First International Workshop between the Center for the Seawater Desalination Plant and the European Desalination Society, November 15–16, 2007, GIST, Gwangju, Korea, Volume 238/1-2, pp. 1-157

      Author Index

      Suhan Kim, Dongin Cho, Min-Soo Lee, Byung Soo Oh, Joon Ha Kim, and In S. Kim
      SEAHERO R&D program and key strategies for the scale-up of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system
      238(2009)1-9 Full Text

      H.K. Shon, S.H. Kim, S. Vigneswaran, R. Ben Aim, S. Lee and J. Cho
      Physico-Chemical Pretreatment of Seawater: Fouling Reduction and Membrane Characterization
      238(2009)10-21 Full Text
      Stephen P. Chesters
      Innovations in the inhibition and cleaning of reverse osmosis membrane scaling and fouling
      238(2009)22-29 Full Text
      Suhan Kim, Kangmin Chon, Sun Jin Kim, Sungyun Lee, Eunkyung Lee, and Jaeweon Cho
      Uncertainty in organic matter analysis for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination
      238(2009)30-36 Full Text
      Jae-Hwan Choi
      Fabrication and characterization of a porous carbon electrode for desalination of brackish water
      238(2009)37-42 Full Text
      Dooil Kim, Seunghoon Jung, Jinsik Sohn, Hyungsoo Kim, Seockheon Lee
      Biocide Application for Controlling Biofouling of SWRO Membrane - Overview
      238(2009)43-52 Full Text
      Gyeong-Taek Lim, Hyung-Gon Jeong, In-Sun Hwang, Do-Heyoung Kim, Noeon Park, and Jaeweon Cho
      Fabrication of Silica Ceramic Membrane using Aerosol Flame Deposition Method, for Pretreatment Focusing Particle Control during Desalination
      238(2009)53-59 Full Text
      Hong-Joo Lee, Min-Kyoung Hong, Sang-Don Han, Seung-Hee Cho, Seung-Hyeon Moon
      Fouling of an anion exchange membrane in the electrodialysis desalination process in the presence of organic foulants
      238(2009)60-69 Full Text
      Sunjin Kim, Noeon Park, Sungyun Lee, Jaeweon Cho
      Membrane Characterizations for Mitigation of Organic Fouling during Desalination and Wastewater Reclamation
      238(2009)70-77 Full Text
      Kihong Park, Ji Yeon Park, Sungyun Lee, and Jaeweon Cho
      Measurement of size and number of suspended and dissolved nanoparticles in water for evaluation of colloidal fouling in RO membrane
      238(2009)78-89 Full Text
      Byung Soo Oh, Ha Young Jang, Jaeweon Cho, Sungyun Lee, Eunkyung Lee, In S. Kim, Tae Mun Hwang, Joon-Wun Kang
      Effect of ozone on microfiltration as a pretreatment ofseawater reverse osmosis
      238(2009)90-97 Full Text
      M.A. Javeed, K. Chinu, H.K. Shon and S. Vigneswaran
      The effect of pre-treatment on the fouling propensity of the feed as depicted by modified fouling index (MFI) and cross-flow sampler modified fouling index – (CFS-MFI)
      238(2009)98-108 Full Text
      Sangho Lee, Jun-Seok Choi, and Chung-Hak Lee
      Behaviors of Dissolved Organic Matters in Membrane Desalination
      238(2009)109-116 Full Text
      June-Seok Choi, Tae-Mun Hwang, Sangho Lee, and Seungkwan Hong
      A Systematic Approach to Determine Fouling Index for RO/NF Membrane Process
      238(2009)117-127 Full Text
      Hyun-Je Oh, Tae-Mun Hwang, and Sangho Lee
      A Simplified Simulation Model of RO Systems for Seawater Desalination
      238(2009)128-139 Full Text
      Seung Joon Kim, Young Geun Lee, Kyung Hwa Cho, Young Mi Kim, Seokho Choi, In S. Kim, Dae Ryook Yang, and Joon Ha Kim
      Site-specific raw seawater quality impact study on SWRO process for optimizing operation of the pressurized step
      238(2009)140-157 Full Text

      Er Li, Yuehua Fan
      Removal of chromium ion (III) from aqueous solution by manganese oxide and microemulsion modified diatomite
      238(2009)158-165 Abstract
      A.M. Shams El Din
      Three Strategies for Combating the Corrosion of Steel Pipes Carrying Desalinated Potable Water
      238(2009)166-173 Abstract
      Somayeh Norouzbahari, Reza Roostaazad, Mehrdad Hesampour
      Crude oil desalter effluent treatment by a hybrid UF/RO membrane separation process
      238(2009)174-182 Abstract
      Xiaoyan Guo, Zhenjia Zhang, Lin Fang and Liguo Su
      The pilot study on ultrafiltration of surface water by polyvinylchloride hollow fiber membrane
      238(2009)183-191 Abstract
      Zhan Wang, Yanjie Cui, Wenjuan Wu, Jinmiao Yao
      The Convective Model of Flux Prediction in Hollow-fiber Module for Steady-state Cross-flow Microfiltration System
      238(2009)192-209 Abstract
      Azza Khaled, Ahmed El Nemr, Amany El-Sikaily, Ola Abdelwahab
      Treatment of artificial textile dye effluent contains Direct Yellow 12 by Orange Peel carbon
      238(2009)210-232 Abstract
      S. Mambretti, E. Orsi1, S. Gagliardi, R. Stover
      The behavior of energy recovery devices in unsteady flow conditions and application in the modeling of the Hamma desalination plant
      238(2009)233-245 Abstract
      Pei-Qing Yuan, Ning Kong, Raphael Semiat
      Electrostatic potential on antiscalant modified CaCO3 (104) Surface: A Molecular Simulation Study
      238(2009)246-256 Abstract
      Mehmet Dogan, Aydin Türkyilmaz, Mahir Alkan and Özkan Demirbas
      Adsorption of copper (II) ions onto sepiolite and 6 electrokinetic properties
      238(2009)257-270 Abstract
      S. T. Mostafavi , M.R. Mehrnia and A. M. Rashidi
      Preparing of nanofilter from carbon nanotubes for virus removal from water
      238(2009)271-280 Abstract
      Hichem Marmouch, Jamel Orfi, Sassi Ben Nasrallah
      Effect of the cooling tower on the solar desalination system
      238(2009)281-289 Abstract
      Zhan Wang, Jin-shu Chu, Wen-juan Wu, Jin-miao Yao
      Study of unsteady state flux prediction in crossflow microfiltration
      238(2009)290-301 Abstract
      Emmanuel Dialynas and Evan Diamadopoulos
      Integration of membrane bioreactorcoupled with reverse osmosis for advanced treatment of municipal wastewater
      238(2009)302-311 Abstract


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