe, M.I. Alcaina-Miranda, E. Soriano-Costa, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, M.I. Iborra-Clar, J. Lora-García (Spain)
    A study of the separation of lactose from Whey ultrafiltration permeate using nanofilration
    241(2009)244-255 Full Text
    N. Pap, Sz. Kertész E. Pongrácz L. Myllykoski, R.L. Keiski, Gy. Vatai, Zs. László, S. Beszédes, C. Hodúr (Hungary)
    Concentration of blackcurrant juice by reverse osmosis
    241(2009)256-264 Full Text
    C. Hodúra, Sz. Kertész, S. Beszédes, Zs. László, G. Szabó (Hungary)
    Concentration marc extracts by membrane techniques
    241(2009)265-271 Full Text
    E. Suárez A. Lobo S. Alvarez F.A. Rieraand R. Álvarez (Spain)
    Demineralization of whey and milk ultrafiltration permeate by means of nanofiltration
    241(2009)272-280 Full Text
    Szilvia Bánvölgyi, Szabina Horváth, Éva Stefanovits-Bányai, Erika Békássy-Molnár, Gyula Vatai (Hungary)
    Integrated membrane process for blackcurrant (Ribes Nigrum L.) juice concentration
    241(2009)281-287 Full Text
    András Román (Hungary), Jianming Wang (China, PR), József Csanádi, Cecília Hodúrc Gyula Vataia (Hungary)
    Partial demineralization and concentration of acid whey by nanofiltration combined with diafiltration
    241(2009)288-295 Full Text
    Lucyna Slominska, Joanna Niedbach (Poland)
    Study on the influence of the so-called filtration enzyme action on the membrane filtration process of wheat starch hydrolysates
    241(2009)296-301 Full Text
    Alfredo Cassano, Franco Tasselli, Carmela Conidi, Enrico Drioli (Italy)
    Ultrafiltration of clementine mandarin juice by hollow fibre membranes
    241(2009)302-308 Full Text
    Áron Kozák, Erika Békássy-Molnár, Gyula Vatai (Hungary)
    Production of blackcurrant juice concentrate by using membrane distillation
    241(2009)309-314 Full Text
    L.Bruni and S.Bandini (Italy)
    Studies on the role of site-binding and competitive adsorption in determining the charge of nanofiltration membranes
    241(2009)315-330 Full Text
    Joanna Wolska, Marek Bryjak (Poland)
    Preparation of poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) microspheres by membrane emulsification
    241(2009)331-336 Full Text
    Serge Alex, Fabienne Biasotto (Canada), German Aroca (Chile)
    Extraction of organic and inorganic compounds from aqueous solutions using hollow fibre liquid-liquid contactor
    241(2009)337-341 Full Text
    G. Nechifor, S.I. Voicu, A.C. Nechifor, S. Garea (Romania)
    Nanostructured hydbrid membrane polysulfone-carbon nanotubes for hemodyalisis
    241(2009)342-349 Full Text
    M. Szpakowska (Poland)
    Liquid membrane oscillators
    241(2009)349-356 Full Text
    L. Sciubb, D. Di Gioia, F. Fava and C. Gostoli (Italy)
    Membrane-based solvent extraction of vanillin in hollow fiber contactors
    241(2009)357-364 Full Text
    Michiaki Matsumoto, Kentaro Ueba, and Kazuo Kondo (Japan)
    Vapor Permeation of Hydrocarbons through Supported Liquid Membranes Based on Ionic Liquids
    241(2009)365-370 Full Text
    S.I.S. Pinto, T.M.G.T.Rocha, J.M. Miranda, J.B.L.M. Campos (Portugal)
    A new membrane fractionation process based on the combination of hybrid membrane cells and differential diffusion of two solutes
    241(2009)372-387 Full Text
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