Desalination, Vol. 240 (2009)

    Presented at theThird Membrane Science and Technology Conference of Visegrad Countries (PERMEA)2–6 September 2007,Siofok, Hungary, Volumes 240-241

    Author Index

    S. T. Gashi, N. M. Daci, F. I. Podvorica, T. Selimi and B. S. Thaçi (Serbia & Montenegro).
    Effect of the modification time of coal with aryldiazonium salts on the performance of cellulose acetate-coal heterogeneous reverse osmosis membranes
    240(2009)1-8 Full Text

    A. Chwojnowski, C. Wojciechowski, K. Dudzinski, E. Lukowska, L. Granicka (Poland)
    New type of hollow fiber membrane for cell and microorganisms cultivation and encapsulation
    240(2009)9-13 Full Text
    A. Gugliuzza , E. Drioli (Italy)
    New permformance of hydrophobic fluorinates porous membranes exhibiting particulate-like morphology
    240(2009)14-20 Full Text
    Xiaozhao Han, Sensen Chen, Xianguo Hu (China, PR)
    Controlled-release fertilizer Encapsulated by starch/polyvinyl alcohol coating
    240(2009)21-26 Full Text
    H. Wutzel, W.M. Samhaber (Austria)
    Porous polymer nanoparticle layers
    240(2009)27-35 Full Text
    N.A. Kononenko, N.V. Loza and S.V. Timofeyev (Russia)
    Polarization and structural characteristics of nanocompotites based on the perfluorinated sulphocationic membranes and polyaniline
    240(2009)36-39 Full Text
    Hui-Hsin Tseng, Itta Arun Kumar Tzu-Hsiang Weng Chi-Yuan Lu Ming-Yen Wey (Taiwan, ROC)
    Preparation and characterization of carbon molecular sieve membranes for gas separation – the effect of incorporated multi-wall carbon nanotubes
    240(2009)40-45 Full Text
    Elzbieta Gabrus, Daniela Szaniawska (Poland)
    Application of backflushing for fourling reduction during microfiltration of yeast suspensions
    240(2009)46-53 Full Text
    Endre Nagy , Gábor Borbély (Hungary)
    Mass transport through anisotrpic membrane layer
    240(2009)54-63 Full Text
    Asli Alkan-Sungur, Ahmet R. Özduralb (Turkey)
    Prediction of overall mass transfer coefficients in continuous dialyzers: Comparison of pseudo steady state approximation and unsteady state solution
    240(2009)64-70 Full Text
    Y. Bessiere, C. Guigui, P.J. Remize and C. Cabassud (France)
    Coupling air-assisted backwash and rinsing steps: A new way to improve UF process operation for inside-out hollow fibre modules
    240(2009)71-77 Full Text
    Zoltan Kovacs, Wolfgang Samhaber (Austria)
    Nanofiltration of concentrated amino acid solutions
    240(2009)78-88 Full Text
    María-Cinta Vincent-Vela, Enrique Bergantińos-Rodríguez (Cuba), Silvia Álvarez-Blanco, Jaime Lora-García (Spain)
    Ultrafiltration permeate flux decline prediction for gel layer forming solutes using monotubular ceramic membranes
    240(2009)89-93 Full Text
    Saliha Bouranene, Anthony Szymczyk Patrick Fievet and Alain Vidonne (France)
    Effect of salts on the retention of polyethyleneglycol by a NF ceramic membrane
    240(2009)94-98 Full Text
    Jan Kincl, Petr Dolecek, Jiri Cakl (Czech Republic)
    Filtration model for hollow fiber membranes with compressible cake formation
    240(2009)99-107 Full Text
    Grazyna Zakrzewska-Trznadel, Marian Harasimowicz, Agnieszka Miskiewicz, Agnieszka Jaworska, Ewa Dluska,Stanislaw Wronski (Poland)
    Reducing fouling and boundary-layer by application of helical flow in ultrafiltration module employed for radioactive wastes processing
    240(2009)108-116 Full Text
    Magdalena Szmukala, Daniela Szaniawska (Poland)
    Application of ceramic membranes in water treatment for fish hatchery supplying purposes
    240(2009)117-126 Full Text
    L. Braeken, B. Van der Bruggen (Belgium)
    Feasibility of nanofiltration for the removal of endocrine disrupting compounds.
    240(2009)127-131 Full Text
    Edit Cséfalvay, Viktor Pauer, Peter Mizsey (Hungary)
    Recovery of Copper from Process Waters by Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis
    240(2009)132-142 Full Text
    N.O. Yigit, N. Uzal, H. Koseoglu I. HarmanH. Yukseler U. Yetis G. Civelekoglu, M. Kitis (Turkey)
    Treatment of a denim producing textile industry wastewater using pilot-scale membrane bioreactor
    240(2009)143-150 Full Text
    Krystyna Konieczny, Dorota Sakol, Joanna Plonka, Mariola Rajca, Michal Bodzek* (Poland)
    Coagulation - ultrafiltration system for river water treatment
    240(2009)151-159 Full Text
    A. Blštáková, I. Bodík*, L. Dancová, Z. Jakubcová (Slovak Republic)
    Domestic wastewater treatment with membrane filtration – two years experience
    240(2009)160-169 Full Text
    Zsuzsanna László, Szabolcs Kertész, Sándor Beszédes, Zsuzsanna Hovorka-Horváth, Gábor Szabó, Cecilia Hodúr (Hungary)
    Effect of preozonation on the filterability of model dairy wastewater in nanofiltration
    240(2009)170-177 Full Text
    M. Unlu, H. Yukseler and U.Yetis (Turkey)
    Indigo dyeing wastewater reclamation by membrane-based filtration and coagulation processes
    240(2009)178-185 Full Text
    Wladyslaw Walkowiak and Cezary A. Kozlowski (Poland)
    Macrocycle carriers for separation of metal ions in liquid membrane processes - a review
    240(2009)186-197 Full Text
    Nigmet Uzal, Levent Yilmaz, Ulku Yetis (Turkey)
    Microfiltration/ultrfiltration as pretreatment for reclamation of rinsing waters of indigo dyeing
    240(2009)198-208 Full Text
    Marco Stoller (Italy)
    On the effect of flocculation as pretreatment process and particle size distribution for membrane fouling reduction
    240(2009)209-217 Full Text
    Gábor Borbély, Endre Nagy (Hungary)
    Removal of zinc and nickel ions by complexation-membrane filtration process from industrial wastewater
    240(2009)218-226 Full Text
    Carolina Mazzoni, Fiorenzo Orlandini and Serena Bandini (Italy)
    Role of electrolyte type on TiO2 – ZrO2 nanofiltration membranes performances
    240(2009)227-235 Full Text
    Mariusz Dudziaka, Michal Bodzek (Poland)
    Selected factors affecting the elimination of hormones from water using nanofiltration
    240(2009)236-245 Full Text
    M. Tomaszewska, A. Mientka (Poland)
    Separation of HCl from HCl – H2SO4 solutions by membrane distillation
    240(2009)244-250 Full Text
    Zhenghuan Tu, Luhui Ding, Matthieu Frappart, Michel Y. Jaffrin (France)
    Studies on treatment of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate solution by high shear ultrafiltration system
    240(2009)251-256 Full Text
    Horcicková J., Mikulášek P.*, Dvoráková J. (Czech Republic)
    The effect of pre-treatment on crossflow microfiltration of titanium dioxide dispersions
    240(2009)257-261 Full Text
    Junkal Landaburu-Aguirre, Verónica García, Eva Pongrácz and Riitta L. Keiski (Finland)
    The removal of zinc from synthetic wastewaters by micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration; statistical design of experiments
    240(2009)262-269 Full Text
    E. Fogarassy, I. Galambos, E. Bekassy-Molnar, Gy. Vatai (Hungary)
    Treatment of high arsenic content wastewater by membrane filtration
    240(2009)270-273 Full Text
    C. García-Figueruelo, A. Bes-Piá; J.A. Mendoza-Roca; J. Lora-García; B. Cuartas-Uribe (Spain)
    Reverse osmosis of the retentate from the nanofiltration of secondary effluents
    240(2009)274-279 Full Text
    Katri Häyrynen Eva Pongrácz Virpi Väisänen , Nora Pap, Mika Mänttäri Jörg Langwaldt and Riitta Liisa Keiski (Finland)
    Concentration of ammonium and nitrate from mine water by reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
    240(2009)280-289 Full Text
    M. I. Alcaina-Miranda, S. Barredo-Damas, A. Bes-Piá, M. I. Iborra-Clar, A. Iborra-Clar, J. A. Mendoza-Roca (Spain)
    Nanofiltration as a final step towards textile wastewater reclamation
    240(2009)290-297 Full Text
    Marius Sandru, Taek –Joong Kim, May-Britt Hägg (Norway)
    High molecular fixed-site-carrier PVAm membrane for CO2 capture
    240(2009)298-300 Full Text
    V.M. Vorotyntsev, P.N. Drozdov, I.V. Vorotyntsev (Russia)
    High purification of substances by a gas separation method
    240(2009)301-305 Full Text
    D. Búcsú, D., N. Nemestóthy, , Z. Pientka, K. Bélafi-Bakó (Hungary)
    Modelling of biohydrogen production and recovery by membrane gas separation
    240(2009)306-310 Full Text
    L.A. Neves, N. Nemestóthy, V.D. Alves , P. Cserjési, K. Bélafi-Bakó, I. M. Coelhoso (Portugal)
    Separation of biohydrogen by supported ionic liquid membranes
    240(2009)311-315 Full Text
    M. Resina, J. Macanás, C. Fontŕs, C. Palet, M. Muńoz (Spain)
    A comparative study of the selective transport of Zn/Cd and Pt/Pd couples with activated composite membranes and hybrid membranes
    240(2009)316-325 Full Text
    Agnieszka Rózanska, Jacek Wisniewski (Poland)
    Modification of brackish water composition by means of Donnan dialysis as pretreatment before desalination
    240(2009)326-332 Full Text
    Helena Bendová, Z. Palaty, Alena Zakova (Czech Republic)
    Continuous dialysis of inorganic acids: permeability of Neosepta-AFN membrane
    240(2009)333-340 Full Text
    Jacopo Catalano, Marco Giacinti Baschetti, Maria Grazia De Angelis, Giulio Cesare Sarti, Aldo Sanguineti, Paolo Fossati (Italy)
    Gas and water vapor permeation in a short-side-chain PFSI membrane
    240(2009)341-346 Full Text
    O.A. Dyomina, N.P. Berezina, A.V. Dyomin, V.I. Zabolotsky (Russia)
    Influence of aqueous-organic solutions containing aprotic solvent on equilibrium and transport properties of ion-exchange membranes
    240(2009)347-350 Full Text
    Le Xuan Tuan, Denis Mertens, C. Buess-Herman (Belgium)
    The two-phase model of structure microheterogeneity revisited by the study of the CMS cation exchange membrane
    240(2009)351-357 Full Text
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